Ice Cream Social||Pandora and Marlene

Pandora put a hat on her head, wide and floppy with purple flowers, how fancy and lovely it look. It put a smile on her face. The smallest things always did because when bad things were happening in this world someone had to remember that despite how scary things were getting a smile could comfort. There was a stillness in the air, but that was usual these days, the feeling of something coming, leaves rustling despite the thick air. Their stirred a restlessness in her, the blonde’s fingers tapped, her foot shook, the ticking tock began to drive her slowly insane(some would argue she that wasn’t possible seeing as was already insane but oh well). That was it she needed a break. Pandora jumped up, locked the door and twirled off. Diagon Alley was crowed as ever, people running around gathering supplies, mosing about and chattering. Pandora picked up little bits and pieces of conversations but none interest her enough to actually insert an unwanted opinion. “Ice cream!” She shouted, scaring a few people around her. Holding on to her hat the blonde skipped to Florean’s, in hopes of enjoying a delicious treat.