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The fuck? Do you mean to say you got onto club penguin without your parental supervision? Shit, you're edgy af.

if u like bad girls… hmu ;) meet me in my igloo tonight, bring ur puffles


I was tagged by templarsandhoes for a thing for 2 selfies and now I gotta tag 20 people…. I don’t think I even know 20 people fiend-friend haytham-dickway arcticbonobos purplebash babalakim black-nata congalineofdurin drkarayua hoechlinteeth herzspalter inushiek janichange raven-puffle valkyen vla-vln xjesskellerx zerosuitsalmon allons-y23 ocaptain-mycaptain-givemefreedom Sorry if I tag you and I don’t know you, I just needed 20 people ;-;