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A Christmas Miracle

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Twelve Days of Fanfic: Day One

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request: “ Surprising Petey with some electronic that he really wanted that he couldn’t afford (or find in the dumpster) for Christmas and cute holiday cuddles by the tree?”

Warnings: None

A/N: I made the electronic device a Turing machine, I hope you don’t mind! I love Alan Turing’s work so much. He was an amazing man and did some awesome stuff like invent the premise for modern day computers… (I said earlier he had broken the Enigma- but I’ve learned it was actually the Polish who did it! Their names were Marian Rejewski, Jerzy Rozycki and Henryk Zygalski, and they deserve the credit! Sorry about that)

A little bit of info for those that don’t know: A Turing machine is a machine that basically changes and manipulates symbols on a roll of tape, or paper, according to some set rules. There’s no specific type of machine. They’re pretty cool, though! 

Also, the little easter egg at the end of this fic… hehe… just a little headcanon of mine lol

Your breath puffed out in a cloud before you, the crisp, winter New York air stinging your lungs with every breath. You clutched a green paper-wrapped box in your hands, your gloved fingers holding onto it tightly. The corners bit into the palm of your hand, the paper of the package crinkling softly.

You ran a thumb over the box, feeling excitement rise in your chest. It was the night before Christmas, and you had managed to get something that Peter had been looking for for months. You had found it in a box at the back of the thrift store down the street from your own apartment, resting on top of a mound of random CDs and books like it had been waiting just for you.

As you approached Peter’s apartment building, a couple stray flakes of snow fluttered through the air. One caught you on the tip of the nose, the small flake melting into a tiny drop of water. You jogged the last few steps through the front door, relaxing gratefully when you met the heated air inside. You began the journey up the long flight of stairs to his apartment, making sure to keep the box steady in front of you.

You finally made it to his apartment, managing to knock rapidly with one hand. May answered the door, smiling widely when she saw you.

“Y/N! Come on in,” she said, standing back to allow you to step in. You fit the box past her, setting it down on the kitchen counter with a huff of relief.

“That’s a pretty big box,” May commented, shutting the door and striding into the kitchen.

You nodded. “It’s for Peter.”

At the sound of his name, your boyfriend appeared in the kitchen, his usual earbuds tucked in his ears. He grinned when he saw you, pulling the ear buds out and pulling you into a big hug.

“Hey!” He said, tucking his face into your shoulder.

“Hey, Peter,” you smiled. Peter pulled away, noticing the green box on the counter.

“What’s that?” he asked, raising his eyebrows questioningly.

“I guess you’ll have to see in a moment,” you said teasingly, picking up the box and carrying into his living room. The room was mainly lit by a christmas tree, the red and white lights illuminating the room in a soft mixed glow. You plopped down on the couch, the box on the coffee table in front of you. Peter sat next to you, reaching for the present hesitantly.

“May I open it?” he asked, his hands hovering just above the wrapping paper.

You nodded, pulling your hat and gloves off meanwhile. Peter dug his fingers under the edge of the taped paper, pulling it off carefully. You scooted to the edge of the couch, watching eagerly for Peter’s reaction when he saw what was inside.

He pulled the green paper off to reveal a plain brown box, the flaps folded to keep them down. He pulled them apart, his eyes widening when he saw the contents.

“No way,” he breathed, giving you a surprised look. His mouth hung open, his eyes bright. You just urged him onward. He reached into the box, pulling out the contraption.

“A Turing machine,” he whispered reverently, holding it out in front of him. The base was a little scuffed and the tape was old and yellowed, but to you and him it looked like the most beautiful thing ever.

“I’ve been looking for one of these. They’re normally so hard to find,” Peter said. He ran a careful finger down the edge and the roll of tape. “Where did you get it?”

You shrugged. “I found it at the thrift store. I wasn’t expecting to find it, but there it was.”

“It’s amazing, thank you,” Peter said, setting it down carefully. He put an arm around your shoulders, pulling you into his warm side. You burrowed into him, sighing contentedly. The warm light from the tree lit up Peter’s face, the star at the very top shining brightly.

“I still can’t believe you found a Turing machine,” Peter said, still grinning widely.

“It’s a Christmas miracle, I guess,” you answered, pressing a small kiss to his flushed cheek. But what the two of you hadn’t noticed were the tiny, carved initials at the very bottom.

T. Stark -1985


the Trees pant as I walk by
rushing back to spots
bark red and flushed
- I almost caught Them in flight -

the Birds, round, stretch out feathers
clucking distractions
Clouds puffing still from Their heads

The Sidewalks stare, hold back blinks
One turns over s l o w l y
- left Its soft underbelly
exposed -
and that Woman I always see
is tucking in Their white whiskers

the Stop Signs are dripping still
- with esculent Oceans -
and that Woman’s Hair,
always wild, curled, white with salt,
- is giving Her away -

I yearn to be let in
to leap off to what Could be
but Her eyes, soft with feathers,
- say no -
You’re still one with them
refusing to see
anything but reality


You Push Me Higher

KIDDOS! So this is a lil fluff for our Baby Freckles after all the angst I put him through last night. It’s not based on a prompt this time because I got this idea and just had to write it for you. Brush your teeth after reading because this is SUPER SWEET <333

Alexander’s laugh was John Laurens’ absolute favorite sound. His previous favorite, that of birds early in the morning when the sun’s still shyly peeking through the branches, couldn’t even compare. 

Alexander’s laughter rang through the July air as he pumped his legs, making the swing he was on go higher and higher until it looked like he could land of a cloud. Laurens sat idly on the swing next to his boyfriend, relishing the squeals of joy coming from the boy he loved so much. 

“Babe,” Alex panted as he let his feet rake against the ground, dust and mulch puffing into a cloud around his legs. “Why are you swinging?”

“I just love watching and listening to you,” Laurens said dreamily before he could stop himself. Upon realizing what he’d said, a blush rose to his freckled face. 

Alexander stopped the swing and hopped off, his legs a little wobbly. Laurens reached out to steady him, but Alexander simply fell into his lap instead. He pressed a hard kiss against Laurens’ lips.

“I want you to be happy, too,” Alexander said. He climbed off of Laurens, and, before Laurens could tell him he was extremely happy just seeing Alex so happy, he felt himself moving backwards. 

Alexander had taken the chains of the swing in his hands and was pulling Laurens back as far as he could. Laurens had to stifle a laugh. Alexander wasn’t as strong as he thought himself to be, but he’d never let on. He was too prideful for that. It was one of the things Laurens found most endearing about the smaller boy.

Alex let the chains go and Laurens slowly arced forward, then backward, Alex’s warm hands meeting the small of his back as he pushed him. Laurens slowly began to climb higher and higher, the wind blowing through his brown curls, his tan legs stretched out, simply enjoying the freeing feeling of flying without having to exert any effort and the gentle push of Alex’s hands on his back.

Eventually Alexander stepped to the side, grinning as he watched Laurens soar through the air, laughter bubbling up from the freckled boy’s throat and dancing amongst the leaves on the nearby trees. 

Laurens let the swing slow down by itself, his eyes shut as he made his descent. That’s why he was shocked when the swing came to an abrupt halt. He opened he eyes to see Alex standing in front of him. He grinned at his boyfriend.

“I love you,” Laurens said, his voice a whisper.

Alexander leaned forward and tenderly kissed him in response. “I love you,” he said sleepily, nuzzling his head against Laurens’ shoulder. 

Laurens shut his eyes again and simply enjoyed the comforting feeling of his boyfriend being so close to him, so openly loving to him where anyone could see. His heart swelled with pride.

With Alexander by his side, he had no doubt he’d soar to great heights. 

I Love You Like a Giant Squid

I love you like a giant squid loves to take down ships
I love you like a British person loves to call fries chips

I love you like a chimneystack loves puffing clouds of smoke
I love you like a handyman loves fixing what is broke

I love you like the early bird loves to catch the worm
I love you like a white blood cell loves to wipe out germs

I love you like graffiti artists love to spray their paint
I love you like a grammatician loves to point out “ain’t”

I love you like a superhero loves to hunt down crime
I love you like the internet loves to waste your time

I love you like a shaken soda loves to overflow
I love you like a lawnmower loves finding grass to mow

I love you like a rock musician loves to smash guitars
I love you like a pond’s reflection loves to catch the stars

I love you like a million things, and still I will repeat—
I love you like a beating heart loves to keep the beat


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Strawberry Kiss (One Shot/Scenario)

Summary: Taehyung wants to think love is sticky strawberry juice, the afternoon sun, endless too blue skies, and like the over puffed clouds floating above their heads.

Original Scan: ©

“What do you think love is?” Taehyung’s studying the peach colored sucker and it looks glassy against the hot light of the sun. He pops it back into his mouth, clacking it against his teeth before giving her a lopsided smile.

He looks fresh against the very blue sky and puff like clouds when he leans back to watch her.

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the-cruel-covetous-player  asked:

A distinct familiar presence falls upon the scene before the air chills, dropping several degrees until whatever breathed puffed out visible clouds from their mouth. The nostalgic sensation of fingernails scratching along the back of the mind afflicted Sans. <Now͟,̵ ̷wha̶t͜ d̀o͞ ͡we ha̧ve ͢her͡e? W̡h͞a̛t ̀a͞re͘ ́y o u dòin͝g̛?́>

There’s no faking the sensation, the manifestation of ITS presence. All encompassing, chalk board screeching, cold like void and n o thing.

“no- i- i wasn’t doing anything, i wasn’t. they started it!” He’s already looking for excuses. He doesn’t remember, but  he remembers P A I N beyond anything he can quantify, and the feeling of being split into mere threads of a person. 

“i didn’t, i didn’t. i wasn’t…-”

Imagine grabbing Pete by the scarf ,Imagine pressing your mouth to his ,Imagine his calico colored eyes looking directly into yours ,Imagine pushing him up against the wall, Imagine he exhales slowly into the frosty air puffing a cloud of white steam, Imagine him grinning just slightly

Imagine your arms around Patrick’s broad shoulders, Imagine feeling his chest rise and fall in your palms, Imagine his glasses folded up on the dresser, Imagine the rare look of peace on his face mouth set with his front teeth resting on his lips, Imagine realizing how few people he trusts like this

Imagine being at the mall with Joe, Imagine you two are walking side by side and he just wriggles his hand into yours, Imagine going into the guitar store ‘just to look’, Imagine him perking up and rushing towards one in the corner, Imagine him trying desperately to tell you why this one is rare and amazing, Imagine him ignoring every other thing you bought to sit down with it once you get home, Imagine he begs you for a request practically bouncing with excitement

Imagine it’s 3 am and Andy can’t sleep either, Imagine staring out the window as the two of you drive in silence, Imagine you two end up just outside of town on a hill where you can see the lights of the city, Imagine talking until you have no idea what you’re talking about, Imagine you’re ending most of your sentences with 'you know?’ and him replying by saying what you’re thinking, Imagine not being able to see his face 4 feet from you but feeling more transparent than ever

Ticking By - c.h

day 6 of my 12 Days Of 5sos. 

Calum’s towering frame stood out from the large crowd as he barrelled through the multitude of people, a cigarette falling lazily from one side of his mouth, puffing out small clouds of grey smoke from the other. Families were out on the streets to carefully admire the newly-put up Christmas lights around the city. Excited grins on little kids’ faces and unanimous laughs coming from adults’ mouths seemed to make the aura even brighter, but not for Calum. Calum was out and about to get his mind off things, the apartment you two had one shared brining too many dark memories that he couldn’t stand.

Calum remembered vividly the last conversation you had had. It hasn’t ended very nicely, with a murderous tone yelling out “I always support you through everything, but you don’t even care about me!”. He had walked out of the apartment, not before slamming the door as harshly as he could, and leaving you behind with tear-stained cheeks and your own heart in your bare hands.

The next morning, he had come back to an empty apartment and a note in the kitchen counter that read Take care. Calum hadn’t taken the news of your departure very well, smashing the glass vase his mother had given you two as a house-warming gift along with the picture frame that stood beside it.

Countless attempted, but failed, phone calls later, he still found himself blaming the whole break-up on him. And now, with the holiday cheer thrown at his face with every corner he turned, everything seemed to remind him of you. Couples walked around holding hands, others even half-hugging, and Calum rolled his eyes as he continued to walk past the cheery toy stores and dazzling displays of retail stores.

He crossed the street with his head down, a black hoodie over it and buried deep inside the pockets of his dark jeans. Calum had a certain place in mind, his feet almost subconsciously leading him toward the small bookstore you always went to when you needed space. It reminded him of brill mornings and dingy afternoons, where both of you left the confinements of you apartment and walked around the city streets while talking about everything and anything. He longed that.

His mind still wandering, Calum stopped in his tracks as he intently watched the corner store’s door  being opened. Your unmistakable frame walked out, your arms crossed in front of your chest while holding a tiny christmas bag in your right hand. Your eyes skimmed the mob, trying to figure out where to go next, but they met his almost immediately. Calum nervously threw away his cigarette and looked back down at the floor.

“Hey, Calum.” You cautiously approached him, knowing that things were still going to be awkward between you. He hadn’t seen you in weeks, and even though he wanted to see you and hold your hand and kiss your lips once again, Calum had been avoiding you at all costs, unfollowing you in all social media to prevent himself from seeing a picture of you and breaking down right at the spot. “How are things?”

It took so much will power for him not to drop to his knees right there and beg for you to take him back.

“Alright, yeah.” He cleared his throat awkwardly.

“I, uh, I was just on my way to your place actually.” You looked up at him, his chocolate-brown eyes fuming with a loss of words as you continued talking. “I kinda wanted to give you this, even though we haven’t talked in… a while.” You put out your hand out and held the bag in your fingers, expecting him to take it rather quickly. 

“Erm, thanks, I guess.” He hesitantly opened the bag, picking out a large watch and admiring it. “Y/N, I—“

“I bought it for you before we broke up. You always talked about how much you needed a watch because of your crazy schedule, and, well. It just didn’t feel right giving it to someone else.” You explained quickly. The straps of the delicate watch were silver, the actual clock a navy blue color with the hands popping out, coloured in black and white. “Merry Christmas.” 

“Jesus, thanks a lot. I-I don’t really have anything for you, cause, well…” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously, caressing the baby hairs that were just starting to grow back after he had decided to shave them off.

“That’s alright. I understand.” You beamed back up at him, stood on your tiptoes, and gave him a gentle yet firm kiss on his rosy cheek. Then, turning back around, you walked away from him and blended into the crowd. Calum reached for his phone and rapidly typed his password in, opening his texts and sending you a ?.

Almost immediately, his phone buzzed under his palm and a toothy smile he hadn’t shown anyone in the past month grew on his lips.

Cheesecake sounds good rn. Meet me there?

want a little warmth [presston]

but who’s gonna save a little warmth for me?

There’s snow on the ground when Julie and Christen visit The Bean for the first time. Winter hits hard, all too quickly that no one’s had the time to tuck away their flip flops and bikinis. Flakes of white cascade freely and silently from the sky, almost blending into the blonde of Julie’s hair. The air is thin and brisk, and the wind cuts like a razor; breaths are wispy, puffing like small clouds from slightly parted lips.

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tails & talons - bumpy ride

This was supposed to be a short one, but now it’s almost 5k words? Oh well I wanted to give you something nice, and because today is the first Nalu Week bonus day, I thought I’d kick my own butt and finish it! ^-^
nalu week | bonus day 1 : shine

(Also the collab is coming along nicely. Very nicely. I’ve got 37 pages on my part so far,a nd the other two have around 60! :o We will be done fairly soon! Probably for nalu week hehe. Look forward to it. :> )

Part (22) of my NaLu Florist/Tattooartist AU series
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The exhaust pipe puffed out a small cloud of smoke as the machine chugged along the roadside and turned onto a small, bumpy path, where it finally came to a halt. A wall of trees made further advance impossible - at least for anything with wheels attached.

“Why are we stopping?” Lucy called over the noise of the motor. She was answered with an indecipherable mumble jumble.

“Whaat?” Natsu turned the key, and with a last little roar, the motorbike came to a complete standstill. She could hear the motor sizzling  as it began to cool off; could feel the heat that radiated from it and warmed her calves. “Because it looks nice,” Natsu repeated, voice still raised.

Lucy clutched at her ears and smacked his back. “No need to shout now, you idiot.”

He just laughed, jumping off the bike in one swift motion. With a surprised shriek, Lucy clutched at his arm, in fear that her feet alone would not be enough to keep the machine standing. They barely reached the ground.

But of course, Natsu had kept his hands on the handlebar, propping the machine upright even as it inclined heavily towards him. In a desperate flurry, accompanied by his laughter, Lucy scrambled off the machine.

She had sat on it as the motor had roared and the landscape had passed by in a blur, and its power instilled a great amount of respect and terror inside her.

Now that her feet stood on safe, solid ground again, she felt euphoria creep into every fiber of her being. The rush of adrenaline surged through her once more, and she found herself beaming at Natsu.

“This was awesome!” she called out, and then, as logic returned to her, added, “terrifying - but awesome.”

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