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MAMA BLUE LION PART 4! PART 4! Pretty please? Love you 💜💜

The long awaited part four, my dears! :3
Blue, in all honesty, felt sick. The sludgy ocean wasn’t just water, it was poison. Oil, thick and choking, and she hated how it felt against her metal skin, her human body cringing at the cold slick pressing into her metal shell’s joints and choking her movements. Lance was asleep in the chair while she rummaged around for a blanket to cover him, since she was planning to turn off most of the heating in order to speed up the healing process to her damaged rockets.
She knew her sisters were close, but she didn’t know if they’d be able to dig her and her precious Paladin out of the icy sludge. The best she could do was at least swim up to the surface to make it easier for retrieval… but her leg had damaged the internal wiring and panels; if she so much as activated it, the sparks from the exposed wires could turn this oily planet into a ball of fire.
Being the Guardian of Water, there was no way she’d survive for long inside a fire planet, that was Red’s thing. She and Lance would burn to death, which was something she wanted to avoid.
She was broken out of her thoughts when her fingers brushed against something soft and slightly dusty. Aha! Perfect. She pulled the fluffy cerulean fabric from the survival cupboard, and hurried back over to Lance. Draping it over his body, she tucked him in securely before settling down on the floor, leaning against the pilot seat and shutting her eyes to concentrate on healing her Lion form and shutting down most of the heating, redirecting as much energy to healing as she dared.
She exhaled a breath of white, misty air not even thirty ticks later, the cabin having become significantly colder. Lance whined quietly in his sleep and curled into the blanket further, soft white clouds puffing up from his mouth and fading away. At this point, she was worried even more so than earlier. His breathing was shaky and a bit shallow. He’d lost too much blood. Black, big sister, please hurry. We cannot last much longer. She pressed her thoughts to her sibling almost desperately, she didn’t want to lose another child so soon, especially one so young.
She was attuned to the cold, but her Paladin had lived in a place of warmth and sunshine his whole life. He’d never even seen snow before. Ice, yes, but never a real heavy snowfall. Never a real winter. He wasn’t built to survive the cold like she was. She opened her eyes to the sound and feeling of someone entering the ocean of oil, and the comms crackled to life. Keith and Pidge appeared onscreen, Shiro’s face in the middle.
“Lance! We’re on our way in to get you. Blue, can you direct us towards your position?” Pidge asked, startling the Blue Paladin awake. “Wha’ huh?!?” He slurred, scrambling to sit up properly, Blue standing up next to him.
“Yes, I can direct you. Just follow the main current and break off when I say so. Careful, it’s colder than you would be used to on Earth. In fact, keep Red away from it Keith. Fire and oil is never a good combination, and I’d prefer not to be roasted alive.” Blue explained, Lance shuddering next to her. “I agree, dude. I think I like my skin not crispy, thanks. I’ve gotten burned once, never again. That shit hurts like a bitch!” Lance yelped, horror clearly reflected on his face at the memory.
Pidge actually snorted a short laugh. Shiro smiled slightly. “All right, we’re diving in now. No rockets.” He informed, Pidge nodding. “I’ll keep an eye out for any hostiles.” Keith called, before shutting off his comm link. “Found the main current! Woah!” Pidge yelped as her screen shuddered violently, Shiro following soon after. “Damn, this is stronger than I thought.” Shiro grunted, Lance leaning slightly closer to the screen in concern. Blue had closed her eyes to focus on the bodies on the current, humming lightly.
Her eyes snapped open. “Pull left and out now.” She commanded, the Green and Black Paladins gunning their Lion’s legs to swim faster in order to escape the rough current. “I think I see them!” Pidge barked, and Blue’s metal form shuddered not soon after.
Shiro grinned at Lance. “We got you now, guys. Hang on, we’ll pull you free soon.” Lance relaxed with a small smile, Blue purring happily next to him.
“Thank you, Shiro, Pidge.” He mumbled, before suddenly going limp.
Red liquid stained the ends of the blanket, the blotch of dark maroon slowly getting larger as Shiro frantically yelled for Lance to wake up.
*cackles in the dark safety of my room under a pile of blankets*
Suffer and wait for part 5, my dears ;3
(And yes I headcanon that Lance hasn’t seen a heavy snowfall before, shush.)

Edit: no more waiting, here’s a list of even more parts! https://tokyoteddywolf.tumblr.com/post/160169071603/mama-blue-au-masterlist
Sense [M]

Request: ooooh, can I be your last request?! can I have a werewolf!au smut with jeon or jimin or hobi hobi~ for the lovely @the95liner

Genre: werewolf!au

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Words: 2.5k

Originally posted by donewithjeon

You closed your eyes and tried to focus on only one of your senses. You slowed your breathing, each breath puffing clouds of steam into the cold winter air. You perked your ears, hoping for any sign of him. Any hint that told you where was hidden in dark woods. Your eyes snapped open as a twig snapped behind you. You reached your hand behind your head and grabbed onto his wrist before he had the chance to latch his fingers on the hood of your sweatshirt.

You flipped him over your head, his body landing with a satisfying thud on the ground in front of you. “Jesus Christ, Y/N” take it easy on me” he groaned as he stood up, brushing the leaves and dirt off his clothes.

You put your hands on your hips, “This was your idea” you scoffed as your boyfriend walked towards you. You playfully hit your fists against his chest, “You said so yourself that the only way I’m going to be able to keep up with the rest of the pack is if we keep practicing as much as we can while I’m on break. You know how the pack at school feels about me”

Jungkook wrapped his arms around you, his burning hot skin acting like your own personal heater, “I know, but I think we should call it a night. It’s getting late”

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loversinger0619  asked:

I love your fic rec lists! I am looking for fics with Johnlock trapped in a small spaces (ie: closets or trunks) or fics with dirty talk. Thank you!

Hi Lovely!! 

You know, I know I’ve read quite a bit of fics with the tight spaces scenario, but only two come to mind right now because I just recently re-read them to add to my fic rec lists:

• Just a Kiss by emmagrant01 (E, 19,695w. || Case Fic, 5+1, For a Case) – Five times John and Sherlock kissed because of a case and one time they kissed for real. (Chapter 7 is the one you want :D)

• Closeted by sussexbound (T, 6,115 w. || Love Confessions, Truth or Dare, First Kiss) – John and Sherlock end up trapped in a closet overnight while on a case. John has an idea on how to pass the time. Part 1 of Intimacy

And Here’s a few with Dirty Talk:

• Onomatopoeia by aquabelacqua (M, 6,904 w.|| Sherlock POV, First Time/Kiss, Chair Sex, Hair Pulling, Dirty Talk) – Something is the matter with John. Sherlock is determined to figure out what it is. Mark his words.

• Perfect Solo by Itsallfine (E, 2,384 w. || Frottage, Fantasy, Sex Toys, Dirty Talk, Solo) – Sherlock couldn’t decide how he wanted to have John that night. (The one where Sherlock uses his box of sex toys to take himself apart in every way John might have him.) 

• Sherlock and John Go Clubbing by wendymarlowe (E, 4,717 w. || Dirty Talk, Coming in Pants / Untouched) – John pinched the bridge of his nose - even for Sherlock, this was a new level of no bloody boundaries. “You want me to go with you to a gay club, wait around twiddling my thumbs while I let you get pawed by a criminal, then out-flirt him and talk you into coming home with me instead?” Part 32 of John and Sherlock’s Kinky First Times

• A Brand of Gold by aquabelacqua (M, 12,757 w. || Sex / Dirty Talk, Phone Sex, Solo, Pining, POV John) – What am I doing? he wondered. The answer came back at once: Flirting. He let the vital, missing piece snap into place as surely and as cleanly as if it had always been there. He was flirting with Sherlock Holmes.

• There’s Something Living in These Lines by teahigh (orphan_account) (M, 4,676 w. || Pining, Angst, Love Letters, UST, Dirty Talk, Hiatus) – Two men, complete opposites in almost every way, who speak only in letters and pages torn from books.

• And if you say the word, I could stay with you by CaitlinFairchild (E, 12,842 w. || Domestic Fluff, Dirty Talk, Anal, Fluff and Smut) – What Sherlock thinks is, On the day I die, be it in a dirty alley at forty or in my bed at eighty, the last thing I will remember is tonight, the way you looked at at me on the snowy pavement, cheeks pink with the cold, breath puffing in frosty white clouds, your heart in your eyes and snowflakes in your hair. I will remember that single perfect moment in my life, that moment I knew I had everything I ever wanted, and whatever happens next, I will die content. What he says is simply, “Marry me.”

• A Cure For Boredom by emmagrant01 (E, 81,665 w. || Dirty Talk, Threesomes, Light Dom/Sub, Sex Club, Experiments, Anal, Mildly Dubious Consent) – They’d never talked about sex in the year they’d known each other. Well, that wasn’t quite correct: Sherlock had never said a word about sex; John had bemoaned his personal dearth of it on many occasions.

I hope this list suffices a bit! As always, feel free to add some of your faves, Lovelies! 

Second Chances || Tyler Down x Reader

I’ll be meeting you there, because that poof hair, heart shaped cookie got me like damn daddy what that ass do. 😘 😘

Word Count: 1,097

Warnings: Reader is a Mild Sadist, Mentions of Suicide


    September had swooped through Crestmont briskly, turning the trees brilliant shades of orange, red, and yellow. The air had become frigid within the span of a few weeks. Enough so to burn your lungs with every breath, and leave you puffing clouds of white smoke when you exhaled.

    Things had changed around the small, friendly town. It had grown cold after Hannah and Jeff’s deaths. When the Bakers came out with a set of tapes recorded before their daughter’s suicide, the truth was outed.

    Bryce was sentenced to twenty years in prison. Since his first offense was considered a class two felony, and his second involved a minor, he was given no chance of parole.

    Tyler had been changed to a correctional school in the city. Many people thought he should of been arrested too, but as it was his first offense, and he hadn’t reached the legal age of adulthood, they sent him off with a warning.

    Marcus’s dream colleges all suddenly decided they didn’t want him anymore. As for Courtney, it was revealed she was a lesbian, but the funny thing is; people disliked her for defending Bryce, not because she turned out to like girls.

    Shortly after Alex had been pronounced dead, Justin was reported missing. No one had seen him for nearly three days. He had yet to come back, leaving Jessica distraught.

    Sheri was sued by the Atkins family for not reporting an accident that resulted in the death of their son. She was going to be paying off that debt for a long time.

    Zach and his family moved away to an entirely different state, probably to give him a chance to start over.

    Ryan quit writing the school paper, and eventually graduated early to head off to college.

    Clay got the best ending of everyone. He was barely seen without Skye Miller anymore. Word had spread that they were in a relationship shortly after he had asked her out on a date to Monet’s. He seemed happy, and Skye certainly was.

    You pulled your jacket tighter over your chest, staring down at a pile of leaves that your dad had raked up the day before, now scattered across your shoes. It was dark, save for the blinking porch light strung up around the front door to your house.

    Lying on top of that pile, looking dazed, was Tyler Down; the school’s ex-junior photographer. The only reason you knew his name was because of the tapes.

    “It’s a little cold to be sneaking around taking pictures, isn’t it?” you asked, the sarcasm evident in your voice.

    This wasn’t the first time you had caught him, but it was the first time he saw you catch him. You stared down at him, watching his baby blue eyes dart around nervously. He was looking at everything but you, purposely trying to avoid meeting your gaze.

    You knelt down in front of him, clicking your tongue. “Wasn’t it enough when you killed Hannah Baker?”

    He gritted his teeth. “She killed herself.”

    “Bullshit. You don’t kill yourself for no reason,” you replied. “That’s like saying the world spins just because it wants to. There’s always a reason. You’re one of them.”

    He blinked, tears glistening in the corners of his eyes. “I didn’t do anything compared to what Bryce did, or Jessica, or Marcus.”

    “No, not what they did,” you agreed. “But that doesn’t make you innocent, Tyler. You crept outside of an emotionally devastated girl’s window. Your camera kept her wide awake when the only thing she wanted was to be able to sleep. You took away the last bit of privacy that she had left. You sent a picture of her topless and making out with Courtney to everyone, because you were angry she didn’t want to hang out with her stalker. ”

    “Why are you doing this?” he asked quietly.

    “For the same reason you do what you do,” you said. “I get pleasure out it.”

    He tried to stand, but you pressed a hand against his chest. You reached down to pick up his camera from where it had fallen when he’d tripped. He turned away, attempting to cover his face as you snapped a photo of him.

    “Aw, isn’t that just adorable?” you cooed mockingly. “Not used to being on the other end of the camera, are you? A little shy?”

    His shoulders began to shake, and it wasn’t long after that you heard him choking on a slew of hard sobs. You threw the camera to the side, reaching to pry his hands off of his face. You brushed away the tears rolling down his cheeks, silently watching him break down.

    You sat back, legs crossed, and waited until he had cried himself out. When it was all said and done his eyes were puffy and red, his face was flushed, and he was shivering from the wind.

    You peeled off your jacket, throwing it over him.

    “I don’t get it,” he whispered. “Do you hate me or not?”

    “I don’t hate you. I just like hurting people,” you replied. “Until I start feeling bad, and then I try to help them like that’s going to make it all better.”

    He stared, bewildered.

    “When my family and I lived in a town called Millborough, there was this kid. He was really smart, all the teachers loved him. I used to make fun him every day after school,” you said quietly, plucking up strands of grass. “I was just having fun. I thought he knew I was joking. Then he threw himself off of a nearby bridge at the end of 9th grade.”

    “You got someone killed too?” he asked.

    You nodded. “Just like you, I still do what I shouldn’t do. I hurt people because it makes me feel good. You take pictures because it makes you feel good. We’ve got a lot in common.”

    He sat up, hugging your jacket tightly around himself. “I guess we do.”

    You smiled. “The stalker and the sadist. What a pair.”

    He brought his knees to his chest, sighing shakily. “I don’t like what I am.”

    “Same here,” you agreed.

    His eyes met yours for the briefest of moments. “I forgive you… for what just happened. Not like I didn’t deserve it.”

    “Don’t forgive me,” you muttered. “I don’t deserve it.”

    “Yes, you do.” He pushed himself a little closer, grabbing your hand. He sniffled, rubbing at his nose, still irritated and crimson from his tears. “I could be your second chance.”

    You felt your heart clench, throbbing within the confines of your chest. “Okay. Then I’ll be yours.”

    “Then let’s start over.” He held out his free hand for you to shake. “I’m Tyler.”

    You took it, giving him a light tug. Your lips collided as you dragged him to the ground. Your mouths moved as perfectly as two puzzle pieces fitting together. He gasped as your teeth found his lower lip, biting down hard enough to break the skin.When you tasted blood, you pulled away, leaving the both of you breathless.

    “Hi, Tyler,” you said. “I’m Y/N.”


Target acquired. It isn’t often that he wears a shirt that shows even that much of his skin, but when he does, it reveals that perfect mole just above his collarbone. You zero in on the beauty mark slipping in close, inside the circle of his arms before you kiss and lick over his skin to your heart’s content. You only pull away when he begins laughing, rather than moaning, as you had wished. More determined than ever to make him gasp out a groan, you use your teeth to scrape against and then bite a little harder into his long throat, heated breath puffing out in clouds over his neck. Finally, the reaction that you wanted is yours when his mouth opens and a quiet moan is pulled from his lips. It is a signal that he’s given up and he concedes the victory to you, falling back to the bed with you.

- Admin J

Ink (M)

Genre: Smut, angst, badboy!Tae (kinda)
Word count: 7470
Description: Kim Taehyung is nothing less than a storm, contained in a human body, ready to lash out if you get too close. But you have been careful for way too long already.
Warnings: Mature content, mentions of depression
Author’s note: So I had a dream about Tae having tattoos and started writing this, trying to make him a bad boy but it turned out a bit more emotional than I intended it to… :D Also I’ve been struggling with finishing this for much longer than usually so I don’t know how it came out… (Not to mention it came out way longer than I intended)

You barged into Taehyung’s room ready to question the man what was taking him so long, but stopped in your tracks at the view of his bare back, tattoos eating up at his skin from his right shoulder blade, as if threatening to devour the rest of his milky skin soon enough. With the tempo Taehyung was going at, you wouldn’t doubt that actually.

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Mental Break

Originally posted by namxingruinedme

Featuring: Namjoon/Rap Monster (BTS)
Genre: Smut
By: Admin L

A/N: This took almost my entire life to write lol I apologize. Warnings for smoking, so if you’re not about that, don’t click!

‘You know what you need?’ you began. ‘You just need something to take your mind off of everything.’

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. Obsessive Impulsive . 7

Full Summary: “‘I’ve been trying to find you alone for weeks, but you’ve been avoiding me.’  He clicked his tongue, as if scolding her.  'I tried approaching, but you always had someone with you to give me nasty words and looks.  They turned you against me, Miss Levy.’"

Pairings: Gajeel x Levy

Warnings: I strode for a darker fic again.  This is not for sensitive readers.  Violence, stalking, etc.  

Author’s Note: This is a very, very twisted gift for Bubbles, who has not been allowed to so much as read a single chapter.  This will update every other day.

She didn’t notice it at first.

But when she did, it freaked her out a little.

Over the course of the next few days, Levy began to notice that Elroy was everywhere. She couldn’t set foot outside of Fairy Hills or the guildhall without seeing him. To top it all off, he began to hang around both, quietly watching from the shadows.

Levy stopped sleeping, paranoid that he was looking in her windows. Not that he could, since she was on a top floor of the building, but it still made her nervous. She kept her curtains closed, but it did nothing.

So when the day she and Gajeel had agreed on for their date rolled around, she flinched at herself in the mirror. She had shadows beneath her eyes, her skin was pale, her hair a tangled mess. She grimaced and tugged a brush through it.

Okay. Maybe she was freaked out more than just a little.

Gajeel had promised to come pick her up, not trusting that she’d be safe on her way to the shop. She reassured herself of that as she headed out of her apartment and down to the door. When she reached the door, a huge smile spread over her face. Gajeel was all ready there, of course. He grunted as she ducked outside, wrapping her jacket around her.

“Took you long enough,” he muttered.

Levy insulted him in his own language and he grinned.

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Author: pendots (ao3), aka scarfyuuri (tumblr)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Victor goes back through old fan letters on Valentine’s Day, and what does he happen to find but one signed “Yuuri Katsuki”…

(Victuuri Week 2017 Day 8: Valentine’s Day.)

Link to AO3: here

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Mysterious Hazelnut Pt. XI

Summary: The reader comes back to her home, meeting with her family, old friends and lover. Time may have passed but feelings nor traditions change.

Author: @sleepywinchester prev. deanwincehster-af | Mobile Masterlist

Pairings: Barista!Sam x Plus Size!Reader

Words: 1.7k

Warnings: Angst. Language.

A/N: Hope you guys like this one! Don’t forget the feedback? xoxox.

Italict is internal thoughts.

M.H. Masterlist 

Originally posted by sikanapanele

Everything was calm and almost in silence, except from the constant tap of your fingers against the old desk. The heel of your boot also tapping repeatedly against the cold floor. It’s been nearly twenty-four hours. Almost a day without sleeping or thinking straight. A day with constant regret and self-loathing from bringing your friends and boyfriend to the most dangerous place you’ve known. How could you’d be so naïve? Thinking this time things would be different. Never in a million years this place would be any different.

Like it was personally cursed by Lucifer himself.

Cursed to be bloody and in an infinite war with everyone around it and itself.

There’s no one to blame except yourself if something irremediable happens to them. They were your responsibility since the second you guys stepped into to Charming. It was your responsibility to keep them safe and you failed them.

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fandomlockedfan  asked:

Please please give me some of your favorite top sherlock/bottom john fanfics. I know if its you those fics should be awesome.

Hi Lovley! 


Alright, I’m just going to rec the ones that are actually tagged as such. 


  • Caught In The Act by ShirleyCarlton (E) - This is a series of six scenarios written from the points of view of six different people as they accidentally walk in on Sherlock and John having sex. :) (I’m not sure these all take place in the same universe though, as Sherlock and John would be pretty stupid not to lock their door after the first or second time. :D ) Each of the stories can be read independently.

  • Take My Breath Away by Quesarasara for Cheytea7 (E) - Sherlock opens his eyes and looks at his friend—his best friend—and slowly tips his chin down until his forehead rests softly against John’s. They stay that way for a long moment, lips just a whisper apart, warm puffs of air mingling as each of them struggles to breathe.It’s no wonder they ended up here, really, locked in this breathless moment balanced on the cusp of something new.They’ve spent years taking each other’s breath away…

  • And if you say the word, I could stay with you by CaitlinFairchild for allonsys_girl, bittergreens - What Sherlock thinks is, On the day I die, be it in a dirty alley at forty or in my bed at eighty, the last thing I will remember is tonight, the way you looked at at me on the snowy pavement, cheeks pink with the cold, breath puffing in frosty white clouds, your heart in your eyes and snowflakes in your hair. I will remember that single perfect moment in my life, that moment I knew I had everything I ever wanted, and whatever happens next, I will die content.What he says is simply, “Marry me.”


  • Caught In The Act by ShirleyCarlton (E) (same one as above)

  • Let the Sun Fade Out by nothingislittle (E) - “He could warm the sun itself, Sherlock thinks, could heat their flat with just his presence, could brighten the room with one dazzling smile or just the sparkling in his eyes. Everything hurts when John looks this beautiful, but it’s a dulcet, aching pain, one that consumes Sherlock from the inside, that sends soft pangs through his abdomen and lodges a lump solidly in his throat. John glows, he glitters, he’s light itself, Sherlock thinks, and doesn’t even bother to scold himself for exaggerating, because he’s not, he’s not, John is everything, he’s beautiful and he shines, he’s everything.”

  • Beg for Mercy (Twice) by Solitary_Endeavor for nondeducible (E) - Sherlock hasn’t left the flat in four days, the itch of impatience beneath his skin too great to allow him to suffer interaction with any human being who isn’t John. This is probably a mercy that goes both ways, as he’s driving even himself mad. Sherlock supposes there is a lesson to be learned here about having himself to blame, but of course he blames Mycroft.

  • The space between by Salambo06 - “It’s for a case,” Sherlock says as soon as John looks down at his computer. John remains silent for a long moment, eyes moving from the screen to Sherlock, before saying, “You don’t have to explain.”His voice is low, too low, and Sherlock looks at the computer, putting the video on pause. “Lestrade asked me-, no, forced me to find out who’s threatening a famous porn star, and the suspect is among his co-stars, so I only need to watch out for any signs from his partners, anything that might show they’re the one sending those threats and I can move to something else.”“Right.”

  • Your Eyes in Darkness Glowing by tamed_untranslatable - Sherlock’s breath hitched as he held himself in John’s gaze, his own eyes falling hooded, unable to meet John’s straight on. John’s breath was coming fast now, and hard, his eyes boring into Sherlock’s and so plainly displaying everything Sherlock had been thinking all day, that tension pulled taut like a bowstring, that need for closeness that had been denied them for such an unbearably long time.Sherlock gets roped into a case in Moscow on his brother’s insistence, but finds that he can’t do it without John.

  • Rumpled by WhimsicalEthnographies - Then, halfway through a documentary on river otters that neither of them was paying attention to–how could John, with a gangly, limp consulting detective practically purring in his lap?–Sherlock suddenly bolted upright, looked at John with a perplexed expression and a crinkle above his nose, and blurted, “Marry me.” Part 4 of Longitudinal Cohort

  • Praise Me by testosterone_tea - In which Sherlock has an interesting physical reaction to compliments and John discovers it.

  • In A Changing Age by allonsys_girl - Sherlock wakes up in the 19th century, with no idea how he got there.

  • In Nomine by Atiki - “Alright?” John asks gently, planting a kiss on Sherlock’s left collar bone, smoothing a hand down his chest and belly until it rests in the soft trail of hair below his belly button. John’s smile is all soft and warm. His hand feels tender and solid and real. A soldier’s hand. A surgeon’s hand. A lover’s hand. Oh. “John”, Sherlock gasps. And that’s where it begins. Written for a prompt on the Kink Meme: The only word Sherlock says during sex is “John”.

  • Abatement by WhimsicalEthnographies - “What’s wrong with you? You love the cottage,” John glances over to the passenger seat, then quickly turns his eyes back to the road. Driving was still not his forte, but considering Sherlock still couldn’t properly bend and lift his new knee enough to press and release the clutch, he had to make do. Not that Sherlock hadn’t tried to argue his way into the driver’s seat.“I love the cottage for a week or two, John. Don’t be deliberately obstuse,” Sherlock grumbles, sinking further in his seat. Well, as best he can with a four-week-old knee replacement. “And that’s all we’re going for, love,” John says out loud. But what he’s thinking is, shit. He knows.

  • State of Flux by Atiki - John’s marriage is over and he is finally back home (i.e. at Baker Street, where he belongs). Sherlock is awfully insecure and John is awfully hesitant, and they’re both awkward idiots, of course, but they figure it out. Many First Times happen.

  • Spoils of War by sweetcupncakes for ScienceofObsession - John brushes his thumb over the gun’s slide, over the rear sight. Sherlock’s mouth feels too wet. He could lick John’s fingers, suck on them, bite down softly on that callus that is a direct result of John’s frequent need to handle the gun at all. Sherlock could do that, John might like it, really. Sherlock has been told his mouth is absolutely lovely.

As I said, I have SO MANY OTHERS but right now these are just the ones tagged on Ao3 that I could quickly dig up. Please shamelessly promo your fics, y’all!! :D

Romeo, O, Romeo

AN: The reader is in college and meets a slightly tipsy Jasper Jordan under odd circumstances. (Modern AU)
Pairings: Jasper x reader, Bellamy x Clarke, Monty x Miller
Spoiler(s): None
Warning(s): Swearing
Prompt: “I was on my balcony and you started loudly quoting Romeo and Juliet at me” (Not actually using the sentence, just the concept.


“Let’s get this fucking party started!” Bellamy Blake roared, lifting his solo cup to the sky.

You laughed affectionately and shook your head at the boy as the surrounding children cheered. For a history major, Bellamy Blake really knew how to live in the present. You just hoped that his spontaneous nature was going to wreck your shared house. Your best friend, Clarke, nudged you with her elbow.

“Don’t worry,” she assured, “I’ll keep him in check.”

You smiled at the girl, “And who’s gonna keep you in check Miss Griffin? Need I remind you that last time we had a party, you spent the whole time making out with Bell in my bedroom?”

“Me of course!” Monty Green cheered, kissing you briefly on the cheek, “We’ve got this under control Y/N. I promise you, nothing is going to go wrong.”

Just then, you heard the distinctive shattering of glass and sighed, giving Monty an exasperated look. His boyfriend, Nathan Miller shrugged at you and gave your arm a sympathetic squeeze.

“Try and have some fun tonight Y/N/N, for me?” Nathan asked.

“How can I when she’s here?” You retorted, jutting your chin towards your ex-girlfriend, Lexa.

Clarke looked down sheepishly, “You’re right, I shouldn’t have invited her. I’m sorry Y/N.”

You shrugged, still slightly annoyed with your friend, “Nothing we can do now.”

The music hammered your eardrums and, although you wanted to dance, the idea of bumping into Lexa made you physically ill so instead you just downed your drink, wincing at the burn.

“I’m going back to my room, call me when Bellamy gets too drunk to walk okay?” you said.

“No!” Monty whined, “You can’t go, not before you meet my friend Jasper.”

“Jasper?” You asked.

“Jasper Jordan.” Nathan explained, “Monty thought that you guys might hit it off. Mont, you said that you’d told her!”

Monty shifted his weight from one foot to the other, “I was worried that she’d say no.”

“I would’ve sad no.” you sighed, “You know how I feel about set ups Mont.”

“But he’s so great, he-“

“Tell him that I’m sorry, I’m going to bed. Night guys.” You said.


You rubbed your neck, trying to work out a knot that had been bugging you as you sat on your bed. It infuriated you, knowing that Lexa was only one staircase away and you instinctively knew that you wouldn’t be able to sleep until she’d left.
Suddenly, your room seemed stifling and you jumped to push open the doors to your balcony. The cool night air was welcome on your skin and you breathed a sigh of relief. You closed your eyes and drunk in the air like water. You could hear the music and the obnoxious sounds that people made at parties, but you strained your ears, feeling as though, if you listened closely enough, you would hear something new, something beautiful.

“But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?” An unfamiliar voice called to you,
“It is the east and Juliet is the sun!
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
Who is already sick and pale with grief
That thou her maid art far more fair than she.
Be not her maid, since she is envious;
Her vestal livery is but sick and green,
And none but fools do wear it. Cast it off.
It is my lady, O, it is my love!
O that she knew she were!” the dark haired boy paused, swaying slightly with his arms still extended from his monologue, “I forgot the rest.” He eventually said.

You let out the laughter that had been pressing against your lips and leant over the railing to get a better look at the boy.

“That was really impressive!” You told him.

His eyes lit up with excitement and he smiled.

“She speaks.
O, speak again, bright angel, for thou art
As glorious to this night, being o’er my head,
As is a winged messenger of heaven
Unto the white-upturned wondering eyes
Of mortals that fall back to gaze on him
When he bestrides the lazy-puffing clouds
And sails upon the bosom of the air.” He finished, taking a deep bow as you applauded him, your giggles dancing through the night air.

“Are you an English major or something?” You asked your tipsy Romeo.

The boy smiled and shook his head, “Chemistry actually, but I did drama in high school.”

You returned the boy’s smile; he was cute in a ruffled, unkempt way. You felt the beginnings of butterflies stirring in your chest and forgot all about Lexa for a moment.

“Do you wanna come up here or what?” you asked, shocking yourself.

The boy stumbled, “Wha-w-really? Sure! I’m Jasper by the way.”

You recoiled, “Jasper Jordan?”

“Yes.” He drew out, “What’s your name? Or should I just keep calling you Juliet?”

You laughed again, “Y/N, my name is Y/N.”

“Y/N Y/L/N? Oh my God this is so crazy!” Jasper laughed, “Give me a minute, how can I find you?”

“I’m up the staircase, the last bedroom down the hallway.”

Jasper smiled and gave you the thumbs up, jogging back into the crowded house. You frantically cleaned your room as well as you could, taking a few seconds to run a brush through your hair too before you heard the gentle knock at your door.

“Come in.”

Jasper Jordan looked almost shy as he stepped into your bedroom, a bottle of champagne in one hand and a pizza box in the other.

“Dinner arrived,” he explained with a shy smile, “I thought you might be hungry.”

“I am, thanks.” You smiled, taking the box from Jasper and placing it next to you on the bed.

The boy took a tentative seat next to you and opened the champagne.

“Ah the classic pairing, champagne and pizza.” You joked, “I know it well.”

Jasper laughed, clinking the rim of his glass against yours.

“I’m gonna be honest, I wasn’t expecting the whole balcony scene thing to actually work,” Jasper told you, “so I’m not entirely sure what my next move is.”

You shrugged, liking the nervous side you were seeing, “Maybe your next move should just be being you.”

“Being me?” Jasper thought for a moment, “I like it. Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you Y/N.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too Jasper.”


The two of you sat and talked into the early hours of the morning, laughing and joking like you’d known each other for years. You like Jasper Jordan. He was cute and smart and funny and he treated you like you were the only person he wanted to be with. Somehow the two of you had moved closer, his shoulder pressed gently against yours and his pinky finger brushing yours.

“Oh my God, it’s only 3:30.” You laughed, looking down at your watch, “I thought it was late.”

Jasper’s eyes caught yours and you felt the mood shift ever so slightly.

“O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do;
They pray, grant thou, lest faith turn to despair.” Jasper whispered, his eyes dropping to your lips.

“Saints do not move, though grant for prayer’s sake.” You answered your breath hitching.

Jasper smiled, cupping your cheek with his hand and moving his head closer to yours.

“Then move not, while my prayer’s effect I take.
Thus from my lips, by yours, my sin is purged.”

His lips brushed yours, almost shyly at first, and then with more intensity as you kissed back, moving your lips against his.

Jasper’s eyes were wide with wonder when you broke apart, breathless and giggling like school kids. Together you collapsed backwards onto your bed.

“You’re fucking amazing, you know that?” Jasper smiled at you.

You laughed, pressing a soft kiss to his lips, “So are you.”

Jasper leant up on his elbows suddenly, “We can do this again right? Maybe on a proper date?”

“Sure. We can most definitely do that.”

[ vampire jun pt. 1 ]

im thinking about starting a vampire jun series BEFAUSE I AM STILL NOT OVER IT so this is like experimental to see if I like where it’s going. ENJOYY:)

↬ pt. 2, pt. 3, pt. 4, pt.5, pt.6, pt.7 ↫

The city of rain.

It’s exactly how it sounds, tall skyscrapers peaking high over dull ash coloured roads with gloomy storm clouds covering the sky like a blanket. The city rarely saw the sun, it was rarely able to feel it’s warmth bathe across the grass or paint shadows on the sides of houses. But one thing the city knew well was rain. Tiny droplets of liquid that drizzled from the clouds, splashing against printed car windows and bouncing off the streets.

Everyone carried an umbrella with them in the city of rain. Everyone but you, who was rushing to work in the rainy weather of early morning. Tiny yelps of sorry’s and excuse me’s left your lips though you hardly meant them as you weaved through crowds of people to get to your destination. After entering the building you gave your head a shake feeling tiny specs of water fly from your hair.

“How many times do you need to get soaked before you bring an umbrella?” Your eyes skipped upwards to meet the friendly face in front of you. A young man with sparkly eyes and neatly combed hair. In his hand was a cup of tea which he handed to you with a smile. “I guess I’ll never learn Joshua.” Your job wasn’t very exciting, at least in your opinion. Every time something major struck out in the city your boss sent you to the scene with a notepad and pen to collect information.

Then you came back and typed up a report for him to publish. That was it. That’s all you did. The only things that ever happened in your rainy city were convenience store robberies and murders. Most of the time you could hardly get any information so you had to expand the truth a little in your reports. Taking a sip of the tea you enjoyed the warmth it installed in your cold body as you followed Joshua into the office of your boss.

“Welcome, welcome, my two greatest reporters on the team!” You quickly exchanged an uneasy glance with Joshua while your boss used his chubby fingers to grab another cigarette to light. “Sometimes I think you two are the only reliable people I have working for me so today I’m sending you off on something big. I want you to go down to Churchill Cemetery and check things out. A few bodies have turned up missing from their graves along with other strange occurrences.”

Churchill Cemetery was usually a very quiet place, not many people ever visited the graves to even pay their respects. Right next to the cemetery’s edge was a forest filled with nothing but tall prickly pine trees and twisting roots jutting out of the ground. You couldn’t say you were shocked to hear that bodies had been disappearing though. “Okay, we’ll check it out.” Joshua turned to you with a nod as your boss puffed out a cloud of grey smoke. “Sounds good to me.”

At the cemetery gate you met with an old man named Albert. His pale wrinkled skin hardly seemed to cling to his face while his eyes were a dull greyish colour. His faded overalls were caked with mud as a shovel hung loosely in his grip. He looked after the Churchill Cemetery, cutting the grass and plucking the weeds that grew around the grave stones. “Is it okay if we examine a few things?” Joshua asked as he pulled out a notepad. Albert responded with a nod of his head.

“These are the graves that have been dug up.” Albert beckoned to the two head stones beside each other, clumps of dirt now turned to muck tossed up and scattered all over the grass. “They belonged to two sisters who died in a car crash just over two weeks ago. Mary and Kate Stewart.” Your pen scribbled across the expanse of the notepad along with Joshua as you drew a quick sketch of the scene.

The crime in the city was horridly high, different deaths every week or new criminals emerging from the shadows. The police were very useless, doing almost nothing against it and leaving the citizens to protect themselves. It was saddening but there was nothing you could do. “Is it okay if we look for a little while longer?” Albert welcomed you to look for as long as you like so you did, collecting information and the tiniest details alongside Joshua.

“Wanna know something?” The young man randomly said while he squatted down to run his fingertip through the dirt. With a nonchalant shrug of your shoulders you flipped the page of your notepad. “Why not?”

“This city is dubbed as the city of rain but it’s also dubbed as Urbem Lamia which means city of vampires in Latin.” (omfg I’m so smart right?)

You gave your eyes a roll at Joshua’s words. He always babbles about these random things that never make any sense so you usually dismiss them. “They say this city is a main attraction for vampires because there’s hardly any sunlight and with all the deserted parts of the city it makes the perfect place for them to hide. Also haven’t you noticed that most of the graveyards are close to forests? Easy access to bodies for their thirsty little fangs.”

“Wouldn’t they prefer fresh blood?”

“Whatever blood they can get their hands on.”

Tossing away Joshua’s little fantasy you began to close up the examination session. Flashing your wrist in front of your gaze you check the time. It’s 11 o'clock and you got here around 9 or so. About 2 solid hours of searching and pointless information that wouldn’t lead anywhere but a news article fluttering along in the breeze, long forgotten. You adjust the straps of your rain jacket as Joshua pulls out an umbrella seeing as thunder could be heard in the distance.

“We should say goodbye to Albert.” Though you didn’t know the little old man very well it was at least kind to announce your leave and thank him for letting you stay awhile. Your dirty rain boots sloshed through pools of muck and slick grass as you huddle close to Joshua under the umbrella. However it seemed as though Albert had disappeared, his faded yellow overalls and ripped fishing hat nowhere to be seen.

That it until Joshua caught him staring into the line of pine trees that marked the forests edge. The amount of grave stones began to lessen until only a few dotted here and there, Alberts shovel propped up against one of them. He didn’t seem to detect your approach, in fact his body seemed still as stone. Exchanging a glance with your partner you slowly break away from him and stand next to Albert.

You followed his strained gaze into the forest, slowly pivoting your head with your lips pressed together. For some reason you could feel the thump of your heart beating inside your chest like you were about to experience the jump scare of a life time. But instead you see nothing, absolutely nothing but the branches of pine trees bobbing in the rough breeze. Just as you reach out to place your hand on Alberts shoulder Joshua is beside you his eyes wide as he squints into the woods.

“Did you just see that?”

“See what?”

“That glint just then, behind that tree trunk. It was like a tiny flash of light.”

Suddenly Albert snapped to his senses like he had just woke up from a coma. He quickly stares between you and Joshua before taking a few steps back and reaching out for his shovel. “You are finished with the examination?” He questions like nothing had happened. Instead you ignore his question asking one of your own. “Why were you staring into the trees?” Joshua is by your side again, pulling the umbrella over your head as a few drops of rain splash on your skin.

“Just looking at a squirrel that’s all. If your work here is done then I should be going back to the shed. Have a nice day.” Just like that, Albert scuttles away weaving his path through the gravestones like he’d been here his whole life. Shrugging your shoulders you tug Joshua away from the tree line and out to the road but not before spearing one glance back into the row of pine trees. And at that moment your heart stops for you swear you saw a face between the trunks.

Finally you finish writing the report. Scooting backwards in your office chair you approach the printer and watch in satisfaction as clean crisp pages of papers slip out. Gathering them up you hurry towards the office of your boss. Giving a few hard knocks you wait until his raspy voice is heard from the other side. The moment you enter the stench of cigarette smoke hits your nose and fills your lungs. You almost drop your report as you cough into the side of your elbow.

“I thought you were trying to quit smoking.” You huff, your voice strained against the poisonous air. Your boss burns out the end of his smoke, tossing it carelessly in the trash before shooting you an apologetic glance. “It’s not easy you know.” Setting the papers down on his desk you push them in his direction noticing the empty pack of cigarettes next to the stapler. His eyes brighten at the sight as he quickly reaches into his desk and pulls out a wad of cash.

“You are absolutely brilliant! I can always count on you to go above my expectations. For all your hard work, here’s a tiny reward.” Your eyes widen as your boss slips off the elastic around the money and pushes off some of the cash. “Where did you get all that?” You exclaim in shock always thinking your boss blew his money on all the cigarette packs laying around his office. “I know some people. It’s 150 dollars, spend it wisely.” As much as you wanted to seem humble and selfless you were quite the opposite.

Money was tight and you could hardly afford your apartment. You would take what you could get. Swiping the cash off the table you give your boss an appreciative nod and thank him for his generosity. On the way out of his office something catches your eye in the corner of his shelf. A photo of a crowd of people standing in front of a building. You had passed his shelf many times, not caring about his baseball trophies or little antiques that had stories worth a thousand words. But this photo was new and it captured your curiosity.

“New photo?” You ask as your boss rises from his chair and walks beside you. With his arms folded behind his back he releases a long sigh. “It’s a photo of the day this business was opened. Almost 40 years ago. That building is the one you’re currently standing in.” Carefully you reach for the frame looking at your boss for permission before taking a closer look. You notice your boss with his arm around a young mans shoulder, a proud smile on his face. Also one thing you noticed was their shadows. It was sunny the day the photo was taken.

“Who’s this?” You point to the young man as your boss takes the photo into his own chubby fingers. He examines it closely before smacking his lips. “Of course! This is Albert, Albert Stewart.” You almost choke on your spit in surprise, not expecting to hear that name. “Is that the Albert that works at the Churchill Cemetery?” The same proud smile from the photo appears on his face, creases gathering by the sides of his eyes. “It sure is.”

“But the two girls who disappeared from the cemetery Joshua and I examined the other day, their last names were Stewart.” You squeezed your fists while probing your mind for a conclusion. “Is he their father?” Your boss was no longer at your side, instead he was opening another pack of cigarettes. “Albert never had any kids, they could be his brothers perhaps.” Your mind began to ache at all the possibilities.

You realized it was better to dismiss the situation seeing more than half the mysteries is this city were never solved anyways. Taking one last glance at the photo and then at the cash stuffed in your pocket you announce your leave. “Urbem Lamia.” Your fingers pause as they wrap around the doorknob, your face turning hollow. “What?”

“It’s just something Albert would say whenever it was sunny. He would go I guess we’re aren’t the Ubrem Lamia today. Never knew what it meant, never asked. He was always a strange fellow.”

“Indeed.” You reply quickly before rushing out the door. After snatching your jacket off the hook you begin to walk home, focusing on the watery sidewalks with the streetlights reflected in them. Cars sped by along the streets, a cool spray of water following in their path as it dampened your skin. However an uneasy feeling had settled inside your gut and it followed you all the way home.

The sun will come out tomorrow,
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there’ll be sun,
Just thinkin’ about tomorrow,
Clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow,
When I’m stuck with a day that’s grey and lonely,
I just stick my chin up with a grin and say,
The sun will come out tomorrow.

What a depressing day to be replaying the song from Annie, it’s lyrics stuck clearly in your head until you sang it without even thinking about it. You leaned back in your chair inside the small café, a swirl of steam brewing up from your coffee. The sky was dark and gloomy like usual with the expressionless faces of the cities people strutting by. You poked at your late breakfast with your fingers until you peeled away the muffins wrapper and tossed it on the plate taking a big bite and hardly chewing before your swallowed.

“Careful or you might choke.” Your eyes met with Joshua’s sparkly ones as he entered the café with some coins in his palm. Taking a swig from your coffee you give him a scrunched up face as a reply in which he laughs with his little eye smile. Joshua also purchases a late breakfast, sitting down across from you with his jacket sliding down his arms. Taking a bite from his bagel he gazes out the window, the people reflected in his glossy eyes.

“I didn’t sleep well last night.” You tell him while fiddling with your fingers. “Did you know Albert from the cemetery use to work for our boss when he first started his business?” Joshua cocked an eyebrow as he devoured his bagel obviously hungry. After wiping his mouth with the napkin he shook his head. “I didn’t know, how did you figure it out?”

“Just a conversation with him when I stopped by his office last night. Who knows what else he’s hiding.” A soft chuckle escapes Joshua’s lip as he leans back in his chair. “Yeah I’m sure he’s hiding a lot.” You give Joshua an eye roll for his sarcastic tone while finishing your coffee, enjoying the last of its flavour before it’s gone. “You know that stupid Urbem Lamia thing you were talking about, Albert use to mention how the city would lose that title on sunny days.”

“Well obviously, vampires don’t like the sun so they’d hide away.” Pressing your lips together you give your head a shake. Vampires don’t exist, it’s just a bunch of wives tales. As you both clean up your table in the café you slip out onto the streets and head back to work. Break was nice but staying cooped up in a tiny office cubicle seemed so much better. Just before you enter the buildings front entrance you notice Joshua’s fingers freeze around the handle.

Glancing over at him you notice how he reads over a text on his phone with a worried expression, his fingertips turning white from squeezing the case too hard. You nudge his shoulder asking him if everything was alright which is when he turns to you with a puzzled but depressed expression. “Going back to the topic of Albert,” a pause as Joshua glances once more at his phone screen, “he’s been murdered.”

Alberts body was discovered at around 6am by his wife, who came to investigate the cemetery when he didn’t come home from work. The whole area was plastered with caution tape as there were police officers not only at Alberts shed but also around the area where the bodies were missing. You stiffened next to Joshua as officers walked in and out of the shed trying to seem like they had a clue what they were doing. The same uneasiness pooled into your stomach when you noticed your boss pull up in his dark blue truck, his wife stepping out beside him.

The officers wouldn’t let anyone past the caution tape until your boss approached, letting him hop over to check out the scene. His wife waited by the truck, her body wrapped in an expensive fur coat while her eyes were covered by an extra large pair of shades. You follow Joshua over to the place where your boss had slipped past uttering an I’m with him to get by. Chills crept down your spine as you approach the shed an officer talking quietly with your boss.

There laying in his own pool of dried blood was Albert, his eyes now a milky white colour with his skin looking sickly pale. You swallow thickly upon taking in the sight a churning feeling developing in your stomach. A loud yelp sounds behind you as you turn your head catching sight of an old women being ushered to sit down on a wobbly bench. You guessed it was his wife from the way she dabbed a white cloth at her cheeks and the gold ring on her finger. “Joshua this is terrible.” You mutter while stepping out of the shed.

“I know, he seemed like a nice guy.” As your fingers rake through your messy hair you find yourself blowing out a huff of annoyance. Annoyance at how everyone around here seemed to be getting picked off like flies. You feel Joshua’s arm lounge around your shoulders to comfort you when a quiet conversation between two officers capture your attention. Focusing in on the sounds of their hushed voices you find it hard to believe their words.

“There’s two tiny holes on the side of his neck, almost covered by his shirt. It’s like a bite mark.”

“You think it was an animal?”

“Maybe, it’s hard to tell what happened to him or how he bled out like that.”

Though you wanted to listen further, a sharp breeze down the back of your neck snapped you away. Joshua glanced at you in surprise when you whipped around but it was you who was now glancing in surprise at the face you met. A young man, maybe around your age with a playful smirk on his flower pink lips. His skin was a smooth milky colour with jet black hair that perfectly framed his mischievous features. Your gaze fell across his sharp jawline and exposed collarbones that rested under his skin.

But what caught you the most was his beautiful shimmering eyes. Though they were a dark chocolate brown they held a mysterious glint that had shivers prickling along your skin. His stare was bold and had your body feeling as cold as ice. “Were you a friend of Alberts?” His voice had your cheeks flushing a scarlet red, so calm and smooth. A voice you could listen to all day. Swallowing dryly you try to form a sentence but Joshua beats you to it.

“We chatted with him a few times. Just coming to check things out. Sad things had to end this way for him.” Joshua’s face was blank and expressionless as he spoke but you took note of his fidgety fingers telling you he was nervous. “Did you know him?” You ask your voice sounding tiny and quiet. The young man eyes moved slowly from Joshua to you, once again paralyzing you with his stare. A chuckle falls from his pretty lips as the glint flashes in his eyes.

“How could I not? Most of these bodies weren’t buried by him you know.” A still silence hung in the air, the sounds of people’s rushed discussion being carried away by the wind. “You helped Albert bury bodies?” Joshua questioned with a raised eyebrow as though he didn’t believe the young mans words.

“You think I’m lying?” His head cocked to the side as he took a step forward causing you to flush with panic. He may have been a handsome sight but he was as equally intimidating. Grabbing a hold of the fabric on Joshua’s coat you drag him back slightly. “We believe you.” You giggle nervously while you feel Joshua stiffen beside you at the fact you would surrender so easily. However you weren’t taking any chances with this mysterious stranger.

“Relax, you look like I’m going to hurt you.” His smooth voice flows through your ears and you almost wish you could block it out. He slowly approaches you and and Joshua with an out stretched palm a crooked smirk painted on his lips. “I’m Jun.” He announces proudly while waiting for one of you to return the gesture. “Joshua.” You observe as they share a firm hand shake holding one another’s gazes as though they were stalking prey.

Questioning whether or not a crime scene was the right place to be making friends with someone you reluctantly shook his hand but found yourself biting your lip to hold back a tiny gasp. Though his skin was soft it was also shockingly cold, like shaking hands with an ice cube.
Giving him a tiny smile you shrink under his steady stare while giving your name. “Your heart is beating like a drum. Why so nervous?” Jun pulls away while rolling up the sleeves on his loose black jacket, his eyes scanning up and down your body.

“I’m not nervous I guess just a little all over the place because of what happened.”

Jun tugged his lower lip between this teeth before brushing past you and Joshua. “Don’t worry, the sun will come out tomorrow.”

A/N; Vampire Jun for everyone:) pls pray for me I am weak when it comes to this boy anyways I’m hoping to turn this into a short series and I hope you enjoy it^^

Baby It’s Cold Outside: I Really Can’t Stay (Part 4.5 to Questionable Intentions)

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings: Nothing

A/N: As promised, here is the Loki half of  Baby It’s Cold Outside. I had a great time writing this story and can’t wait to see what you guys think.

Originally posted by fromhiddleswithlove

(I had to use this gif, I love his hair!)


Loki sat in the black leather armchair, his feet up on the oak coffee table, and one of his ever present novels in hand. Thor stalked by him, pushing his feet off the table before plopping down in the throne-like chair across from his brother. He gazed at him for a moment, the look in his eyes unreadable.

“Loki,” he finally broke the silence.

“Yes?” Loki replied, raising his right eyebrow slightly. He nonchalantly turned the page of his book.

“So, do you think we can have a civil conversation about y/n for once?” Thor questioned. Loki shrugged.

“I’m not sure there’s much to talk about, but I’ll stay calm if you can act like an adult.” Thor sighed and rolled his eyes.

“This is going to be harder than I thought,” he said. Loki snapped his book shut and tossed it onto the coffee table.

“Thor,” he began, “I don’t know what you want me to say at this point.”

“Loki,” Thor mimicked his brother’s tone, “We both know that you have some rather strong feelings for Lady y/n.” Loki opened his mouth in an attempt to protest.

“Brother, don’t try to argue, we both know how you feel about her,” Thor cut him off. “As much as I hate to admit it, I’m worried about you.” Loki laughed bitterly at his brother’s words.

“Thor I don’t interfere with your life and you’ve never exactly taken an interest in mine,” Loki snapped, “Why do you care so much all of a sudden?” Thor grimaced at him.

“You know how easily mortals perish,” Thor began. “I’m not so sure the world could handle it if you had a meltdown; not to mention the decades of pain you’d cause yourself.” Loki looked like he wanted to argue but he knew Thor had a point. Inside his head the two sides of his brain-one rational and the other love stricken-fought for control. In the end, rationality won out. Loki ran his fingers through his hair, contemplating his next words carefully.

“As much as I hate to agree with you, I see your point,” Loki said, a wry smile frozen in his face. “At the same time, part of me wants to move on, to see what else life has to hold. Another part of me hates myself for wanting that, for wanting to forget about Sigyn.” Thor nodded slightly, listening carefully to his brother’s words.

“I know that it would be impossibly hard to lose y/n through death, but I’m not sure if I could forgive myself for letting her go.” Loki spoke softly as he stared, almost as if transfixed, at the coffee table. “What if this is my chance?” he said, bringing his head up sharply to meet his brother’s eyes, “What if this is my chance to find love again?” Loki’s words hung in the air, their severity not lost on the thunder god. Thor gave his brother a pitying glance.

“All these years we have spent on this earth, and it still has not revealed all its secrets to us,” Thor rumbled thoughtfully. Loki tipped his head back and stared at the ceiling, rubbing his temples.

“What shall I do,” the lovesick god groaned.

“Maybe you should see where this all leads,” Thor conceded, “I don’t want to listen to you complain about ‘the one that got away’ for the next thousand years or so.” Thor quipped, attempting to make light of the situation. Loki flashed Thor his signature wolf’s grin, glad he finally had his brother on his side. Ding. The quiet sound of the elevator’s doors opening broke the amicable silence.

“Hello boys” y/n practically shouted as she flounced into the room, a mischievous grin played across her face. Loki couldn’t help smiling back at her.

“Y/n,” Thor rumbled in greeting, “Loki and I were just talking about you.” Loki shot Thor a panicked glance. Shut up! Loki thought, trying to convey his thoughts through his eyes. Thor rolled his eyes in response, I wasn’t going to tell her anything, he seemed to say.

“All good things I hope.” she said as she unwound her scarf and brushed the snow from her hat.

“Always” Loki answered. He studied the contours of her face, still puzzled by his predicament.

“And where are the others? I was hoping we could go sledding or maybe have a snowball fight.” Loki caught y/n’s eye flitting about the room, as if she were attempting to summon the other avengers.

“The Captain and Lady Natasha are off on a mission and I believe Tony is in the lab with Dr. Banner.” Thor replied as he counted down the team members on his fingers.

“What exactly is a snowball fight?” Loki said, his eyebrows knit together in confusion.

“You don’t know what a snowball fight is?” Y/n was yelling again. Loki winced, noting that his brother did as well. It was hard to have the hearing of a god sometimes.

“I wouldn’t ask if I knew darling.” Loki replied condescendingly. He cursed himself for his slip of the tongue. Darling, really? Could you be anymore obvious? he berated himself .

“Thor, get a coat and Stark and Banner and drag them out of their hole. Loki, get your butt outside.” She ordered them around like a drill sergeant. Loki, finding her commanding tone amusing, donned his coat and followed her outside.

She led him to a small park only about a block or so from the tower. A small pond on the far side of the park appeared to be frozen over, and a coat of fresh, white snow blanketed the rolling hills that spanned the park. Y/n, grinning like a child, ran to the top of the largest hill and knelt in the snow. She scooped up a handful of snow, squeezing and packing it between her hands to form a near perfect sphere of snow.

“What are you doing?” Loki asked as he approached her curiously.

“Making snowballs,” y/n replied, “can’t have a snowball fight without snowballs. Wanna help?” Loki looked down at his feet, embarrassed at his inexperience.

“I don’t know how,” the trickster said as he focused back on y/n’s hands.

“I’ll show you,” y/n said brightly. She scooped up a handful of snow, placing it in Loki’s hands before grabbing more for herself. “You just squish it and then shape it.” Loki watched carefully as she molded the shapeless lump of snow into another perfect sphere. He clumsily attempted to replicate her movements to no avail. He looked at the snow in his hands. It looked more like a lemon than a ball. Y/n looked over at him and laughed, the sweet sounds ringing out through the cold air.

“You need help?” she giggled.

“No, I’ve got this” Loki insisted. He scowled as he attempted to reform the snow which was now shaped like an egg.

“Here,” y/n moved toward the god, kneeling at his side. Her warm breath puffed out in little clouds. “you just squish and shape,” she repeated. She wrapped her hands around his in an attempt to help him. Loki hid a pleased grin, maybe it would take him a few more tries to master the snowball. “There you go!” Y/n shouted encouragingly. Loki grinned at placed the rough sphere aside, scooping up another handful of snow. Suddenly, Loki noticed the crunching of feet in snow. He looked up and saw Thor, Bruce, and Tony quickly approaching him. Y/n waved at them lazily before she turned back to the pile of snow in front of her. It looked as though she was constructing a small wall out of snow. As Tony began constructing his own extravagant fort, y/n explained their use in the game.

“I’m assuming it’s you and Loki against Bruce, Thor, and I,” Tony grinned as he completed his fort. Loki scrutinized the scientist, he looked excited for the coming snow battle.

“I want Bruce,” y/n interrupted. Loki gave her a deer-in-the-headlights stare. He hated to admit it, but he was still rather terrified of Bruce. Loki remembered the way his body had whipped around like a rag doll’s back in New York. As he recalled his pain, Loki winced and backed a few steps away from Bruce.

“Who said I was involving myself in this?” Bruce protested. Loki nearly sighed in relief, praise Odin, he thought.

“Loosen up a bit and have some fun for once Banner,” Tony replied. Curse you, Loki’s palms began to sweat.

“I could go green,” Bruce began, his voice tinged with hesitation. Loki could already feel a ball of anxiety forming in the pit of his stomach.

“And that’s why you’re on my side,” y/n barged in, “That way if you do go green the big guy can smash Tony and not me.”

“Wow, thanks, feeling the love over here.” Tony complained, faking a look of indignance.

Y/n just rolled her eyes and carefully explained the rules to both Loki and Thor. It was a basic game of war but no actual fighting or killing involved, Loki was more than a little disappointed by that. Y/n added two more rules to the list: no powers and no tech. Loki and Thor looked at each other and grinned, more than a little excited about their first snowball fight. Soon, the air was filled with a flurry of snowballs. Members of both teams ran in circles, ducking behind forts and laughing like children. They soon switched up the teams, putting Loki and Thor against the others and Tony’s suits of armor. Loki was enjoying his first snowball fight much more than he thought he would. Suddenly, a rather large snowball caught him square in the face. His skin stung from the force of the projectile coupled with the biting cold. Loki, surprised that anyone had even managed to hit him, looked up sharply. His eyes locked with y/n’s, who looked equally shocked. Tony and Bruce took a few steps toward her, ready to jump to her defense at a moment’s notice. The crisp air was silent and filled with an unreadable tension. Thor began to laugh, shattering the silence with his joy.

“You should’ve seen your face brother,” Thor guffawed loudly, “You’ve been bested by a mortal girl.”

“Oh I wouldn’t say bested,” Loki said slyly. “She’s in for it now.” He stalked forward like a cat hunting a mouse. Y/n met his gaze with a smile on her face. Tony took as step forward, moving between y/n and the approaching god.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Take a step back reindeer games.” Tony protested.

“Why are you scared?” Loki looked at y/n, the hurt evident on his face.

“Tony, move.” Y/n ordered, refusing to break her gaze with the Norse god. Tony looked at her in surprise, then shock.

“What?” he spluttered.

“I said move,” she said much more confidently this time, “he’s not going to hurt me.”

“You don’t know that,” Tony argued. Loki looked at him sharply, don’t interfere human.

“It’s a public place and there’s 3 of you and only one him. Even if he multiplied himself it would draw a lot of attention.” she reasoned, “Plus, I trust him.”

“Fine, it’s your funeral,” Tony conceded as he moved to the side, allowing Loki free passage. Loki prowled forward, his hands clasped behind his back. Y/n smiled at him sweetly, clearly unaware of what the trickster god was about to do. Quick as a flash, Loki darted forward, grabbed an armful of snow, shoveled it into her hood, and yanked it over her head.

“YOU ASS!” his victim shrieked as snow fell into her coat. Loki, nearly overpowered with a fit a giggles, darted away as y/n attempted to launch an armful of snow at him.

“I hate you so much right now,” she yelled through her giggles, “You better watch your back.” The organized teams dissolved into chaos, the air filled with flying snow. Much too soon, the snowball fight was over and the quintet headed back to the tower. Loki looked up at the sky, admiring the breathtaking shades of orange and crimson. It had been nice to let loose for once. 

Soon, the god found himself gathered around the coffee table with Thor and y/n, a mug of hot chocolate warming each pair of hands. They talked quietly, trying to warm themselves after their afternoon spent out in the cold. But after y/n discovered that neither of the gods had been sledding before, the two gods found themselves out in the cold again, at the top of a high hill. At the end of the hill was the small frozen pond, the water cloudy with small bubbles. Y/n explained the task of sledding to the two brothers: Get on top of the strange board, push yourself down the hill, and hold on. 

The trio spent many hours outside, running up and down the hill, laughing and hollering loudly. The sun began to disappear from the sky, its golden rays giving way to a black night. Loki climbed onto the sled for his last ride, y/n climbing on after him. She wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her cheek into his back. Loki pushed off and the pair raced down the hill. Something about this sled ride seemed different, they seemed to be going faster-much faster in fact- than they had gone before. Realizing what was going to happen, y/n gripped Loki’s waist tighter, dragging her feet in the snow. Loki attempted to do the same, trying to slow the sled, but it was too late. The sled skidded onto the ice, spinning in wild circles. Loki tried to grab y/n’s arms, but it was too late. The disoriented girl slipped through his fingers, spiraling across the ice. Loki was in a panic, he looked at y/n desperately, wanting badly to help her but knowing the ice couldn’t support their combined weight. Then he heard it, a terrible sound that made his heart stop cold; the crack of thin ice as y/n took a few tentative steps forward. It all seemed to happen in slow motion, like a terrible car wreck. The cracks beneath y/n’s feet began to spread as she shot him a panicked look. Thor was shouting on the shore of the lake, unable to help in time. The ice under her feet caved inward like a trap door, dropping her into the dark cold waters below. Loki stood frozen for half a second, watching in horror as y/n thrashed about in the water. He leapt forward and sank his hands into the frigid waters, grabbing y/n around the waist and pulling her out of the water. She flopped onto the ice, spluttering and coughing as she shivered. Y/n opened her eyes, blinking a few times as if to clear her eyes. She stared at him, confused and dazed.

“Loki-,” she gaped. He tried to read the expression in her eyes, could it be disgust? Loki looked down at his hands, they were cobalt blue. He groaned inwardly knowing his bright blue skin and red eyes were probably terrifying the poor girl. Y/n stumbled to her feet, her legs shaking. Loki grasped the sleeve of her coat, careful not to touch her skin as he helped her to shore. He delivered her into Thor’s waiting arms, his usually obnoxious brother quiet for once. Then the trickster was gone, having dissolved into thin air.


Loki materialized in the living room of the tower and stumbled over to the couch, collapsing on it in defeat. He stared at the high ceilings as he tried to hold back his anger and sadness. He had finally found someone he could be with, and after having wrestled with his feelings for so long, he had nothing to show for it. Loki replayed the afternoon in his mind, all the idle touches and glances shared between them had tricked him into thinking y/n had feelings for him. But at the lake… He sighed and squeezed his eyes shut. Her eyes had said it all. The deep look of disgust within them charged him as a monster. Inhuman. Unlovable.

Gods, why did I have to screw this up? Loki tortured himself in his thoughts. He sat for another half hour, his whirling mind filled with what if’s. The soft sounds of the elevator woke him from his stupor of self deprecation. The doors slid open and Thor stormed into the room, seething as he marched in.

“Would you care to explain to me WHAT all that was about?” Thor growled as he approached his brother. Loki turned his head and eyed his brother warily.

“What do you mean?” He groaned.

“What do I mean? Loki, you saved y/n’s life and then left her out in the cold! She could barely put a sentence together she was shivering so hard.” Thor shouted. “What happened to being madly in love with her?” Loki stared at the ceiling, his eyes vacant and empty.

“Did you see the way she looked at me?” He murmured, clearly ignoring his brother. “She looked at me like I was a monster.” Thor looked at him in disbelief.

“That’s what you’re upset about! Are you crazy?” Thor shouted. “She nearly drowned, I’m sure she was more scared for her life than she was of you.”

“Don’t call me crazy,” Loki replied, his voice rising, “you didn’t see the look in her eyes.”

“Stop being so melodramatic,” Thor mocked, “trust me you’re not that important to her.”

Loki sat up abruptly, his jaw tightening.

“Get. Out.” He hissed through his teeth. “Now.”

“You can’t keep running from your problems,” Thor said patronizingly with a raised eyebrow.

“I don’t need you to lord over me Thor,” Loki shot back.

“Maybe if you could control your temper, we could solve your little problem, and I wouldn’t need to babysit you.” Thor mocked, his voice full of false sweetness.

“Don’t talk down to me,” Loki growled, “I don’t need your help or your pity.”

“This is exactly what I’m talking about,” Thor exclaimed. “You’re not acting like you anymore. Just listen to yourself, you sound like a child!” Loki opened his mouth as if to protest, only to shut it abruptly. He seemed to deflate suddenly.

“You’re right,” the trickster conceded quietly, defeated at his brother’s words. If Thor is right twice in one day then something must be wrong, Loki thought.

“I don’t know if I deserve her,” Loki admitted suddenly. Thor gave him a long look.

“I don’t understand, are you trying to find a reason to leave y/n?” Thor said. Loki fidgeted with the edge of his coat, realizing he hadn’t taken it off.

“Every time I try to take a step forward, it’s like there’s something dragging me back.” Loki began. Then he frowned. “Sigyn. She’s not dragging me back, but as long as she lives on in my memory I can’t bring myself to move forward.”

“I think she would want you to be happy.” Thor replied quietly.

“I know that and I thought I had finally let go, still I can’t help but wonder if it’s an insult to her memory to forget her.” Loki confided.

“I-I don’t know,” for once in his life Thor sounded uncertain.

“Sometimes I wish she hadn’t sacrificed herself for me,” Loki said absentmindedly. He curled up into a ball on the sofa, slipping back into his dark thoughts. “It’s not fair that she can’t be here right now,” his voice faded to a whisper, “It’s just not fair.”


A/N: As always, thanks to G for editing and for providing the story line. Thanks to you guys for reading, if you liked this fic you might also want to check out:

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You are all I see.

In the gentle puffing clouds sweeping over our sky, I see your soft hands as if waving from afar
In the grassy hills that rise and fall, i see all the immaculate curves that define your shape
In the weeping sway of the willow I see your perfect hair as blown in summer’s breeze
In the earth i see the hard earned wisdom of your deep brown eyes
In the lakes and streams I see the purity of your soul
In the light of day I see your magnificence.
In the dark of night I feel your sadness.
In the mirror I see your lover
and wonder, how could she choose me?

~From E. E. Rosendottir to you (@emmotive)

Jumin Han x Artist! Reader (part 9)

Over the barking of dogs and the occasional talking of volunteers, you hear someone shout your name.

Shielding your eyes from the sun, you turn toward the source. It’s none other than Yoosung, and his head of blonde curls seem particularly excited to see you. “Hi Dr. Kim,” you greet as he approaches. He pants between words, winded from his sprint. “I…got…the job!”

You congratulate him with a smile. “That’s great! When do you start?” you ask as he bends over resting his hands on his knees. “Next Monday,” Yoosung says finally catching his breath. You’re shocked to hear that his start date is so soon. “But, Dr. Kim, today’s Friday!”

Yoosung nods, standing upright once more. “I know, isn’t it great? I’m supposed to come in tomorrow for the official tour and stuff.” He grins, catlike and toothy. “I wanted to invite you to come celebrate with me and couple of friends tonight.” You think about it for a moment, looking back at the mural stuff you just finished up.

“Sure,” you agree. “Is it going to be a dinner?” Yoosung nods. “I’m sure you know other RFA members from the party, don’t you? MC is planning the event, so I’m not sure where it’s going to be, but she always does a great job.” Yoosung rambles on for a bit before letting you know he’ll have MC to add you to the guest list.

He becomes a little more serious as he asks for an update on your nose. “You’re still okay, right?” You nod and assure him everything’s fine. “I didn’t think you’d still be worried over that. I mean your new job is pretty important,” you say with a slight laugh. Yoosung laughs too, but it fades rather quickly. “Well, I know you’re okay, but Jumin was really worried about you a couple nights ago.”

For some reason, it’s hard for you to picture Yoosung and Jumin together. “He didn’t, like, show up to your house or anything, did he?” you ask with concern. Yoosung breaks into a smile, scrunching up his face because the thought amuses him. “Jumin? Visiting me? He only does that when I get talked into taking care of his cat.” Laughing softly, he comforts you.

“Don’t look so worried! The RFA uses a chatroom to send messages.” You’re relieved to hear that, a sigh escaping into the chilly morning air. ”I didn’t know you and Jumin were so close! When did you guys start hanging out?” You feel a bit shy knowing people are beginning to notice you. “Oh, um, a little after the party. I painted Elizabeth 3rd for him.”

Yoosung’s eyes grow wide. “You mean the new painting in his office is from you? He wouldn’t stop bragging about it after he had it put up!” After a pause he adds, “I’m sure it looks great, but the pictures Jumin sent were too blurry…” You smile at Yoosung’s little shrug. “Anyway, I’m glad you’re coming tonight. I actually have to go pick up my outfit from the dry cleaners, so I guess I’ll see you later.”

You’re a bit confused. “Is the event going to be formal?” Yoosung shrugs with an apologetic smile. “I don’t know, but Jumin, V, and Zen are coming, so I’m sure MC will plan something nice. I’d play it safe and dress up.” You nod, already thinking of possible outfit ideas. “Okay. Thank you for the invite, Dr. Kim.” He smiles warmly, and wishes you a good day.

Once he’s out of sight, you’re left to put the finishing touches on the mural and clean up. You’re just about done putting everything back into storage when your manager comes bounding down the sidewalk. Her hands are full with an enormous basket wrapped in colorful plastic. “___!” she shouts. “Oh my goodness, thank god you’re still here.”

She’s pink and huffing from running. “I need someone to deliver this. Could you do it? I’m sorry it’s so sudden, but I have a family emergency and it’s too late to cancel the appointment I made with that company director.” Her eyes are teary and worried. Flustered, you take the basket and promise to handle the situation.

“Thank you,” she sighs wiping her eyes. “I’m sorry I have to ask this of you, but the assistant manager has to stay here while I’m gone.” You give her a soft smile, the basket crinkling as you readjust your hold. “I’m fine, just do what you have to.” She thanks you again, giving a shuddering sigh as she leaves.

You watch her go, feeling sorry and hoping everything will work out. Looking into the basket, you find that it’s filled with various goodies, including a stuffed dog wearing a shirt with the shelter’s logo. Is this all for the person you’re thinking of? To confirm your suspicion, you read the attached card and find Jumin’s name handwritten by the manager.

She did mention a thankfulness for the cat food donation, but you wonder why she waited so long to send this. As you’re walking down to your car, buckling yourself in, and turning off onto the highway, it dawns on you that she probably wanted to thank him in person. Considering how much work Jumin has, it’s really a miracle that she found a way to schedule a meeting with him.

You wonder what it was she planned to say, but figure the gift will be enough. If not, well, at least Jumin will be surprised to see you again.


Today, when you step into C&R’s building, you don’t feel as lost. It’s easy to navigate your way through the receptionist and security, who both remember you from yesterday, and find Jumin’s office. He’s pleasantly surprised to see you.

“I thought the manager was coming in,” he says offering you a seat. You nod and place the basket on the desk. “She was, but something came up. I hope you’re not disappointed to see me, Jumin.” He smiles at your playfulness and begins to unwrap the gift. “Of course not.”

He peels the plastic away to reveal a variety of teas, coffees, and chocolates. The only other thing in there is the stuffed puppy, which he hands off to you. “What’s this?” Jumin mumbles rummaging toward the bottom. With a few calculated tugs, so nothing will fall out, he pulls out a green T-shirt.

You have one just like it, so you already know it’s one of the volunteer shirts the shelter issues. Unfolding it and holding it to his body, Jumin looks down at the logo. “I like the design,” he says simply. Turning it over, he finds his name in the list of donors before folding it up again.

Jumin puts everything back into the basket before placing it behind the desk. “That reminds me,” he says leaning foward in his chair. “Yoosung told me he invited you to the dinner he’s having.” You nod and smile when you remember how excited he was. “Yeah! It’s great that he got the job, but what about it?”

Lacing his fingers together Jumin inhales a breath. “Well, seeing as we’re both going to the same place, I was wondering if you’d like me to pick you up.” Smiling at the offer, you ask, “As your date?” Jumin hesitates. “Well, yes, but it won’t be much of a date with all the others there.” You can’t help but giggle at his technical way of thinking. “I guess so, but yes. What time should I be ready?”

Thinking about it for a moment, Jumin realizes he doesn’t know. “MC hasn’t released the time we’re supposed to meet yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as I can.” You nod, feeling happy, but the conversation dies. Not in a bad way. You’re simply more aware of how the mood being alone with Jumin creates.

His eyes find yours, staring intensely for a moment before you crack a smile at how silly this feels. Jumin leans back in his chair and smirks, letting his eyes drink you up. “Come here,” he says. You laugh and ask, “Why? You’re not going to eat me, are you? You look like a starving dog.”

You get up anyway and walk around the desk to stand beside his chair. Jumin smiles as he takes your hand and asks, “Isn’t it your job to take care of hungry animals?” He tugs you down into his lap sideways, so you lean against him to wrap your arms over his shoulders. You feel his arms snake around your waist and his hands rest on your hip.

“Only if they’re nice,” you say softly. Jumin sighs feeling your warmth so near. “I’m always nice.” Laughing slightly, you wonder if he’s thinking of kissing you. “Jumin,” you whisper bringing your lips to his neck. He holds you tighter. “I might not be so nice if you keep that up,” he says lowly.

Laughing out of embarrassment and your fast pulse, you decide not to test the boundaries of his warning. Instead, you rest your head on his shoulder and soak in the feeling of his closeness. 

It’s amazing to Jumin just how much of a danger you are to his self-control, but he allows his racing heart to be calmed by your presence. He rests his head on yours with a sigh, feeling more content than he has in days. Just this, he thinks, is enough.


You walk down the street puffing little clouds of air as you adjust the grip on your shopping bag. All around you, shops are decked out in holiday decor, the intercoms jingling merry tunes of wintery delight. It’s all very beautiful, especially the displays with stringed lights, but you can’t help but think it would be even prettier underneath a layer of snow.

Jumin, after asking about your plans for the day, had insisted on giving you a little spending money after you mentioned going gift shopping for Yoosung. Of course, you’re not sure the amount he gave can be considered ‘a little’ but you’re glad you can afford to buy something nice. After browsing some of the shops, you’ve settled on a rice cooker that claims to be the fastest of the latest models.

It may not be the most creative gift, but considering you don’t know much about Yoosung other than that he cooks, it’s certainly a good fit. Feeling rather proud of your find, you approach a stand of women wrapping gifts and pay their fee. You avoid the wrapping paper covered in reindeer and candy canes, telling them you’d like something more classy. When the gift is returned, it’s neatly packaged in a dark, matte paper.

You thank them as they wish you a good holiday season, but find yourself with extra time to kill. Wandering down the line of shops, you eye the sales and wonder if you should also buy gifts for your other friends and family. Maybe Jumin thought about that when he gave you so much money?

The time passes smoothly as you pick out things for some other people. A necklace for your mother, a pot and pan set for your father, a cashmere sweater for your manager, a bath bomb assortment for Jaehee, a basket of facial masks for Zen, and a corkscrew set shaped like cats for Jumin. 

There are others you think about too, like Driver Kim, Auntie, and your volunteer buddies, but you figure it’s time to stop after you have to ask a store employee to help you take everything back to your car. Just about then, as you’ve settled into the driver’s seat to go home, you get a text from Jumin saying he’ll be over within the hour.

MC also calls to give you the official invitation. “I’m sorry it took so long to get back to you!” she apologizes sweetly. “It’s always hard to find a secluded place where Zen won’t be recognized.” You laugh and tell her you understand. She goes on to give you the location and time before hanging up. Apparently it’s some sort of sushi and bar place in the heart of town. Five stars, as expected.

Once you get home, and all the gifts have been taken in, you focus on getting ready. Keeping Yoosung’s earlier suggestion in mind, you decide to keep it dressy. You have a difficult time deciding between a pantsuit and the dress Auntie picked for you, but abandon both when you remember you own a black dress that seems more fitting for the occasion.

Shoes and makeup later, Jumin arrives to help put on your coat and get you into the car. You nearly forget Yoosung’s gift, but once you have it, you relax and let Driver Kim’s turns sway you into peace. Jumin thinks it’s cute when you lean into him, and adores it when you talk about everything you did this afternoon.

He’s curious about the gift you picked out for him, but you insist that it’s a secret. “Well, I suppose it’s only fair that I get you something as well.” You pout and say, “What? You mean you haven’t picked anything out for me?” He apologizes, genuinely concerned by your disappointment. “Is that bad? I want you to know that I’ve been thinking about it, but I don’t want to send you anything plain like…a car.”

If Jumin thinks a car is a plain gift, then you’ll definitely have to come up with something more than a corkscrew.

Once you arrive at the sushi place, you’re seated in the back of the buzzing building where a wide circular table seats the rest of the guests. Of course you see Yoosung, Jaehee, Zen, V, and MC, but there are two others you vaguely remember from the party. They’re redheaded and almost identical looking.

“Hey ___!” Yoosung shouts once he sees you. He beckons you over to sit beside him, and next to the redhead with glasses, while Jumin sits beside V. You hand over Yoosung’s gift and watch as he hurriedly opens it. “Ah! How did you know what I wanted?” he exclaims once he can see what it is. “I’ve been seeing this everywhere! Thank you, ___.”

Yoosung goes in for a hug, but hesitates when he considers how long he’s personally known you. “I’m glad you like it, Dr. Kim,” you say meeting him halfway. There’s a bit of a hooting applause from the table when they hear you address Yoosung using his title.

“Woah! Yoosung’s officially a doctor! Maybe I should start calling him that too?” The redhead nudges you and winks. “I’m Saeyoung, by the way, official friend of Dr. Kim and member of the RFA.” He extends his hand for you to shake then introduces the person sitting beside him. “This is Saeran, my brother. Yes, we’re twins, yes I can read his mind.”

Saeran nods only once to acknowledge you, his eyes averting themselves as he sips his drink. “He’s kind of shy,” Saeyoung teases with a grin. His brother throws a dirty look as he wipes his mouth with his sleeve. “Don’t spread lies, you punk. I’m not in the mood for it.” You’re surprised that instead of apologizing or backing down, Saeyoung loops his arm around his brother’s shoulder and laughs. “I love you too.”

Sensing your slight discomfort, Yoosung leans over and apologizes. “Ah, I should’ve warned you about them. They’re always like that, so don’t mind it too much.” You nod and take the tiny plate he offers you filled with various sushi. “Try this one! MC told me it’s sweet!”

You’re amazed to see all RFA members present and casually enjoying themselves. Honestly, it’s nice to know that they’ve all welcomed you into their circle.

Yoosung is chipper throughout the night, even after Zen challenges him to a round of shots and loses. Jaehee isn’t wearing her glasses and looks pretty relaxed talking to MC between bites of sushi. The twins keep everyone laughing with their antics, Saeyoung blooming under the attention, but always considerate of his brother. V and Jumin speak in low voices, joking back and forth about work, which you find rather cute.

When the conversations finally morph together, you become the center of attention. “Jumin talks a lot about you,” MC says with a smile. “Heh yeah,” Saeyoung pipes up. “It’s so weird seeing you in person because he makes you sound like a total angel! I thought you’d show up with the wings and everything, but he didn’t lie when he said you were cute.”

Another wink is shot your way, before his brother nudges him with an elbow. “Hey, don’t. You’re such a shameless flirt.” Saeran shrugs, turning his attention to you. “What he means is, you’re pretty ordinary for someone like Jumin.” You let out a nervous laugh. “Am I? I mean, we haven’t really started dating yet so…” Jumin starts to come to your defense, but is easily drowned out by Zen.

“You’re both terrible for saying that to a lady! Gosh and you wonder why everyone thinks you’re so weird…” He smiles glamorously at you, which you’re sure makes Jaehee swoon. “Don’t mind them, Jumin has a good eye if he picked someone like you.” 

You thank him for the compliment, but notice that Jumin is looking rather annoyed. “Don’t act like I don’t have good taste, and keep you eyes to yourself Zen,” he warns. Sputtering in embarrassment, Zen blushes profusely. “You were staring too!” Jumin only smirks. “So you admit to it? How unlike the gentleman you claim to be.”

V breaks up the two as Zen begins to lash back. “Hey, hey, don’t antagonize each other. Tonight is to celebrate Yoosung.” MC and Jaehee nod in agreement. “It isn’t everyday that we can be together,” MC says softly. You notice a certain air about her words that sedates the group back into their usual chatter. She must be well respected.

Yoosung thanks everyone for being with him, even shedding a few tears because of the alcohol. “If only Rika were here! I’m sure she’d be proud of me!” The mention of that name makes the whole table grow quiet. Zen awkwardly pats Yoosung to comfort him while MC clutches V’s hand.

You clear your throat and ask MC about her wedding ring, which gleams under the low light. “It looks quite old,” you remark. MC lights up at the mention of it. “Oh this? It’s an heirloom from my husband’s family.” She blushes and looks up at V, who leans in to peck her lips. “You’re married…to V?”

They lean against each other like it’s the most natural thing in the world. “Yes, we’ve been together for almost a year now,” V smiles. MC gushes about how fond she is of their wedding photos while Zen jokes that Jumin will become an uncle soon. Jaehee asks when they’re planning on having kids which, it seems, they’ve talked about quite a bit.

“Oh, maybe in the new year,” MC ponders aloud. “But who knows? I’m happy with the way things are now.” That cues a wave more questions related to family and relationships. Of course, they ask you about Jumin, but also about your own family and a little about where you grew up.

At the end of the night, everyone except Zen, Saeyoung, and Saeran are a bit tipsy. Yoosung is plain drunk, leaning over on Zen and telling him he has to get home to do the laundry. When he stumbles over to you, throwing his arms around you in a hug, you’re overwhelmed by the smell of beer. Zen apologizes and tries to help Jumin pry Yoosung away, but you stop them both when you hear him begin mumbling.

“___! Thanks, okay? You need to make Jumin really happy! Happier than ever, you can’t leave him behind like MC!” Yoosung’s muttering has escalated to a sob, his body shaking with each intake of breath. Wrapping your arms around him, you look over to Jumin and Zen for an explanation.

Zen smiles worriedly and forces Yoosung away from you. “Come on, Yoosung,” he laughs dryly. “Let’s get you home.” They walk away toward the end of the street, Zen doing most of the actual walking while Yoosung lags behind. You turn around and find that you and Jumin are the only ones still standing in front of the restaurant.

Jumin remains quiet. Even when he takes your hand, leads you to the car, and sits beside you, he’s quiet. You don’t bother to object when he instructs Driver Kim to go straight to the penthouse, drags you into his bedroom, and asks you to stay the night.

After you both quickly change out of your evening clothes, Jumin giving you a random shirt to wear, you lie down beside him in bed. Different circumstances would have made you feel flustered, but there’s a solemnness in Jumin’s eyes that lets you know his thoughts are elsewhere. He doesn’t touch you at all, so you make no moves with the intent to get closer.

It isn’t until you’re falling asleep that you finally hear him speak to you, and even then Jumin’s voice is so soft you wonder if it’s a dream.

“Do you feel like I’ve been lying to you?” 

The question is much too deep for your befuddled, sleepy mind. “No? What’s the matter, Jumin?” He sighs and rolls over toward you. “There’s still so much I need to share with you. Tonight, what Yoosung said, doesn’t it bother you?” You  reach up to touch his face, his clear, sad expression momentarily comforted.

“You mean about MC?” Jumin nods, blinking as he looks away. “I…don’t know,” you admit. “She seems like a nice person, but even if you were together before, she’s married now.” You don’t quite understand his concern over it. “Is there something else to it, Jumin? Do you feel like you’re lying to me?”

He pulls away to sit up. “When I think about the romantic relationships I’ve had, I think I’ve always been distant toward my partners.” His gaze wanders over to the window. “I think there are two women responsible for that.”

Jumin sighs. “The first was Rika, then MC. I think that, with both of them, I realized things about myself, and that’s why it’s been difficult.” You grow weary hearing the names. Isn’t Rika the RFA founder? And MC…

“Please understand that none of this is meant to hurt you,” Jumin says turning to look at you. “Will you listen to me? Just this once? I want to be honest with you…” Seeing his sincere expression, you sit up and nod.

He begins slowly, choosing his words carefully. “With Rika, I felt she had this way of looking through me. She made me feel like I could accept even the bad parts of myself.” He pauses, fiddling with the edge of the blanket. “It wasn’t a romantic feeling, but I haven’t forgotten it. I think…I let myself believe she understood me.”

You wait for him to continue, taking no judgement. “MC came along shortly after Rika passed away,” Jumin says. “I felt sad for awhile, but Rika was cold underneath her outward kindness. MC was nothing like that. I think you know what I mean when I say that she’s a genuinely warm person.” A tiny nod is all you give in response.

“I was having difficulty with my father, who wanted to marry a greedy woman, and, around the same time, Elizabeth 3rd went missing,” he sighs. “I remember feeling very…anxious about everything.” Your expression becomes soft after hearing that. Those are the two things Jumin cares about most, Elizabeth and his father.

“MC came to visit me in my home, to comfort me, but she was so kind and understanding that I…didn’t let her leave.”

He runs a hand through his hair, visibly uncomfortable having admitted to that. “I understand now that what I did was wrong, but at the time I wasn’t thinking. I only wanted her support, but getting it by keeping her in one place was poor judgement on my part.”

Jumin seems hesitant to continue, but it’s mostly because you haven’t said anything. “Eventually, V had to show up and convince me that I could face my challenges without having MC directly by my side. After that…I don’t know why, but MC continued to support me. She found a doctor who dealt with these kinds of things and came with me to the appointments.”

Your head is void of thought. “V attended many of them as well, which I’m grateful for. I think…those meetings helped organize my feelings for the things surrounding me.”

There’s a silence in the air, only broken by the busy streets of cars below. A soft mewl comes from the door as Elizabeth 3rd opens it. In your hands, the blanket feels too airy, the bed just a touch too soft for the heaviness of Jumin’s worries. At least now, with Elizabeth in his arms and his thoughts finally reaching you, he seems more tranquil.

“Do you feel differently about me?” Jumin asks. You sigh. “Well, yes, but I don’t think they’re bad feelings.” You crawl across the bed and sit beside him, taking his hand in both of yours. “I’m glad you told me,” you say simply. “There are people who hide things like this in a relationship, but you’re not like that.”

Nodding, Jumin squeezes your hand. “I want you to know that I’m trying to be the best version of myself. With you, I feel like that’s possible.” He looks into your eyes, hoping you’ll see how much he’d like for you to stay beside him.

Something unspoken passes between the two of you. Jumin releases Elizabeth and takes you into his arms. You hug him back equally as tight, falling with him onto the bed with a sigh.

The rest of the night is calm.


Part 10

Pietro Maximoff Short One Shot

Request: Imagine meeting drunk Pietro under your balcony quoting Romeo and Juliet.

Author’s Note: I’m going to being doing a lot of festive themed one shots like this throughout December so please send requests!

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!”

You shot up from your bed.

“Wait, that is not Romeo and Juliet,”

You blinked a few times, hearing the loud and oddly familiar voice coming from out on the street. Confused, tired and cold, you pulled your blankets with you out of bed, wrapping them tightly around your body after getting on your slippers and bravely walking out to your balcony to see the source of the noise.

“But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east and Juliet is the sun!”

“Oh my god,” you said quietly to yourself as you peered over the balcony to see Pietro Maximoff standing on the street below your apartment’s balcony. He swayed slightly as he gave you a large grin and it became obvious to you that he was drunk.

“Pietro, what are you doing?” you called down, knowing a few of your neighbours would most likely complain to you another time about the noise.

“She speaks. O, speak again, bright angel, for thou art. As glorious to this night, being o'er my head, As is a winged messenger of heaven,” his thick Sokovian accent echoed throughout the street and you noticed the lack of warm clothing that Pietro was wearing.

“Are you reciting Romeo and Juliet? Pietro – Jesus, I’ll buzz you in,” you shuffled back into your apartment but not before hearing.

“Unto the white-upturned wondering eyes - Of mortals that fall back to gaze on him -When he bestrides the lazy-puffing clouds and sails upon the bosom of the air.”

It took nearly 10 minutes for Pietro to finally get to your door, stumbling into the apartment and his body was shaking from the cold but there was a large grin on his face.

“My Juliet,” he said cheerfully, watching in a daze as you wrapped your blankets around him, knowing that he’d need them than you.

“I texted your sister, Romeo,” you snickered, helping him to your sofa, “now why are you going out and getting drunk, on your own, Christmas Eve?”

“With love’s light wings did I o'erperch these walls, For stony limits cannot hold love out,” Pietro murmured to himself and you shook your head.

“As impressive as your memorising is, can you tell me in English?”

“I wanted to spend Christmas with you,” he pulled the blankets over his head, “but I forgot to ask. Forgot to tell.”

“Forgot to ask me if you could spend Christmas with me?” you queried, walking over to your phone that buzzed with a reply from Wanda asking if she could come get him in a few hours and when it’s not 2 in the morning. You smiled at the text, beginning to type back a response when you heard a very soft response coming from your sofa.

“I forgot to tell you I loved you and want to spend every Christmas with you.”

You stopped what you were doing. Gently putting your phone down, you walked over to the edge of the sofa where he was resting his head on one of the pillows, already having dozed off to sleep with a small child-like smile on his face. Bending down, you pulled the blankets up to his chin and gave a gentle kiss on his forehead, smiling as you looked down at the sleeping figure.

“I love you too,” you said, turning off the lights at the wall, “merry Christmas, my Romeo.”

A Christmas Miracle

Originally posted by optimus-grimes

Twelve Days of Fanfic: Day One

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request: “ Surprising Petey with some electronic that he really wanted that he couldn’t afford (or find in the dumpster) for Christmas and cute holiday cuddles by the tree?”

Warnings: None

A/N: I made the electronic device a Turing machine, I hope you don’t mind! I love Alan Turing’s work so much. He was an amazing man and did some awesome stuff like invent the premise for modern day computers… (I said earlier he had broken the Enigma- but I’ve learned it was actually the Polish who did it! Their names were Marian Rejewski, Jerzy Rozycki and Henryk Zygalski, and they deserve the credit! Sorry about that)

A little bit of info for those that don’t know: A Turing machine is a machine that basically changes and manipulates symbols on a roll of tape, or paper, according to some set rules. There’s no specific type of machine. They’re pretty cool, though! 

Also, the little easter egg at the end of this fic… hehe… just a little headcanon of mine lol

Your breath puffed out in a cloud before you, the crisp, winter New York air stinging your lungs with every breath. You clutched a green paper-wrapped box in your hands, your gloved fingers holding onto it tightly. The corners bit into the palm of your hand, the paper of the package crinkling softly.

You ran a thumb over the box, feeling excitement rise in your chest. It was the night before Christmas, and you had managed to get something that Peter had been looking for for months. You had found it in a box at the back of the thrift store down the street from your own apartment, resting on top of a mound of random CDs and books like it had been waiting just for you.

As you approached Peter’s apartment building, a couple stray flakes of snow fluttered through the air. One caught you on the tip of the nose, the small flake melting into a tiny drop of water. You jogged the last few steps through the front door, relaxing gratefully when you met the heated air inside. You began the journey up the long flight of stairs to his apartment, making sure to keep the box steady in front of you.

You finally made it to his apartment, managing to knock rapidly with one hand. May answered the door, smiling widely when she saw you.

“Y/N! Come on in,” she said, standing back to allow you to step in. You fit the box past her, setting it down on the kitchen counter with a huff of relief.

“That’s a pretty big box,” May commented, shutting the door and striding into the kitchen.

You nodded. “It’s for Peter.”

At the sound of his name, your boyfriend appeared in the kitchen, his usual earbuds tucked in his ears. He grinned when he saw you, pulling the ear buds out and pulling you into a big hug.

“Hey!” He said, tucking his face into your shoulder.

“Hey, Peter,” you smiled. Peter pulled away, noticing the green box on the counter.

“What’s that?” he asked, raising his eyebrows questioningly.

“I guess you’ll have to see in a moment,” you said teasingly, picking up the box and carrying into his living room. The room was mainly lit by a christmas tree, the red and white lights illuminating the room in a soft mixed glow. You plopped down on the couch, the box on the coffee table in front of you. Peter sat next to you, reaching for the present hesitantly.

“May I open it?” he asked, his hands hovering just above the wrapping paper.

You nodded, pulling your hat and gloves off meanwhile. Peter dug his fingers under the edge of the taped paper, pulling it off carefully. You scooted to the edge of the couch, watching eagerly for Peter’s reaction when he saw what was inside.

He pulled the green paper off to reveal a plain brown box, the flaps folded to keep them down. He pulled them apart, his eyes widening when he saw the contents.

“No way,” he breathed, giving you a surprised look. His mouth hung open, his eyes bright. You just urged him onward. He reached into the box, pulling out the contraption.

“A Turing machine,” he whispered reverently, holding it out in front of him. The base was a little scuffed and the tape was old and yellowed, but to you and him it looked like the most beautiful thing ever.

“I’ve been looking for one of these. They’re normally so hard to find,” Peter said. He ran a careful finger down the edge and the roll of tape. “Where did you get it?”

You shrugged. “I found it at the thrift store. I wasn’t expecting to find it, but there it was.”

“It’s amazing, thank you,” Peter said, setting it down carefully. He put an arm around your shoulders, pulling you into his warm side. You burrowed into him, sighing contentedly. The warm light from the tree lit up Peter’s face, the star at the very top shining brightly.

“I still can’t believe you found a Turing machine,” Peter said, still grinning widely.

“It’s a Christmas miracle, I guess,” you answered, pressing a small kiss to his flushed cheek. But what the two of you hadn’t noticed were the tiny, carved initials at the very bottom.

T. Stark -1985