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MAMA BLUE LION PART 4! PART 4! Pretty please? Love you 💜💜

The long awaited part four, my dears! :3
Blue, in all honesty, felt sick. The sludgy ocean wasn’t just water, it was poison. Oil, thick and choking, and she hated how it felt against her metal skin, her human body cringing at the cold slick pressing into her metal shell’s joints and choking her movements. Lance was asleep in the chair while she rummaged around for a blanket to cover him, since she was planning to turn off most of the heating in order to speed up the healing process to her damaged rockets.
She knew her sisters were close, but she didn’t know if they’d be able to dig her and her precious Paladin out of the icy sludge. The best she could do was at least swim up to the surface to make it easier for retrieval… but her leg had damaged the internal wiring and panels; if she so much as activated it, the sparks from the exposed wires could turn this oily planet into a ball of fire.
Being the Guardian of Water, there was no way she’d survive for long inside a fire planet, that was Red’s thing. She and Lance would burn to death, which was something she wanted to avoid.
She was broken out of her thoughts when her fingers brushed against something soft and slightly dusty. Aha! Perfect. She pulled the fluffy cerulean fabric from the survival cupboard, and hurried back over to Lance. Draping it over his body, she tucked him in securely before settling down on the floor, leaning against the pilot seat and shutting her eyes to concentrate on healing her Lion form and shutting down most of the heating, redirecting as much energy to healing as she dared.
She exhaled a breath of white, misty air not even thirty ticks later, the cabin having become significantly colder. Lance whined quietly in his sleep and curled into the blanket further, soft white clouds puffing up from his mouth and fading away. At this point, she was worried even more so than earlier. His breathing was shaky and a bit shallow. He’d lost too much blood. Black, big sister, please hurry. We cannot last much longer. She pressed her thoughts to her sibling almost desperately, she didn’t want to lose another child so soon, especially one so young.
She was attuned to the cold, but her Paladin had lived in a place of warmth and sunshine his whole life. He’d never even seen snow before. Ice, yes, but never a real heavy snowfall. Never a real winter. He wasn’t built to survive the cold like she was. She opened her eyes to the sound and feeling of someone entering the ocean of oil, and the comms crackled to life. Keith and Pidge appeared onscreen, Shiro’s face in the middle.
“Lance! We’re on our way in to get you. Blue, can you direct us towards your position?” Pidge asked, startling the Blue Paladin awake. “Wha’ huh?!?” He slurred, scrambling to sit up properly, Blue standing up next to him.
“Yes, I can direct you. Just follow the main current and break off when I say so. Careful, it’s colder than you would be used to on Earth. In fact, keep Red away from it Keith. Fire and oil is never a good combination, and I’d prefer not to be roasted alive.” Blue explained, Lance shuddering next to her. “I agree, dude. I think I like my skin not crispy, thanks. I’ve gotten burned once, never again. That shit hurts like a bitch!” Lance yelped, horror clearly reflected on his face at the memory.
Pidge actually snorted a short laugh. Shiro smiled slightly. “All right, we’re diving in now. No rockets.” He informed, Pidge nodding. “I’ll keep an eye out for any hostiles.” Keith called, before shutting off his comm link. “Found the main current! Woah!” Pidge yelped as her screen shuddered violently, Shiro following soon after. “Damn, this is stronger than I thought.” Shiro grunted, Lance leaning slightly closer to the screen in concern. Blue had closed her eyes to focus on the bodies on the current, humming lightly.
Her eyes snapped open. “Pull left and out now.” She commanded, the Green and Black Paladins gunning their Lion’s legs to swim faster in order to escape the rough current. “I think I see them!” Pidge barked, and Blue’s metal form shuddered not soon after.
Shiro grinned at Lance. “We got you now, guys. Hang on, we’ll pull you free soon.” Lance relaxed with a small smile, Blue purring happily next to him.
“Thank you, Shiro, Pidge.” He mumbled, before suddenly going limp.
Red liquid stained the ends of the blanket, the blotch of dark maroon slowly getting larger as Shiro frantically yelled for Lance to wake up.
*cackles in the dark safety of my room under a pile of blankets*
Suffer and wait for part 5, my dears ;3
(And yes I headcanon that Lance hasn’t seen a heavy snowfall before, shush.)

Edit: no more waiting, here’s a list of even more parts! https://tokyoteddywolf.tumblr.com/post/160169071603/mama-blue-au-masterlist
alec decides to propose on christmas day

prompted by the lovely @imthewarmpenguininthemiddle !! sorry it’s so late, but i really wanted to plan this one out properly. i’ve always wanted to write a proposal scene so i hope you enjoy! let me know what you think <3

also, this is seemingly after shadowhunter/downworlder marriage is legalised.

Christmas was a fairly new tradition amongst the group. Even Simon had only started to celebrate it due to Clary’s enthusiasm, which she made sure to thrust onto everyone else. Luckily for Magnus, the holidays entailed glittery decorations which he didn’t mind too much. Alec, Izzy, and Jace were still trying to get their heads around the ridiculous Mundane tradition.

It was only a couple of hours left until Christmas was over and the group had gathered at Magnus’ beautifully adorned apartment to exchange gifts. Magnus had stepped outside onto the balcony to feed Chairman Meow the leftovers when Isabelle turned to Alec with a level of excitement that he had never seen before. She began whispering something to him in a hushed tone and the others turned to them in confusion.

“What’s wrong?” asked Jace, concern laced through his features.

“He’s gonna propose,” Isabelle stated hastily. “Now, go!”

“What?” exclaimed Clary, moving to the edge of the sofa. “Oh my God, oh my God.”

“Called it!” cheered Simon with a clap. “You owe me fifty bucks,” he said, turning to Jace who had a scowl on his face.

“Alec, what the hell?” he asked in a sad tone. “I thought you would’ve told me!” Alec swallowed nervously. He had meant to tell Jace. But he thought he would have more time.

The bickering immediately ceased when everyone realised just how nervous Alec was. He was swirling the drink in his glass, staring at Magnus through the glass doors, and chewing at his lip.

Izzy placed a comforting hand on Alec’s shoulder. “Hey,” she said in a soft voice. “Stop over thinking it. Just ask him.” Alec scoffed. She made it seem like the easiest thing in the world. He knew they’d all be watching through the glass and it only made him even more anxious.

“Don’t over think it?” he asked, incredulously. “If there’s one think to ever over think in my life, this is it. What if he says no?”

“Are you serious?” questioned Simon, a hint of surprise in his voice. “You hated Clary and me, but he still fell in love with you. He won’t say no to you,” he said in a sincere tone. It was true. Magnus had grown to love both Clary and Simon like his own, yet he still put up with Alec’s jadedness.

Alec took a deep breath. “Still kinda hate you,” he murmured, pointedly, to which Simon cracked a smile. Alec looked down at his still half full glass of wine and figured he could use a confidence boost. Impulsively, Alec quickly downed the glass and stood up, wiping his sweaty palms on his pants. He pulled at the collar of his shirt. He was getting way too anxious. He sighed, placing the glass down. “I should not have done that. Oh, by the Angel, I really should not have done that,” he muttered while pinching the bridge of his nose.

Izzy stood up. “Alec, you have about 30 seconds before he comes back in and you lose your chance,” she said, giving him a shove towards the balcony doors.

Almost tripping over his own feet, Alec stumbled over to the threshold of the balcony and collided with Magnus. He could already hear everyone inside grimacing at him. “Hey, um… Can I talk to you outside for a sec?” he asked.

Magnus sensed the nervousness in his demeanour and frowned. “Yeah, sure.” They walked out towards the edge of the balcony and stood side by side, facing the glittering lights of the city. Alec took a moment to let everything sink in. He glanced at Magnus and his heart skipped a beat. The moonlight gracefully swept across his face, cutting against is angular cheekbones. Magnus turned to look at Alec and he looked away. “What’s wrong?” he asked. He sounded so gentle.

“Oh, nothing, nothing,” Alec stuttered.

Magnus raised an eyebrow at the boy. The tip of Alec’s nose was red from the cold and his breath puffed out in clouds in front of him. “Okay…?” replied Magnus, confused as to why Alec had brought him out here.

Alec could hear the blood rushing in his ears. “You know I love you more than anything,” he stalled.

Magnus’ frown only deepened as he let out a chuckle. “I love you, too…?”

Alec took in a deep breath and held it for a few seconds before letting it out in a nervous sigh. “I’m not really sure how to say this,” he explained, his hands flailing about. “So I’m just going to say it.”

“Alexander, I’ll be honest,” said Magnus, cutting Alec off. “It sounds like you’re trying to break up with me…”

Alec looked up at Magnus, a look of horror on his face. That was not what he was going for. “What? No! No, that’s not what I’m doing. In fact, I was going to do the exact opposite,” he rambled, secretly hoping something would interrupt them. “I wasn’t originally going to do it today so I’m a little unprepared. Look, you deserve the best, Magnus.”

“Still kind of sounds like a breakup.”

“No, I… You deserve the grandest of gestures, so I’m sorry of this doesn’t live up to your expectations,” said Alec, again avoiding Magnus’ eyes.

Magnus smiled and turned back to face the city. Maybe his gaze was making Alec even more anxious. “I would very much like to know what ‘this’ is,” he mused with a laugh.

Alec licked his lips and decided this was his chance, Magnus was looking away now. Alec pulled out a ring from his pocket – no box, just the ring – and got on one knee. He swallowed nervously, waiting for Magnus to notice.

As if on cue, Magnus turned around to look and Alec and his smile immediately faded when he saw the boy’s position. “Magnus,” breathed Alec. “Will you marry me?” he asked, his heart pounding so loudly in his chest he was afraid Magnus could hear it too. The two looked at each other for a while and Alec swore he saw a twinkle of gold in Magnus’ eyes just for a second. The moment felt like everything was on pause. It was the quietest it had ever been between them. No one moved, not even an inch.

Magnus – still stunned – looked at the ring, then at Alec, then at the ring, and back at Alec. “Get up,” he said quickly and Alec finally blinked. “Get up, please.”

“What?” Alec felt his pounding heart drop into the bottomless pit of his stomach. And he didn’t feel like it would stop falling.

“Just get up,” Magnus pleaded, breathing hard. So Alec got up. He kept his hands to his sides as though he was a child again and had just been scolded. He stayed quiet, not sure what to say. He didn’t think he’d ever be able to find the words after what had just happened. His heart was still falling.

The silence engulfed them once again. They both became uncomfortably aware of the silence inside. The group had all hushed and looked outside in a mix of confusion and horror.

“I’m sorry,” Magnus said, stiffer than anyone had ever seen him. “But are you sure?” he asked.

“If I want to marry you? You are the love of my life, Magnus. Of course I want to marry you,” Alec said. He didn’t know where he found the courage to string those sentences together. His heart stopped falling. Magnus felt his eyes sting and had to look away again, a hand wiping a tear before it could fall. “Magnus, what’s wrong?” asked Alec.

“I just never thought this would happen. No one has ever been willing to live the rest of their life with me before.” Alec felt his stomach twist. He couldn’t imagine anybody not loving Magnus enough. “Immortal or not.”

“Is that a no?” asked Alec.

“No.” Magnus shook his head and smiled. “It is the biggest yes I have ever given anybody.”

Alec felt his heart fling back into his chest in full force and almost doubled over. He nodded, in disbelief. “Yeah?” He felt his entire body burning and he was sure it wasn’t the wine kicking in. Magnus nodded and murmured in agreement, a similar smile gracing his face.

Alec clenched the ring in his hand. He didn’t even put it on Magnus’ finger before rushing in for a kiss. His fingers curled around the back of Magnus’ neck and Magnus’ hands travelled to Alec’s waist, and he kissed him back with as much love as he could muster. They heard an eruption of cheers from inside, Simon’s voice evidently louder than the rest.

They both chuckled against each other, pressing together so tightly they could feel the other’s heart beat. And neither had felt more alive.

i hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think! if you have any prompts or scenarios for me, please head over to my ask box.

in the meantime, when magnus finds out alec isn’t the head.

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Can I have McCree flirting with a bounty hunter after him?

He was here.

You knew he was here.

Your gloved hand hurridly brushed away a droplet of sweat trickling down your forehead. The blazing sun had already caught you out; pink singed your arms. You were thankful for the light serape and brimmed hat you had managed to pick up a few towns back. Your footsteps crunched quietly on the dirty floor, stones and sand littered the tiles in the abandoned diner. Glad to be out of the sun, you took off the hat and gingerly placed it on top of the counter whilst trying not to make any noise. You ruffled your fingers through your hair in a vain attempt to untangle the sweaty knots. The air was hot and dry. No breeze had passed through this place in a long time.

He had though.

Your lowered your hand to hover on top of your holstered pistol, the other resting on top of your hat on the counter. You tilted your head back, closing your eyes you took a deep breath. All you had to do was wait.

“Y'know, doll, this place ain’t been servin’ for a while.”

Looks like you didn’t have to wait long. You spun around at the voice, quickly drawing your gun and steadying it with both hands.


He tilted his hat with his prosthetic hand in acknowledgement. His eyes locked onto yours, before stalking forward towards you. You took a step backwards, your hip hitting a scratched up leather stool. He slowed when he was about two foot in front of you, leaning his forearms onto the bartop. The position made it so he had to jut his backside out. The outlaw pulled a cigarello from one of his many hidden pockets and bit the tip, lighting the end with a zippo before taking a puff.

He took no notice of the weapon in your hands still pointed at him.

He gestured to the outdated drink machines precariously perched on a table against the wall.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t drink the coffee. Always tasted like boiled dirt.”

You frowned at his casualness.

Why was he so calm? You’d heard rumours about what he had been through. About Deadlock. Blackwatch. Was he used to being in danger? What a shit feeling to get used to.

You sighed, essentially chucking your gun onto the counter and hoisting yourself up onto one of the seats. It had split open, part of the padding had fallen out and the tough leather was digging into your backside. You placed your hands in your lap and your back was slouched. You stared ahead at the ‘artwork’ on the walls, clearly showing a simpler time when everything hadn’t gone to pot.

“Given up already?”

He turned his torso so he could face you properly, now only leaning on one elbow. The other hand had taken ahold of the cigar, the metal fingers slightly glinting from the ashen embers.

“You’re obviously used to this.”

His brow raised.

“What? Bein’ on the run?”

You nodded. You pressed your lips together.

You ain’t used to this though, are ya’?”

You shook your head. Why lie? Your right leg was jigging up and down in a repetitive motion. It was a bad habit. Out of the corner of your eye you saw him reach between his legs to clasp onto the edge of the stool, shimmying himself up onto the seat so he was at the same height as you.

“What’re you doin’ chasin’ after someone like me?”

You glanced over at him. Your eyes were drawn to his inquisitive chocolate ones.


He huffed out a chuckle.

“Strangest reason I heard so far.”

A cloud of smoke drifted across your vision.

“So what’s with your ‘curiosity’ then?”
“Just… Curiosity.”

A slight furrow of his brows and shift in his position made you explain more.

“I’m not curious as to what would happen to me if I didn’t come after you.”

He raised his head up slightly at your whisper, the grim realisation showing plainly on his face.

“Ya’ bein’ forced.”

“I had to try. Turns out I don’t have it in me to shoot someone.”

He broke contact when you said that. He puffed out another cloud of smoke, tapping the ash from the cigar onto the counter.

“So whatta ya’ g'na do?”

Creases framed his pools, a sign of spending too long in the sun and frowning too much. He was side-eyeing you.

“I don’t know.”

You faced forwards, bringing up your hand to wipe at your forehead again. You sighed, irritated at your gloves. You pulled them off and laid them on top of your hat.

“What d'ya want to do?”

A moment passed from your hesitation.


A deep chuckle from him reverberated around the empty diner. Your ears twitched at the sound. You hadn’t heard something like that in a long time. It was pleasant.

“Yeah, I could say the same. You’ve done well t'find me. Not many come this far and live.”

You pushed your hands in between your thighs, seeking a safe place in this unnatural situation. He took one last drag and stubbed out the end on the countertop, leaving a flurry of ash in its wake.

“Considerin’ you ain’t a bounty hunter-”
“No. I am.”

He physically faultered.

“But ya’ just said you weren’t.”
“I said I wasn’t used to it. Not the big guys, anyway. I know when I can win a fight, and I know when to back down. It was stupid of me to even try and track you down.”

A smirk flashed across his lips. It was gone in an instant.

“Like I said. Not many even pass the threshhold of this place.”

You sucked in a breath of the stagnant air.

“Why am I different? Why am I not lying in a pool of blood at the entrance?”

Your jaw tensed, a sudden burst of anger filling you with confidence.

“Calm down, pecan.”

McCree’s metal hand patted your thigh gently before coming to rest on top of it. The coolness was comforting.

“I knew ya’ wouldn’t kill me.”
“You saying I’m weak?”
“Absolutely not. Jus’ sayin’ you brought that to try an’ take me down. I’m a bit offended, if I’m honest, doll. It’ll take a lot more for me to come willingly.”

He was referring to your six shooter lying pathetically on the bartop. Your face had heatened; whether it was from the pet name and physical contact, or anger that he had just insulted your trusty weapon, you don’t know.

“What would it take?”

He removed his hand from your thigh and raised his shoulders in a shrug.

“I’d rather die than become tied down again.”
“I see.”
“And seein’ as you clearly ain’t g'na be doin’ that today..”

You huffed. Another laugh escaped from him. Clearly your frustration was entertaining him. You pouted at him.

“Chin up. It ain’t all bad.”
“Mm. Coming from an outlaw.”
“What’s that s'posed t'mean?”

His eyes sparkled with amusement. A corner of your lips tugged up in a half smile.

“You can technically do what you want; you already have a price on your head. I don’t.”
“D'you have people after you?”
“If I don’t bring you in.”
“Well then. Looks like there’s another ‘outlaw’ joinin’ the party.”
“We’re both on the run now, (Y/N).”

You blinked forcefully, the smirk wiped off your face. The moment of banter was clearly over.

“How do you know my name?”
“Kept tabs on ya’. Figured it was only a matter o’ time before you turned up on my doorstep. Surprised y'ain’t questionin’ that I’ve made you jobless now.”

You straightened your back, a temporary relief from being hunched over.

“So you knew who I was all this time?”
“Mmhm. We’re similar. People know the name, the face. Once they see us for real it’s usually the last thing they see.”

Your teeth nipped at your bottom lip. It was true.

“How can I trust that you won’t just shoot me the moment I turn my back?”
“I may be on th'other side o’ the law, but I’m still a gentleman.”

You pursed your lips.

“You didn’t aswer my question.”
He raised a questioning eyebrow.

“I wanna be the next Bonnie and Clyde.”

He dramatically rolled his eyes at you.

“Partners in crime?”
“I’ll have t'teach ya’.”
“Will you now?”
“Mmhm. Nobody’s g'na mess with us, doll.”

The easy banter was back, and you felt your ears burn at the now obvious flirting. He grinned at you, knowing the exact effect he was having.

“C'mon, lemme show ya’ around.”

He slid off of his seat and held out a hand in your direction. You stared down at the dark skin, calloused from probably years of hardened training. It was your choice. You took his offer and there was no turning back. You met his gaze.

He seemed eager. Eager to teach you. Eager to have company. Eager to not be alone.

You were too.

Looking back, placing your hand in his was the best decision you ever made.

High -/ Fionn Whitehead.


Hi, it’s Tia! 

As a request by a lovely anon, “ok but getting high with Fionn like in “him”, having it be all cute a fluffy AW.” However, this might be more smutty than fluffy by a mile off…? I apologise if this is not what you wanted, but I kinda got carried away…

More so, I also wanted to dedicate this to the wonderful @secret-rendezvous1d , because, a while back, I’m sure she said something about someone needing to write an imagine about getting high with Fionn like the scene in HIM. So, I thought I would dedicate this to her. Also, her writing is phenomenal and she is lovely. I hope you enjoy this if you do read it!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this and if you would like to request an imagine, ask ‘here’. I may even do a part 2…let me know what you think ;)).


Enjoy. xx


A smoke cloud was puffed from the joint that was placed in between his tinted lips, eyes heavy from the effect of the joint, you watched him intently. His once vibrant eyes were half closed, his hair no longer in it’s jelled place, as minutes ago you were sluggishly toiling with it. Leaning back, where you both were perched at the bottom of the couch, he exhaled rings of smoke, with the joint in between his slender fingers. You reached over and grabbed the joint and pushed it in between your plump lips, inhaling the smoke, creating more smoke fumes which encompassed the surrounding area of the both of you.

The sensation this moment gave the both of you, was a sense of utopia: everything seemed at peace in this very room. Time was an illusion: it no longer existed in the hazy apartment nor did any of the problems that once surpassed you, which existed before you took a puff of the joint.

While the lonesome world continued on, the world was on pause for you.

With a great amount of effort: for one who was intoxicated from the drug. You shifted yourself upwards so that you were straddling his hips. You pushed the joint in between the barrier of your lips and sucked in the smoke. Holding your breath, you pushed the joint in between Fionn’s lips, for where he inhaled. With impeccable timing, you both exhaled the smoke, which enveloped the both of you in a smoke bubble. With the hand that was free of the joint, you wrapped it around Fionn’s neck, while the one in the possession of the joint, you placed your elbow on his shoulder, bent upwards.

Bringing your face to a close proximity with Fionn’s, you rubbed your nose with his as your lips brushed against his, causing an identical grin to plaster across both of your lips.

“Well, hi there, baby,” he slurred, as his eyes squinted into half moons.

“Hi,” you replied back as your eyes darted to his lips.

You shifted yourself closer to Fionn so that both of your crutches were directly against each other. Fionn’s arms instinctively wrapped around your hips. Bringing your faces closer together, you placed your lips upon his. Capturing his top lip in yours, the kiss intensified. Noses being bashed and occasionally, teeth also coming in contact. But the lack of correlation was understandable. Without a question, his tongue entered the room of your mouth. Tongues in which tasted immensely of weed, which only caused you to want to devour the taste even more, as well as his distinctive taste. His hand slipped down from the small cups of your hips, to rest on the pudge on your bum. Light but needed squeezes enclasped from his hands, causing a moan to escape your mouth, to the heat of his.

Slowly, you started grinding your hips on his crouch in the figure of eight, causing a metaphoric wildfire to commence in your “heat”. A moan immersed from the back of Fionn’s throat, from the newly founded contact. You captured his top lip with your teeth, and gently bit on it as you then released it from your capture. With the joint still in the crevice of your finger, you hastily placed it in between Fionn’s lips, so that you could take off Fionn’s shirt that was on your body.

From his eyes going from the shape of a half moon to a full moon, once he realised that you were stark naked underneath his shirt. You grabbed the joint from his lips and place it in the Altoids tin, settled on the coffee table. During that time, Fionn allowed the smoke to escape from both his mouth and nose. His hands roamed your body, gathering his memory of your body as it felt that it had been too long since he last saw you like this, in this intimacy, with him being busy with the filming. His hands captured your breasts in his hands, which caused his breath to stagger, with how lucky you were to be blessed with a full chest. He delicately grabbed your nipple and pinched it with the bud of his finger, causing it to harden in his touch. Your eyes rolled back, enjoying the immense sensation which was heightened with the weed: from what would normally feel heavenly had up its adjective to ‘superlunary’.

With the breast that was not receiving the same amount of attention with his hand, he vehemently placed his mouth on it and gently sucked on it. Causing the wildfire that was settled in between your legs, to ripple its way through your entire body.  Your hands raked through his dark hair and grasped at the ends of it when the burning sensation intensified.

“Yo-you’re wearin’ too much clothing,” you mumbled, as it was hard for you to even force out words without it being unintelligible or thought to be a moan. With a pop, Fionn released your nipple from his mouth and moaned in response.

“Well, you better ge’ these clothes off of me, cause’ I’m gonna’ explode.”

Geometry Part 6

Here’s part 6 below. Peeta’s world may not be everything he thinks it is.

Part 5 (with links to Parts 1-4 embedded) is here.


In the morning, I rise early and sneak out to the bakery while girls are still asleep in the livingroom bed.  I head straight to shed to get wood to light the ovens, and since I’m out there, I dig clothes out of my boxes and change.  It makes me realize I’ll have to face bringing my things to the Everdeen’s sooner rather than later because if my mother gets in a mood, she might toss everything.  To be safe, I stack the boxes behind one of the wood stacks so she won’t see them immediately if she happens in.

Work that morning is alright; there’s a strained silence between my brother, father and I, but only because the unspoken cloud of my mother’s bad mood lingers. But it’s nothing we haven’t gone through before.  

School is still six days away, and so I’ll be at the bakery all day, but my father gives me a lunch break long enough to ferry one of my boxes back to the house. I remember to grab my jacket off the peg by the back door before I march off.

When I get back to the house, I hear Prim’s voice coming from the back yard so I go there.  She’s sitting on a little crate, bundled in a jacket and milking her goat. 

I actually laugh a real, if short, belly laugh.  The creature, as wide in the middle as the Everdeen girls are thin, and with hair a clean white that matches the hoar frost on the ground, is wearing a…

Well, it’s looking very intellectual, wearing a perfectly fitted sweater.

A thick, absolutely hideous orange colored sweater, covered in balls from pilling, and with a collar so tall and floppy that I swear it makes the goat look like it should be sporting a pair of wire-rimmed glasses on its snout.  

And maybe even a tobacco pipe to accentuate its white beard.

Prim looks up, and smiles when she sees me trying not to keep laughing.

“We had to soak the arms in boiling water, to shrink them so it would fit her legs properly,” Prim says, smiling wider, and she laughs herself.

The sound is a waterfall of joy compared to the weeping I heard last night.

I nod, and my grin of mock appreciation for the tailoring is so wide it actually hurts my jaw a little.

“Well, I must say, I’ve never seen a better dressed goat my whole life.”

“Come and meet the princess.”

I lift the latch on the gate and slip into the yard, balancing my box of cloths on my hip as I do.  I wonder where they get and store food for it. In the summer I suppose 

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Lavender Love

Shiro made his way through the field of lavender, giddily carrying an old woven picnic basket as he ran to meet Lance. The air is warm, the clouds puffing up in the sky and whisking out on the ends like a painting.

It was beautiful.
When Shiro finally made his way to their tree, he spread the blanket and sat down. He set two plates of sandwiches–the crusts cut off the way Lance likes– and pulled out Lance’s favorite red wine. He pulled out the bouquet made of white and blue flowers, smelled them deeply, and then set it on the grave.
“Happy anniversary Lance. It’s been awhile. Still been super quiet since you’ve left. I know I’m not super good at cooking but I made your favorite ham and cheese sandwiches… took me three tries to get them right without ruining them as I cut off the crusts. And–And I miss you. Lance.“ 

Watery gray eyes looked at the tree. Lance’s tree. Their tree. The heart with their initials carved in it. The memories of hanging lanterns and kissing under this tree for the first time. And now lance’s small, prisitne gravestone sat by the tree. And one day, his own will join Lance’s in the field of lavender that they loved.

Sense [M]

Request: ooooh, can I be your last request?! can I have a werewolf!au smut with jeon or jimin or hobi hobi~ for the lovely @the95liner

Genre: werewolf!au

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Words: 2.5k

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You closed your eyes and tried to focus on only one of your senses. You slowed your breathing, each breath puffing clouds of steam into the cold winter air. You perked your ears, hoping for any sign of him. Any hint that told you where was hidden in dark woods. Your eyes snapped open as a twig snapped behind you. You reached your hand behind your head and grabbed onto his wrist before he had the chance to latch his fingers on the hood of your sweatshirt.

You flipped him over your head, his body landing with a satisfying thud on the ground in front of you. “Jesus Christ, Y/N” take it easy on me” he groaned as he stood up, brushing the leaves and dirt off his clothes.

You put your hands on your hips, “This was your idea” you scoffed as your boyfriend walked towards you. You playfully hit your fists against his chest, “You said so yourself that the only way I’m going to be able to keep up with the rest of the pack is if we keep practicing as much as we can while I’m on break. You know how the pack at school feels about me”

Jungkook wrapped his arms around you, his burning hot skin acting like your own personal heater, “I know, but I think we should call it a night. It’s getting late”

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I love your fic rec lists! I am looking for fics with Johnlock trapped in a small spaces (ie: closets or trunks) or fics with dirty talk. Thank you!

Hi Lovely!! 

You know, I know I’ve read quite a bit of fics with the tight spaces scenario, but only two come to mind right now because I just recently re-read them to add to my fic rec lists:

• Just a Kiss by emmagrant01 (E, 19,695w. || Case Fic, 5+1, For a Case) – Five times John and Sherlock kissed because of a case and one time they kissed for real. (Chapter 7 is the one you want :D)

• Closeted by sussexbound (T, 6,115 w. || Love Confessions, Truth or Dare, First Kiss) – John and Sherlock end up trapped in a closet overnight while on a case. John has an idea on how to pass the time. Part 1 of Intimacy

And Here’s a few with Dirty Talk:

• Onomatopoeia by aquabelacqua (M, 6,904 w.|| Sherlock POV, First Time/Kiss, Chair Sex, Hair Pulling, Dirty Talk) – Something is the matter with John. Sherlock is determined to figure out what it is. Mark his words.

• Perfect Solo by Itsallfine (E, 2,384 w. || Frottage, Fantasy, Sex Toys, Dirty Talk, Solo) – Sherlock couldn’t decide how he wanted to have John that night. (The one where Sherlock uses his box of sex toys to take himself apart in every way John might have him.) 

• Sherlock and John Go Clubbing by wendymarlowe (E, 4,717 w. || Dirty Talk, Coming in Pants / Untouched) – John pinched the bridge of his nose - even for Sherlock, this was a new level of no bloody boundaries. “You want me to go with you to a gay club, wait around twiddling my thumbs while I let you get pawed by a criminal, then out-flirt him and talk you into coming home with me instead?” Part 32 of John and Sherlock’s Kinky First Times

• A Brand of Gold by aquabelacqua (M, 12,757 w. || Sex / Dirty Talk, Phone Sex, Solo, Pining, POV John) – What am I doing? he wondered. The answer came back at once: Flirting. He let the vital, missing piece snap into place as surely and as cleanly as if it had always been there. He was flirting with Sherlock Holmes.

• There’s Something Living in These Lines by teahigh (orphan_account) (M, 4,676 w. || Pining, Angst, Love Letters, UST, Dirty Talk, Hiatus) – Two men, complete opposites in almost every way, who speak only in letters and pages torn from books.

• And if you say the word, I could stay with you by CaitlinFairchild (E, 12,842 w. || Domestic Fluff, Dirty Talk, Anal, Fluff and Smut) – What Sherlock thinks is, On the day I die, be it in a dirty alley at forty or in my bed at eighty, the last thing I will remember is tonight, the way you looked at at me on the snowy pavement, cheeks pink with the cold, breath puffing in frosty white clouds, your heart in your eyes and snowflakes in your hair. I will remember that single perfect moment in my life, that moment I knew I had everything I ever wanted, and whatever happens next, I will die content. What he says is simply, “Marry me.”

• A Cure For Boredom by emmagrant01 (E, 81,665 w. || Dirty Talk, Threesomes, Light Dom/Sub, Sex Club, Experiments, Anal, Mildly Dubious Consent) – They’d never talked about sex in the year they’d known each other. Well, that wasn’t quite correct: Sherlock had never said a word about sex; John had bemoaned his personal dearth of it on many occasions.

I hope this list suffices a bit! As always, feel free to add some of your faves, Lovelies! 

Second Chances || Tyler Down x Reader

I’ll be meeting you there, because that poof hair, heart shaped cookie got me like damn daddy what that ass do. 😘 😘

Word Count: 1,097

Warnings: Reader is a Mild Sadist, Mentions of Suicide


    September had swooped through Crestmont briskly, turning the trees brilliant shades of orange, red, and yellow. The air had become frigid within the span of a few weeks. Enough so to burn your lungs with every breath, and leave you puffing clouds of white smoke when you exhaled.

    Things had changed around the small, friendly town. It had grown cold after Hannah and Jeff’s deaths. When the Bakers came out with a set of tapes recorded before their daughter’s suicide, the truth was outed.

    Bryce was sentenced to twenty years in prison. Since his first offense was considered a class two felony, and his second involved a minor, he was given no chance of parole.

    Tyler had been changed to a correctional school in the city. Many people thought he should of been arrested too, but as it was his first offense, and he hadn’t reached the legal age of adulthood, they sent him off with a warning.

    Marcus’s dream colleges all suddenly decided they didn’t want him anymore. As for Courtney, it was revealed she was a lesbian, but the funny thing is; people disliked her for defending Bryce, not because she turned out to like girls.

    Shortly after Alex had been pronounced dead, Justin was reported missing. No one had seen him for nearly three days. He had yet to come back, leaving Jessica distraught.

    Sheri was sued by the Atkins family for not reporting an accident that resulted in the death of their son. She was going to be paying off that debt for a long time.

    Zach and his family moved away to an entirely different state, probably to give him a chance to start over.

    Ryan quit writing the school paper, and eventually graduated early to head off to college.

    Clay got the best ending of everyone. He was barely seen without Skye Miller anymore. Word had spread that they were in a relationship shortly after he had asked her out on a date to Monet’s. He seemed happy, and Skye certainly was.

    You pulled your jacket tighter over your chest, staring down at a pile of leaves that your dad had raked up the day before, now scattered across your shoes. It was dark, save for the blinking porch light strung up around the front door to your house.

    Lying on top of that pile, looking dazed, was Tyler Down; the school’s ex-junior photographer. The only reason you knew his name was because of the tapes.

    “It’s a little cold to be sneaking around taking pictures, isn’t it?” you asked, the sarcasm evident in your voice.

    This wasn’t the first time you had caught him, but it was the first time he saw you catch him. You stared down at him, watching his baby blue eyes dart around nervously. He was looking at everything but you, purposely trying to avoid meeting your gaze.

    You knelt down in front of him, clicking your tongue. “Wasn’t it enough when you killed Hannah Baker?”

    He gritted his teeth. “She killed herself.”

    “Bullshit. You don’t kill yourself for no reason,” you replied. “That’s like saying the world spins just because it wants to. There’s always a reason. You’re one of them.”

    He blinked, tears glistening in the corners of his eyes. “I didn’t do anything compared to what Bryce did, or Jessica, or Marcus.”

    “No, not what they did,” you agreed. “But that doesn’t make you innocent, Tyler. You crept outside of an emotionally devastated girl’s window. Your camera kept her wide awake when the only thing she wanted was to be able to sleep. You took away the last bit of privacy that she had left. You sent a picture of her topless and making out with Courtney to everyone, because you were angry she didn’t want to hang out with her stalker. ”

    “Why are you doing this?” he asked quietly.

    “For the same reason you do what you do,” you said. “I get pleasure out it.”

    He tried to stand, but you pressed a hand against his chest. You reached down to pick up his camera from where it had fallen when he’d tripped. He turned away, attempting to cover his face as you snapped a photo of him.

    “Aw, isn’t that just adorable?” you cooed mockingly. “Not used to being on the other end of the camera, are you? A little shy?”

    His shoulders began to shake, and it wasn’t long after that you heard him choking on a slew of hard sobs. You threw the camera to the side, reaching to pry his hands off of his face. You brushed away the tears rolling down his cheeks, silently watching him break down.

    You sat back, legs crossed, and waited until he had cried himself out. When it was all said and done his eyes were puffy and red, his face was flushed, and he was shivering from the wind.

    You peeled off your jacket, throwing it over him.

    “I don’t get it,” he whispered. “Do you hate me or not?”

    “I don’t hate you. I just like hurting people,” you replied. “Until I start feeling bad, and then I try to help them like that’s going to make it all better.”

    He stared, bewildered.

    “When my family and I lived in a town called Millborough, there was this kid. He was really smart, all the teachers loved him. I used to make fun him every day after school,” you said quietly, plucking up strands of grass. “I was just having fun. I thought he knew I was joking. Then he threw himself off of a nearby bridge at the end of 9th grade.”

    “You got someone killed too?” he asked.

    You nodded. “Just like you, I still do what I shouldn’t do. I hurt people because it makes me feel good. You take pictures because it makes you feel good. We’ve got a lot in common.”

    He sat up, hugging your jacket tightly around himself. “I guess we do.”

    You smiled. “The stalker and the sadist. What a pair.”

    He brought his knees to his chest, sighing shakily. “I don’t like what I am.”

    “Same here,” you agreed.

    His eyes met yours for the briefest of moments. “I forgive you… for what just happened. Not like I didn’t deserve it.”

    “Don’t forgive me,” you muttered. “I don’t deserve it.”

    “Yes, you do.” He pushed himself a little closer, grabbing your hand. He sniffled, rubbing at his nose, still irritated and crimson from his tears. “I could be your second chance.”

    You felt your heart clench, throbbing within the confines of your chest. “Okay. Then I’ll be yours.”

    “Then let’s start over.” He held out his free hand for you to shake. “I’m Tyler.”

    You took it, giving him a light tug. Your lips collided as you dragged him to the ground. Your mouths moved as perfectly as two puzzle pieces fitting together. He gasped as your teeth found his lower lip, biting down hard enough to break the skin.When you tasted blood, you pulled away, leaving the both of you breathless.

    “Hi, Tyler,” you said. “I’m Y/N.”

A Fire To Keep You Warm

Summary: Werewolves don’t get sick, or at least, say they don’t, if they’re stubborn. Hanzo won’t humor him.
Tags/warnings: Monster AU, Werewolf!McCree, demon!Hanzo, sickfic, mild body horror, lots of fluff

McCree was usually pretty easy going. He prided himself on his ability to roll with the punches, to adapt to any situation, to think fast on the fly. It kept him alive.

But there was one thing that really, really got on his every last nerve.


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Warmth (p.p.)

Author : @dej_okay

Word Count : 435

Warnings : none surprisingly

Author’s Note : This is for #RileyAppreciationDay for my bby @rileywrites-parker Thank you to some of my biggest inspirations @hufflepuffholland @babyparker and @parkerroos @sam-a-holland @spiderling–parker


Tags : @tiny-friggin-human @nedslaptop

Peter Parker was warmth.

He was her protection from all the bad things.

He was gold.

His hands rubbed up and down her arms, barely covered by a thin sweater in the bitter winter air. “Mm”, he murmured, breath puffing out in white clouds, “I told you to wear a coat.”

But she had him. Why would she need a coat when she had Peter?

She watched as her warmth shrugged off his own coat, and wrapped it around her shoulders, chapped, warm lips pressing against her forehead lovingly.

Why would she need a coat when she had her warmth?

“I-I’m still cold”, she mumbled, lips pulling into a pout at the thought of complaining when Peter was just in that famous blue sweater.

He turned, eyebrows furrowing. “Maybe you should kiss me to warm up”, he spoke, left eye dropping down into a wink.

“I take it back, I’d rather freeze.”, she teased, hands bundled in the fabric he’d given her.

“Oh really?” His fingers reached out for her, digging into her ribs, wiggling in a synchronized dance across her skin. High pitched laughter bubbled from her, eyes clenched closed.

“No!” She giggled, squirming away. Peter’s arms wrapped around her, pulling her into him, still tickling her. “P-Peter-”

“Say I’m best kisser in the world!”

“N-Never!” She was laughing so hard she was sure she’d never stop. She wanted to laugh and laugh until she laughed herself into a perfect world, with just her and Peter, a world that was that day over and over again.

“Say it!” His smile was bigger than her heart.

“O-Okay…you’re the b-best kisser in the w-world!” His fingers came to a rest, calm and simply resting against her stomach.

“Will you kiss me now?”  Her cheeks swelled with her smile, cold hands placed on warm cheeks, lips locking together in a sweet kiss.

His forehead rested against hers, soft and warm and there. Peter’s warmth was always there. Peter’s warmth made her heart beat faster than the speed of light.

How beautiful was it that someone could make your heart beat so fast when you don’t want it to beat at all?

“To say ‘I love you’ would be an understatement.”, he spoke in a whisper, in between them, just for her, his warmth covering her. “Because I don’t know what that feels like. But I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m feeling right now.”

She loved her warmth.

“I love you more than I can ever scream.”

Fingers slid over fingers and onto palms, intertwining and squeezing.

Peter Parker was warmth.

blue-eyed-boys  asked:

Can you do prompt 4 hayrides (haunted please!) with Dean?

“This crap is so itchy.” Dean grumbled and brushed the hay from his jacket sleeves. You sighed and leaned back against the wooden board behind you, head falling backward as you looked at the sky in defeat. “What?” 

“Nothing, Dean. I just… this has always been one of my favorite things to do this time of year and y- you hate it.” Your eyes closed slowly as the tractor started up and the exhausted puffed out a cloud of grey smoke. 

“Hey, come here.” Dean snaked his arm behind your lower back and scooted you across the hay bale until you were pressed against his side. “I’m sorry. It’s just all this Halloween stuff has always been so weird to me and Sam. We hunt monsters for a living, so when we come to do things like this it - it just doesn’t do anything for us, you know?” You nodded. 

“I get that, really, I do, but I just wish you would try to have fun with it. Let them scare you, let them bring their chainless chainsaws in here and brush against your leg, let them laugh in your face and make the people around you cower away. Please?” You leaned against his shoulder and he leaned down, his cheek resting on the top of your head.

“Yeah, I’ll try.” He squeezed you as the tractor and cart rounded the first corner into a pitch black field. 

“Oh shit.” You breathed, clutching onto Dean’s shirt under his jacket. “Dean.” 

“I’m right here.” He wrapped his other arm around the front of you and drew you closer to him. You felt him jump when someone in costume tapped on his shoulder and he turned to face him. 

“Give me the girl.” The man rasped. Dean swallowed hard and shook his head. “Give. Me. The girl.” With his last word, he reached out and laid his hand on your shoulder, making you jump. You clawed at Dean’s skin through his clothes, and he felt your heart racing against his side. “She’s scared. I can smell it.” The scratchy voice was coming closer to you as you curled yourself into a ball and wiggled into Dean’s lap. “You can keep her for now, but I’ll be back, don’t you worry.” He jumped off the side of the wagon and ran back into the darkness.

“It’s okay baby girl, he’s gone.” Dean murmured against your head. As you looked up at him with fearful eyes, he realized why you wanted him with you so badly. You were terrified of this stuff, no matter how many real monsters you’d seen. The jump scare aspect of all of this was so much different than the stuff you hunted from day to day. You needed to be protected, and that’s what Dean had promised he would do, so he did. 

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Good morrow!! Im looking for some dragon!Keith aus if ya have any :3

yoo! i have actually never read an au like this before asfgh its nice to have something new! - Karri

He Who Fights Monsters by magisterpavus (13/13 | 64,888 | Mature)

In a world where monstrous dragons terrorize humanity daily, the Garrison trains valiant Knights to slay the evil beasts and defend Earth. But when Knight cadet Lance Espinosa is kidnapped by a strange red dragon who kills its own kind, certain truths are revealed…and so are the true monsters.

//violence //blood //injury //kidnapping //mind control //ptsd 

We’ll Stir the Stars by Latios (6/6 | 50,472 | Teen And Up)

Lance is somewhat of a talent in a family full of sea witches; His usual days consist of practicing his element, flirting with mermaids, and helping his mother brew potions for the local myths around the island.
Finding an injured and stubborn dragon named Keith isn’t part of that routine, but definitely changes it—and sends him travelling across the sea to recover the dragon’s one and only family who was captured by hunters.

Lance only hopes they won’t bite each other’s heads’ off before they even get there.

I’ll Stay By Your Side by AbandonedLibrary (1/1 | 1,794 | Teen And Up)

The poison runs deep within Keith.

The dragon suffers and his lover makes a promise.

Lance will stay with him no matter what.


A Wing and A Half by Adhdklance (12/? | 58,343 | Teen and Up)
(thank you for the rec @harukaaiko! c;)

“Stop that.” The dragon puffed another cloud of smoke into his face and growled deep in its throat. “Saved its life and it won’t even shut up,” it mumbled. Lance resented being called an it, especially by a dragon.

Lance wakes up in magical cave with a startlingly grumpy companion who also happens to be a dragon. All he can think about is what happened to the beautiful faery who healed him.

//injury mention //blood mention

Ink (M)

Genre: Smut, angst, badboy!Tae (kinda)
Word count: 7470
Description: Kim Taehyung is nothing less than a storm, contained in a human body, ready to lash out if you get too close. But you have been careful for way too long already.
Warnings: Mature content, mentions of depression
Author’s note: So I had a dream about Tae having tattoos and started writing this, trying to make him a bad boy but it turned out a bit more emotional than I intended it to… :D Also I’ve been struggling with finishing this for much longer than usually so I don’t know how it came out… (Not to mention it came out way longer than I intended)

You barged into Taehyung’s room ready to question the man what was taking him so long, but stopped in your tracks at the view of his bare back, tattoos eating up at his skin from his right shoulder blade, as if threatening to devour the rest of his milky skin soon enough. With the tempo Taehyung was going at, you wouldn’t doubt that actually.

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love in all the wrong places

a/n: reallllllyyyy recommend listening to “Sorry” by Halsey.

the night was a cold one but it didn’t deter the group of people around the blazing fire from enjoying the celebration.

The men had made the first kill of the season, proof hanging on a wooden branch they brought back with the animal tied up on it.

y/n was enjoying herself, dancing with Kol, the pair growing closer by the minute. A loud giggle leaving her lips as he wrapped his arms around her from behind, “Kol! Stop it!” He laughed, nipping her jaw playfully. Ignoring the distasteful looks from his father, blood flowing with alcohol and meat he didn’t care.

Elijah was watching from a distance, a pleased smile on his face, his brother having a ball, his sister dancing with her girls, Nik with his arm strewn around one of y/n’s neighbor girls but his eyes were flitting to y/n.

And Elijah was sitting back, observing.

“Rebekah!” He laughed as y/n yelled his sisters name, watching as she broke from her friends and ran to y/n. Her arms wrapping around her, a faux protective look taking her face as she quipped at Kol “you betta be nice to y/n, you might find I stole her.”

Their brother laughed “trust me, I’d be a fool to lose her.” Pressing a kiss against her wrist y/n laughed, nosing at his cheek, nodding as he whispered “m'gonna get drinks, ill be back.”

Watching as he walked away, he smiled as Rebekah and y/n began to dance again, until Rebekah was distracted by one of their town boys, “I’ll be fine, go.” Y/n smiled, pushing Rebekah’s arm until Rebekah yelled, walking toward the boy with a smile “fine but I’ll buy you a drink later.”

As she left y/n swung back into the music, twirling in circles, hair swinging in the air. She really was the only one who could still manage to be confident while looking like a fool dancing on their own.

Elijah and her both gasped as a hand grabbed hers, her relaxing slightly “Nik, you scared me.”


He smiled “‘having fun?” She nodded, “it’s wonderful, thank you by the way for having my neighbors and I.” He nodded, “of course, you three are a ball.” It was quiet when he asked “care to dance?” She held his hand as she looked behind her, assumably looking for Kol. “I-uh.. um sure.” He faltered for a second before she joked “you know the star right?”

And so Elijah watched as his brother pulled y/n into a dance, smiling, he was quite good. Never quite a dancer, usually in the corner, with a girl on his arm.

She laughed as he pulled her out and brought her closer, holding both her hands as they twirled by the fire. She laughed “you’re quite good you know. Didn’t think you would be.” He smiled, and Elijah held his breath, he knew that look.

He watched as his brother ducked his head, pressing a heated kiss against her lips, urgent and unexpected, it lasting for a minute until she pulled away with a smile and a bit of a laugh, letting go of his hand he spun her in a twirl, her smiling at the awkwardness of the situation before she looked directly at Elijah. Fear crossed over her features, a begging look for him to please understand.

He did understand. It wasn’t her, his brother had a bit of an infatuation for the younger girl, the alcohol obviously making him braver than usual.

He watched as she turned to Nik “thank you… for the dance.” He nodded, letting go of her hand, watching as she walked to Kol, pleasantly shocked as he pressed a kiss to her lips. He was too busy getting drinks and talking with a friend and their mum he didn’t witness the kiss.

She stayed until the party died down, thanking Elijah and Nik, not quite meeting either of their eyes, hugging Rebekah goodbye and being walked home by Kol.


She’d been careful to avoid Nik. But it got hard when Kol was pleading with her to have supper with them, to come stay the night, their father won’t be aware, or today when he asked her to come watch him and his brothers duel.

She’d been careful to braid her hair and wear her nicest dress, sandals with embellished jewels, and one of her hair clips Kol had made her.

It was to be fine. It had to be, she was with Kol and she would steer of Nik if he were to be by.


Walking up the hill with her girls she smiled, waving slightly at Esther who was stirring a pot of whatever remedy she making.

“I assume you three are the reason my sons are out making a fool of themselves, brandishing swords and polishing them.” Y/n smiled, a blush on her cheeks “I assume.” She smiled “you look very lovely today y/n, don’t distract my sons too much though, they have a long day of training with their father later on.” Y/n nodded icily, sons? Plural?

“Y/n! Come on!” Looking up she ran after her friends who were ahead heading towards where she could hear metal against metal.

She smiled as Rebekah wrapped her arms around her “my brothers are acting as fools all because of you three. S'all your fault.” Y/n laughed, punching her side “s'not all my fault.”

“Oi! Y/n! Time out, time out you twats!” Y/n laughed as Kol walked over, holding the sword with one hand and cupping the back of her neck with the other “hello my love.” She smiled “hello sweaty.” He laughed loudly pressing a kiss to her lips.

She pulled away with bright cheeks an awkwardness to her voice as she laid her hand against his chest as she whispered “go on.”

He smiled walking away with a swagger about him, saying “alright Nik let’s keep going shall we?” Y/n and her friends watched as their swords hit together, the loud clang being heard for miles.

She bit her lip as it looked like Kol was hitting harder and harder each time, she gasped when he had backed him up against one of the homes, knocking the sword out of his hand, knicking him on the arm, ripping the fabric.

“Kol!” Rebekah reprimanded, earning a laugh out of Kol “relax Bekah, its all fun and games right Nik?” Y/n looked at Rebekah as Nik nodded “right.”

“Nik are you going to clean it?” Rebekah asked as Nik handed Elijah the sword “think I’ve had about enough of being the show to pump Kol’s ego.”

Y/n licked her lips, watching his retreating form, “Nik!” Rebekah called after him, a sigh leaving her lips as she pulled away from y/n to go after him.

“Boy!” The air went quiet as their fathers voice cut through the air. Y/n watched with concern as Nik’s shoulders tensed, “Get back here and fight like a man, not a boy!”

She stood with Rebekah as Nik walked back over to them, eyes weary as Mikael spat “Pick up the sword.” She watched anxiously as Nik picked up the sword, Mikael yelling “quickly now! Take form!” She felt a hand grip hers and knew it was Rebekah.

They both closed their eyes as the first clang roared out, until they were in an all out duel with one another, it wasn’t until y/n heard Nik yell “I give I give!” That she yelled “stop it!”

The air was silent, Mikael stopping and turning to the group “girl, was it you who said that to me?” Y/n nervously looked between Nik and Mikael, seeing Nik’s eyes that pleaded for her to be quiet when she nodded “I did.” He laughed “a girl yelling at a man to stop teaching his son how to fight.” Y/n squeezed Rebekah’s hand before pulling away “but you were not teaching him, you were attacking him, singling him out!” Her voice bit off at the end, breath puffing off into a cloud.

He nodded “very well, since you’re defending and having such a deep affection for the boy, you can take his place.” “Fa-” “Elijah be quiet, the girl wants to yell at me she can take his place.” Y/n looked at Rebekah who looked about ready to burst but nodded giving Mikael a impassive look “fine.”

Taking the sword from Nik she rubbed her lips together as he whispered “I’m sorry.” She wanted to tell him it wasn’t his fault. Wanted to tell him to live in her village where he could be away and safer. Wanted to hug him and all the sadness out of him. Wanted to keep him away from his father.


She turned to Mikael, taking as best stance as she remembered Nik taking, gasping as Mikael slammed his sword against hers, a pleased laugh leaving his mouth. She held her sword in front of him, managing to dodge his hits. When finally he swiped at her, making her grip her sword hard, squeezing her eyes shut as his his hers.

She hissed in pain as she felt a slice on her hand, “Father!” It was Elijah, opening her eyes she dropped her sword, running over to Rebekah who engulfed her in a tight hug, shushing her cries.


“I’m sorry, about my father.” They were inside the Mikaelson home. Nik cleaning her hand while Kol and Elijah stayed outside, Esther yelling at Mikael for his stunt. “It is okay, it is not your doing.”

He seemed to take a moment before saying “and for kissing you, I am sorry.” She looked at him, wanting desperately to soothe out the frown “you do not need to apologize. You had too much to drink.” His hand stilled on his pants “I might’ve but I was wanting to.. kiss you for a while now.” Her cheeks blazed over “oh.” “You do not need to say anything, I understand if you do not feel the same. You are going with Kol, I understand really.”

She closed her hand over the clean wound “that does not mean I do not care about you.” He smiled “I appreciate the after thought but” “but nothing..you.” Looking up Esther smiled “thank you NikKlaus for cleaning y/n wound, but I think it’s time for her to head home.” They both nodded, Nik helping her stand to her feet before they walked outside, y/n squeezing his hand goodbye and heading over to her girls, not seeing the pleased smile on his face. “You didn’t even say goodbye to Kol?” Y/n gasped at her mistake and her friend looked at her knowingly “you really care about Nik don’t you?” She squeezed her hand, she supposed she did.


“Brother you’re playing on dangerous territory.” Nik nodded “I know, but she does not care for him like she does me, Elijah I see it. I would not be pursing some girl if it costed me my brother.” Elijah nodded, he had seen Kol chatting up a different girl the night Nik had kissed her.

“I want you to promise me you won’t be doing anything else till she makes a decision.. promise me this Nik.” He nodded, “alright I will, brother, I will.”


Later that night she was laying in bed, flipping to her back. She needed to make a decision, she couldn’t stay with Kol with lingering.. feelings for Nik, he was kind to her, always looked out for her when Kol was three steps ahead of her, danced with her when Kol loved on her more than anything else, even when all she wanted was to dance. And he listened and cared for her, while Kol would insist it were no big deal or kiss her hands when she fell even if it had been avoidable if he were looking.

She traced over the newfound cut on her hand, it would serve as a reminder of the day, of him.

700 Main Street - CH1

Genre: hitmanAU

Pairing: bts x reader 

Length: 3k

A/n: wow, look its the shit writer coming at you with another shitty fic! Okay i honestly have zero idea where im going with this and i still havnt figured out the pairing completely (gif kinda gives it away? idk might change it) 



Originally posted by jiminiemini

What role could a female play in such a risky and dangerous job? Walking out along crowded cityscapes, littered with people and unrevealed secrets about the real world, you seemed like an ordinary business woman. Always wearing the classic pencil skirt paired with heels and a briefcase. The rush of discord in people’s lives, from jobs to families, was such a distraction from what was going on in front of their eyes. You see, in others’ minds, you might of looked nothing more than a woman carrying a briefcase on her way to work at the office. But then again, they would be too busy to notice that when her skirt rose as she climbed stairs, the small knife strapped to the inside of her right thigh would give an entrance. Or the small variety of guns she held hidden from the rest of the outside chaos in the midst of her briefcase. Among many gangs, assassins, illegal dealers or racers, you would also look no different from the mundane world. But that was all pet play. In your current position, you would call yourself a hitman. Although the name a little unfitting, hence you gender, there was rarely anyone like you.

You took crime right up your alley, but never allowed yourself to associate with gangs, you were your own boss. Knowing much about this topic, you knew the consequences, death penalties as most common. You knew about everything and everyone, every hitmans’ strengths and weaknesses in your area, planned murders, but no one knew you. As funny as it sounded, and how easy it all played out, because at the same time you were the most wanted.   

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Target acquired. It isn’t often that he wears a shirt that shows even that much of his skin, but when he does, it reveals that perfect mole just above his collarbone. You zero in on the beauty mark slipping in close, inside the circle of his arms before you kiss and lick over his skin to your heart’s content. You only pull away when he begins laughing, rather than moaning, as you had wished. More determined than ever to make him gasp out a groan, you use your teeth to scrape against and then bite a little harder into his long throat, heated breath puffing out in clouds over his neck. Finally, the reaction that you wanted is yours when his mouth opens and a quiet moan is pulled from his lips. It is a signal that he’s given up and he concedes the victory to you, falling back to the bed with you.

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