Gossip, gossip, gossip. “Puffins make loud growling calls usually from underground which sounds like a muffled chainsaw.” It really does! listen here

“During winter, the bills and feet of puffins fade to dull shades of their summer colors.  Every spring their beaks and feet turn a colorful orange in preparation for the breeding season.” The brighter and bigger the beak… well you know what they say!

Read more about the Puffin Project and the effort to bring this beautiful bird’s population back! 

On a Clear Day

In this short video, see the Auks and Puffins decorating the Loafing Ledge on Seal Island, Maine. 

Over the coming weeks, our crew and partners at Audubon will be preparing for the summertime live cam. While we wait, check out these videos of our fledgling Puffin, Hope, and see the Penguins and Ospreys who are in mating season on their Live Cams now! 


All in all, Maine’s seabirds are important animals to monitor as indicators of global climate change, and as sensitive species who were driven away from Maine by human activities in the 1800’s and early 1900’s, and recently restored and monitored by the Audubon Society and Project Puffin. Their success depends upon a complex web of ecological cause and effect, and on people caring… people like you.

Read more about volunteering for Project Puffin (plus a summery video!).