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◇ “Come back home.” Always.

◇ Namjoon x reader

◇ mafia!au

◇ length: 8.5k

◇ um???? Guess who has no idea where tf this came from??? Anyway enjoy lol


Namjoon catches you staring again.

Your eyes hooded, your bottom lip caught between your teeth, your chin resting gently on your open palm. You were a sight for sore eyes; a sight that Namjoon could not indulge for the time being, but a sight nonetheless.


Namjoon prides himself on his emotionless composure but he’s sure that even Jimin could tell that he was distracted; though, said man was well aware that he shouldn’t question the whereabouts of his boss’s thoughts. He didn’t need to know that Namjoon was thinking about pressing you against his desk and taking you from behind, after all.

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How do I 1AR?

The 1AR is evil. It’s also the speech where I wind up deciding about half my ballots. It’s the speech you want to do right. It’s also about a minute too short to accomplish everything you really need to do. Here’s how to make it suck less.

The 1AR boils down to two competing targets: What’s the minimum I need to prove/extend to win? And: what are the most powerful arguments I can make? You want to cover your bases, but you also have enough time to make arguments to tilt the balance in your favor.

The 1AR also sets up your 2AR, which contrary to popular belief is not the most useless speech out there. The whole round is all about the 2AR, and the 1AR is how you get there.

You do a lot of your 1AR in your AC.

Casewriting is an art. The AC is 6 minutes of argumentation, and even fast 1NRs won’t be able to bury every single point in loads of ink. Construct your case to pre-empt common neg advocacies and you set yourself up for an easier fight.

Don’t waste time

The affirmative value/criterion and the negative value/criterion don’t have to live on the aff and neg flows. You can group the standards and settle them as a whole. The standards debate is either “My standard is better because reasons”, or “These standards are basically the same”, or the cop-outy “I can impact to either standard”. Starting a speech with “Standards AC NC” or something as your roadmap tells the judge you’re doing them as a whole.

Keep your tags for signposting short. Novice debaters are notoriously bad at this. “Go to the Klaus card in the second contention” is much better than “Go to the Klaus analysis in the second contention where my opponent says that its immoral to impose government policies on individuals who have moral objections”.

Some debaters prewrite their extensions on important points. Consider also recording yourself giving a 1AR. transcribe what you say. You’ll quickly find there are shorter ways to say the points you’re trying to make.

Tell me what matters

This is one weird thing about debate. You read a long case full of important reasons why your advocacy is right. Your opponent then attacks some, if not all of those reasons. At the end of the round, you’ve extended arguments and made voting issues – the most important arguments that justify your advocacy.

But a lot of times, it seems like the most important issues at the end are really just the arguments your opponent dropped. Is that enough to make an issue important? Is the 1AR just a bunch of puffery, conflating “my opponent mishandled this” with “this argument is important enough for you to vote for me”?

I think the answer is a qualified no. By all means, extend dropped arguments; they’re like free money. But extend them in a way that makes them seem important independent to how much or how little ink is in front of them. Careful word choice matters.

A good 1NR will look like they’ve left you with only the most useless pieces of your case left. A better 1AR is like saying “you fool, you’ve played right into my trap! These are exactly what I need to win!” MacGyver that speech, yo.

Where There’s Smoke_C3

Pairing: NaLu

Modern Day AU ~ bodyguard/heiress


Lucy, a cynical heiress, longs to find meaning in life. At a party, she meets Natsu, a strange man who drags her into a world she never expected to be a part of. Greed, espionage and organized crime, it becomes a three way battle for her life – one to kill her, one to exploit her and one to save her.

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C1 C2 C3

Where There’s Smoke

Chapter 3

Open Impetus

              It had been a long five minutes upon her return. She was surrounded by guests vying for her attention. Their shallow conversations laced with puffery and tittering and she was unable to focus on any of it. Her mind kept going back to one person, their banter still fresh in her mind and easily leading her thoughts astray.


He was a peculiar young man, abrasive and tactless and he carried with him an air of mystery. But he was warm, kind and straightforward. Someone who actually seemed interested in her for her and not her name or the money that came along with it. He had an inviting presence, disarming and friendly, and though he seemed rather inept in social situations, he had the unique ability to lift a person’s spirits with nothing but his smile.

She had gotten used to reading people, easily discerning who was sincere and who was not. A trait she inherited from her father and honed through her lifestyle. But unlike her father she did not use that knowledge against people but instead to avoid them. It was just a very small few people who she had encountered in her life that she felt comfortable getting close to. And she was hoping that he could be one.

She wondered where he had gone. She got back just moments after him and thought he might still be close by but it seemed he too had gotten swept away by the crowd.

She separated herself from a small cluster of people, trying to scan the crowd for him. If nothing else, she figured, his hair would give him away.

              “Miss Heartfilia.” She was snapped out of her thoughts and search and turned to the source of the voice. He was tall, with dark hair and a distinct tattoo above his right eye. “What an honor it is to finally meet you.” He was imposing, invading her space and acting overly familiar with her like so many people did – an action she detested.

              “Hello, mister…” She trailed off and noticed the two glasses of champagne he held.

              Acknowledging her glance, he held one out to her. “You can call me Bora.”

              She accepted the glass. “Thank you.”

              “My pleasure.” His voice was like velvet, smooth and soft, and along with his good looks, he was probably popular with women. Something about him though made Lucy uneasy. “I was hoping to have the chance to talk to you a little more if you wouldn’t mind.”

              She nodded respectfully and moved the glass to her lips but she paused. Natsu’s words crossed her mind.

“I recommend you not drink anymore tonight. You reek of booze.”

She was simultaneously self-conscious and annoyed. She thought about not drinking it but if he was watching, she would happily do it just to spite him. I’ll show that jerk. Forgetting about Bora, she brought the glass to her mouth and tipped it back. She could feel the chill of the liquid touch her lips but before any actually reached her mouth, the glass was pulled back.

She blinked, stunned as Natsu stood to her right, her glass in his hands and smirking at the now very irritated Bora. “Natsu?”

He shoved the glass back in his hand. “You can finish that. This one has had more than enough to drink.”

Bora frowned, growing irritated by the sudden intrusion while Natsu maintained a calm demeanor, the smug look on his face only baiting the other man. “Who do you think you are, interrupting our conversation—”

Natsu cut him off. “Well, to be fair, there was no talking going on when I got here.”

“Why you…” Bora growled and took a step forward.

Natsu pulled Lucy just slightly, positioning his body so it was partially in front of hers. “I promised Lucy a dance and it would be rude of me to leave without giving her one. Perhaps when we’re done, you can have her back.” He looked at her, that charming smile on his face again. “Provided she would want anything to do with you.”

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Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex II: Eye Serum and Gel-Creme Review

If you’re a fan of the bestselling Advanced Night Repair serums like me (I’ve used them on and off for 10 years), you’ll know what makes the range so effective is the extremely basic concept that good antioxidants and anti-inflammatories neutralizes a lot of environmental aggressors to prevent damage, and allows the skin to repair itself better as well. 

Around this very simple concept, the line has been expanded and updated over the years to include an intensive serum, a whitening serum, as well as an eye cream.

It was the very first high-end serum I’d invested in and probably my longest-used. (I still have a bottle now.) The very first Advanced Night Repair eye cream I tried 8 years ago soon after it launched gave me rashes around my eyes. Something in it just wasn’t agreeing with my skin even though I’d used the serum for quite a while by then. 

So when I was invited to try their latest-generation ANR Eye range, I admit I was more than a little nervous. 

What you should know:

  1. There are 2 products; a updated gel-creme with a silky texture similar to the previous versions, and a new lightweight serum that can be worn under other eye creams.
  2. The 2 products are NOT MEANT TO BE LAYERED. They are alternatives for people who like different textures. 
  3. The gel-creme I find is better for people who have normal to slightly-oily/dry skin around the eyes. It’s got non-greasy hydration (silicones and jojoba etc) and a silky light texture that works fine under makeup, but it won’t give you intense hydration.
  4. The serum on the other hand, is good for people who have either extremely dry or extremely oily eye skin. That’s because it’s very light and will not cause any milia on clog-prone skin, and also can be layered under a heavier eye cream so you can top-up the hydration level. 
  5. Both products are silicone-based, so if you have known problems with large amounts of silicone, then you might want to avoid these.
  6. The product works by including a whole slew of antioxidants like wheatgerm extract, echinacea purpurea, as well as anti-inflammatory ingredients like barley, chamomile, bifidus ferment, Scutellaria baicalensis extract, poria cocos or “fu ling” extract, etc.

My experience:

I’ve used these in turn for almost a month now, and they  definitely feel very fresh and light; no milia or clogs caused at all, and no rashes thank goodness. And I like being able to layer other products over it.

Both have a soothing feel on the skin but the serum has less ingredients and also no caffeine to drain water from the skin, so if you have puffy eyes and bags, you might want to go for the gel-creme instead of the serum. (Unless you are layering it under another eye cream which does.)

I personally prefer the serum because I like the flexibility of using a product that leaves no residue, or layering something over it for more moisturization, especially since I have a lot of other products I’m using or trying.

Do I feel a major difference? To be honest no. That’s not how antioxidants work, and these aren’t caffeine-laden formulations like Origins No Puffery that will drain puffy lids very quickly. I’d recommend this if you need preventive care more than you need a quick fix or corrective care for advanced damage.


The entire ANR range is meant to be used at night, to work with your skin’s natural rhythms and supplement your skin’s natural regeneration while you sleep.

But I’ll just tell you straight-out that I use these in the day as well.

There hasn’t been any independent research to indicate certain products only work better at night, unless it has ingredients that are inhibited or deactivated by sun exposure. And it’s proven that antioxidants are fantastic to have in your skin before exposure to sun and pollutants as they are on-hand to prevent damage, so all-day protection is the best protection.

Also, do take note that many of the ingredients here tend to lose effectiveness quickly so it makes sense to store your containers in a cool, dark, dry place to extend shelf life.

If people are genuinely interested in honoring Indians, try getting your government to live up to the more than 400 treaties it signed with our Nations. Try respecting our religious freedom which has been repeatedly denied in federal courts. Try stopping the ongoing theft of Indian water and other natural resources. Try reversing your colonial process that relegates us to the most impoverished, polluted, and desperate conditions in this country… Try understanding that the mascot issue is only the tip of a very huge problem of continuing racism against American Indians. Then maybe your “honors” will mean something. Until then, it’s just so much superficial, hypocritical puffery. People should remember that an honor isn’t born when it parts the honorer’s lips, it is born when it is accepted in the honoree’s ear.
—  Glenn T. Morris, 
Colorado AIM, 1992

Remember Kevin Trudeau? On Monday, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for violating a 2004 court order that barred him from making deceptive infomercials about his book, The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About.

At the sentencing, U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Guzman called Trudeau “deceitful to the very core,” and said that “since his 20s, he has steadfastly attempted to cheat others for his own gain.” Over the years, Trudeau has hawked “free money,” weight loss solutions and cures for cancer and other diseases. At the hearing, Trudeau claimed that he had undergone a “personal transformation” and said that if he does another infomercial, there will be “no embellishments, no puffery, no lies.” Reuters reports that the courtroom was packed with Trudeau supporters. One of them was 80-year-old Ed Foreman, a motivational speaker and former congressman for Texas and New Mexico, the news service says. It notes that Foreman “tried twice to make a statement in Trudeau’s support during the hearing. When Foreman failed to respond to the judge’s order to be quiet, he was lifted up by his arms and legs and carried out of the courtroom by federal marshals.”

More book news here.

i just found this on a tumblr. now i’m not looking to mock random strangers. but as an artist, i always wanna poke holes in the hot wind capabilities that we have and intellectual nonsense we’re somehow supposed to wanna spout about what we do (i personally think its an overcompensation to the fact that art has been stripped for the most part of it’s spiritual and energetic and psychic conversations and resonances and made into celebrity weirdness, gallery (class) elitism, or commerce).

this tumblr bio has the Artist Statement Disease. it’s basically a description of what every single christing tumblr blog is not only about but initially designed to do in the first place. this bio is like “come use my toilet, because it’s not a toliet. it’s a actually a porcelain white cool-to-the-touch dream harness. it’s a place where i collect and—” okay, you know where i’m headed, i don’t need to keep going.

it’s a tumblr, dude. not even your own artwork, just photos you reblog and blog. okay okay! i’m being harsh. but at least wear a costume if you’re gonna go this route. something with a horn, maybe. 

Milk with my cocoa PUFFERY.

Let me define you first the term Puffery. Puffery in the context of advertising according to what I have studied as a practitioner means it is to describe the hype and exaggeration that may be present in advertising to grab consumers’ attention. Advertising hence is tool on helping consumers construct their decision underlying their trust to the consumable product being promised by advertisements.

However, there is a difference between Deceptive Advertising and Puffery. Deceptive Advertising is technically misleading consumers to make-believe consumers that the promise being fed to them is genuine and real. Puffery as mentioned means exaggeration whereas it is much more evident on Shop TV advertisements. People consciously know if what are being fed to them by the advertisers were filled with puffery. Likewise, on a current basis, Puffery now was never an issue since Advertisers thought of an escape. For instances, Fit n’ right being positioned as a dieting drink, from packaging to promotion and name branding it is all about Diet. However, if a consumer brought up that the product is not effective and having a false claim, there is now a statement inclusive to their packaging stating “ *with a proper diet and exercise” wherein written in a very small font and left unnoticeable.

French King cake / Galette des Rois (France)


-2 puff pastry discs d=30cm

-150g almond powder

-75g sugar

-1 egg

-50g soft butter

-1 egg yolk for the gilt


1. Add soft butter to the powder (almond and sugar)

2. Add one egg and mix well.

3. Add the mixture on the first pastry disc.

4. Put beaten yellow yolk around the disc.

5. Close the cake with the second pastry disc and stick well the edge with a fork.

6. Add more yellow yolk on the cake for the gilt.

7. Put the King cake in the preheated oven (210°C) for 30 minutes.

8. Then…tell mi who will be the king?

How do stores constantly get away with false advertising?

There’s a legal concept called “mere puffery.” Basically, claims that are unreasonable or clearly just brags are not taken as statements of fact. One of the more famous cases of puffery is Leonard v. Pepsico, in which someone tried to redeem 7 million Pepsi Points (purchased for $700,000) for a Harrier jet, as depicted in this ad. It was clear that there was no offer to give you a $23 million jet for $700,000, so the claimed offer/advertisement was ruled mere puffery.

Here, it’s clear that they’re not selling at the lowest price allowed by law, as that price would be sales tax + cigarette tax, no cost of the cigarettes, no overhead, no profit. It’s a brag about having good prices, not an absolute statement. Actual price guarantees, like those given by Wal-Mart or Target, have conditions that need to be met to claim the guarantee’s benefits. You often have to show them the lower advertised price, within so many days of purchase, ensure that both prices are offered at the same time, etc.