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How would Samezuka + Iwatobi if possible react to their S/O booping them on the nose/ squish their cheeks? Bonus points if they do it back! Welcome back friend!

so it’s like 12AM and i’ve spent the whole day dead on my feet but now i’m wide awake and feeling pretty shit about my writing (esp smut yo) because of something (someone else’s writing but w/e) but that is irrelevant i’ll get out of it somehow just gonna say there might not be any smut for a while because i can’t handle it rn i need to get my confidence back ANYWAY


Haruka was surprised, his blue eyes wide and gazing warily at your own, analysing your movements as though you were a wild animal ready to attack him. It was barely noticeable, but when his stare broke to glance at your own nose, you knew he was about to get his revenge. A small, mischievous smile was the only warning you had before Haru, rather cutely, ‘booped’ you right back.

Makoto giggled, brushing your hands away before affectionately cupping your cheeks in a similar fashion to you had just held his, squeezing them between his large hands, leaving you helpless to the mercy of his manipulation as he squeezed your face into strange expressions, only laughing harder every time you tried to protest his actions.

Nagisa narrowed his eyes, raising his hands to his face in a defensive move before crouching, and you mimicked his moves, shit-eating grin on your face as you waited for him to pounce. Sure enough, it was a matter of moments before he was upon you, and you were fighting for your dignity, grabbing one of his wrists to prevent him squashing your face between his hands, simultaneously reaching for his own face in an attempt to be the first to get a hold.

Rei didn’t really get what had just happened - he was studying at the time when you had touched his nose, and it wasn’t until you did it once more, a quiet ‘boop’ accompanying it, that he realised you were trying to distract him. Your endeavours had been successful, of course, and, smiling a little, Rei simply ‘booped’ you back, before returning to his studies.


Rin and you had been at it all day. It had started with him poking you awake earlier that morning, which had progressed into a full-blown tickle war. Of course, now, you were competing to see who could get the most ‘nose boops’ (as you had named them, much to Rin’s dismay) in across the duration of the day. Rin won.

Sousuke wasn’t easy to wake up when he wanted to be asleep, so you weren’t exactly expecting to be caught in the compromising position you were currently in. That is; straddling his chest, compressing his face between the two of your hands, leaving him looking rather ridiculous. When his eyes slowly opened, you froze, muscles tense, fight or flight instincts kicking in. The thing is, flight was quite literally impossible at this point, as he already had grasp of your arms, so all you could do was… Hope for the best (he only took a few photographs, at least…).

Nitori just knew you didn’t have anything good for his sanity planned when you got that glint in your eye. What he wasn’t expecting, however, was for you to walk up to him, entirely serious, get extremely (uncomfortably) close to his face, whisper ‘boop’, and… Well, ‘boop’ him on the nose, before running away, laughing maniacally. He didn’t know what to do with you sometimes.

Momotarou was competitive at the best of times, but when it came to video games, he was insufferable. So of course, when you beat him, you took the chance to grab his confused (and slightly impressed) face, grab both of his cheeks, and compress his face so hard he ended up looking like a strangely red, freckled, puffer fish. He said something similar about your appearance when he did the exact same back, when he beat you.

Seijuro had always wanted to be one of those 'cute couples’. So of course, when you affectionally touched the tip of his nose, grinning and cooing at him, he happily snuggled you further into his arms, returning the favour and kissing you lightly on the forehead, much to the dismay of your friends…

Snow Days - Olicity AU Fanfic - M

Hello Winter Pals! I have taken a slight break from my multi-chapter (Magic Words) to whip up a little frosty fun. It’s a sweet romance with a little heat and marshmallows and I hope it will warm you up on this wintry weekend. It’s rated M for a bit of toasty frolicking. 

Many thanks to @tinaday3w and @scu11y22 for their advance read and helpful feedback! 

You can also find the story on Ao3.

SNOW DAYS by quiveringbunny

It was common knowledge that Felicity Smoak was not a morning person. What was less publicly known was that she made an exception on Snow Days. Growing up in one of the warmest, driest places in America, Las Vegas, she always coveted the beautiful white weather and was jealous of the kids who got to frolic in it. Attending college in Boston, she finally had the opportunity to experience the slush, the powder and an occasional white-out first-hand, but this only increased her fondness for it. Felicity was always the first one up in her dorm, keen to walk out on the quad during the early quiet moments when the snow was still perfect, undisturbed by footprints.  

Now Felicity lived in Starling City, but had yet to experience a major snowfall. She had heard reports of an expected storm, but paid little attention due to the distraction of work. The tech genius was employed by Queen Consolidated as a Senior IT Consultant and had spent the previous evening compiling a series of useless reports for her neurotic boss. Apparently, he had got it into his head that he might be fired soon and was desperately overcompensating with work product. Felicity had to bear the weight of his insecurity.

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