puffed brown rice

Here is my super easy and speedy cereal recipe, which lasts about a month in a sealed container. It’s low fat, high protein, low sugar and super delicious… If you’re anything like me you’ll want your cereal to pack a crunch, be tasty but not chockablock with sugar; this is the best of all of these worlds. The great thing about it is you can customise the base recipe based on what you have in the cupboard and what your preferences are! 

Homemade low sugar cereal

Serves (roughly) 30 breakfasts

In a bowl combine: 

100g of puffed brown rice 

100g of corn flakes 

100g of rye oats 

1 cup of chopped almonds

½ cup of chopped hazelnut

1 ½ Tbsp of agave nectar

That’s it… no baking just keep in ur cupboard and add to yoghurt, milk or grab and go as a snack (you’ll find me with my hands in the box quite a bit with this stuff).