puffed brown rice

anonymous asked:

How do you make your homemade muesli? 😍

Well I don’t have an exact recipe because I really just throw random amounts of things in a bowl. But I usually add 3 cups of rolled oats and a little maple syrup, maybe ¼ cup? To sweeten a little and bake (170 degrees C) for 10-15 minutes until golden. I also roast lots of coconut flakes separately so they don’t burn. When that’s cooled down I add a few handfuls of chopped nut to the mix (what ever I have on hand), pumpkin seeds, rice bran cereal, puffed brown rice, dried dates, mulberries and another other dried fruit I want… I also like adding uncooked rolled oats and quick oats for different texture. Sorry I don’t have a real recipe, I just throw in bits here and there, mix it up and see if I want more of something.