I can’t believe I’m making a theory about an object show, but I think I may have found out how Gamey’s batteries died.

In episode 4 of Inanimate Insanity, two hosts that we know very well come onto the show. Gamey and Puffball SB. Each area of each object show seems to take place around a forest (bfdia seems more like the middle of no where lmao).

In episode 4 anyway, Window, Puffball SB, Gamey, and Mephone4 are the testers for the pizza that the teams make. At the near end of the episode Cheese dumps water on everyone, and Mephone4, after Window gets his glass broken, tells everyone to escape while they can. On one shot we can see Gamey fall from his chair. On the shot of where the traveled testers are supposed to be escaping, we only see Window and Puffball SB, and Gamey is no where in sight.

Which means the water must of burnt up the batteries and caused them to die. Mephone4 didn’t die because of phones that are similar to his, they usually have some type of water resistance level (And I know, as one time I dropped my phone that wasn’t water resistant into a bowl of milk and it was still working.)

As for how Gamey ended up in a forest? Remember how in episode 2 Mephone4 doesn’t really care about if Marshmallow was safe, but about the law suits he would get if she died. Mephone4 couldn’t bring Gamey back to life because he wasn’t a contestant or a part of Mephone4’s team of workers. So what would Mephone4 most likely have to do so he wouldn’t get lawsuits?

Hide Gamey in a forest. Which is probably why Gamey is found in the first episode of the reboot. And probably why he glitches at first when he first wakes up because the area of where the batteries were could’ve been damp.

I dunno you don’t have to agree lmao.

Nintendo opens Kirby-themed cafés in Japan

Nintendo has opened a series of Kirby cafés and shops in Japan that bring one of their most iconic characters to life.

Fans of the ridiculously cute pink puffball that eats his enemies for lunch can tuck into a stack of Kirby pancakes, Popstar curry, Maxim Tomato pasta, and Kirby macarons in Osaka and Tokyo this month.

Foods are shaped like the characters and given faces, while the shop merchandise includes everything from Kirby coffee mugs, coasters, iPhone cases, clothing and inflatable travel pillows.

The Tokyo opening of the Kirby Café is set for August 26 and follows on the launch of an Osaka location which opened August 5 and closes on September 4.

A location in Nagoya only selling Kirby merchandise will open between August 24 and September 4.

Kirby is the latest Nintendo character to be given an edible tribute. To mark Super Mario’s 30th birthday last summer, Nintendo opened a series of themed cafés across Tokyo with Tower Records serving up pixelated, Mario-themed coffees and star-shaped omelets.

That summer also saw the opening of a My Little Pony café in Tokyo.

Broke out the travel watercolor kit today and went to the marina. Trying to do more painting in the wild now that I have a little time off. Saving this sketchbook solely for on-site stuff and you can see it’s been waaaayyyy too long since I cracked it last.

Anyway, the tide went out, more than one small angry puffball dog got up in my biz, a couple of the yachts left and some geese gave me the sideeye.

“ … Heehee.

And here’s Kirby on his tablet, with a few crude sketches meant to resemble the headless mannequins… but he’s drawn little smiley faces where the heads should go! D’aww.