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There are people who asking what kind of yarn & pattern i use for my last 2 wash cloth posts. I dont know why but tag system doesnt work and i can only share it like this.

I live in Türkiye and we call these yarn as ‘Lif ipi’. (lif for wash cloth and ip for yarn/thread)

There are different labels for same kind of yarn for example; OPAL -Kristal, NAKO BONBON- Kristal but i love and prefer using KARTOPU - Kristal since colors are the best and it doesnt get hairy after you scrub/use the wash cloth later on.

1 ball is 100gr, double ply: 450mt. I use it with 2mm or 2.5mm with hook. I like my wash cloth crochet pieces neat and a little stiff. 

For patterns i dont really have a written pattern. Usually older ladies love to crochet these kind of wash cloth here then sell them on local fairs or give them as present to people. Younger generation doesnt really care or know about it except some others like me xD…

There are some groups on facebook who share step by step photos,  some blogs who share photo tutorials also youtube channels show with longer videos.

Most of time i try to share the tutorial links i used but if you would like to search yourself like me try typing on google/youtube; Lif modelleri (wash cloth models),

Lif yapımı (wash cloth crocheting), lif modeli anlatım (wash cloth tutorial).

These kind of wash cloths are crocheted by puff stitch. i would like to talk/tell more about it but this post is getting longer and im not really  sure how to tell with english terms sorry >’’<

example YT vids link:


Easier models :


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Ooooooh! For the AU meme: 28 or 49, please? :D

28 - knocking on the wrong door AU

Phil has just sat down for first time today, when someone bangs loudly on his front door.  He sighs, pauses Dog Cops, and stands up.

The man on his doorstep is holding a longbow, is bleeding steadily from a visible wound in his shoulder, takes ones look at Phil and says, “Why aren’t you Natasha?”

Because Phil works for SHIELD, this is nowhere near the strangest thing that’s happened to Phil this week.

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Do you have any tips for hexipuff knitting? Also, how do you sew your puffs together into columns/plan on joining the columns?

For hexipuffs, my tips would be:

  • Use your gauge. That way you can make all of your hexipuffs the same size. I use 3 different sized needles because I have different weights of yarn.
  • Make them bigger. I think the standard size is a 3 inch diameter using sock yarn, but they would look equally cool at 5 or 6 inches in medium or worsted weight AND you’ll need less hexipuffs. If I was to make another blanket, I would make them bigger.
  • I use Judy’s Magic Cast on to start my puffs, and Kitchener stitch to finish them. They look really squishy.
  • Storage is key. If you’re planning to make a big blanket, they do take up a lot of space. I use storage stools and I can fit about 400 in each one. They’re collapsible, and usually under $20. Plus can be yarn storage after.
  • I focus on my project weekly, so I add up my hexipuffs for the week, then if I need a break (like now I’m moving) I take a break.
  •  I only use about 6-8 colours at a time. That way I have variety, BUT I feel major accomplishment when I finish the colour, and the excitement of what colour will take it’s place.
  • Have spare needles. I used KnitPick’s needles and I’ve broken probably about half a dozen needles. I have one in Caspian, one in Harmony wood (can’t knit green on the Caspians makes my eyes hurt), and a metal set.
  • COUPONS. This project can get expensive. I’ve used probably 20 bags of supreme polyfil, and they’re about $8 a bag at Michaels, but if I use one 40% off coupon, I save $3.20, and occasionally they have 50% off coupons.
    • Use supreme polyfil, not regular polyfil. It looks like you get more polyfil, but it’s a lot airier and you need more to fill a hexipuff and it’s really coarse. And more annoyingly, there’s small polyfil fibers that come off of it and they go EVERYWHERE. Save your sanity, spent the extra $0.50, and buy the supreme stuff, it’s worth it.
    • Always have a spare bag of polyfil, in case you run out at 11 pm, or if there is a coupon drought (it’s happened to me, it was almost 3 weeks).
  • To make your blanket pop, try to make a coloured theme, whether it’s warm colours, black and white, an ombre effect. I think if you choose your colours wisely, the finished product looks better than one or two hexipuffs in different colours.
  • Expect to knit a lot more than you expect. 400 hexipuffs is not enough for a blanket, probably 800 is a better bet.
  •  TAKE YOUR TIME, this is a long project, it’s not going to be done overnight. I think a good goal for hexipuffs is about 2 a day, it’s doable, and then at the end of the week you have 14. I usually shoot for 20-25 a week if I can. Taking breaks can be important, knit a hat for a week, or a blanket. You can put this on standby, just don’t put it in the corner of WIP doom. It won’t get done if you never do it.

So finishing the blanket.
1) I first sew them into columns. I pick up stitches from the top of one hexipuff and the bottom of another hexipuff (usually 8-10 stitches using a size 2 dpns) and use the tail from the cast off (if long enough) to kitchener stitch them together.
2) When I have two columns completed, I mattress stitch up the two sides using scrap yarn from old projects (doesn’t matter if it matches it’s invisible). WARNING this does take a long ass time, mattress stitch can be very time consuming, but the pay off is totally worth it.
3) I sew about 3 columns together into one area of fabric and then join to the rest of the blanket, because after 3 columns wide it’s kind of hard to sew.
This version makes it super warm and one piece of fabric. It also stretches out all the hexipuffs into uniform shapes so don’t worry about the ones that misshaped or understuffed, they all look good in the end.


The  Boxed Puff Stitch

Urban Jungle Slouchy Beanie

After seeing this on allaboutami.tumblr.com, I had to make this eventually, and then I finally started randomly when I was procrastinating during spring semester.

I really like the ribbed pattern on the band.

Not going to lie, starting this was the biggest pain. I was really confused about the instructions and the whole skipping a stitch because I thought it was too holey, but then there were sooo many puff stitches..I think I made and took apart the first like 10 rows at least 10 times. I was also unsure because of the counts of stitches on the pattern (I didn’t really follow them because I tried to fit it around my head, which I guess is a lot smaller). 

Finally finished! 

I feel like everything I make ends up a little awkward looking :/ So its a little awkward on me. (excuse the messy room).

and after taking forever to crank out the first one, boyfriend also requested one, sooo cranked one out in like a week.

tada :]


How to Crochet the Puff Stitch