The houses as.... Writers


  • the hemingway’s of the world
  • their writing is full of angst and personal experience
  • can often come across as anecdotic- they take what has happened to them and apply it to a broader spectrum
  • there is an underlying current of passion in everything they write
  • many late nights w/ coffee because they were suddenly inspired at 2am while nearly dreaming


  • the fantasy writers
  • create whole worlds bc they aren’t satisfied with the one’s they are in
  • stories often make a statement on real world issues in a creative way
  • prefers to use a typewriter/hand-write their stories
  • shares their ideas with very few
  • almost never finishes a story bc they have so many half-finished ideas swirling in their heads


  • the realistic writers
  • creates painfully authentic, multi-faceted characters with abundant flaws
  • their writings aren’t meant to teach a lesson; simply to share a story
  • draw inspiration from those around them; MAJOR people watchers
  • their writing is highly sophisticated and not easy to digest; you have to pay attention to every detail
  • prefer writing in the 3rd person; like to take an omnipotent view as a way of removing themselves from the piece
  • take great pride in their work and don’t reveal it until it’s at a standard that they approve of (and that bar is HIGH) 


  • the poets
  • a lot of YA authors are hufflepuff
  • create beautiful imagery in everything they write
  • their attention to detail is impeccable; they want to ensure that what they imagine is what the audience also envisions
  • their writing is raw with emotion and makes the reader feel for the characters
  • 1st person stories
  • very open/receptive to criticism; seeks out ways to improve upon their creation
  • their stories always have a moral that they want the world to know
  • everything they write is a piece of them

if u don’t like Hufflepuffs then u must not like acceptance, honesty, equality, loyalty, easy kitchen access and lovely cozy hobbit holes and if u don’t like any of those things then u must be a very sad person and i will invite u into our cozy badger tunnel and nab u some cauldron cakes and butterbeer from the kitchens next door and listen to ur troubles until u feel a lil less sad

Whenever it seems the world has beaten you down...

A Gryffindor is going to pick you back up. They are the house of courage and bravery, and refuse to let anyone live in a state of fear and resignation. Their love may be tough, and brutally honest, but they will say what you need to hear to get you back on your feet. Even if it hurts. 

A Ravenclaw is going to find ways to make your life easier. Chances are, they’ve devised a plan that’s going to get you out of whatever rough patch you’re in. They can be the best problem solvers there are, and they will think of a million different ways to make sure that you never get in that situation again. They will dedicate their time and energy to helping you improve, so that you can avoid the issue altogether in the future. 

A Slytherin is going to protect you. They are masters at manipulation and cunning, and while you may never realize it, they have gone and dealt with the issue so you don’t have to. They’ll pull whatever strings necessary to ensure that you are OK, and will probably never tell you that they’ve done it. Much like the snake, they will strike out and sink their venom into anything that dare hurt you. 

A Hufflepuff is going to comfort you. They are the ones you turn to when you need your bandages dressed and your bruises kissed. A hufflepuff is going to speak words of encouragement into your life, and nothing but positivity, all while going out of their way to brighten your day. They will think of the little things that will make you smile, and put their all into persuading your happiness. 

hogwarts houses & christmas asethetics

gryffindor ; slipping into coffee shops to keep out of the cold, big cozy parkas, snow ball fights - no - snow ball wars, flannel, doc martens, board games by the fire, building excessive snow forts, ugly christmas sweaters, big knit mittens, living in leggings or skinny jeans despite the cold, eating all the christmas oranges and all the baking before anyone else can, watching arthur christmas, putting up the tree on december 1st, trying to stay up all night christmas eve

ravenclaw ; reading under heavy blankets, braving the cold to take pictures of the trees when they’re perfectly dusted with snow, cashmere turtlenecks, always holding a cup of steaming tea, reading robert frost, burning candles to stay warm, mom jeans and big woolly socks, baking cinnamon buns, putting up all the fairy lights, building igloos, making paper snowflakes, watching the polar express, always cold and sleepy

hufflepuff ; oversized woolly scarves, chatting and reading by the fire, hot cocoa with heaps of whipped cream, bean boots, walks through fields of snow, baking sugar cookies, making snow angels, walking around the house with a blanket wrapped around them, always smelling like a warm vanilla candle, knitting everything, picking out christmas trees, always in holiday pyjamas, making christmas puns, planting poinsettias, watching elf over and over and over  

slytherin ; still walking around in heels like the snow and ice don’t exist, slim fitting woolen overcoats, all black everything, apparently never cold, beanies with a fur pom pom, watching the snow fall late at night, leather gloves, decorating with ivy and mistletoe, building snowmen and ice sculptures, berry lipstick stains on red starbucks cups, watching the holiday, waking up way too early christmas morning and getting up anyways

Items in a Hufflepuff’s Bag
  • The crumbled petals of old pressed flowers
  • Bandages
  • A locket passed down from a family member
  • Recipes, jotted down on napkins
  • Buttons
  • An old container of dried paints
  • Seed packets (and the seeds from a few of those packets that happened to rip)
  • Bobby pins and paperclips
  • Leftover Potions ingredients
  • Their house scarf
  • Small braids of colored yarn
  • Empty candy wrappers
  • A story they’re in the midst of writing
  • Family photos

Gryffindor / Slytherin / Ravenclaw / Hufflepuff