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Pokemon Theory: What Jigglypuff is based on

Jigglypuff is probably the third or fourth most popular Pokemon of the original 151, behind only Pikachu, Charizard, and maybe Mewtwo. It had a prominent role in the anime, it’s been catchable in almost every game in the series, and it even has been a mainstay of the Super Smash Bros series. But, for all the love and exposure Jigglypuff gets, there’s still one thing about it that there isn’t a clear answer to:

What the heck is Jigglypuff supposed to be based on?

I mean, look at it!

Adorable, but like, what is it supposed to be? Most Pokemon are at least to some degree based on something existing, be it an animal, plant, object, myth, or something else, but Jigglypuff just seems to be, well, a puff.

Even Bulbapedia seems confused:

I mean, a “pink puff”? Is that supposed to mean anything? 

Well, here’s a few theories to try and help decipher this Pokemon.

Theory #1- A Balloon

It is called the Balloon Pokemon after all, and that seems to be the biggest obvious source of inspiration. It’s round, and it inflates itself when angry in the anime and deflates when defeated in games like Stadium. Still, that leaves a lot unexplained, like why it sings, or why it evolves with a Moon Stone or why it has cat ears or pretty much anything else about it. 

Besides, it’s kind of hard to argue that this

Is 100% supposed to be a balloon when this

Is a Pokemon that exists. Granted, Drifloon was made three generations later, but I think it proves that Game Freak knows what a balloon looks like.

Theory #2- A Plush Doll

Another theory I’ve seen floating around is that Jigglypuff is based on a plush doll- just a general cute cuddly thing. And that makes a bit more sense than it being just based on a balloon, it doesn’t hold off at all when you realize that Jigglypuff was introduced in the same generation as the PokeDoll item, which

Yeah. Wrong pink puff that evolves with a Moon Stone to support anything.

Theory #3- Kirby

When I was little, I assumed Jigglypuff was based on Kirby. I mean, look at them!

Both pink puffs, same general body shape, and they’re even around the same size. Plus, one of Kirby’s most iconic abilities is the Mike ability- in other words, a song that causes some serious damage (closer to Hyper Voice than Sing, but I digress), and Jigglypuff can learn a much wider array of attacks than most Pokemon, mirroring Kirby’s copy abilities, including the move Mimic. Not to mention, old ads called Kirby the “super tuff pink puff”. 

But, despite what my eight year old self thought, this doesn’t really hold up to scrutiny. For one, despite both being under the Nintendo umbrella, Kirby isn’t particularly connected to any of the developers of the original Red and Green in any way. The closest thing I can think of is that both some developers from what would become Creatures Inc and HAL worked on Earthbound, but that isn’t the best support. And, despite the move existing since Gen 1, Jigglypuff could only learn Mimic through level up starting in Gen 3. If it was really based on Kirby, wouldn’t it make sense to have that move as its signature move from the start?

Theory #4- The Rabbit on the Moon

And here we come to the part of the theory that’s just my own baseless thoughts. But, mostly this theory comes from Wigglytuff, because, well

Look at it. This is a cartoon rabbit if I’ve ever seen one. Add in that it evolves with a moon stone, and we’ve got ourselves a reference.

But, you might ask, what does this mean for Jigglypuff? Well, in the Japanese versions of the myth, the rabbit on the moon is pounding mochi.

You might not get the resemblance, but how about 


Conclusion- ????

I still have no real idea what the Jigglypuff line is supposed to be based on, or where the singing comes from, but my best idea is a combination of balloons and mochi/rabbits. Still, I’d love to hear any further ideas!

anonymous asked:

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