puff bites

uncommon alliances: part two

summary: intimacy isn’t really draco’s strong spot, but that doesn’t stop him from trying. you decide you don’t want a pygmy puff anymore, so you go in search of a new owner for puff.

word count: ~3800

a/n: YALL I DID IT I GOT IT OUT OMG now to get out all the requests i have….. hmm…….. we’ll work on it. please enjoy this i worked hard and i will work hard fulfilling you guys’ ideas! and i need to repost catch me if u can bc i deleted it oops anyway enjoy and wish me luck on these terrible cramps i have hoenestly (ha get it) i feel like dying bye

part zero  part one

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Prompt: After Astoria’s death, you came back to your previous relationship with Draco, just like it were before. Now the office was his, you could have fun in there, but not without being interrupted by his son, Scorpius.

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Daddy kink, allusion to marijuana and alcohol

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Working Legs [a Barry Allen AU]

a/n: oh look more fucking au’s nobody asked for


It all happened on a late June night. Joe was out on a case when his foster son showed up, telling him it was too dangerous. Though he was told to stay in the police car, Barry disobeyed, running towards Joe. It happened in a blink of an eye; the criminal fired his gun at the older man and the bullets shot out as fast as lightning. The twenty four year old jumped in front of them, screaming in agony when the bullets entered his lower back.

“Barry!” Joe cried out, dropping to his knees next to where his son lay. Blood seeped through his plaid blue button down and his arm was twisted behind his back, his face scrunched in pain. In a matter of minutes, the boy was in the back seat of the police cruiser, passed out on the middle aged man.

When they got to the hospital, Joe carried his limp body in his arms, watching nurses scramble around for a stretcher. Joe placed his son on the hospital bed and the doctors rushed him through a set of double doors. They had to do surgery, which meant Joe couldn’t see him until it was over. So, he waited and waited and waited.

It took a long six hours for the surgery to end and another seven and a half for him to wake up. During that time, the doctors told Joe some heavy news. Due to where the bullet hit, his spine was shattered. Joe blocked out the rest of what they said. He just sat there; Iris came a half hour later, keeping her dad company.

The moment Barry batted his eyelashes, Joe and Iris were there, offering him water and another pillow. He smiled at Joe after the water in the plastic cup was gone, reaching a hand out; the wires move with him. “Joe, I told you it was too dangerous.” he coughed, chuckling at his foster father, who bit his lip, tears clouding in his eyes. Barry frowned, dropping his hand and gazing at Iris, whose eyes were also wet. “What’s wro-” Then he noticed something. His feet wouldn’t move, even though he was telling them to - in fact, his legs wouldn’t move. “No.” his voice cracked, “Guys, I can’t feel my legs.”


Being in a wheelchair is a lot harder than Barry thought it would be. One would think the police department would have an automatic door, but no, the CCPD doesn’t. With one hand, Barry pulls the door open, wheeling his chair around to act like a door stop, elbow pushing the door further. As he holds the wood, his other hand moves the joystick, driving inside. “Stupid…doors.” he grumbles, sighing to himself.

He rolls around a group of kids, smiling at a few of them while the teacher talks, and gets to the elevator…only for it to be out of fucking service. Angry tears spring in his eyes but he glares at his lap so nobody will see. He needs the elevator to get to his lab to do his job! Don’t they know that? He thinks they should know that by now.

“Um, excuse me sir, do you work here?” you question timidly, clutching your clipboard to your chest. Your teeth dig into your red bottom lip as you peer around, keeping an eye on the group of thirteen children. “I’m supposed to be meeting Captain Singh…” you peek at your clipboard, “and Detective West and his partner, Detective Thwane? I guess it would help if I knew where to be.” you giggle, staring at the brown haired man, who’s in awe. “Shoot, you probably don’t wor-”

“No, no, I work here.” Barry smiles, showing his little clip on CSI name tag underneath his felt coat. “Barry Allen, forensic scientist, well, I would be, if I could get to my lab.” he jokes, nodding to the out of order sign. You part your lips, shuffling on your red polka dot heels. “Sorry, dark humor.” he waves his hand, chuckling awkwardly, “Um, I can show you to Joe- I mean, Detective West, sorry, he’s my foster father. I usually call him Joe…and why am I tell you all of this?” he trails off, shaking his head.

You giggle, covering your mouth with one of your fingers. “Oh, it’s okay- Kyle! Don’t pull Rachel’s backpack.” you say sternly, watching the small blond first grader slump his shoulders. A sigh leaves your lips and you slowly turn your attention to the handsome man, “So, you were saying?” you ask.

Barry’s long fingers curl around the black thin joystick, green avocado eyes gleaming brightly at you. He tries not to pay mind to your fitting ruby pencil skirt; he has always loved the color red, but now he is seeing it in a completely different perspective. “Right, right, Jo- I mean, Detective West, ahhh!” he hits his armrest, sighing, “He should be…” he mutters, rolling forward into the desk area, “Here. Hi Joe.” he says in a curt tone, lips twitching as if he wants to smile.

Quickly looking over your shoulder, you count the kids. Thirteen, good. The older man grins at the young man, “Hey Barr! Shouldn’t you be in the lab?” he mumbles in a silky voice, raising an eyebrow skeptically.

Barry glares, crossing his arms over his dark blue sweater. “Well, I should be, yes. But, the elevator is out of order, so unless you wanna carry me and my chair downstairs, I can’t really do anything.” he puffs out, biting the inside of his cheek, “Honestly, Joe - I’m sorry, give me a second -” he pleads at you; you nod reassuringly. “Honestly, Joe, how am I supposed to do my job if I can’t get to my lab?!” His hands wave around, finally setting on his neck, rubbing it.’

“What do you want me to do, Barr? I’m not an electrician, son.” the detective sighs, scratching his temple, “I’ll…I don’t know, I’ll figure it out, okay? For now, you can help me set up Miss Y/L/N’s class.” he grins at you, standing up; you return the favor, “Captain Singh is out on a case, but, he should be back soon. Joe West.” He shakes your hand, “Is it okay if I talk to the kids; give ‘em a run down of what’s goin’ on?”

You nod your head, brushing your hair behind ear. “Of course! And, I’m Y/N Y/L/N, not that you…didn’t already know that. Obviously you know that; you were the one I talked to over the phone and you probably did a background ch- I’m going to stop talking now.” you mumble awkwardly, raising your pointer finger in the air while your other hand has the lime green clipboard in a death grip.

Chuckling, Detecti- Joe adjusts his white button down in his suit pants, peering at you then at his son. “Barry here would love to talk to you, wouldn’t you Barry?” he says briskly, walking towards the group of kids before he gets an answer. Curse him and his working legs…

Barry shifts in his wheelchair, grinning up at you awkwardly, “So…you’re a teacher?” You nod your head, hair falling in your eyes. “That’s nice. Hey, maybe you could teach me a lesson sometime!” he chuckles at his pun, stopping immediately after he notices the rosy blush on your cheeks as you bite your lip, eyes focused on the floor. His mouth opens and closes like a fish out of water. “Oh, oh god, I didn’t - I didn’t mean it like that! I meant maybe you could show me something new - nope, nope, that sounds worse. I…” Mayday, mayday, ship sinking.

Covering your blush, you glance over at Joe, giggling quietly. Is giggling good? Barry has no clue. Bending down slightly, you lean on his armrest; he looks at you with wide eyes and you gulp. “Sorry, it felt a bit rude talking down to you.” you explain, nibbling your bottom lipstick covered lip. He nods slowly, mouth ajar. “But, um, I know what you mean… Off the record though, I think… you are really adorable.” you say nervously, pecking his cheek.

Then you realize your mistake. Cupping your hands over your mouth, you stare wide-eyed at the bright red lipstick print now on his freckled cheek. “I’m so sorry!” you exclaim, voice muffled by your hands.

Barry shrugs, acting if he’s not freaking out inside. Be cool, Barry, be cool. Don’t do anything embarrassing. “It’s okay!” he squeaks. Squeaks. Come on. “No big deal - oh, look Captain Singh’s here!” he says in one breath, flashing a smile as he pulls his watch up to his face, hand landing on his joystick, “It was lovely meeting you, Y/N, have good day!” he grins, gulping, “Look at the time! I have to run! Ha, get it run? Joe, I’m leaving.” he mutters the last sentence as he passes by the man, keeping his head down.

He pushes the door open, huffing in frustration as he props it open with his elbow. Peering back, he sees you smile and…he feels like he’s going to throw up. Instead of butterflies in his stomach, it feels like a swarm of wasps, stinging him from the inside out. Pressing the joystick harder than he probably should, the wheelchair bolts outside.

Eddie walks by the chair, coffee in hand. He watches the wheelchair zoom towards the ramp on the side of the building. Bringing the file up, he uses it as a makeshift megaphone, “Hey, Barr, don’t you have work?!” he calls out, voice laced in confusion while his blond eyebrows scrunch together.

“Shut up, Eddie!” Barry hollers over his shoulder, not bothering to stop. Eddie shrugs, blinking down at his drink. What’d he miss when he was with Iris on break? Maybe Joe would fill the young detective in.

Of Jumpers and New Years’ Kisses

Hey guys! I just finished writing this fic and after many attempts I hope to uplaod this. I hope you like it.
It’s for @mel-chan366​ because she’s super amazing and as a late Christmas present an @wontchangeforyou​ as a late birthday present ‘cause she’s v. nice too.
Here we go, enjoy!

Title: Of Jumpers and New Years’ Kisses
Pairing: Jercy
Rating: Teen (I guess)
Words: 1,399
Summary: Jason goes over to Percy’s house for Christmas and New Years, and Jason has an ugly jumper and Percy can’t help but comment.

“Oh hi, Jason nice to see you again. Happy Christmas Eve! Would you like to come in, Percy’s just in his room he’ll be out in a minute.” A soft feminine voice pulls Jason out of his thoughts. Jason looks up to see appreciative vivid blue eyes gazing at up at him. It was Percy’s mum - Sally.

“Oh uh, hi Mrs Blofis, happy Christmas Eve and how are you?” Jason says smiling twisting the bag strap on his shoulder.

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Germany: Prepare for a by-the-book date! He will tell you promptly when he will arrive to pick you up and will be there not a minute before or after that time (and will expect you to be ready). He will be blushing when you answer the door, and pass you a massive bouquet of red roses while he mutters something about hoping you like them. He will have allotted time to put the roses in water properly (he had the florist give him the proper instructions on rose care) and will help you before you leave. He will take you for a stroll through the park, dinner at a popular cafe, and then to a movie following. Every portion will be timed to what he read somewhere that was appropriate and will follow these instructions accordingly. The moment things go off schedule he will become flustered – he’s not prepared for that! He didn’t mentally rehearse for things to go any other way than exactly as he’d planned! The moment you suggest going back to the park to look at the stars he will turn into a tongue-tied mess – he hadn’t planned the date to go past the movie, and he will be a nervous wreck. However, he will see the beauty in the spontaneity of it all and will (briefly) overcome his embarrassment and nerves to take your chin gently in his hand and kiss you in the park under a streetlamp. It’ll take some coaxing, but once he loosens up, the date happily goes on past what he had planned and the evening is filled with unexpected surprises and trying new things; you will see him openly and genuinely laugh several times throughout the evening. 

Japan: He prefers a date in the late morning and afternoon. He will arrive to pick you up with a bouquet of white lilies (scented if you like then, unscented if you’re sensitive to that, and something different if you don’t like lilies!) He wouldn’t mind walking through a farmer’s market and window-shopping, perhaps purchasing a neat kind of jam or wine from a local vendor, pausing to purchase a piece of jewellery you had been eyeing while browsing. You will leave the market whenever you’re ready to pursue other markets or do something else. He will take you for high tea at a local cafe and order the full course meal (light cucumber sandiness, salmon puffs, small bite-size quiches followed by shortbread and dainty sweets all accompanied by a tea of your choice). The afternoon after lunch is to do whatever you desire! There’s a beach near the tearoom, perhaps strolling hand-in-hand (note: public display of affection and the red blush that will bloom on his face during the entirety of it) on the sand, pausing to skip rocks in the water and exchange silly stories about your childhoods. He will steal glances at you throughout the date, smiling to himself - how did he ever get so lucky?? He will kiss you on your doorstep when he returns you safely home.

Italy: The only thing he tells you before the date is “dress nice” and an approximate time he will arrive to pick you up. When he does show up, he’ll arrive with a flourish, a cheeky grin, and in an expensive suit. He will take you by the hand and dance you down the street where he will have a car waiting (you want a hired car. If he drives, you may not survive to the actual date portion of the evening). Inside the car, he will pop open a bottle of campaign and toast to your beauty. The car will deliver you to the ocean where a yacht is waiting to take you on a private cruise of the harbour. When Italy plans a special date, he goes all out. You may expect musicians to serenade you through the most delicious meal you have ever tasted, you will dance (or attempt to, depending on how many left feet you have between the two of you) on the deck of the boat while the sun sets. He will hold your hand and you will happily daydream about the future, things you want to accomplish, thing’s you’d buy if you won the lottery, if you could have any super power, what would it be and why? Afterwards, the car will return you home, but he will request it drops you off a few blocks from your house. He will walk you home, hand-in-hand, and pick flowers from the neighbour’s gardens for you as he goes. He won’t just kiss you when he brings you home, he will have showered you in innocent and passionate kisses alike throughout the entire date.

idk does the turnfreewood tag exist, or…

anyway yeah i wrote a little thing, next time i write turnfreewood it might be domestic, but consider this a start to a series of little ficlets revolving around this lovely threesome

Title: Charmed

Word Count: 1484

Notes: Takes place some time after this week’s episode of the Patch (#56 i believe), Gav and Meg are already a thing and in their new house, yeah… This is turnfreewood if that isn’t clear, meaning there will be a relationship between Meg, Gavin, and Ryan where they all smoosh together in happy fun times.

Warnings: Mild language, but otherwise none!


“So how did it go?”

Gavin has his legs tucked against his body as he sits at the counter, phone in hand and balanced on top of his knees.

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Taste Better One Bite Durian Puff

One of the must-get food at Jonker Street is the durian puff from Taste Better One Bite Durian Puff. The store is located just beside the Jonker 88 which we had introduced. Although the store is right beside the Jonker 88, we didn’t notice the store at that time. When we walking along the Jonker Night Market, we just found a stall which is selling the Taste Better One Bite Durian Puff which we are so dying to try.

Other than this stall, there is another stall which selling exactly the same products and located at the other side of the Jonker Night Market. Since it is a bite size, we bought six durian puffs to make it a box which cost RM 15.00. The price had increasing through the years because of the high reputation among the tourists.

The staff reminded us to finish it in one mouth but the puff was simply too big for us. We had such a hard time trying to finish it in one mouth but the bursting creamy durian flavour in the mouth is really satisfying. Although most of us used to not like stuffs made by durian but for these durian puffs, we just loved it so much.  

Be sure to grab a durian puff to taste when you are visiting the Jonker Street or Jonker Night Market. The taste of the puff will be unforgettable in your life, for sure.

Taste Better One Bite Durian Puff

Address: 106, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia.

Operation hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm                                                                                    Friday-Sunday 9:30am-10:30pm

Phone: +60 12-862 6575

Title: enemies & lovers.

Rating: t

A/N – So this was inspired by this post. You know, ‘enemies’ that are actually friends. And also why is it so easy to writ 3000 words of fic in one hour, while I’ve been working on my dissertation the whole day and nothing is coming forth? Ugh. It’s not like I have time to write fic, but here I am. Gods, help me. Also? It started light, then got heavy, and idk man, not my proudest product, but I couldn’t let the prompt go.


Princess Emma is the crown and heir to the Kingdom of the North. The problem is, Prince Killian is also the crown and heir to the Kingdom of the North. No one knows which kingdom is actually The North Kingdom, and so every other kingdom outside the two simply refer to it as Queen Snow’s Kingdom or King Liam’s Kingdom, respectively, and never directly to their faces – to their faces, they’re always The North Kingdom.

However to hear either side proclaim which is the true North is like asking if dragons swallowed firestone because they can breath fire, or if dragons can only breathe fire because they swallow firestones. Since no one has actually gotten close to a dragon before, this question remains a mystery, much like how two different kingdoms, thousands of paces apart, declared themselves as the North Kingdom.

Also, much like dragons, this animosity over who is right has lasted centuries, making the two neighboring kingdoms rather nippy which each other, if not downright hostile whenever mention of this naming convention is brought up (no one ever brings it up).

Unbeknownst to King Liam or Queen Snow, however, is the long, deep-rooted friendship between the two crown heirs.


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So, this was supposed to be for a five minute fic challenge (wherein I tag my favourite authors), but, like everything else I write, it got out of control. I might try again. Oh, and the picture does not belong to me!

The world will hopefully never know, but Dean Winchester is a giant sap. It’s something he could easily hide before; before Cas and dating and breakfast in bed, but as the golden winter sun peaks up from behind the Earth, bathing the world in golden, purple-pink light, Dean knows it’ll be harder to hide.

He just can’t help it.

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courtneyscull  asked:

Can you please update cast iron xxx

Sorry this took me so long, I’m calling this Part 21.5 because I wrote part 22 a while ago but then I needed something to link them up and this happened so yes.  Cast Iron.  

Cast Iron: Part 21.5

Sometimes, cooking feels like all that Astrid is.  All of her emotions, sautéed and seasoned and served up elegantly on a plate for someone else.  It’s a projection, a way to get all of those awful, conflicting, distracting, big things out of her.  Away.  Digested. Worked through and munched up and obliterated into something manageable and concise.

Delicious. Satisfying.  

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