Bruce Springsteen invites young fan to perform 'Growin' Up' with him onstage, brings the house down

A video of Bruce Springsteen inviting an Australian school kid onstage to perform with him has emerged online and it’s something quite special.

Springsteen is seen speaking to the audience member holding up a sign which read: “Missed school in the s**t now, can I play Growin’ Up with you?”

Springsteen tells him to “come on up” and it turns out that not only can the teenager - called Nathan - play the song on guitar, he can sing it in a decent pitch as well.

Springsteen, clearly loving it, joins in and there are several moments where you can see Nathan looking around in utter disbelief.

“Before we continue,” Springsteen says, bringing the band down, “a lesson”.

“When I was your age, I got my first guitar, I brought it home and I realised, it wasn’t how well you played it, it was how good you looked doing it.

"So I got in front of the mirror and I tried out some different poses.”

Springsteen and Nathan then tried out a bunch of different stances before the legend said “and when you find one, it sounds like this”… and they brought the house down.

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Lmao sorry for the lines. Prompt from here: http://otpprompts.tumblr.com

Bonus after Lance’s distraction:

anyway liam was bullied when he was young and that hasn’t really stopped even with being in the band because he always gets the short end of the stick around here lol like he can never please y'all sometimes and he breaks his back to try and never stops trying. and then to tell him you love him after MAKING SURE he sees all the nasty stuff you say about him like no you’re just disgusting haha you don’t deserve like 10seconds of his time tbh

Strah me je i da pomislim, koliko puta sam ga oterala od sebe, koliko puta sam ga povredila recima. A on se uvek vracao. Zapravo, nikad nije ni otisao. Pustao je da me prodje moje ludilo. Da me prodje strah. Da me prodje sve sto me muci. Onda bi dosao. Ponovo.
Koliko samo puta smo u isto vreme bezali jedno od drugog. I ponovo docekali jedno drugo sa rasirenim rukama. Prihvatali odlaske i radovali se povratku.
Strah me je i da pomislim koliko puta sam u tim danima kad nije kraj mene, zelela da bude tu. Samo da cuti. Ali da je tu. Pored mene.
Plasim se toga koliko volim. Plasim se da to ne izgubim. A ne znam da se promenim. Kazu da je ljubav kad prihvatis necije mane. Ako je tako, ovu ljubav onda ne mogu uporediti ni sa jednom drugom.

hes a cutie I s2g