After traveling so much, it’s coming home!

The Premiere of Mala Mala @houseofmala in Puerto Rico.

This Sunday, at the Metro Cine in Santurce. With a killer after party in El Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (MAC).

Come see #MalaMala.
Great Documentary. #puertoricanqueers


It’s the 3rd Edition of TRANSFASHION. An event created to celebrate the huge spectrum of Trans community in Puerto Rico (transsexuals, transgender, drag queens, androgynous, gender queer, and many more) It’s an opportunity to make our community visible in platforms Puerto Rico is not accustom.

9 Top Fashion Puerto Rican designers are showing their new collections using all Trans models.


Photo @joseaguilophotography
Nails @pinkysnails

#Transfashion2015 #puertoricanqueers #trans #fashion #party


Shine (SHīn/)
1.a quality of brightness, especially from reflected light.

SHINE is a collaborative project that shows the importance of embracing the light within . Yes , We SHINE with all the glitz and glamour but when all of that is taken away we are left with our essence , nothing more . And in that primitive stage we SHINE the brightest , because we show our true self ; we become vulnerable displaying our flaws . That’s when we feel the need to hide, to seem perfect . But when we accomplish to SHINE in the bare, We realize , We don’t need anything else to help us SHINE . Because there is nothing that SHINES brighter YOU.

@Ladoscuro_ Collective is composed by visionary
Puerto Rican visual artists:
Pamela Baez
Luis Lopez

Together we have merged our creative souls to labor
an explosion of awesomeness.

Thanks to @guillermodominguezstudio for the studio.

#puertoricanqueers #collaboration #SHINE #glitter #aprilcarrion (at Guillermo Domínguez)

steph. fabian. paxx. león. violeta. max.
today we were all part of an open discussion with topics such as bringing trans/genderqueer, nonbinary visibility to the island of puerto rico. feels great to be part of these kind of events. i’m honored. these group of people are truly awesome human beings! let’s make some history 👊 #puertoricanqueers #originalplumbing #fuckthebinary #smashthesystem #genderoutlaw #genderqueer #puertorico