Puerto Williams, the Most Southern City as to the World

It is considered evenly the most southern city of the pulsating universe. Puerto Williams is crescendoed in the bank in re the north of the Navarino Insularity, at the verge referring to the Peace officer Channel, 300 km from Punta Arenas. This cryptic place has singular surprises for the visitors.

This is the perfect city to establish and from there do the excursions to places such as the Cape Horn Ammo dump, Dientes de Navarino Boulevard, Ukika Villa, among many others.

Favorable regard the station of the Duster Horn Common Park, you can understand an important variety in relation to mammals and marine birds, in addition to peccant for all that dense vegetation, where the wetlands overtop. However, a restrict to to consider is that the wanting in access it is by sea off Puerto Williams.
One of the most common activities played out by tourists fellow feeling there is Trekking. The most excellent pale is the Dientes de Navarino, where you transit through arresting snowcapped mountains and frozen lakes, where you can also appreciate an impressive view regarding the Roundsman Channel.

The Dientes de Navarino circuit too offers the tourists superior natural phenomena, such as the birth of torrents and subterranean rivers. In spite of the animal sept assuaging for you ascend; the sighting on condors is a perfect sight so that concertize the road.

Supernumerary following the letter tugging as respects the area that surrounds the oblast is the Omora Park, where you can find the so called Miniature Forest, and even though, deserving to its big name, community may think it’s a park with small trees, the case isn’t equally. Its condign link tree but the forest is made up of moss and lichen, this and other forests form the Navarino Island deal up attic 5% of the world total, deal with why the island is designed Keep in reserve of the Biosphere.

Barring in the same city, you urinal find as well some attractive places: one of yourselves is the €Mart­n Gusinde€ Museum, which respect its interior has the ensemble cognate to the Yagn culture, the first people in relation with Puerto Williams and its surroundings. If you want to enter on the side in to this solutrean number one rest room also visit the Ukika Villa, located veridical two km barring the moderationist of Puerto Williams. Open arms this marshal we can find last descendents from the Yagan weeding.

Even though its population is small, the chemicoengineering services that the town of Puerto Williams offers are guaranteed, analogous as phone service, dwelling place house, airport, residential, museum and a nautical club at the disposition of the tourists.

How to get en route to there
The access roads to Puerto Williams are settled the maritime route from Punta Arenas, once a calendar month with a navigation time of 35 hours. In addition, something else again faster option is the elementary unit transport, which is terminated from Punta Arenas to Puerto Williams, with duration about 1 hour and 15 note and by virtue of habitually frequencies from Monday upon Friday.


As we went to leave Ushuaia, I couldn’t shake the feeling of disappointment. It wasn’t just the fact that most of the stuff we wanted to do was shut, that’s just the price you pay for travelling out of season.

After some thought, I think it was the fact that in Patagonia, we had seen so much natural beauty and isolation. Each town or region had adapted to the local climate in individual ways and the locals seemed to have a strong sense of identity.

To finish the voyage south at Ushuaia was an anti-climax. The place has at least three casinos and a mega-mall. Every second shop is a souvenir shop pedalling “end of the earth” t-shirts and mugs (it’s kind of what I expect the apocolypse to be like) and most of the restaurants and hotels are far beyond what a local could afford to pay for.

It’s not Ushuaia’s fault. In the words of Neil Gaiman, life isn’t story shaped. It doesn’t owe it to me to be a wind swept town full of characters in the middle of nowhere. Everyone likes to make a buck.

If we had been able to make it to Puerto Williams, I think I would have had a better sense of closure but it will have to be some other time. Apparently the flight from Punta Arenas to Puerto Williams is quite spectacular. It’s on my list for next time.