Puerto Rican Tody or San Pedrito

Todus mexicanus

Todus translates into a tody, while mexicanus means coming from Mexico, however the first person to describe them thought they were originally from eastern Mexico (which isn’t true).

Family: Todidae (Todies)

Fun Fact: “The tody perches, points its bill upward, and scans the undersurfaces of leaves and bark above it for insects by rapidly jerking its head from side to side (Raffaele 1989). Perches used do not have dense leaves so the bird has a clear view above and below (Kepler 1972). When an insect is spotted, the bird flies out, sweeps the insect off the leaf surface using a sideways motion of their flat beak, and flies to a new perch in a single short, curved flight (Raffaele 1989, Harris 2009).” (Source)

Habitat: They are endemic to montane forests and shrublands of Puerto Rico.

Ecosystem Role: They help control populations of insects. 

Conservation Status: Least Concern