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How (most) Puertoricans Vote
  • Reporter: Why are you voting for this candidate?
  • Person: Because my family has voted for this party for decades and I’m going to do the same!*waves party flag*
  • Reporter: But is there an initiative from the candidate that you agree with? Why do you feel this candidate will help solve our national economic crisis?
  • Person: * blows airhorn* *waves flag harder* wut

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reyna from heroes of olympus is from puerto rico and like lin's from puerto rico MANY GOOD THINGS ARE PUERTO RICAN

whaaat, she’s puerto rican? i didn’t know that…well i stopped reading that series after the lost hero, but still. yes, i agree, MANY GREAT THINGS COME FROM PR

Some @spagootsofficial fan art because these guys are just the best like i cant even (i decided to re-crate there youtube banner because i thought it was so cute!!!!!!!)

Kay- @kaycxpher

Ava- @adorable-avacado

Ryan- @chongoblog

Jordan- @knittinggiantbeanies

CHECK THEM OUT  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwcod_Xbn9CaxszJHfZH4yg

for real guys like please follow them there all just to amazing and there  Spagoots channel on youtube never fails to make me smile!

(also id like to apologize if i got any of youre out-fits wring hehe i was basing these off memory and resent title cards XD)

I love this so much. That John Oliver segment about the Puerto Rico debt crisis, featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda, is one of the most popular videos on YouTube right now. This is not the first time Oliver comes to our defense. More people are paying attention to the enormous problems in that forgotten, colonized island and it’s in no small part thanks to him.

An English man on an American late-night talk show is one of the loudest advocates for Puerto Rican equality. Who would have thought, huh?

Also, the way he says “Puerto Rico” is the greatest thing.