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UPSIDE & DOWNSIDE TO MANIFESTING: Know that the universe is always listening. Listening to your energy, listening to how you feel, listening to what you believe to be true for you. Think of the Universe like Amazon. You place your order and Amazon fulfills it. The person who actually fills your order doesn’t say “She isn’t going to like this, I’m not going to send it because I know she would rather have this other thing”. Amazon / like the Universe isn’t that vested in what you order - it’s only there to fulfill your order, to give you what you’re focused on, what you said in words, energy, attention that you wanted.

If you’re manifesting things you’d rather not have - know that you’re not taking control/care of your energy, thoughts, & beliefs.

UPSIDE: I manifesting an amazing trip to Puerto Rico. We spent 2 days on Vieques Island for free before staying another 5 days on the main island. I attracted a condo on the beach which cost a total of $450 for 5 days. We were traveling with my grown daughter and her friends so we split the cost of the condo 3 ways. Each couple spent $150 or $15 per person per day. We are now in Florida for another week (free housing with family) before we return back to upstate New York. 

DOWNSIDE: A week before leaving on our trip and after getting off the phone with the insurance company trying to straighten out some things, I said “My luck, I’ll have asthma issues while in Puerto Rico because things won’t be in order before I leave”

Everything was fine the first 2 days on Vieques Island. Once we hit the main island, I started sneezing, then watery eyes, then the coughing and by the next day I was having an asthma attack. 

My husband says - “You know too much to have said that” and I know that’s the case, but I got over it because we’re all allowed to have our moments. I had mine, I didn’t take care of what I sent out into the Universe, but got back exactly what I put out there - In BOTH cases.

I’m sharing this to convey to you how the Universe is listening. Always. To the good and the crap - it’s always listening but even more than that - THE UNIVERSE IS ALWAYS RESPONDING TO YOU - ALL THE TIME - EVERY DAY.

If you don’t like what you’re seeing - you need to change the thoughts and feelings on the INSIDE FIRST and then what you see on the outside will change.

If you’re waiting on the outside to change first so that you can feel better - you’re going to feel crappy for a while because it doesn’t work that way. Change always comes from the inside first.

I’m going to close on a good note with a photo of my daughter (second from the left) and her friends that I took at a waterfall in El Yunque Rain Forest. 

The trip was amazing. Life is amazing! 

Here’s to you creating an amazing life!

How (most) Puertoricans Vote
  • Reporter: Why are you voting for this candidate?
  • Person: Because my family has voted for this party for decades and I’m going to do the same!*waves party flag*
  • Reporter: But is there an initiative from the candidate that you agree with? Why do you feel this candidate will help solve our national economic crisis?
  • Person: * blows airhorn* *waves flag harder* wut

Piragua (Reprise) performed by David Baida (National Tour cast)

And I don’t wanna be alone forever
But I can be tonight
I don’t wanna be alone forever
But I love gypsy life
I don’t wanna be alone forever
Maybe we can see the world together
I don’t wanna be alone forever
But I can be tonight


All of us are so scared to be alone. As a society we are focused on love stories. Focused on sex. Focused on being what is attractive to others.

We pretend we aren’t afraid with lies. Put walls up and push away all because we are somehow afraid of being alone or rejected.

But what if we gave ourselves the freedom to be alone? The freedom to be truly alone. No attachments. No casual sex to stoke the ego. Not even a wink. That maybe if we finally gave ourselves that freedom we could really finally live our lives to the fullest potential?

We would discover so much.

I’ve spent most of my adult life single. After my boyfriend and I of 4 years broke up, I did a small bit of partying, had a one night stand that ruined them for me, and then just decided to be alone. I made the decision to just do what I loved. In that time I truly did things for me. I spent 4 years celibate and built an incredible life for myself.

I find that each time I follow this leap of faith forwards myself, my world changes. Really just choosing to be alone for now in the last few months has really helped me get back to my roots. It’s made me finally look in the mirror and be ok going to bed with that person every night.

Through my time being single, I’ve been so blessed by the lack of attachment. I’ve photographed my favorite bands. I’ve started a successful business. I’ve traveled To Colorado, Portland, Baltimore, Washington DC, New York… and even to kayaking in Puerto Rico. The things you can do and learn to survive through on your own will surprise you.

I don’t want to be alone for my whole life. But I can be. So for now I’m going to soak up the sun, look sexy for myself, and not give two fucks until someone comes along that is interesting and strong enough to distract me from living my fucking life. Then maybe they can mix their awesome life with mine. Because in the end that’s the incredible love that’s worth a damn.

Go live it up.

10 Things People Should Know About Hispanics/Latinos

1. Hispanics and latinos don’t all come from Mexico.

2. Mexican is not a language, Spanish is.

3. Not all Hispanics are illegals away from their home country, and it is not funny to threaten them by saying you will deport them.

4. Latinas were ridiculized and made fun of for decades for wearing lip liner and having big brows, but now that white people do it, they’re trendy and ‘goals’.

5. We are more than curves and fetishized anger.

6. We come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Just because their skin or hair color doesn’t fit into your stereotypical views of what my people should look like, it doesn’t make them any less latinx.

7. We are constantly attacked if we mispronounce an English word, while white people can’t even say ‘quesadilla’ correctly.

8. People are genuinely surprised when latinxs get good grades, but if we don’t we are instantly shamed for it.

9. If I’m walking or going somewhere alone with a little kid, it doesn’t automatically make them mine.

10. We are not prone to teen pregnancies, as we are not prone to become school dropouts.

We are individuals, and we are different. The mistake of one is not the mistake of my entire country.

If you’re tired of hearing and/or reading about this, imagine how exhausted we are living it.

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Some @spagootsofficial fan art because these guys are just the best like i cant even (i decided to re-crate there youtube banner because i thought it was so cute!!!!!!!)

Kay- @kaycxpher

Ava- @adorable-avacado

Ryan- @chongoblog

Jordan- @knittinggiantbeanies

CHECK THEM OUT  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwcod_Xbn9CaxszJHfZH4yg

for real guys like please follow them there all just to amazing and there  Spagoots channel on youtube never fails to make me smile!

(also id like to apologize if i got any of youre out-fits wring hehe i was basing these off memory and resent title cards XD)


I hope this works! I’ve decided to try and make a masterlist, so that things are easier to find! If anyone has any trouble with this (links don’t work or take you to the wrong thing, please let me know!

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BTS reactions:

Having a tall girlfriend

You do aegyo badly

Easter egg hunt

You can’t dance

You rap/sing well

Their s/o’s bottom is uneven

You look cute when sleepy

Seeing your scars *trigger warning: self harm*

They call you cute when you don’t like it

You give them the silent treatment

You have random energy swings

BTS scenarios:

Inadvertent Confessions (Rap Monster)

Let’s Collab on Life (Rap Monster)

Tae With Some Sugar (V)

They Don’t Matter (Jimin)


Discovered (Jungkook)

Embarrassed by Cuteness (Jungkook)

Siren’s Song (V)

Pretty Funny (J-Hope)

Healing Harmony (Jin)

BTS fake texts:

Nightmares (J-Hope)

Wings Confusion (V)

EXO Reactions:

You have tattoos

In a horror movie

Finding out you read yaoi

Finding out their boyfriend reads yaoi: EXO K EXO M

You still sleep with a teddy bear

A guy asks you out as a joke/stands you up on a date

Girlfriend performing a sexy concept

Comforting you after a scary movie

You’re a tomboy

EXO as teachers

EXO scenarios:

Forced Into Action (D.O.)

Fro-yo Freeze (Xiumin)

Embarrassment and Laughter (Kai)

Roses are Red (Suho)

No One is Alone (Chanyeol)

Unexpected Run-in (Kai)

Lazy Days (Sehun)

Pain and Sweetness (Lay)

Call Me Baby (Lay)

Costar-crossed Lovers (D.O.)

The Sweetest Moments (Baekhyun)

The Last Dance? (D.O.)

EXO fake texts:

Red Hair (Chanyeol)

You want to go home (Puerto Rico) to make things easier (Chanyeol)

The Shirt (Sehun)

EXO series:

Monsters Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Brother VS Boyfriend (Chanyeol) Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Seventeen reactions:

You don’t know who they are (I plan to re-do this reaction)

Seventeen as dog gifs

Seventeen scenarios:

I’ve got it, you’ve got it! (Seungkwan)

Seventeen fake texts:

School Struggles (Vernon)

Big Bang Reactions:

You fall asleep on the floor

Big Bang scenarios:

Turn-about is Fair Play (G-dragon)

Big Bang fake texts:

You made it! (Daesung)

you got a home for now and forever: a caminah masterpost

because this is long overdue and they’re literally the most important thing to ever happen and they’re the best friends in the history of best friends and I need somewhere to vent let’s get started shall we

disclaimer: no gifs are mine except the grand rapids q&a gifs and the red in indianapolis gifs and certain puerto rico gifs

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