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The last picture roughly translates to: “Abusive police officer Velazquez #24208 throws pepper spray in the face of Professor Bernat Tort, for the crime of trying to peacefully enter Capitol Hill. Today, Tuesday April 18, 2017. Share!!”
In the Puerto Rican constitution it is establish that the public has the right to be present in any of the Senate’s sessions.
So, that professor (my professor, btw) got pepper prayed for nothing….

By the way, in case you don’t know, Auditing the debt basically means, GET ME THE RECEIPTS. Who took the loans, who gave them, what was that money used on, how much of it was illegal and WHO is responsible for the illegal part of it?
All of this, because Puerto Rico is in a 70 BILLION dollar debt, and everything is worst than before. If we owe all that money, they why wasn’t that money used on public education? On Health Care? In fixing the roads?
That’s ALL we want. The government decided, with DOORS CLOSE, to eliminate the auditory group. The protest yesterday are only one of the many forms of protest going on right now in Puerto Rico. The students are leading the protest, and the media are painting us as the bad guys.

Yes, some people in yesterday’s protest threw PAINT at the police officers… and the governor dare say that that is a disrespectful act, but FAILED to mention the disrespectful act of the police, throw pepper spray at peaceful protesters. They fail to mention the police officer that hit a girl with a piece of wood so hard she apparently ended up at the hospital.

Please, do not turn your backs on this. The protest and strikes and violence isn’t half as bad as what is happening in a Venezuela, BUT, it is still pretty horrible. Please share, let it be known! If you want to know more, PLEASE message me. I’ll try to find articles in English if you need to. If not, I have tons of Spanish articles and resources.

We, the students, do not trust the traditional media and newspapers, because it is widely known that they are own by certain political parties. So my resources are independent media made by students and other civic groups.


“For my English speakers here in Puerto Rico, in the U.S., and globally, here is a press release about whats going on here with our public education system and the government. Join us in solidarity!

SHARING is caring y'all so lets make this viral!

April 23rd, 2017


On April 7th 2017, at approximately 2:00 AM, students at the University of Puerto Rico- Mayagüez Campus elected to join the systemic university wide strike by a landslide popular vote in response to the proposed budget cuts towards the UPR system. The University of Puerto Rico, established in 1903, is the only public university system in the country not only servicing a very diverse student body but also offering the largest and most diverse course offerings, research, and services to the community in the Caribbean. Under the oversight of the U.S. Fiscal Control Board and Governor Ricardo Rossello’s administration, the government has proposed a budget cut of $512M representing more than 60% of the actual budget which is already in deficit. A budget cut of such magnitude represents the potential collapse of our public university system, the cease of critical services to the Puerto Rican community, the elimination of crucial research utilized by the local and global community, and threatens the ability for Puerto Rican people to access public and affordable education necessary to strengthen our workforce and rectify our economic crisis.

In the face of overwhelming evidence pointing towards government corruption, students are using the systemic strike to pressure the current governing bodies to cease the proposed budget cuts, provide economic transparency to the Puerto Rican people, and engage in effective dialogue with the students. Thus, students have declared the termination of the strike conditional upon the meeting of these five demands: (1) that the debt be audited, (2) students not be penalized for engaging or openly expressing viewpoints in favor of the strike, (3) zero cuts occur to the university budget, (4) a reform to the university system take place, (5) and lastly that tuition not be raised and tuition waivers remain intact. Behind university gates students are working on proposals to present to the government as alternatives to the proposed budget cuts to the UPR system as well as viable solutions to the island wide economic crisis.

The pressure generated by the strike to date has produced a meeting between Gov. Rossello and student council presidents of all 11 campuses which resulted in limited dialogue from Gov. Rossello and zero negotiation. Frequent communications have also been sent out by the acting President of the UPR system, Nivia A. Fernandez, favoring a cessation of the student strike even in the face of losing the public university system. Mass media outlets such as El Nuevo Día, Metro, and Lo Se Todo have also contributed to movements in opposition of the strike using fear tactics and misinformation.

This is an urgent call to the Puerto Rican diaspora, institutions of higher education in the U.S., the community of foreigners living on the island, and the global community to stand in solidarity with the University of Puerto Rico and its students. Many government and university officials are refusing to open necessary channels of dialogue with students. Voices outside of the island are necessary in the transmission of correct information and to increase pressure towards the Puerto Rican government and Fiscal Control Board. Without the University of Puerto Rico system, Puerto Rico collapses leaving approximately 3.5 million people in the middle of a financial crisis, with less educational opportunities, less services, and minimal tools to produce viable solutions for the country.

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