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Analysis: Romance in One Piece

Note: I’ll be posting condensed versions of this analysis in other sites

A) Relevance of plot and characterization AKA Unbiased Readers Vs. Delusional Shippers

“Who lives on ilusions dies from disappointment” – An old Puerto Rican saying

Most of us know One Piece is a very popular manga. Its high quality and popularity depends on several factors, among them we could name memorable and likeable characters along a deep, compelling, fun and action-packed story. The One Piece many know and love wouldn’t exist without the balance between these factors

When talking to at least 3 different One Piece fans, each of them non-shippers who analyzed the manga they all enjoy, I found interesting and pretty sound perspectives of the One Piece story and its nature. All of them value characters, story, development, consistency and logic; something I can totally relate to

But I also found a pattern; these 3 guys shared one single outlook on the very same subject: shipping. Regardless of their expectations, all of them expressed distate for shippers’ general mindset and “odd” viewpoint:

One of them called shippers out for ignoring characterization and very clear and direct statements made in the manga. His attention was centered on a Luffy pairing and how it contradicts his own character. Oda once explained that he writes Luffy as someone pretty straightfoward when it comes to expressing his thoughts and feelings, and this non-shipper said with brutal honesty that for the discussed ship to happen we would need to disregard and/or discard the very core of Luffy’s character. Meaning Oda would need to stop being consistent and faithful to his own story and characters

The next one explained how shippers tend to turn a characters’ relationship into a sappy teen love fantasy that doesn’t match One Piece at all. His analysis also exposed how integrating this kind of underdeveloped “love” into the story would severely damage One Piece originality, ruin the series and needless to say destroy the likable dynamics between several characters as well as their own development. This fantasy, this so-called “love”, is what the vast majority of shippers support and defend. The same kind of “love” most non-shippers, fans and critics dread

The third non-shipper gave me a more detailed explanation: this is even more rough than the other two as he describes that the common shipper mentality of “he/she likes her/him so they should be together” can “only be likened to that of elementary schoolers”. And how shippers take every little meaningless detail and blow it out of proportion with no regard for context, legitimate bonding or the canon story!

But we can’t put all the blame on shippers. Many manga authors seem to have no idea how to write a character-driven series or complex character relationships. In fact, mainstream shonen writers have their fair share of guilt into promoting this common shipping mindset by being notoriously bad at writing romance. Which results in underveloped premises that leave your average fan skeptical, and your average critic disappointed at a poor portrayal of emotional bonding and a severe lack of cohesive narrative in the “romantic love” department

This is the reason why many fans, critics and non-shippers hold the shippers’ perspective in a very low regard. Just like the third non-shipper states: “The blushing, longing stares, corny ass lines etc. That kind of poorly portrayed romance is the kind of thing dreaded by the average fan because it reduces the quality of One Piece to the level of such poorly written series”

So an author needs to build a relationship the same way one person would construct a building: stablishing a strong foundation on companionship, respect, trust, signifcant moments, and emotional bonding. All of this must come before reaching the status of “romantic interest". In relation to this subject, there’s a trope called “First Girl Wins”, a portion of its description truly fits this criteria:

“From a [extradiegetic] point of view, the Law of Conservation of Detail suggests introducing the Love Interest early. An early introduction allows you to get the audience interested in her and rooting for her, gives you space for Character Development, and gives her relationship with her (eventual) partner the most time to develop organically. And with all that said, it’s such a common device that in all likelihood, it sometimes gets played for its own sake.” – tvtropes.org, 2017

Notice this isn’t a cliché, this is a literary device to enhance the story. Pairing up two characters without meaningful moments, emotional build-up and development, is the equivalent to lazy writing. Having such elements firmly stablished for two characters and then deciding to go for a different “route”, pretty much wasting a well-developed relationship for the sake of a “weaker” premise, would be the equivalent to bad writing

Is Oda, the man who’s willing to die for One Piece, a lazy writer? Of course not! Is he, a man who planned the ending years ago and is still sticking to said ending, a bad writer? Being number 1 in Japan and having such a loyal fanbase all around the world prove he’s not!

Do shippers want Oda to be a lazy/bad writer? Facts already answered this question as many (although not all) fans value their own fantasies and delusions over the manga canon and/or the author’s take on the characters and their relationships

Many (but not all) shippers now have a war. Not only against rival ships but mainly against One Piece story and consistent development. Yet as the old saying goes, those who live on delusions will have to eventually face reality and disappointment, because Oda is not a lazy/bad writer like some people here would want him to be

B) Romance Dawn AKA The not so secret origins of One Piece

“If we don’t know where we are going, it can be helpful to know where we come from” – Jostein Gaarder

When debating posible outcomes, fans rarely look back at the time when One Piecewas a still a work in progress. Taking a look at Romance Dawn V.1 and Romance Dawn V.2 helps us to see there are constants present in all versions of these Works that made it into what would later become the most popular manga in Japan

But before discussing those constants I would like to clarify the meaning of the word: “Romance”. There are people who doesn’t really grasp the concept of “Romance” both One Piece and Oda work with. Luckily the first two non-shippers I meantioned shed some light on this subject:


“A mysterious or fascinating quality or appeal, as of something adventurous, heroic, or strangely beautiful
“A long fictitious tale of heroes and extraordinary or mysterious events, usually set in a distant time or place”
“A narrative in verse or prose, written in a vernacular language in the Middle Ages, dealing with strange and exciting adventures of chivalrous heroes

– thefreedictionary.com, 2016

“A prose narrative treating imaginary characters involved in events remote in time or place and usually heroic, adventurous, or mysterious
–  Merriam Webster, 2016


“Marked by the imaginative or emotional appeal of what is heroic, adventurous, remote, mysterious, or idealized
“Having an inclination for romance: responsive to the appeal of what is idealized, heroic, or adventurous

–  Merriam Webster, 2016

These definitions match pretty well One Piece and Oda outlook on this concept. Even Oda lampshaped this by giving his own translation to the title: 冒険の夜明け (“Bōken no Yoake”, “Dawn of the Adventure”)

So Oda’s “romance” covers a wide variety of themes: Adventure, heroism, mystery, virtue, idealism… we can find comedy and tragedy, happiness and sadness. And among the virtues and the idealism we find companionship and love. As the second non-shipper I mentioned explained One Piece is pretty much like an “Adventure novel”, which is why we’ll find in One Piece many of the tropes commonly used in those books

Among those tropes, we find a couple of constants in all versions of “Romance Dawn”

The golden-hearted protagonist and the “First Girl” who doubles as a female lead. Think about this “what if” scenario: If things would’ve played different back then and One Piece never went beyond “Romance Dawn V.1”. If that story were to be elaborated futher, which two characters would had shared the most moments to become endgame? The answer is pretty simple: The golden-hearted protagonist and the female lead!

But when debating, the weight of the argument depends on edvidence so we need to rely on what we can confirm. And we confirm this, what’s the constant in Luffy’s story in all versions of Romance Dawn? a Nami-like character

This becomes even more interesting when we discover that at an interview at “Manga no Chikara” and others, Nami was supposed to be the first one to join Luffy but her debut was postponed by Oda’s editor at that time. Edvidence of this being a last minute decision remains on the first color cover:

Yet as the second non-shipper noted: “her role as secondary protagonist was not altered” for “Nami shares with Luffy the largest character development in the entire series”. And as explained here we already know how the trope goes when someone seeks to write a natural growth for an emotional connection between two characters 

In fact, the relevance of Nami to Luffy’s story is implied in what Oda himself said about Strong World: “I really wanted to make a ‘hero saves the heroine’ story (ヒロインを助けるヒーローを描きたい the japanese sentence). [….]. You might think otherwise, but I had no intention of bringing in someone new to fill that [heroine] role. So when I had to think about whom to use for it amongst the straw hats of course that meant Nami

In Oda’s mind, Luffy is the hero and Nami is the heorine! We can tell that the hero and the heroine are meant to be the driving forces of the series, and therefore putting them together makes the most sense from a storytelling perspective

C) LuffyxNami AKA LuNa/LuNami

“Logical consequences are the scarecrows of fools and the beacons of wise men” – Thomas Huxley

Many shippers tend to ignore and disregard the importance of staying faithful to the canon story, and the author’s take on the characters and their relationships

To makes matters worst some of them even deem as illogical any argument solidly based on these factors. While considering stuff like lines, frogs, sweat, fire, nonexistent sexual tension, assumption of sexuality, and even assumptions of pregnancy, as legitimate proofs of a plausible outcome! In fact they even value comparisons to other series with a different tone, themes, and characters over anything that the One Piece author conveys through his work

There’s even people who goes as far as editing the wiki as if that would change the story to match their preferred pairing!

But in order to reach a conclusion that remains true to One Piece and its nature we have to rely on the very same foundation that was already described several times: mutual trust/respect, faith on one another, significant moments, stress in their relationship and emotional development. If the story doesn’t let you build your premises on these elements, the conclusion you’ll reach will obviously be flawed and stray away from what One Piece really is

So here I’m not only defending the premise I strongly support; I’m defending the very same story and build-up that contributes to this bond’s natural growth:

As explained before there’s nothing explicitly romantic about major interactions. But given we’re dealing with a good and dilligent writer, what we’ll get to see is how big to small moments stablish an emotional connection between two characters, and how that becomes the base for a even greater growth

First we have the themes of trust and faith: At first Nami doesn’t trust Luffy very much, out of her clear distate for pirates, until witnessing how far was Luffy willing to go to selflessly help others. Even then Nami treated their relationship as a mere business and later betrayed the crew

Still Luffy always trusted Nami to the point of putting blind faith in her. Even when given reasons not to do so. One remarkable example is when Luffy was informed by someone trustworthy (Johnny) that Nami apparently “killed” to Usopp, and Luffy not only kept holding onto his blind faith in Nami but he also threatened Johnny for saying such things about her

This becomes something remarkable when we take into consideration that Zoro quickly gave up on Nami and later tried to attack her without even a second thought! While Usopp just wanted  the Merry back…

And it would later become even more impressive in the Whiskey Peak Arc when Luffy came to doubt Zoro because of the words of wounded man he didn’t even know, and even doubted Robin during Water 7 until Nami told him and the crew the truth behind Robin’s desertion:

But what else makes this situation with Nami any different from others we see in the manga? Some might point to the saga where rescuing Robin was the primary objective; but in Robin’s case Luffy knew her life was in danger for Robin was planning to die for the crew, and he got the resolve to save her only after learning the truth. Others might point to the current arc, but he saw right through Sanji’s act and got desperate to rescue him only after hearing his life is in danger.

Here, Nami’s life wasn’t in danger as far as Luffy knew. And he constantly try to reach out to her despite her harsh attitude and the fact he knew next to nothing about her past and her current circumstances. It was only when he saw her cry he got enough motivation to beat Arlong, and it was only when he got a small glimpse of what she went through that he lost it!

How does Nami respond to this? Initially she wanted to get Luffy out of her villaje and her life. While Nami indeed grew fond of Luffy and the others she wasn’t willing to bond with any of them; she held on her distrust of others. But that changed when she finally hitted her lowest point, when she finally lost all hope. Then it comes Nami’s first major development as character: she realized she needed to rely on someone else, she realized Luffy was her only hope Nami decided to rely on him. The following scene marks the first time of many when Nami relied on Luffy to a emotional level. And the first of two times when Luffy entrusted his treasure to her in a touching gesture to provide comfort and hope:

From the very beginning the emotional build-up between Luffy and Nami was a key factor for one of the most meaningful and memorable moments in One Piece. The moment when Luffy becomes Nami’s “emotional anchor”

The effect Luffy had on her character was also quite powerful as we could see during the 2nd pass of the hat: back then at Skypiea arc Nami could still panic at dreadful situations: 

But as soon as Luffy gave her his treasure, the panic stopped and when he was later removed from the battle field, Nami was capable of drawing enough courage from Luffy to face the big bad from that arc:

Not to mention Luffy’s final move against Enel was combined effort of the two as well as an impressive display of mutual trust/faith

We can continue to appreciate their development even futher as the story goes on. As someone already pointed out, Nami during Water 7 displayed an impressive resolve and determination, but as soon as she got the chance to explain Luffy their situation she opened her heart to express how she felt, her anguish and her distress. When Luffy reassures her that he will save Robin, she doesn’t cry anymore until she reunites with Robin

Their bonding is even futher explored in the only One Piece movie fully written by Oda: Strong World. As this is the author’s take on their relationship is still a valid argument to support Luffy/Nami development:

We already considered how impressive Luffy’s blind faith in Nami can be. So after listening to most of Nami’s recorded message, Luffy gets enraged! Why?

Well, after all that time Luffy relied on his navigator without ever doubting her. He was likely expecting all his trust and faith in Nami to be reciprocated

Turns out Nami does return that feeling! And why can we say that? Remember the movie’s ending: Nami finds out everyone in the crew got her hidden “save me” at the end of her message… everyone but Luffy. Then when Luffy is about to play the recorded proof of Nami’s unwavering faith in him, what does she do? She tries to get rid of the “edvidence” out of embarrassment 

It’s easy to see then why Nami seeked out Luffy for hope and comfort during Zou. And how she did something similar to what happened in Water 7: she opened up to Luffy

I said it before, since Luffy is Nami’s “emotional anchor”, it makes sense for her to keep strengthening her bond with Luffy. And given Luffy needs a guide to new adventures and someone “mature” enough to sometimes keep him in line, it makes sense for Luffy to grow closer to Nami

She once summed it up pretty well: “He always talks big, but when it comes down to it, he knows nothing about the sea! He’s severely lacking in the ‘sense of danger’ area! And he always overdoes it…if I left him alone, he’d die. And he’s stupid, so I have to take care of him. That’s why I’m gonna help him!” - Nami, chapter 596

Still, none of this is explicitly romantic in the traditional sense of the word. But just like someone who’s contructing a building, we start dealing with the foundations to then proceed to make a solid structure: a well-written relationship that enhances the story

As someone once reviewed, Luffy and Nami dynamic doesn’t need to chance for them to become endgame for they already have anything they need to finish that “building”. And that’s what’s being a potent pairing means: having everything to your favor for futher development and growth. Luffy and Nami definitively have the major moments and the emotional bonding while remaining consistent to the One Piece canon to be considered a Potent Pairing


It’s interesting we find other interaction that proves how comfortable is Nami around Luffy: 

She doesn’t mind having Luffy around her, what she really minds is Luffy wanting to go to dangerous places But why is this relevant? In Thriller Bark we had a clear showing of how she reacts to pervs trying to accomplish what Luffy did here. She electrocutes them. We can confirm she haven’t changed in this regard because at the end of Fishman Island arc Nami electrocutes a perv for trying to peek at her while she was taking a bath

Another interesting detail about Nami’s attitude toward Luffy is a change we see in WCI. Of course we have the remarkable faith and trust Nami puts on Luffy by even boasting how him being the future Pirate King ensures their victory over Cracker’s ability.

But the real change is when Sanji brutalizes Luffy. Nami already stated she felt guilty for what happened when Sanji got taken. But when Sanji did his “little” number on Luffy her attitude changed, she not only begged him to stop but was also promising they’ll leave if he did (Luffy clearly disagreed on that)

After seeing the way Sanji treated her captain, Nami did something the could seem pretty justified because of what happened: she slapped Sanji and then sarcastically played along Sanji’s “royal” act.

When she goes to Luffy and finds out her captain is not relenting on his effort to get Sanji back, she gives us this little gem:

The Japanese text for Nami’s dialogue reads: “Luffy!! Why?! No matter what his reasons are, after he did all that to you…”

The term she used here for the line in bold conveys the idea of severe mistreatment. She was obviously mad at the way Sanji attacked and badmouthed Luffy and his dream. Ironically Luffy is the one who shows far more emotion to the prospect of getting Sanji back than Nami, she kept displaying far more concern for Luffy as the chapters went on

Nami is now showing, little by little, more of a emotional attachment to Luffy. Which makes a lot sense given what we saw in their story

The first time I heard two woman, a Puerto Rican and a Cuban, say the word “nosotras”, I was shocked. I had not known the word existed. Chicanas use nosotros whether we’re male or female. We are robbed of our female being by the masculine plural.
—  Gloria Anzaldúa, Borderlands La Frontera

my mom is now researching lin manuel miranda’s wife “SHE MUST BE PUERTO RICAN,” she says. she found a video of their wedding on an NYT article. “SHE’S PUERTO RICAN. THEY’RE DANCING SALSA,” she claims. why did i tell her about lin’s heritage. “PUERTO RICANS ARE SUCCESSFUL. LOOK. YOU CAN BE THE NEXT LIN MANUEL MIRANDA.” i swear shes crazier than me right now

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Your S.O.S was amazing! Could you do one with a persistent Hale but one day she's saved by Juice then the next she's saved by Happy. Hale calls them out on it and juice walks in at the right time he asks and tells him that she's with both of them.

Originally posted by stilinski-ortiz

A/N: Oh my god! Thank you! I’m glad you liked it ! I hope you like this one as well! I made a few twist but I hope you enjoy it ! GIFS NOT MINE BUT WE CAN PRETEND THAT CHIBS IS HALE, OKAY???

WARNING: Cursing

Your name: submit What is this?

Why Not Double Trouble?

“So this Friday’s the festival, it’s going to be big. I was thinking seeing as you’re single if you would like to go with me?” Hale said leaning over your car looking in through your window “David, I would but it’s just I already have a date..” you said drifting off, your eyes scanning the area for any other person to help your lie.

“Juice! He already asked me, said something about me meeting the rest of the guys.. but yeah I’m going with him. Maybe next time.” You said starting your car speeding off driving to TM searching for Juice, you heard the Puerto Rican laugh “Juice!” You yelled causing him to turn his head you motioned for him to come towards you, confusingly he made his way to you “What’s up bebe?” He said wrapping an arm around your shoulder “Be my date to the festival.” You said bluntly looking at him with wide eyes hoping he’d say yes.“Umm okay.. why?” He asked laughing slightly at your boldness.

“Hale wanted to take me and you were the first person to pop into my mind, so please?” You begged “I was the first person to pop into your head bebe? Damn you know how to make a guy feel special. I’ll say yes, ONLY if you say the magic words.” He said pointing to his cheek, one thing about Juice being your best friend was that he was always ready to clown around with you.

You rolled your eyes kissing his cheek “Puerto Rican Papi, please say yes.” You said smiling flashing your pearly whites at him “Well since you say it like that, sure, you know I can never turn down that smile.” He said kissing your forehead.

You blessed him silently and went back to your car to drive home, already regretting the festival tomorrow as you went to sleep. Juice had told you that the MC was going to have a tent for baked goods, you were looking around for it only something unwanted found you and now you were alone and screwed as you saw him. David fucking Hale. He looked like a vulture preying on his target as soon as he noticed you were alone and not with you “date”.

“Well where’s your date (Y/N)?” He asked looking over your shoulder, now you were staring to get nervous as Hale began to walk towards you causing you to walk back slowly before coming up with a lame excuse.

“I.. um.. he.. he’s.. he went..” you were a stuttering mess until an arm wrapped around your waist “He realized that she’s my girl and went back to the MC booth, too busy being a criminal that you can’t catch any huh, Hale..” Happy said towering over you, you began to relax in Happy’s arms as he watched Hale sulk away.

“Happy Lowman, you are my hero!” You said turning to hug his chest “Anytime, hate that guy.” He said now facing you towards the booths as he took your hand taking you to the booth where the MC was set up.

When you two arrived you saw an overly excited Juice “Bebe! You came, I thought you missed it cause of desperate ass Hale as he’s always trying to ruin your fun.” Juice said laughing as he kissed your forehead.

“I got lost but Happy was my knight in shining armor saving me from Hale’s clutches. If he didn’t come I would’ve been a goner for sure.” You said noticing Happy was now sitting so you walked over to him and lightly planted a kiss on his cheek “Thank you Hap.” You said before walking around with Lyla and Chucky.

🕵🏼Third Person POV🕵🏼

 Hale was creeping behind the MC booth watching (Y/N) as she kissed both her so called dates, causing Hale to wonder who was actually lying. Happy? Juice? Or (Y/N)?

“So who’s actually dating (Y/N)?” Hale asked coldly as he came out from his hiding place. Both Happy and Juice looked at Hale and started to laugh “It ain’t you that’s for sure.” Happy said calling (Y/N) over, they all watched her walk over as Happy took her hand and sat her on his lap.

“Juice, who’d you say she’s dating?” Happy asked before whispering something in her ear that made her blush.

“Huh? We never put our relationship into titles but since Hale wants to know I guess we kind of have to now. Right (Y/N)?” Juice said kissing her hand causing her to nod her head “I’d say both of us wouldn’t you Hap?” Juice asked looking at Happy as he nodded “Hell yeah I would.” He said tickling (Y/N) lightly causing her to laugh.

“See Hale. I had my taste first and didn’t want to let her go but Happy here, he’s had a thing for her ever since she popped up at TM, so I let her go and let them give it a shot but she then realized she wanted both and us as the honorable and caring men we are, we agreed to give her what she wanted. Both. So she’s my girlfriend and Happy’s girlfriend. Anything to add Hap?” Juice asked watching Hales shocked reaction.

“Yeah, one thing. She’s ours, so back the fuck off. Because I taught my baby well, she’s not afraid to defend herself no more.” Hap said picking (Y/N) up and since she wanted them to be believable she reached out for Juices cut pulling him near her and Happy.

“Alright baby, we’re going.” He said winning at Hale as they all walked away. Once they were out of Hale’s sight, Happy let (Y/N) down causing all three of them to burst out into laughter “I am so fucked now!” You yelled laughing “Now you got two fine, dangerous boyfriends.” Juice said laughing sitting on the grass.

“Yeah because one wasn’t enough.” You said laughing as you sat next to him patting the grass near you for Happy to sit. Once he did you kissed his cheek and then moved to Juice’s cheek “You guys are truly my heroes, even though you royally just fucked me.” You said softly looking at the sunset with the boys, “your” boys.


I’m Puerto Rican & Italian.. but really I’m just a kid from Brooklyn.

My name is James Forza. I first identify myself as an artist. I’m an actor in a social justice-based hip hop theatre company. I rap, sing, write, produce, play piano and guitar, etc. I’m proud to be mixed, so I guess you can say I’ve had your average Brooklyn-Italian upbringing. I didn’t know my father until I was 13, but I was raised around tons of Puerto Ricans so I don’t really feel disconnected from my Boricua side.

Being mixed was a challenge in some ways: being around Italians and they say “You ain’t Italian man, you’re Spanish.” or being around Puerto Ricans and they say “You ain’t Puerto Rican, you a white boy.: You know, it gets annoying when people try to tell you who you are. You can already guess that being in a highschool that was about 90% black and latino, I was known as "that white nigga that raps and plays ball”. I didn’t like the fact that the color of my skin was what everybody saw at first, but being who I am still was what made me unique just like everyone else, and no matter who I hung out with, it added more diversity to the group. That was something that people loved.

All though  I was raised by my mother and grandmother, my family has always been in my friends. I have friends of all kinds and I love it. Jamaicans, Dominicans, Panamanians, Grenadians, Native Americans, Trinidadians, Bajans, Hatians, you name it! Since I’ve been in tons of PA programs and plays, it isn’t a coincidence that just about every friend that I have is an artist of some kind. This is what makes my family unique.

What I love about myself is my hair and my craft.

  • I love my hair because it’s a mixture of brown, blonde, and red. It may always look like a curly mess, but I love the colors. They always change with each season. Summer is my favorite.
  • Art is something that nobody would ever be able to take away from me. I feel like it’s the one thing that will always keep me going. I love what I do and I love what I make.
I was told I had one minute but I’m Puerto Rican, I can’t even say hello in one minute!

Rita Moreno, backstage after receiving a Lifetime Achievement honor at tonight’s SAG Awards, talking about the tight time frame she was given to speak about the honor onstage. The show was crunched for time, and Moreno, who broke into song twice on stage, didn’t help, but she was still hugely entertaining at 82. 

Read all of Deadline’s coverage beginning here: http://www.deadline.com/2014/01/sag-awards-2014-screen-actors-guild-award-show/

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First off, love the blog! I'm trying to find out what ultimate spiderman Miles Morales' mother is. Everything says she's "Latina" but never what kind of Latina. It takes place on the east coast, I'm assuming she's Purto Rican, or Cuban, or Dominican.

Thank you!

Miles’ father, Jefferson Davis, is African-American and his mother Rio Morales is Puerto Rican. Miles was born and raised in Brooklyn. - x

The Seven + Nico and Reyna Tumblr Blogs

•Percy would just have shit posts
•tbh Percy would just a fucking idiot the whole time
•"what if our toungue could talk"
•Annabeth is the science side of tumblr
•just think about it
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•Annabeth would either explain completely
•Jason with like an aesthetic blog
•pictures of the sky in different filters
•and at night he’s just a shut poster and joins in with Percy on the fun
• let’s be honest here
•Piper would have like gifs
•her blog is just filled with fucking gifs everywhere
•from movies
•tv shows
•once in a while she’ll be like
•Frank is one of those deep thoughts people
•making us question our existence the more he makes posts
•"what if the world is just a figment of our imagination and none of what we’re seeing is real?“
•Hazel is an art blog
•she’s the one that draws all those cute comics on tumblr that everyone loves
•Leo would be all over posting cool machines
•explaining how they work
•she starts those fights
•oh Reyna
•Nico says he posts dark stuff
•and he does on his side blog
•but on his main blog?
•Nico di Angelo has a flower aesthetic blog
•goodbye I’m done

Summary: Eddie’s leaving and different times effect all of them.

Pairing(s): Creature OT9 (Immortalfox, SlyPKC, Slynewz[?], Kootrafox, Novafox, Zefox[?], Sp00nfox[?], SlyDex[?],),

Warnings: Kinda angst,

A/N: I’m seeing thing in the tags and it’s making me upset. Have a poopy Creature OT9 that ended sorta happy, I guess.

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the whitest of white puerto ricans be saying nigga but can’t even admit that most of their culture stems from the enslaved africans brought there but stay tryna hold on to the taino culture they don’t know shit about.


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Okay but the 21 chump street what it says "Puerto Rican and a body like whoa" is it bad I imagine John singing that to Alex

I think that’s what Lin would want you to think honestly 

Autumn Children

Series: Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin

Pairing: Jean/Marco

Rating: Teen and Up

Tags: AU - Modern Setting, Ghost!Marco, Halloween, Pumpkin Patches!!, Angst, Mortality

Warnings:  Major character death

Length: 7,008 words

AO3 Post: HERE


“Are you lost?”

“Yes…” the boy whispers, looking back up at the moon, “yes, I think I might be.”

“Bad idea to get lost on Halloween. Everyone says the place is haunted.”

(Or: Autumn is the place where summer and winter meet. And sometimes other things.)

Author’s Notes: Caught the autumn/Halloween bug pretty badly. Had to write this. And of course it got real sad real fast. Hope you cry and enjoy it. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

The first time Jean sees him, the moon is hanging high and bright and larger than his nine-year-old mind can comprehend in the October sky.

It’s light paints his back in contrasts of deep blue and pearly iridescence, cutting a lonely figure among the dry grass and pumpkin vines of late fall. There is no wind and yet the shriveled leaves littering the ground and the stalks of the corn in the distance seem to whisper to one another, nudging each other like old friends after a softly shared joke.

He stands, his face tilted up towards the moon crowding out the darkness of the night’s sky with its size, still.

“Hello?” Jean approaches the figure cautiously, feet crunching beneath him. The figure turns, face still moonlight-pale, clothes silent as he twists.

His dark eyebrows rise when he sees Jean, small and young and curious down the dirt path cutting its way between pumpkins and gourds.

The boy is taller than him, Jean notices, and much older too, probably in his mid to late teens. The boy simply stares, astonished and silent.

“Uh, hi,” Jean says again.

“Y-You…you can see me.” The boy replies, eyes still wide with disbelief.


The boy raises his hands, looking down at his palms, then back up to Jean.

“Where am I?” He asks, his voice small. One of Jean’s eyebrows raise.

“Aunt Rose’s Pumpkin Patch and Cider Mill,” he replies, a tone of “duh” coloring his words. “Are you lost?”

“Rose…?” The boy whispers, looking back up at the moon. “Yes…yes, I think I might be.”

“Bad idea to get lost on Halloween,” Jean says, mouth twisting into a frown. “Everyone says the place is "haunted.”“

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