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Wise Words from Joseline

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Reason why i love joseline hernandez😂😅😂

Reality Rewind: Why I Love Joseline Hernandez

She liked it, so she put a ring on it…

I love my ratchet reality television and I’m not apologizing for it, so if you don’t get it, don’t read this.

We’re currently one episode away from the season finale of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (Season 2) and we’ve seen all types of things happen. We’ve seen Scrappy and Erica break up, their mamas try to fight and him go to rehab for marijuana. We’ve seen Mimi say “bitch” in the most vile way possible almost every episode and loved it because when she says it, she puts her all into it. We’ve watched Benzino transform from a creep to the man with the most common sense on the show while his boy Kirk disrespected Rasheeda in unimaginable ways. We’ve even watched Karlie Redd ask Zino for cash to fix her slow leak, K. Michelle slap Mimi up with flowers and Ariane try to sing. Through all of this and more, I’ve come to really love and admire Joseline Hernandez.

A lot of people have a lot to say about Joseline aka the “Puerto Rican Princess,” mostly because she’s a stripper-turned-reality show TV star and because people always have something to say about everything myself included. Well, I love Joseline. I think that in season 1 when we first met her, we thought that she may have be stupid in love with Stevie J and that she needed to get it together. However, we soon learned that she had a tough upbringing, that Stevie really acted as her support system, that she was deeply in love, but most of all, Joseline Hernandez was and still is honest. 

Her honesty peaked last night when she took Stevie to Puerto Rico to shoot her long awaited first music video. Now, PR sounds like a fantasy to any of us that need a vacation (like me lol), but what we didn’t know is that Joseline’s native land would be an emotional awakening for her. After landing and getting situation, Joseline revealed to Stevie and in front of cameras that she hadn’t been to PR in over 10 years, that she had been raped as a child and didn’t think that going back would be this heavy. She proceeded to shoot her music video and propose to Stevie later on in the episode.

This may not say anything to you, but is says more than enough about who she is to me. If Joseline is one thing besides honest, she’s comfortable expressing her love which is something that most of us don’t know how to do because we’re scared. We’re also scared to discuss the life events that make us who we are and that have shaped us into the people that we’ve grown to be. Beyond that, Joseline has ZERO apologies for the woman that she is, and that’s how we should all live.

To live life and show constant growth is a blessing and it’s something that Joseline has done. So, take a minute, look through your custom pair of ratchet blinders and learn to love Joseline. I know I do.

I also do an amazing Joseline impression and respect her decision to propose to Stevie, but I don’t know if I could bring myself to propose to a man after watching Chrissy & Jim and how that got a little weird after, but I digress.

Because honesty works for Joseline,

Taj Rani