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Puerto Rican model Osmar Sanjurjo is photographed by Ryam Anthony in the sensual beach story ‘Íntimo’, shot on location in the island of Puerto Rico. Nolan Rivera served as photographer’s assistant. Story featured in Homotography.

Model: Osmar Sanjurjo

Photo: Ryam Anthony

Assistant: Nolan Rivera

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Dominican/Puerto Rican models?

There’s more Dominican Models in the fashion industry than Puerto Rican. There’s only two Puerto Ricans who I’m aware of …

Joan Smalls of course :)

Heidy De La Rosa

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I know a lot of Dominicans. 

I would say my number one fave is Arlenis Sosa. 

Marihenny Rivera

Gemmy Quelliz

Laura Scott

omahyra mota

cris urena

Keith Hernandez

Rafael Perez

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self portraits.


mariana le'doux