puerto de luna

Hashtag Killer's New Mexico Destination

Hashtag’s last stop is going to be Grzelachowski House in Puerto de Luna, New Mexico. The first letters of the cards spell out “WHERE ELSE BUT IN THE HOUSE OF GRZE”. Grze= Grzelachowski.

Apparently it’s supposedly haunted. Billy the Kid is connected to the location, as well. Alexander Grzelachowski owned a store that Billy the Kid frequented, and also hosted Billy the Kid in his home for his last Christmas dinner. What this bit of history has to do with HTK’s agenda is not entirely clear to me, but HTK seems to think it’s obvious (“Where else”).

Also, Puerto de Luna is 10 miles south of Santa Rosa, NM. That image on the cards? If you put it together, it definitely looks like a rose. Coincidence? Not at all. HTK’s making it blatantly clear where he’s headed. 

Shawn and Gus had better give me credit for tweeting it this time, damnit. Any other time I’ve come up with anything, they’ve always picked someone else to credit. I want this one!