Heterosexuality and feminine childishness

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Summary: Summer of 1938. Y/N visits her grandma’s house in order to find her puerility. Instead she finds an old friend,Jimin. Life had her own plans for them.. ((soldier!au))

This is the first part of this fic (there’s going to be three parts) and it’s heavily based off of a book i read about world war 2. There’s going to be mentions of war in the next parts (i’m going to avoid mentioning races or religions etc). Hope you like it and please tell me what you think. :)

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Warnings: none (for now)

Words: 7.2 K

epoch (n)

  • a particular period of time in history or somebody’s life.
  • a point of time distinguished by a particular event or state of affairs; a memorable date


17 June, 1938

It’s been years since I visited this place- my grandmother’s house- but it feels like it was yesterday when I was a happy eight year old little girl with my hair falling past my shoulder, dressed in my snow white dress, its hem consistently stained with mud and my cheeks rosy from running. Grandpa used to call me bunny every time I jumped around, chasing the white speckled butterflies, playing hide and seek with him in the yard. Our brown fur dog was following me everywhere, barking and giving away my hideout. And as I ran, sometimes I fell on the ground and injured my knee, some other times I rested under the shadow of leaves, the chirping of the canaries lulling me to sleep.

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(alla fine, per quanto possa farla difficile, solo una cosa conta: ti voglio davvero tanto bene. bene in maniera puerile, sincera. bene come ne vuole un bimbo a sua madre. ti voglio bene, e questo resta.)

And the winner issssss...

Apro la casella dell’antispam.
Quattro messaggi.
Non li apro.
Mi limito a guardare mittente e prime righe di testo.
Uno mi arriva da Loteria de Estado.
L’oggetto recita Hai vinto 1.250,00 Euros.
Le prime righe del testo sono: Si consiglia di aprire il file allegato pdf, e di contattare il proprio agente per il premio della lotteria.
Procedo per punti:
1) Non ho partecipato ad alcuna lotteria.
2) Non ho mai vinto un’ostia in tutta la mia vita figuriamoci se comincio proprio adesso.
3) Milleduecentocinquanta euro mi sembrano una cifra ridicola. In questo senso: se devo rischiare di prendermi un virus da voi, almeno allettatemi con una somma un filino più importante di questa.
4) Se pensate che io possa cadere in una trappola tanto puerile nonostante sia effettivamente un po’ ingenuo, cambiate mestiere. Sempre che sia questo ciò che fate per vivere. Ma credo di sì.

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"Apocalypse was really really good".... unfollow

Well I happen to think that it was, I was entertained - that’s all I set out to be. So if it doesn’t take more than for me to like a movie that you don’t, for you to ragequit my blog - then might I suggest you wear a tinfoil hat till the internet implodes or something… really man.. come on. That shit there is straight up puerile. 


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1. The first song describes how you die:
Music from the Other- Tribulation
Yeah, dead from Jonathan eye fucking me (this happened once before, so it’s not surprising!)

2. The second song describes your love life:
Blind Leading the Blind- Trivium
“Now claim freedom, save yourself”
…..lol this seems fitting 

3. The third song will be played at your wedding:
Lady Morgue- Subvision
“Her mere appearance is of misery”
Yup, because I was obviously forced into this nuptial bs..

4. Add ‘in my pants’ to the title of the fourth song:
Once Upon a Dream in my pants- Lana Del Rey

5. The fifth song will be played at your funeral:
Idolatrine- Ghost
“Inflaming puerile minds with the guilt of sin”
I’m not having a funeral, but I hope my fam gets drunk and dances around to this song like heathens around a bonfire! *consider it a last wish* 

6. The sixth song is your theme song:
Free Will Sacrifice- Amon Amarth
“We will sacrifice them one by one, Send them off to the gods”

7. The seventh song will be played when you think about someone you love:
No More Mr. Nice Guy- Alice Cooper

8. Add “With a Shovel and a Screwdriver” to the title of the eighth song:
Blue Study with a shovel and a screwdriver- Stone Sour
“Never wanted this, never needed this!”
Seems fitting. 

9. The ninth song will describe your week:
Sex Metal Barbie- In This Moment
Groovy >}

10. The tenth song will be played when you miss someone:
Check Yes, Juliet- We the Kings
“Run baby run!”
Sure, why not.

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This is the Žižek game, and I am going to teach you how to play it. Think of these instructions as the opposite of the ones offered in “How to Be Polite,” Paul Ford’s beautiful essay about graciousness and its effects on other people. Ford’s advice is meant to be lived by. My advice is intended only for special occasions. It is for when you have an itch to scratch, and that itch is called, “a puerile desire to get on other people’s nerves.” All you do is stonily deny any knowledge of a person or cultural touchstone that you should, by virtue of your other cultural reference points, be aware of. These will of course be different for everyone, but my favorites include:

Žižek, John Updike, MORRISSEY (only for experts), Radiohead, Twin Peaks, David Lynch in general, Banksy (only for streetfighters),Withnail and I, Bauhaus (movement), Bauhaus (band), Afrika Burn, the expression “garbage person,” A Clockwork Orange, Steampunk (this one is really good), Jack Kerouac, “Gilmore Girls,” Woody Allen, the expression “grammar nerd,” the expression “grammar Nazi,” cocktails, bongs, magical realism, millennials, Cards Against Humanity, trance parties, bunting, many comedians, William Gibson, burlesque, the Beats, The God Delusion, sloths, anarchism, Joy Division, CrossFit, “The Mighty Boosh,” and Fight Club.