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Bucky woke up on the outskirts of Santa Rosa. It was dawn and Steve was pulling the car into the parking lot of some tiny coffee place. Bucky’s neck hurt from sleeping with his head against the window. He refrained from comment when Steve chose what all Bucky’s training told him was the wrong parking spot, just wordlessly stretched his neck and shoulder as Steve went inside. When he came back out again, Bucky was handed a bag of donuts and coffee with not enough cream.

“Where are we?” Bucked asked, voice rough from sleep.

“New Mexico.”

“We headed for the border? I can drive if you wanna sleep?”

“Nah, I got it. We’re not going to the border, though. We’re going to Puente Antiguo.”

Rather than going back out onto the interstate, Steve took a smaller road. Bucky scratched at his hair, wondering when he would next get the chance to wash it. “What the fuck is in Puente Antiguo?”

“Not much, but I got a surprised lined up for you.”

“I’m a hundred years old now, I can’t handle surprises.” Bucky took a scalding gulp of coffee.

Steve laughed, “you’ll like this one. Now gimme a donut.”

Bucky held out the bag and let Steve rummage through it for the chocolate coated one. Then he let Steve keep driving and blearily watched the desert roll by.

If Bucky had ever been to this part of the country, he didn’t remember. It looked exactly how he’d picture it, so maybe he had. He used to know someone from here. A girl. Long ago, before the war. 

He rolled down the window and let the cool air blow his hair around. He squeezed his eyes shut and remembered: Darcy and the best six months of his life.

He almost wished the memories weren’t there. It was painful to think of how young and stupid and happy he’d been. Finding a dame in the park, in tears after her purse got stolen. He and Steve had put her up in their apartment, sharing Steve’s bed and giving Bucky’s room to Darcy. They’d helped her out, got her clothes even if they were secondhand. Bucky had scored her a job; a filing girl in the same building where he worked in the mailroom, he seemed to recall. Or had she been in the mailroom and he was something else? He definitely remembered the two of them walking to and from work every day, arm in arm. And that his boss thought they looked good together. Darcy had been sweet and funny. A little firecracker, no taller than Steve. And always wore that sweater with the cherries embroidered on the chest. She’d paid their kindness back, putting her money in with theirs for food and rent. And she’d paid them back in kisses, and in gentle little touches, like cuddling up to Steve while he was doing the dishes and nuzzling at the back of his neck. Or sitting on Bucky’s knee while they both read the paper. Outside, she was Bucky’s girl. But behind closed doors, it was Bucky and Steve and Darcy. No matter how much the neighbours tsked and told them they were living in sin, playing house.

Bucky hoped that wasn’t the surprise. That Steve had tracked down Darcy, now an old lady. He didn’t care if he was selfish, not wanting to see the family she must have built for herself when she’d gone back to New Mexico. She’d deserved a happy life, not to see him now as a shell of soldier. Would it be better or worse to simply arrive at her grave?

“You’re not even gonna give me a clue?” Bucky asked.

“Nope. This was way too long and complicated to track down to start spoiling it now.”

They passed a roadsign, ‘Puente Antiguo 19 miles.’

There was an uptick in traffic as people started making their way to work. The temperature rose and the sun brightened in the sky.

Puente Antiguo turned out to be a thin veneer of a town scraped across a section of desert. A diner, a garage, a pet store, a cluster of houses. Farm houses speckled in the distance. And a disused car dealership that had grown satellite dishes out of the roof like giant mushrooms.

Steve pulled the car up alongside a large van, which also sported a satellite. “Here we are, Buck. Surprise is inside.”

Bucky sat squinting in the hot sun at the strange surroundings. In through the large window, he could see more machinery and computers that did god only knows what. And on the back wall was an enormous printed star chart. Was this an observatory? The 21st century was weird to him in a lot of ways but this was really pushing the envelope.

Steve, done waiting for Bucky to figure anything out, got out of the car and strode up to the glass door, giving it a firm couple of taps. Bucky slowly opened the door and followed, his boots crunching in the dusty gravel. Behind them, the town was waking up. The garage started welding something, and the diner’s bell jingled as the first customers ventured in.

An unfamiliar woman hollered for them to come inside the dealership-slash-observatory, so Steve pushed the door open and walked in. Where Bucky took a good long look around the place - with notes and photos pinned up and a transparent board with long, scary looking equations written in red - it clearly wasn’t Steve’s first visit. He made a beeline for an office in the back where Thor was waiting for them, with two women. One was pacing and writing in a notebook, chewing on one pen while another was balanced behind her ear. And the other?

Darcy. Not an old lady, but exactly the way she had been. Not a day older and sitting on at a high table, with her hands wrapped around a steaming mug of coffee. She was even wearing that goddamned cherry sweater. Bucky’s jaw dropped.

Steve, the smirking little punk, walked right up to her and placed a kiss on the top of her head. He turned back to face Bucky, with his hands on Darcy’s shoulders. “Surprise.”

Bucky couldn’t manage a single sound.

Was this a dream? Was he still asleep in the car, or back in cryo? It couldn’t be real, that was too good to be true. And yet here his Darcy was, waiting patiently for him to pull himself together. Bucky felt his throat tighten and his eyes well up with tears.

“H-how?” he stammered.

Darcy put her mug down and opened her mouth.

“You have no idea how important this is. We’ve been trying to get a handle on the data this threw up for the last year,” the other lady said. “The fact that she was able to go back at all is groundbreaking and the difference in perceived time? Oh, my god. I-”

“I time traveled, Bucky” came Darcy’s beautiful voice. Just as he remembered. “I spent six months with in nineteen-forty but I was only gone from here, like, six minutes. You will be shocked at the amount of detail I had to go into to get Jane to believe that I was in a polyamorous relationship with Captain America and the Winter Soldier for six minutes.”

Bucky swallowed around the lump in his throat.

“Tracking someone down is a lot harder when they turn out to be seventy years younger that you think they are,” Steve said, when Bucky said nothing. “We just so happen to have some mutual friends, so we got lucky.” He jerked his head towards Thor, who raised his own mug in salute.

“S-so, wait,” Bucky took one step forward, “that whole bit about being on vacation to New York and getting mugged?”

“Total lie, sorry,” Darcy said, getting off her chair. She was just as small as she had been before, like Steve wasn’t anymore.

“But you wouldn’t have believed me then. Can you forgive me?” She held out her arms for a hug and Bucky wasted no time. But instead, he scooped her up into his arms, like a new bride, and pressed a big smacking kiss to her lips. In the background, Thor and Jane cheered. And Darcy let out a tiny squeal and kissed him right back.

Jane waited for a storm. 

No, that wasn’t quite right—that wasn’t quite accurate, and accuracy mattered. 

Jane chased the storm. She built new equipment and scoured her data. When New Mexico kept coming up dry, she moved outward. She called on SHIELD resources and tried to find other hot spots. (None of them were so aptly named as Puente Antiguo, which would always keep a special place in her heart and her humor).

Darcy followed, slamming doors and stealing Jane’s chips, acing any online class that asked her to argue and forgetting to ask Jane for help on her science and mathematics. Jane eventually learned she had to almost bully her into accepting the help. 

“Who taught you not to ask for things?“ 

Darcy rolled her eyes. “Who taught you to be nosy? Hey, wait, I thought that was a, uh, that little Greek s dude.”

“A lowercase sigma? No, it’s a cursive v. That’s a sigma there.”

“We have both? What idiot decided that?”

“Probably Einstein or somebody,” said Jane. “They can always read their own handwriting." 

"See, this is why you get to do the grocery shopping,” said Darcy. “You’d send me out to get cursive v’s and I’d come back with a baby sigma and you know it’d just be your scientist handwriting’s fault.”

They chased the storm. Months went by. Jane went out to stand in actual rain and let it drench her. The sun had blasted each water drop hitting her face into steam, once, and sent it flying upward to the sky. It had turned to ice, to crystals, to water droplets, and clung closer and closer to its siblings. The water had traveled miles, maybe, over oceans and fields and country borders, to fall here on her face. 

When Jane got back to the Motel Six where they were staying, soaked through, Darcy bullied her into a hot shower and played I’m Singing in the Rain at top volume all night. 

on the verge of understanding something extraordinary

[link to full fic]
That Night In New Mexico. (Chapter Four)

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader. (Soulmate AU)

Warnings: Kidnapping…ish.

Word Count: 1,002.

Sorry for any typos/misspelled words!

Previous Chapters:

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three

It was silent as Y/N and Jane drove back to Puente Antiguo. Both were in a state of shock at what they witnessed.

“Are you okay?” Y/N finally broke the silence. She looked at Jane with concern, after all, she had just seen her soulmate get arrested.

“I don’t know.” Jane replied after a moment. Neither of them knew what to think. What was so important about the ‘hammer’ that it seemed everyone wanted it? It just didn’t make sense.

A while later, the Pinzgauer screeched to a stop in the Smith Motors parking lot. Jane jumped out and quickly raced inside, Y/N following after her.

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Little Cosmos

Paring: Yondu Udonta/Reader

Tags: female reader, reader-centric, Parent Yondu Udonta, time travel, fix-it fic, set in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, spoilers!!, fluff, angst. 

Summary: Sometimes, to fix the hurt, you need a little miracle. Or perhaps, a stray sorcerer supreme.

Word Count: 1,426

Posting Date:  2017-06-11

Current Date: 2017-06-15

Originally posted by numnumniki

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That Night In New Mexico. (Chapter One)

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader. (Eventually)

Summary: Y/N Lewis never thought that she would meet a Norse god, much less be the soulmate of one. Nor did she think that her sister would be the soulmate of some agent at equipment stealing FBI type “company” called S.H.I.E.L.D. But hey, who said life was easy?

A/N: I got this idea a while ago while watching Thor, and I’m finally writing it. This part is just a copy of the novelization, besides the added character - Reader - and the whole soulmate concept, but in future chapters it will all be original. Also, this chapter focuses more on Jane.

Sorry for any typos!

Warnings: Hitting people with a car by accident?

Word Count: 4,541. (Ow)

The desert air was dry and still. In the small town of Puente Antiguo, New Mexico, the stores were closed for the night, and the houses were quiet. The local residents were tucked inside, eating dinner or watching television. Parked in the only street that led in and out of town was an old, beat-up Pinzgauer utility vehicle. A young woman sat in the driver’s seat, staring out at the desert just beyond, while next to her, an older gentleman read through various papers on his lap.

The van started up and headed out of town into the dark desert. For a while, there was only the sound of the wind through the open windows and there occasional beep from the computers.

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take your time (in a hurry), ch. 2

this is part 2 of @ragwitch‘s birthday gift! i’ll have one more up this week, on her actual birthday. if you haven’t read the first chapter, this one won’t make much sense. love you, queenie. ❤️❤️❤️

read: part 1, part 3

Chapters: 2/?
Relationships: wintershieldshock (Darcy/Bucky/Steve), Darcy & Tony
Rating: T (for now)
Summary: Darcy is the bastard daughter of one Anthony Edward Stark, who was banished from New York for getting a girl pregnant out of wedlock. Now that her grandparents have died, she embarks on a quest out west to find her long-lost father. Twenty years later. Should be a piece of cake. (old west!AU)

Despite a restless night, Darcy was up just after dawn the next morning. There was too much to do; at some point in the middle of all her tossing and turning, she’d realized she couldn’t stay here. Not in this house, and certainly not in the shadow of Zola and his scheming machinations. Whether or not Peggy found a way to find her father, she wasn’t staying in New York.

She wasn’t looking forward to telling Maria. Not that she had to—the other woman had a knack for being able to read her thoughts almost before she’d even had them. In this case, it was easy. As soon as Darcy directed some of the servants to start packing up the house—starting with her grandparents’ bedroom and other, lesser-used rooms of the house—Maria was there at her elbow. “Not going to wait for Mrs. Carter to come back before you make your decision?”

“You know she’d yell at you for calling her that, Maria. And no, I’m not. We both know that there’s only one option for me. Can you see me tied down to a man too scared to tell Zola no?”

The other woman only snorted in reply. Dusting her hands briskly on her apron, she said, “Well, that’s settled, then. I’ll have the maids pack up in here, next.” She waved a hand around Howard’s study at all the books and his strange inventions, plus the keepsakes he’d gathered from his travels. Darcy looked up from where she’d been combing through the loose sheets of paper on her grandfather’s desk. She wasn’t ready for this room to be packed up, and she opened her mouth to tell Maria that, but was sidetracked at the next words that came out of the housekeeper’s mouth.

“Then we’ll go through your clothing to decide what will survive the trip.”

“What trip?”

Maria leveled her with a skeptical, don’t-try-to-pull-one-over-on-me-missy look. “For the journey west. You trying to tell me that you’re planning on leaving New York and it’s not to go find your father?”

She hadn’t said as much out loud, but Darcy couldn’t deny that it had always been her intention, ever since Aunt Peggy’s words the night before. Even if she spent the rest of her whole life looking. She looked away. “I’m not ready for the servants to clean up in here.” That was all the answer Maria needed.

With a soft squeeze to her shoulder, she murmured, “I thought not. Well, I hope you find something that hints at where he might be. ‘West’ is mighty vague, even for an intrepid young woman like yourself. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though.” She headed across the room, reaching for the chords for the drapes. “And while you do that, I might as well go see to the preparations for our journey. It’s never too early to get the ball rolling.”

“Our?” Darcy muttered blankly, blinking owlishly against the light as Maria threw open the curtains. Dust floated in every direction, disturbed by the sudden motion. No one had been in this room in days, not since Darcy’s grandparents had died.

“Our,” Maria confirmed, her tone as hard as steel, and as immovable, too. “You didn’t think I was gonna let my little girl go traipsing off across the country without me, did you?”

In between one heartbeat and the next, Darcy flew across the room. One second, she was staring at her friend from behind the desk, finger still tracing the line of ink across one of Howard’s ledgers. And in the next, she was in Maria’s arms, clinging hard and blinking away tears. The other woman’s arms were light and gentle against her back, rubbing soothing circles against the fabric covering her back.

Once she was sure she wouldn’t embarrass herself by crying like a child, Darcy pulled away. Maria’s face was stern, but her eyes were understanding. “It’s been a rough week for you, little dove, I know. But you’ll get through this. You’ve still got me.”

Nodding her head quickly, Darcy stepped back. Smiling around a sniffle, she assured, “I know. I don’t know what I’d do without you, Maria.”

“You’d figure something out, Darce. You’re a resourceful one. But you don’t have to. And whenever you find someone you can rely on—”

“—you shouldn’t work alone,” Darcy finished.

(read more link here)

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kats (the k wasn’t intended)

…But it’s there nonetheless.

Read it here on AO3. Please leave a comment?

This is for @bloomsoftly  ‘s birthday. I hope you like it bloom, because you’re the most amazing person in the world and I hope your day is awesome.
Special mentions go to
@dresupi who edited the thing.
@latessitrice who checked it over and helped me a lot
@gstarshine who got me back into gear when I was writing dry.
Thank you so so much. 
So yeah, enjoy! Moar under the cut.

Read the first part: here

Natasha had worn a lot of faces in her life..

The first, of course, had been Natalia, and that had lasted her the longest: 10 years.

Then, there’d been a long list of confusing identities, all different.

Each one had been real, not one had been true.

She had grown attached to some; she had destroyed others.

She’d been made and unmade countless times.

She changed identity like people changed clothes, she lived between liars and lies and she survived because she was strong.

Until one day, because of a stupid mistake, she hadn’t been.

Natasha wasn’t proud to say that someone got the drop on her and had damaged her so much as to take away her whole memories and scramble her own honed muscle memory to a point where it wasn’t reacting anymore (and if she had later found the three cretins that had tried to have their fun with her that day and scared them shitless, but that was hardly anyone’s business).

However, she stored the five months following that experience in her heart, right beside Clint and Coulson and even deeper than she treasured those few moments with Yasha.

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In Which the Author Goes Crazy with the Crossovers

Darcy is seven and is sat in her papa’s lap. He’s reading a story about space princesses and pod races to her when she remembers. It’s the cadence of her dad’s voice, how it rolls the word “stardust” over his tongue and lips. She sucks in a deep, heady breath of memories and exhales knowledge. She’s no longer Darcy after that, but she responded to the name because her papa gave it to her.

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That Night In New Mexico. (Chapter Two)

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader. (Soulmate AU)

Summary: Y/N Lewis never thought that she would meet a Norse god, much less be the soulmate of one. Nor did she think that her sister would be the soulmate of an agent at some equipment stealing FBI type “company” called S.H.I.E.L.D. But hey, who said life was easy?

Warnings: None. (Yet)

Word Count: 1,138

Previous Chapter:

Chapter One.

Y/N Lewis’s life had been turned upside down overnight. First, they had discovered a man in the middle of the desert. A man who, according to pictures she had seen herself, taken to Earth out of a rainbow-colored tornado. Then, this same man had been her boss’s soulmates, made cryptic references to answering all of their questions, only to kiss Jane’s hand, bow to Erik, Darcy, and her, and leave with a promise to eventually come back for his soulmate and disappear into the desert in search of a fallen “satellite.”

Yet, none of that prepared any of the four of them to wall back into the lab at Smith Motors and find it being raided by what appeared to be government agents. In the parking lot, men ripped equipment out of the Pinzgauer, transferring it into large black vans. More agents came out of the lab holding boxes and files in their arms.

Jane rushed forward and burst into the lab her heart pounding and her fists clenched. “What is going on here?!” She demanded.

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url-inspired graphic for concavepatterns

When Darcy Lewis is hired by SHIELD to help boost public opinion of disgraced wannabe supervillain Loki Laufeyson, she trades her podunk town of Puente Antiguo, New Mexico for a glamorous new life in New York City.
The only downside? She’s now working as a glorified babysitter to the most troublesome charge in the nine realms. But with a little luck, a lot of mischief, and just a touch of magic, Darcy might just come to like Loki after all.
Coming this summer, a story about two people so different, they just might work.

Double-D With ESP Chapter One: DARCY

AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
FIC SUMMARY: Darcy Lewis was kind of psychic. Not in a see the future, talk to your dead father, tell you the winning lotto numbers kind of way, but it still came in handy from time to time.
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: Inspired by a “Sick Sad World” segment: “Psychic Centerfolds. What happens when Miss September can see November? She’s a Double-D with ESP! Coming up next on Sick, Sad World.” 

This is a GEN fic (no real mention of ships) and while it has a lot of MCU references, it’s not quite canon compliant. It’s has been collecting dust for a few months now and a recent reread reminded me that it’s ‘almost’ finished. Let me know what you think/if you want to read more as it may help me get this wrapped finished sooner rather than later :P And a shout out to @pedeka​, @blacksunmagick​, and @jewliesparks​ for helping me understand tarot cards a bit better.

My fics can also be found on AO3.


Darcy Lewis was kind of psychic. But not in a see the future, talk to your dead father, tell you the winning lotto numbers kind of way. She jokingly referred to it as her ‘spidey-sense’, this feeling that crept up her spine that told her to turn left instead of right, to not trust the drink (or the guy that gave it to her), to stop walking just as a door was being thrown open in front of her. She would admit, under duress, that it came in handy from time to time, but never put in any effort into honing it, lest she turn out like the other psychics in her family.

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For FYDL POC Week - Elevator meeting prompt

Darcy Lewis & T’challa - Rated General/Teen (~1100 words)

“Hold the door please!” Darcy yelled as she hurried along the pristine hallway.

A strong masculine hand did just that, allowing her to step in the elevator before it could close. Darcy barely registered the presence of two women and a man here with her, as she  breathed a quick “thank you” to the polite one.

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WinterShock AU: Adopt a Soldier

Based on my previous post

Soldiers, Free to a Good Home


She had seen it in the local newspaper. “Adopt a soldier” the headline read in the classified section between Mr. Bonaman’s call for workers for the grocery store and the want ad for factory workers on the other side of the state. “Our boys are risking their lives overseas and what better way to show them there are people who appreciate and support them then by sending them encouragements and care packages.” Darcy thought it was a wonderful idea, so one Saturday she packed herself into her father’s Oldsmobile and made the three hour trip four towns over to the home of the woman who’d put out the ad and signed up all twenty-eight children in her second grade class. In return the older woman gave her list of names; names of soldiers for her kids to send things to.

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audreyii_fic: i want to write some SOAP OPERATIC TROPES because REASONS

The Odinsons Are Banished drabble prompt AU continues with… er… one of my own prompts. Which I pretty much just wrote because I felt like it. And also because it’s time for all that royal upbringing to come back to bite our boys in the butt.


“Jane isn’t allowed to grocery shop anymore.” Darcy flips through her recipe app, shaking her head. “I can’t make dinner out of this.”

“What is that one?”

“Cauliflower. And we’re not eating it.”

Thor frowns. “Is it poisonous?”

“No, it’s disgusting.” She enters quinoa into the search engine, and the suggestions it kicks back aren’t even worth talking about. “Jane!” she shouts from the kitchen — or what counts for a kitchen in this lab. “Jane, I’m pretty sure this is abuse!”

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anonymous asked:

Do you know of any good tasertricks fics?

Here’s a pretty long list of COMPLETED FICS because I’m not putting you through the pain of anything ‘in progress as of 2012.’ I look out for you guys ;)

So, to get you started, just go check out anything by concavepatterns, leftylain (leftennant on AO3) or mischiefgoddesscomplex - I’ve included some of my favourites in this list, but tbh you can never go wrong with anything they write. (Shameless self-promo: I also write stuff sometimes.)

Beautiful Lies, lokishorcrux. Rated T
When Loki escapes prison, Darcy thought her biggest problem would be putting up with the idiot. When justice follows Loki to Earth, Darcy finds herself entangled in something far worse than anything meeting Thor could have prepared her for. Set after Avengers and covers events in TDW.

Not Without a Fight, concavepatterns. Rated M
(Post TDW) The human body was never designed to withstand the power of the Aether. Now Jane is dying and it’s up to Thor and Darcy to save her before time runs out. But when Darcy strikes up an unlikely deal with a certain presumed-dead trickster, it may be her own life that’s on the line.

Daily Disasters, concavepatterns. Rated M
Darcy’s week is shaping up to be one great big bag of suck, much to the delight of a certain God of Mischief. Post-Avengers.

Seduction and Sacrifice, darknnerdy. Rated M
Darcy makes a sacrifice to the God of Mischief and Lies.

The Blood-Dimmed Tideof_raven_wings. Rated M
In penance for his actions, Loki has been sent back to Earth and imprisoned beneath Stark Tower. New York has been shattered by the Chitauri attack, most of its populace scattered to other parts of the country. Those who remain in the city are struggling to survive as the world slides towards economic and political chaos. Darcy Lewis is one of those who chose to remain. Now an intern with Stark Industries, she is unexpectedly assigned to watch over Loki. More unexpected, she begins to share his dreams and memories. Darcy, along with most of the world, believe Loki to be the greatest evil they have known. They have no idea what’s coming…

A Morbid Taste for Icesitehound. Rated M
Darcy Lewis likes to think of herself as terribly adaptable, with an “if life gives you lemons, zap life with a Taser and demand chocolate” sort of attitude. And life, lately, has had a perverse sense of humor, first trapping her in a state of perpetual Science Assistant in the armpit of New Mexico known as Puente Antiguo; and then forcing her to live in a trailer home with Jane Foster, Jane’s guy, Thor, and his brother, Loki, master of mischief and wide-scale urban renewal. But Darcy’s not about to let her situation get her down. She’s managed to get pretty good at her job, and with liberal application of a credit card, made her rustic house a home. And wielding a Taser and armored by her snarky wit, she’s more than a match for the God of Mischief. Stumbling face-first over the frozen body of a friend on the front porch, however, is more than even mostly unflappable Darcy can handle. The obvious suspect is her mentally unstable roommate. But despite all his other faults, Darcy is certain Loki isn’t the perpetrator. And not just because she’s starting for fall for him…

Put It Back Together, procrastinator. Rated E
So…this is a fluffy/angsty, smutty in the future, story about which I had a bizarro dream and decided to write a tamer, less wacko version of. Daddy Loki and Mommy Darcy.

Add It Upleftennant. Rated E
Loki and Darcy have been dancing around each other ever since they were paired up as a team at S.H.I.E.L.D. by Nick Fury. When they both end up up in his apartment after saving the world, things finally hit the boiling point.

Three Days, mischiefgoddesscomplex. Rated E
Often times, the most misunderstood things turn out to be the most beautiful. What happens when Loki needs a place to stay and hide for the weekend, and Darcy Lewis takes him up on an offer that is just too good to resist? Mischief, shenanigans, tricks…oh, and a bit of romance, too. (Takes place when Loki is captured at the end of the Avengers, but manages to escape before Thor can take him back to Asgard. Will have an epilogue that takes place after Thor 2!)

All Reason Aside, I Just Can’t Denytristesses. Rated E
Contrary to popular belief, Darcy likes being an omega! She’s just a cynic about the soulmate thing, but statistically speaking, she’s never going to find hers, so who cares? As for Loki, the disturbing thought that he could be inadvertently bonded with a mortal from the very planet he wants to conquer never crossed his mind, but if asked, he would claim it was impossible. Unfortunately for both of them, they’re completely wrong.

I Don’t Like You, PeachyLana. Rated E
Loki visits Jane’s lab at night and Darcy happens to be working late. Eventual Loki/Darcy smut. Post The Dark World.

That one time Darcy Lewis outsnarked the God of Mischief, Ambrosia. Rated E
“You are,” Loki said, narrowing his blue eyes. He had one hell of a smile, for fuck’s sake. Darcy mentally hit herself. “Something. You are not like the others in this realm.” “Nope,” Darcy said. “I’m just the one that tazered the god of thunder,” she paused with the sippy straw between her lips. “You know, your brother? Bout’ six two, twice your size, swings a hammer.”

Payback, Spamberguesa. Rated E
Darcy’s silently teased Loki one time too many.

It's You

TITLE: It’s You


AUTHOR: SierraLaufeyson13

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being in love with Loki, but due to your father’s foolishness Odin banished him and his family, stripping you of immortality….



He walked aimlessly down the street of the arid town that had been destroyed by his doing, all those around him clueless to his identity, ignorant to the fact that it was because of him that they had to rebuild from the ground up. His powers had been weakened, his sentence was to walk the realm of Midgard as a mortal would, and he loathed the idea of it but had no choice as the Einherjar that surrounded him pushed him to his knees in front of the Allfather.

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