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Willow Part 4

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Italics are memories

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“The reimbursement Maia, you should have seen.”  Her grandmother said as Lian drew a picture next to the cat as though it was being a model.

Christine rolled her eyes as she poured another cup of coffee in the background.

“And there were people in strange armour I thought it was a convention in town.”

“I’m still confused - why Puente Antiguo?” Maia questioned

“Why did you run off without a word?” Her grandmother snapped back causing Maia to gulp.

Despite looking after Lian while Roy and Misty sorted things out in the apartment down the hallway, she felt as though the real warzone was here.

“That’s enough mom.” Christine frowned and Maia busied herself in Lians drawing

“You’re right.” She nodded “the main thing is Maia returned to us.”

Feeling hyper aware of the gaze of her grandmother she felt thankful she had enlisted Christine’s help in covering her scars up with the concealer. They weren’t fully covered, but they looked … better.

“So this surprise is nice grandmother.” Maia started to say as she watched her look at the pictures that Lian drew the night before. “How-”

“Where did you get your furniture?” She interrupted Maia

“The trademarket.” Maia replied immediately

“Really? Christine, did you not buy her new furniture?” She snapped at her daughter

“Maia refused.” Christine replied simply as Maia rolled her eyes

“Grandma.” Paul spoke suddenly “Tell us about your new house.”

“Well.” She started to talk as Maia drowned her out and looked at Lian’s picture

“I think that’s amazing.” Maia grinned

“Yeah?” Lian asked her as she scrunched her face up. “I really like it and I want to give one to everybody, especially mommy but I’m almost out of my black crayon and I know Daddy would want it.”

“Does your mommy have email?” Maia asked and Lian nodded “Do you send her your photos?”

Lian shook her head

“Daddy can never find them when she comes over, because of all his other papers.”

“Hhow about you keep a special folder full.of them just for her? Or you could scan them and email them to her?” Maia suggested and Lian looked at her confused

“Like the folder my school has?”

“Yeah, I think?” Maia smiled, “and you can decorate the folder if you like with stickers?

“Yes!” Lian giggled excitedly, “daddy has issues with knowing which one is for him and which one is for mommy.”

“Would you like me to get some for you today?” Maia asked her kindly

Lian nodded eagerly “yes please.”

Awesome was what Maia was about to respond with but was interrupted by Roy coming into the apartment.

“Hey.” He smiled over at everyone

“Hey.” Christine smiled “How is it going?”

“Good.” He nodded before turning to Lian “Come on, dinner is on its way.”

Lian nodded and bounced up with her picture, giving the cat a swift kiss before waving to everyone goodnight and disappearing with Roy.

“Let’s get dinner too shall we?” Anna asked and Christine nodded before turning to Maia and giving her a ‘save me’ look. “Will you be joining us Maia?”

“Maybe tomorrow night.” She nodded and hugged her Grandmother goodbye.

“What are you doing tonight?” Christine asked her

“Hanging out with Aria in an hour.” She smiled as she looked at the time “have fun”

Shaking her head, Christine bid her goodbye and after saying goodnight to the others Maia focused on getting ready.

Saying goodbye to the cat that Lian named Princess Nana, Maia silently left the apartment and started walking.


Roy sighed as he heard loud noises coming from the hallway.

Peering out of the door, he found Maia laughing her ass of while dropping her keys while with another Man. After trying her apartment earlier, he had called Christine to check if she was with her but was told she was with Aria.

Aria wasn’t in sight and the man standing next to her was was slightly muscular. He couldn’t make out what the blonde man was muttering to Maia, but apparently it was hilarious.

“Hey.” He frowned at her

“Hi!” She gasped as she saw him and went to go give him a hug. Whilst she did this, the strange man gave him a confused expression and gave him a once over as he picked up the keys from the floor and unlocked the apartment.

“How are you?” Maia grinned

“Maia its 2am, where were you and where’s Aria?” He asked with a harsh tone “who is this?”

“Ohh I didn’t figure I had to tell you where I go everytime I leave.” She rolled her eyes while slurring “and aria’s home I think?”

“We’ll talk about this later.” He sighed as he realised how drunk she was before turning to her ‘friend’ “Thanks for bringing her home, I’ve got it from here.”

“No problem.”  The man replied shortly “Now if you don’t mind, we should be going.”

“Your friend seems delightful.” He said quietly in a sarcastic tone to Maia who just rolled her eyes at him in return

“Just go get some sleep grumpy, I’ll talk to you in the morning.”

“Breakfast?” He asked

“Maybe lunch.” She nodded “good night.”

“Goodnight.” He said while looking at the other man who was now giving him disapproving looks.

The next morning he knocked on her door with a bag of food and waited for the door to open.

The door opened to reveal the man from the night before and Roy forced a smile.

“Hey, is Maia awake?”

A groan from inside confirmed that she was. Or atleast partially.

Moving his way in, he shut the door behind him and he turned to face him with his hand extended.

“I’m Roy.” He introduced himself

“Ethan.” He nodded and shook his hand before moving over to the counter and picking up a filled glass and bringing it to Maia who was hunched over on the couch.

“Drink this, it’ll help.” He said before placing it infront of her.

Roy chuckled and sat next to her, as she snuggled deeper into the blanket draped over her.

“Come.on wake up.”

“No.” She said defiantly and grimaced

“You said you could.handle your alcohol.” Ethan laughed

“I said I can drink wine without regrets. Not Tequila.” Maia clarified.

“I better go.” Ethan said with a smile and picked up his things and moving over to place a kiss on her cheek “Last night was nice, I’ll see you around.”

“Okay. Oh wait, have you seen my cat?” Maia asked her and sat up slowly as Roy inspected the drink on the table.

“No.”  The man said quickly and before heading out the door.

“So.” Roy started up quickly

“Yeah.” Maia nodded and took the drink out of his hands.

“Nothing happened though.”

“Who was he?” He asked

“He said his sister knew me when we were younger and so I’m guessing he was from school or something.”

“So you had a good night then?” He asked being careful not to start lecturing her about safety.

“Yeah.” She laid back on the couch pillows and thought back “We just talked all night, it was nice.”

“Poor Ayden.” Roy chuckled causing Maia to gasp.

“Fuck. I was supposed to see him for breakfast.”

“Dont worry about it.” Roy smirked “Are you ready to see Dinah tomorrow now that you’re all settled in?”

“Oh fuck.” She repeated and held her head in her hands. “I forgot.”

“Okay.” He sighed “You better rest up then.”

She nodded before looking at him strangely.

“Where’s Lian?”

“At school. Its a Monday.” He gave her a serious look and shook his head while changing his tone to match. “Last night has got to be a one night only thing.”

“Okay.” Maia nodded, a little bit shocked by his change, and sat there quietly unsure of what had just changed between them


“This was a mistake for sure!” Maia groaned as she heaved in the bushes “Come on. Let it out.” The caring voice chuckled as the elderly woman stroked her back.

“i thought you were out of control last night.” Another female voice called out. The voice belonged to a dark haired woman dressed in deep red, who sat on a boulder away from Maia and the smell that accompanied.

“I thought it would help the nightmares.” She said weakly earning a chuckle from a blonde haired male who was approaching her and wearing the same deep blue and silver armour that Maia was.

“I remember telling you otherwise.” He chuckled as he attempted to help her stand up “but I also remember you buying Dwarven wine too, and singing. Lots of singing.”

The birds songs taunted her as her head thudded.

“I feel like there’s a truck on my stomach.” She whined and the man looked at his companions with a strange look to see if they knew what she was talking about “ooookay. Let’s get you back to camp shall we?”

“But we need to continue.” She shook her head. “Just give me a few minutes okay?”

“I’m not sure how effective your vomit is on our enemies though.” The man rubbed his chin with a chuckle before lifting her arm around his shoulder  “it could possibly work and revolutionise the entire organization.”

The woman perched on the rock rolled her eyes and followed the group as they walked off, stopping at plants and gently pulling them out of the ground as she walked.

“Will you hurry up?” The blonde man turned around and called out in annoyance, causing Maia to wince.

“I’m just finding the perfect stick for you to catch.”She retorted.


Maia sat in the small room of the cave and waited for Dinah to start talking, after they fell into a comfortable silence following their greetings.

“Did you say hello to your friends?” Dinah asked and Maia nodded

“I waved at the people I knew, and there were faces I didn’t recognize. But they seemed friendly.” Maia smiled

“It must feel different, but you weren’t here for the initial team up were you?” Maia shook her head

“I saw the guys around and I met Artemis a few times, but left soon after.”

“Did you have any friends where you went? Oliver said you joined a cult but I feel like that was more of a joke.” Dinah asked calmly but Maia let out a small laugh and shook her head, seeing the frown form on her face.

“i made friends with the staff i worked with until i left my employment, but then i joined a group like this?” She thought about her words and nodded “We had fun, we goaded each other but we were on this major mission just to protect people.”

“Protect from what exactly?” Dinah probed and Maia fidgeted with the black hoodie she put on.

“Oh the usual.” Maia shrugged and looked around.”So can I get a ballpark on my return for patrols and join team Arrow?”

“When you feel confident returning to the stress. But we do need you around so people can get refamiliarize themselves with you, after they thought you had passed-”

“Over to another dimension, sure.” Maia nodded earning her a worried look from Dinah.

“Alright.” Dinah nodded and stood up after putting some notes on her pad “So you said you were employed?”

“I worked in a little inn for a few years while i became familiar with the differences” She shrugged “I got into some trouble from defending myself from the wrong person then one thing led to another and that’s when I guess things got kicked into motion, and i started on my journey”


WinterShock AU: Adopt a Soldier

Based on my previous post

Soldiers, Free to a Good Home


She had seen it in the local newspaper. “Adopt a soldier” the headline read in the classified section between Mr. Bonaman’s call for workers for the grocery store and the want ad for factory workers on the other side of the state. “Our boys are risking their lives overseas and what better way to show them there are people who appreciate and support them then by sending them encouragements and care packages.” Darcy thought it was a wonderful idea, so one Saturday she packed herself into her father’s Oldsmobile and made the three hour trip four towns over to the home of the woman who’d put out the ad and signed up all twenty-eight children in her second grade class. In return the older woman gave her list of names; names of soldiers for her kids to send things to.

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For @hollyspacey who wanted a wintershock piscpam with the theme ‘stargazing’.

Bucky knew Darcy needed a break, hell, they both needed one. Nobody knew but Barnes was a softy, a romantic (even Sam the bane of his existence Wilson came to him for advice whenever he wanted to woo Hill). He ‘kidnapped’ his lady, took a blanket, an oil-lamp and some snacks - some beer because his books said it was good for breastfeeding - and brought her to a secluded place. He checked with Friday to have the best view for stargazing, knowing Darcy missed her days in Puente Antiguo and let her talk about the constellations. She forgot some stories so they invented their own and kissed like teenagers between bouts of laughter, joy making his cheeks hurt. When Darcy woke up the next morning in their bed and turned to Bucky, Jonah was sleeping peacefully on his daddy and she thought she had it pretty good (and a great babysitter in Steve).

Willow Part 3

The next few weeks flew by as people flew through her new apartment. Whether they were delivery people or old friends, Maia lost count.

Regardless she was ordered to relax and settling back into this world. Lian had already asked her a million and a half questions and Maia already approved of Misty. Although the only box they had to tick was always if they made him happy.

“This is insane.” Paul shook his head as he looked around the apartment.

“You’re telling me. My baby brother had just started school and now I’m back he’s about to finish soon!” Maia sighed while leaning back on her couch.

“No I mean. Grandma has to move back after her home was destroyed in some freak accident  and then you show up at the door, days later. And now here we are”

“I still can’t believe she moved to Puente Antiguo.” Maia chuckled “whatever it was scared her back to Gotham.”

“She’s moving in with us, into the room you were staying in. But I think I might go crazy. Moms already there and Dad is just, you know.”

“Burying himself in work?” Maia nodded “You can stay in the next room while I look for a roommate.”

“What about Aria?” Paul asked as he shrugged his school jacket off

“Smitten with Wallace of course. They have a place now.” Maia reached for her drink in front of her “it’s so nice, they invited me over the other night for dinner.”

“And what is it like living next to Roy?” He asked her while settling into the seat next to her.

“It’s only been a few weeks but it’s nice I can go down the hallway to ask for help with my phone and he’s asked me to babysit tonight while him and Misty go for dinner” Maia explained as she turned to face him.

“So i guess I’ll go out tonight then.” He nodded “I’ll go greet grandma but don’t be surprised if mom kicks her over here.”

“I always knew I’ll be punished for my absence somehow” Maia sighed


Later that night and after Paul had left for dinner, the door opened to reveal Roy and Lian.

“Hey.” He greeted and passed her a key “before I forget, Lian says she’ll be fine but just incase, here’s the key in case she needs something.”

“Thanks.” She nodded and turned her attention to Lian.


“Hi Maia!” She bounced in and placed her toy Cheshire cat on the sofa.

“Oh that’s sweet and clever.” Maia grinned at the cat and turned to Roy “let me guess Jade picked it out?”

“Yeah.” He chuckled and passed her a sheet of numbers “I’ve given her your number, just in case and here is hers if you can’t reach me.”

“So call it first right?”

“Funny.” He shook his head “Now do I look okay? Are you sure you’ll be okay? I’ll send Dick over to help out if you need it.”

“Perfect except for… No that’s your face.” She teased him causing him to roll his eyes “no you look fine. And I’ll call you right away, and my mom will be calling tonight I’m sure since Anna arrives tonight.”

“Thanks.” He smiled, “so I know it’s early days but are you looking at seeing someone? Maybe we could double date sometime. Misty asked and i figured why not”

“Well I was.” She said quickly and giving him a strange look as Lian went onto the balcony and knelt down infront of something. “But um - oh! Ayden reached out over Facebook.”

“Ayden?” Roy clarified “The one that broke up with you because he left for another college and glared at me whenever I came into the room.”

“He didn’t glare at you.” She laughed “but yeah, he’s asked me out for a coffee, he wants to catch up.”

“And will you?” He asked her with a tired expression

“Yeah I think so.” She said before glancing up at the clock “You’re going to be late. You better go.”

“Yeah.” He nodded and smiled at her before turning. Doubling back he gave her another funny look “wait is that my hoodie? That one you left with?”

“Oh this old thing?” She laughed at the oversized arm, “it’s mine.”

“No it’s-” he glanced at the clock and groaned as she giggled “I’ll discuss this later”

“Bye!” She called out as she went to look for Lian and found her on the balcony gently stroking a jet black cat.

“I love him.” She said quietly to Maia “Is he yours?”

The cat looked at Maia and pushed itself against her legs.

“No he’s not.” Maia smiled gently and Lian looked up at her with a pleading face

“Can we please feed him?”

“Let’s see what we can do.” Mmaia agreed and stroked the cat.


Roy came back that night feeling frustrated after a fight with Misty.

Upon approaching Maia’s door he heard voices and smiled upon recognising them as Maia and her mother. He was still adjusting to Maia living down the hall from him and was relieved that they quickly fell back to the relationship they had before. Which unfortunately started bringing back the feelings he had before for her.

Opening it quietly he first caught sight of Christine with a glass of wine and spotted bags by the kitchen.

“Looks like you two are having a good night.” He chuckled catching their attention.

“My mothers in town, and i am seeking refuge from my darling child who owes me after ten years of worry” Christine groaned and shook her head as Maia laughed “stop laughing or I will send her here.”

“Lian’s asleep in the spare bed. She had a great time I hope, and she ate everything.” She told him as he approached them. “Did you have a good night?”

“Yeah.” He lied and sat on the couch, “so who went stress shopping?”

“Her.” Maia grinned “I asked her for cat food recommendations and she came with an entire store.”

“You also asked for concealer.” Christine reminded her

“Recommendations mom.”

“And how would you have paid for it Maia?”

“I have that bunch of stuff collected that I’m going to sell.” Maia explained “The pawn shop downtown is offering me a good price for things.”

“You’re not selling the jewellery Maia. Roy, have you seen the things she came back with?” Christine asked him and he shook his head. “Don’t let her sell them.”

“I’im not having this conversation now, mom.” She frowned at her mom and shook her head, while Roy poked his head in to see Lian sleeping peacefully.

“Okay, okay.” Christine said putting her hands up in defence.

“So what did you guys get up to?” He asked returning to the room.

“We talked about boys and babies.” She lied with a light laugh “Well we found this cat and she’s been talking to it with her cat toy. And we watched the Princess and the Frog, and we had to pop in and get some colouring things to brighten up in here.” Maia pointed at the pictures on the table, and Roy wore a comfortable smile  

He was worried throughout dinner and Misty disapproved of his choice to trust her after she had disappeared for so long. But he knew he could trust her, and knew she had support around her. It wasn’t that he was right. It was also because he knew that if by now Lian didn’t like her, she wouldn’t be tucked up in bed, in her place.

Christine wore a smile as she looked between the two adults. “I better go. Have a good night you two.”

“Bye.” Maia looked at her with a suspicious look “Keep the rat poison locked away.”

“See ya.”, Roy waved before looking over the art on the table and Christine left quickly. “ So did Jade call?”

“Yeah, she called to say goodnight.” Maia replied simply and busied herself with the bags “She gave me the warning too that if I hurt Lian then there will be hell to pay. You know, that sort of thing.”

“And what did you say?” He asked as he made himself comfortable

“The standard “if I do, I encourage you because I would be under someone else’s control” sort of response.” She responded as he nodded.

She started putting away the bags of cat food and looked over at him “so what are your plans tomorrow?”

He shrugged and looked for the television remote “probably call Misty and sort stuff out.” He admitted

“Oooh so not a good night?” Maia winced

“I can see where she’s coming from but, she refuses to even consider where I am. She thinks I’m irresponsible with Lian and after everything I did for Lian that just got to me.” He groaned and she nodded

“How long have you two been dating?” She asked as she pulled out a few boxes of makeup

“Just over a year.” He sighed and looked at her “I remember with Donna, if she got annoyed about me and you we would take a few days before we sorted it out.”

“Oh!” She nodded “okay I understand it now, yeah Ayden was the same and would take a few days before he came around. “ she nodded “I’m sure it must be confusing for her because not only were we close, but making up for lost time. And I know I’m at the bottom of your list of who to look after Lian.”

“I don’t want you to read too much into it either.” He quickly spoke “but it’s not that I don’t trust you.”

“I just came back from ten years being gone, it’s normal to not trust me completely.” She nodded “I wouldn’t but everyone was busy right?”

“Right.” He lied, he trusted her in his gut, but he also trusted Lian to call him immediately if something happened. He also didn’t want to bring up that he had Kaldur on standby and keeping an eye out on a patrol too.

She gave him a quick look after hearing his tone before putting the makeup aside.

“It was pretty stupid to do that Roy.” She said softly “I know you didn’t ask my mom or Jade’s for that matter.”

“I figured when I saw her.” He nodded “but I still trust you, and that’s stupid I know but it honestly feels like I saw you just the day before. I want to.*

“ I know, but if you’re going to test me then you’re safer using a plant. But Lian can kick my butt, I can just tell.” She let out a small laugh as he moved over to her.

“And mine if I’m not careful.” he smiled “so tell me, what treasures was your mom talking about?”

“Oh! Nothing you would be interested in.” She smiled

“I would love to see sometime.” He smiled, “when you tell me every single little detail.”

“Sure. Okay. I’ll tell you when my mom stops drinking.” She laughed and he groaned out

“But then I would never know.” he shook his head. “Do you know what I feel like doing?”

“What?” She smiled at him

“You, me, blanket, movie.” He pointed at the couch, “just like old times and I don’t want to budge Lian while she’s asleep.”

“We do have to honor those old times.” She nodded

“I’ll get the blanket and you figure what to watch?” He asked her

“I’ll need help with Netflix.” She pouted at him

“Fine.” He laughed as she left to get the blanket.

Turning on the television he finally noticed the cat in the corner of the the room. The way it was watching him unsettled him but he still continued.

Maia returned moments later and settled on the couch with the blanket.

“What will Misty think?” She asked him with a smirk

“She’ll think there’s something there that isn’t.” He said thoughtfully while joining her and pulling her close to him like old times “but that’s nothing new for us to deal with is it?”

“Of course not.” She grinned resting her head on his chest “We’re family.”

“Just remind Ayden that.” He laughed as the cat moved it’s way over to them. As the cat made its way over Roy to Maia, he felt it’s claws sink through his clothes and he shouted out from the sudden pain, before it nested on Maia’s lap.

“I thought your mom was doing the cat food for Lian’s toy cat.” he muttered causing Maia to look at the cat.

“No.” She smiled at the cat “he just appeared and he’s been so sweet and cuddly, I’m going to print out flyers tomorrow.”


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When Darcy Lewis is hired by SHIELD to help boost public opinion of disgraced wannabe supervillain Loki Laufeyson, she trades her podunk town of Puente Antiguo, New Mexico for a glamorous new life in New York City.
The only downside? She’s now working as a glorified babysitter to the most troublesome charge in the nine realms. But with a little luck, a lot of mischief, and just a touch of magic, Darcy might just come to like Loki after all.
Coming this summer, a story about two people so different, they just might work.

Avengers Part One


Sena had finally made it. She was so close to him that she could almost feel him. Her heart was racing as she pressed on the gas pedal, accelerating faster towards her destination. 20 minutes later and she was cruising through the streets of Puente Antiguo. It was filled with destruction and small fires here and there. As she saw a familiar silver form she stopped the car and got out, moving closer until she was standing beside the Destroyer. Something had transpired here and the Destroyer had been taken out for now. She looked around at the buildings but there didn’t seem to be anyone left in the town. 

The ground rumbled below her feet and she turned just in time to see a light streaming down from the clouds. It was lifting up several forms, transporting them back to Asgard. She felt relief swelling in her chest as she raced back to the car. Other agents were descending now to collect the remains of the Destroyer which should’ve concerned her but she didn’t care about that right now. She had a chance to go home. She got back into the car and made a sharp 180 degree turn, heading towards where she had seen the stream of light. She drove as fast as the car would allow on the sandy desert road. The car skidded to a halt after 20 more minutes of driving and she got out of the car racing towards the large symbol that had been scorched into the earth. She was finally going to go home. The happiness that consumed her was overwhelming. She ignored the other people that were there, finding them to be minor distractions and stood in the circle. “Heimdell!” She shouted and saw the clouds start to come together, lighting streaking across the sky. The Bi-frost was opening, she couldn’t believe it. “Yes! Bring me home!” She shouted again and the storm grew more wild, the electricity become more and more charged in the atmosphere around them. 

All of a sudden it shattered and the storm dissipated. It didn’t take her but more than a second to realize what had happened. “NO!” She screamed out in pain. The Bi-frost had been destroyed and so had her only chance of going home. She stared up at the sky, her body filled with pain over losing her only hope of being reunited with Thor and Asgard. Sena turned away from the scorch mark on the ground and walked back to the car, driving back to Puente Antiguo. She had a job to do.

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