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In Which the Author Goes Crazy with the Crossovers

Darcy is seven and is sat in her papa’s lap. He’s reading a story about space princesses and pod races to her when she remembers. It’s the cadence of her dad’s voice, how it rolls the word “stardust” over his tongue and lips. She sucks in a deep, heady breath of memories and exhales knowledge. She’s no longer Darcy after that, but she responded to the name because her papa gave it to her.

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Across the Aisle - Chapter 12 - Full House
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Puente Antiguo, New Mexico
Thanksgiving Day 2012

It’s been total chaos in the Lewis household. It reminds Clint of his own family, but their chaos was more of the violent, slightly criminal kind. He had a tough environment growing up—his parents were in and out of jail constantly, and his brother Barney had a lot of enemies. When he was old enough to understand what was happening around him, he knew that there was something more than the life that he was born into, and started to distance himself from his family’s shenanigans.


WinterShock AU: Adopt a Soldier

Based on my previous post

Soldiers, Free to a Good Home


She had seen it in the local newspaper. “Adopt a soldier” the headline read in the classified section between Mr. Bonaman’s call for workers for the grocery store and the want ad for factory workers on the other side of the state. “Our boys are risking their lives overseas and what better way to show them there are people who appreciate and support them then by sending them encouragements and care packages.” Darcy thought it was a wonderful idea, so one Saturday she packed herself into her father’s Oldsmobile and made the three hour trip four towns over to the home of the woman who’d put out the ad and signed up all twenty-eight children in her second grade class. In return the older woman gave her list of names; names of soldiers for her kids to send things to.

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It's You

TITLE: It’s You


AUTHOR: SierraLaufeyson13

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being in love with Loki, but due to your father’s foolishness Odin banished him and his family, stripping you of immortality….



He walked aimlessly down the street of the arid town that had been destroyed by his doing, all those around him clueless to his identity, ignorant to the fact that it was because of him that they had to rebuild from the ground up. His powers had been weakened, his sentence was to walk the realm of Midgard as a mortal would, and he loathed the idea of it but had no choice as the Einherjar that surrounded him pushed him to his knees in front of the Allfather.

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Do you know of any good tasertricks fics?

Here’s a pretty long list of COMPLETED FICS because I’m not putting you through the pain of anything ‘in progress as of 2012.’ I look out for you guys ;)

So, to get you started, just go check out anything by concavepatterns, leftylain (leftennant on AO3) or mischiefgoddesscomplex - I’ve included some of my favourites in this list, but tbh you can never go wrong with anything they write. (Shameless self-promo: I also write stuff sometimes.)

Beautiful Lies, lokishorcrux. Rated T
When Loki escapes prison, Darcy thought her biggest problem would be putting up with the idiot. When justice follows Loki to Earth, Darcy finds herself entangled in something far worse than anything meeting Thor could have prepared her for. Set after Avengers and covers events in TDW.

Not Without a Fight, concavepatterns. Rated M
(Post TDW) The human body was never designed to withstand the power of the Aether. Now Jane is dying and it’s up to Thor and Darcy to save her before time runs out. But when Darcy strikes up an unlikely deal with a certain presumed-dead trickster, it may be her own life that’s on the line.

Daily Disasters, concavepatterns. Rated M
Darcy’s week is shaping up to be one great big bag of suck, much to the delight of a certain God of Mischief. Post-Avengers.

Seduction and Sacrifice, darknnerdy. Rated M
Darcy makes a sacrifice to the God of Mischief and Lies.

The Blood-Dimmed Tideof_raven_wings. Rated M
In penance for his actions, Loki has been sent back to Earth and imprisoned beneath Stark Tower. New York has been shattered by the Chitauri attack, most of its populace scattered to other parts of the country. Those who remain in the city are struggling to survive as the world slides towards economic and political chaos. Darcy Lewis is one of those who chose to remain. Now an intern with Stark Industries, she is unexpectedly assigned to watch over Loki. More unexpected, she begins to share his dreams and memories. Darcy, along with most of the world, believe Loki to be the greatest evil they have known. They have no idea what’s coming…

A Morbid Taste for Icesitehound. Rated M
Darcy Lewis likes to think of herself as terribly adaptable, with an “if life gives you lemons, zap life with a Taser and demand chocolate” sort of attitude. And life, lately, has had a perverse sense of humor, first trapping her in a state of perpetual Science Assistant in the armpit of New Mexico known as Puente Antiguo; and then forcing her to live in a trailer home with Jane Foster, Jane’s guy, Thor, and his brother, Loki, master of mischief and wide-scale urban renewal. But Darcy’s not about to let her situation get her down. She’s managed to get pretty good at her job, and with liberal application of a credit card, made her rustic house a home. And wielding a Taser and armored by her snarky wit, she’s more than a match for the God of Mischief. Stumbling face-first over the frozen body of a friend on the front porch, however, is more than even mostly unflappable Darcy can handle. The obvious suspect is her mentally unstable roommate. But despite all his other faults, Darcy is certain Loki isn’t the perpetrator. And not just because she’s starting for fall for him…

Put It Back Together, procrastinator. Rated E
So…this is a fluffy/angsty, smutty in the future, story about which I had a bizarro dream and decided to write a tamer, less wacko version of. Daddy Loki and Mommy Darcy.

Add It Upleftennant. Rated E
Loki and Darcy have been dancing around each other ever since they were paired up as a team at S.H.I.E.L.D. by Nick Fury. When they both end up up in his apartment after saving the world, things finally hit the boiling point.

Three Days, mischiefgoddesscomplex. Rated E
Often times, the most misunderstood things turn out to be the most beautiful. What happens when Loki needs a place to stay and hide for the weekend, and Darcy Lewis takes him up on an offer that is just too good to resist? Mischief, shenanigans, tricks…oh, and a bit of romance, too. (Takes place when Loki is captured at the end of the Avengers, but manages to escape before Thor can take him back to Asgard. Will have an epilogue that takes place after Thor 2!)

All Reason Aside, I Just Can’t Denytristesses. Rated E
Contrary to popular belief, Darcy likes being an omega! She’s just a cynic about the soulmate thing, but statistically speaking, she’s never going to find hers, so who cares? As for Loki, the disturbing thought that he could be inadvertently bonded with a mortal from the very planet he wants to conquer never crossed his mind, but if asked, he would claim it was impossible. Unfortunately for both of them, they’re completely wrong.

I Don’t Like You, PeachyLana. Rated E
Loki visits Jane’s lab at night and Darcy happens to be working late. Eventual Loki/Darcy smut. Post The Dark World.

That one time Darcy Lewis outsnarked the God of Mischief, Ambrosia. Rated E
“You are,” Loki said, narrowing his blue eyes. He had one hell of a smile, for fuck’s sake. Darcy mentally hit herself. “Something. You are not like the others in this realm.” “Nope,” Darcy said. “I’m just the one that tazered the god of thunder,” she paused with the sippy straw between her lips. “You know, your brother? Bout’ six two, twice your size, swings a hammer.”

Payback, Spamberguesa. Rated E
Darcy’s silently teased Loki one time too many.

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I don't know if you're still taking prompts for the AU 5 headcanons meme, but if you are: after falling through the Void, Loki lands at Clint's farm.

oh man!!! I mean, I hadn’t answered all of them and anyway I would have done this one anyway because I didn’t know I wanted this AU until literally just now. because think about it. so Clint is in New Mexico, obviously, dealing with the whole Puente Antiguo thing

  • Loki crash lands in the backyard of the farm, resulting in a small crater and a seriously fucked up Loki, and picture the look on Lila’s face informing her mom that there’s a man in their yard who fell out of the sky and Laura’s like “okay, honey, where” figuring this is an imagination game thing, but oh shoot there is actually a guy in a crater in their backyard, this is fine. 
  • I feel like first things first Laura would shoo the kids indoors and try to find out if he’s even still alive because…fell out of the sky, what does that even mean, was there an airplane or something? there’s definitely a crater, and he looks…kind of dead, and Jesus but this is going to scar the kids, except then Loki kind of turns over and makes a grab for her arm and totally misses and she is pretty sure she just heard bone doing something bone really shouldn’t do, holy shit. and she is going to go call an ambulance now okay just…don’t move, and Loki’s like “don’t. do that.” to which Laura is like “you aren’t serious” and at that point Loki passes out and Laura is kind of freaking out, a little bit, so uhhhh again this is fine
  • (she calls an ambulance. obviously. and ends up going to the hospital, bringing the kids along, because…this is weird, and she can’t just abandon this guy when there’s no one else there. Lila wants to know if he’s an alien. Cooper says authoritatively that of course he’s not an alien, aliens don’t look like people and they aren’t real anyway, and Lila wants to know how he knows that they don’t look like people if aliens aren’t real, and at that point a doctor comes out to ask Laura what she knows about the patient she brought in, because he is, um, not normal? and Laura is a little bit like “…not normal how” and there’s a lot of “??? good question” but she has to go home, and if there’s not going to be any change overnight (and there shouldn’t be, she’s informed, multiple fractures, internal injuries, he might not even make it through the night) she’s going to go home.
  • except in the morning she wakes up to her phone ringing and it’s the police asking if she’s seen the man she dropped off yesterday, ma’am, he knocked out three hospital workers and jumped out a second story window at three in the morning and Laura’s like OKAY THIS IS WEIRD but no I haven’t seen him”
  • except she totally does, right after she hangs up, because he’s in their backyard standing in the crater and staring at the sky, totally naked and she should really call the police except oh shit now he’s looking at her and she should really call the police, something weird is happening here, maybe it’s some kind of super soldier bullshit or something to do with Clint’s work and she’s about to dial the emergency number except then he just…vanishes.
  • and shortly after that of all things some guy claiming to be from SHIELD (and he gives her the creeps, she’s writing that name down to check with Clint later) and asks her all kinds of questions about the guy she brought to the hospital, where is he now, what do you know about him, what did you notice when he appeared, if he does turn up give us a call, and something about the whole thing just leaves a weird taste in her mouth
  • and then the man himself comes back, about a day and a half later, fully clothed, and knocks on the front door to thank her perfectly politely for her help, he doesn’t have the means to give her a proper gift in return but he’s set a charm on the house to bring good fortune to all its inhabitants, good afternoon, and Laura’s kind of “wait, what” but then Lila sticks her head out and asks if he’s an alien, and he kind of blinks at her and is like “alien to where?” and Lila explains to Earth, silly, where else and he sort of smiles, and maybe it’s the fact that he just looks so tired and thin and beat up but Laura’s like 
  • why don’t you come in and eat something
  • (she should still call the police. but he doesn’t actually look or sound that dangerous. even if knocked out three hospital staff and god, Clint would be so mad at her right now.)
  • except somehow he ends up letting Lila paint his nails and talking to Cooper about Ancient Egypt (his current obsession) and he looks kind of bewildered by this turn of events but also just lost in general, and  
  • which is how when Clint gets home from Puente Antiguo there is an alien living in the outbuilding.

url-inspired graphic for concavepatterns

When Darcy Lewis is hired by SHIELD to help boost public opinion of disgraced wannabe supervillain Loki Laufeyson, she trades her podunk town of Puente Antiguo, New Mexico for a glamorous new life in New York City.
The only downside? She’s now working as a glorified babysitter to the most troublesome charge in the nine realms. But with a little luck, a lot of mischief, and just a touch of magic, Darcy might just come to like Loki after all.
Coming this summer, a story about two people so different, they just might work.

For @hollyspacey who wanted a wintershock piscpam with the theme ‘stargazing’.

Bucky knew Darcy needed a break, hell, they both needed one. Nobody knew but Barnes was a softy, a romantic (even Sam the bane of his existence Wilson came to him for advice whenever he wanted to woo Hill). He ‘kidnapped’ his lady, took a blanket, an oil-lamp and some snacks - some beer because his books said it was good for breastfeeding - and brought her to a secluded place. He checked with Friday to have the best view for stargazing, knowing Darcy missed her days in Puente Antiguo and let her talk about the constellations. She forgot some stories so they invented their own and kissed like teenagers between bouts of laughter, joy making his cheeks hurt. When Darcy woke up the next morning in their bed and turned to Bucky, Jonah was sleeping peacefully on his daddy and she thought she had it pretty good (and a great babysitter in Steve).

For FYDL POC Week - Elevator meeting prompt

Darcy Lewis & T’challa - Rated General/Teen (~1100 words)

“Hold the door please!” Darcy yelled as she hurried along the pristine hallway.

A strong masculine hand did just that, allowing her to step in the elevator before it could close. Darcy barely registered the presence of two women and a man here with her, as she  breathed a quick “thank you” to the polite one.

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omg Mulder in the Marvel-verse. he'd be geeking out! aliens invade New York! alien Elves ( ALIEN ELVES SCULLY ) invade London! Aliens. Aliens everywhere.

And theoretically Fox Mulder is America’s foremost expert on aliens, so after Puente Antiguo, SHIELD probably called him in as a consultant.

I bet the first time he saw the Tesseract he made a noise like the one he made in Jose Chung. 

Jane/Thor, post-film

By the time she’s finished with the second verse there is a large hand delving beneath her shirt and slowly sweeping up her side, a clever thumb drawing gooseflesh in its wake. She smiles up at the plastic glow-in-the-dark stars Darcy stuck to her ceiling last year and stops humming, content to do a little touch reconnaissance of her own, the pads of her fingers walking up a trapezius muscle that anatomists the world over would weep at the sight of.

Thor rubs his nose against the skin laid bare by her collar and then settles back down on her shoulder. “What is that?”


“That song,” Thor murmurs. He’s attempting to speak softly but he doesn’t quite manage it. Voices carry at night, but Thor’s carries no matter the time or place. “Is it just a melody or are there words?”

Jane can’t help the embarrassed grin that spreads across her face, the heat in her cheeks, and says, “It’s got words. It’s a, uh, it’s a kid’s song.”

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Avengers Part One


Sena had finally made it. She was so close to him that she could almost feel him. Her heart was racing as she pressed on the gas pedal, accelerating faster towards her destination. 20 minutes later and she was cruising through the streets of Puente Antiguo. It was filled with destruction and small fires here and there. As she saw a familiar silver form she stopped the car and got out, moving closer until she was standing beside the Destroyer. Something had transpired here and the Destroyer had been taken out for now. She looked around at the buildings but there didn’t seem to be anyone left in the town. 

The ground rumbled below her feet and she turned just in time to see a light streaming down from the clouds. It was lifting up several forms, transporting them back to Asgard. She felt relief swelling in her chest as she raced back to the car. Other agents were descending now to collect the remains of the Destroyer which should’ve concerned her but she didn’t care about that right now. She had a chance to go home. She got back into the car and made a sharp 180 degree turn, heading towards where she had seen the stream of light. She drove as fast as the car would allow on the sandy desert road. The car skidded to a halt after 20 more minutes of driving and she got out of the car racing towards the large symbol that had been scorched into the earth. She was finally going to go home. The happiness that consumed her was overwhelming. She ignored the other people that were there, finding them to be minor distractions and stood in the circle. “Heimdell!” She shouted and saw the clouds start to come together, lighting streaking across the sky. The Bi-frost was opening, she couldn’t believe it. “Yes! Bring me home!” She shouted again and the storm grew more wild, the electricity become more and more charged in the atmosphere around them. 

All of a sudden it shattered and the storm dissipated. It didn’t take her but more than a second to realize what had happened. “NO!” She screamed out in pain. The Bi-frost had been destroyed and so had her only chance of going home. She stared up at the sky, her body filled with pain over losing her only hope of being reunited with Thor and Asgard. Sena turned away from the scorch mark on the ground and walked back to the car, driving back to Puente Antiguo. She had a job to do.

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Double-D With ESP Chapter One: DARCY

AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
FIC SUMMARY: Darcy Lewis was kind of psychic. Not in a see the future, talk to your dead father, tell you the winning lotto numbers kind of way, but it still came in handy from time to time.
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: Inspired by a “Sick Sad World” segment: “Psychic Centerfolds. What happens when Miss September can see November? She’s a Double-D with ESP! Coming up next on Sick, Sad World.” 

This is a GEN fic (no real mention of ships) and while it has a lot of MCU references, it’s not quite canon compliant. It’s has been collecting dust for a few months now and a recent reread reminded me that it’s ‘almost’ finished. Let me know what you think/if you want to read more as it may help me get this wrapped finished sooner rather than later :P And a shout out to @pedeka​, @blacksunmagick​, and @jewliesparks​ for helping me understand tarot cards a bit better.

My fics can also be found on AO3.


Darcy Lewis was kind of psychic. But not in a see the future, talk to your dead father, tell you the winning lotto numbers kind of way. She jokingly referred to it as her ‘spidey-sense’, this feeling that crept up her spine that told her to turn left instead of right, to not trust the drink (or the guy that gave it to her), to stop walking just as a door was being thrown open in front of her. She would admit, under duress, that it came in handy from time to time, but never put in any effort into honing it, lest she turn out like the other psychics in her family.

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