Kyoko Sakura Cosplay Spear Tutorial

I’ve had a few people ask me how I made this thing so here we go!

First you’ll need the supplies:

  • 1 large ½’’ Foam Board
  • 1 large piece of regular Foam Board 1/4′’
  • 3 2’ sections of 1’’ pvc pipe
  • 3 1’’ connectors for pvc pipe
  • 4 1’’ washers
  • spray paint - Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Red
  • wire
  • 2 pieces of necklace chain
  • Xacto Knife w/fresh blades
  • Mod Podge (matte or glossy)
  • 2 thin wooden dowels
  • Hot Glue

The foam board can be acquired from anywhere that sells school supplies but you may have to look in craft stores (Joann, Micheals, Hobbly Lobby etc.) to find the 1/2′’ board.  Xacto knives, mod podge, the dowels and spray paint are most likely cheapest at wal-mart.  All of the pvc supplies can be found at home depot and there’s a small display at the front of the plumbing section that sells pre-cut pipes (which is where I found mine).  Finally the chains are in the jewelry section of any craft store.

During the steps, refer to the reference pics or just ask me if you need me to clarify

Step 1: Making the head of the spear

Find a decent reference pic, (I have the Kyoko figma, so I just used the figure’s spear as a reference).  Using the xacto knife, cut out the spear shape from the 1/2′’ board as shown in the pics provided leaving a 1′’ wide piece sticking out the bottom so we can attach it to the pole.  My spear head was 20′’ tall and 10′’ at the widest part.  To make the silver blade part, trace the shape of the of the spear piece you just cut out on the thinner foam board.  Make sure you trace it in the corner of the board so you don’t waste it (you’ll be cutting two of the pieces along with the smaller silver diamond shapes at the bottom).  Widen the dimensions by an inch or two, cut out the shapes, slice it in half from the tip and then reconnect them by putting a piece of tape on the bottom.  It should be able to fold to give the blade a slanted edge.  Lay down the blades on the spear tip, folding them down and gluing the edges together (Don’t glue down onto the thicker piece of foam board so we can paint it, the blade should be big enough slide off).  Finally cut out the smaller diamond shapes at the base of the spear with the remaining thin foam board.

Step 2: Painting

Spray paint the pvc pieces separately so they won’t stick together.  Spray multiple thins layers so the paint won’t drip or smear (propping up the pieces on blocks of wood could help).  Prime the top and sides of the foam board with about 6 - 8 coats of the mod podge then spray paint it. (Covering the blade with silver duck tape is another option, it doesn’t look as good but it makes more durable)

Step 3: The Chains 

Place the washers in the pipe connectors and wire the chains onto both ends of the middle section.  Attach pieces of wire on the end of the chains long enough to reach the washers at the ends of the bottom and top sections (make sure it isn’t to long so the wire won’t be visible when you separate the sections).

Step 4: Attaching the Spear head to pole

First you need to apply glue on the edge of the red diamond and slide the silver blade part back on.  Stick two dowels into the bottom of the spearhead then slide down into the top pipe section (you may need to apply glue into the inside of the pipe if it feels loose)

Good Luck and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Chibi - Bubblegum (094)
2x Long Clip Ponytail - Bubblegum (094)
Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

I added a zig-zag part to the back of this wig, stubbed it, and cut/styled the bangs. I used two clip-on ponytails for the pigtails, which were cut by Koristarfire.

Cosplayer: Rinachur
Photographer: Swoz

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I’m so sorry I never noticed what you were doing for my sake… I never knew I had such a dear friend… Thank you, Homura-chan. You’re my best friend!

Madohomu photos! We are so cute and these photos turned out super well I’m so happy. 

Madoka Kaname - princelyhoseok

Homura Akemi - thankubasedmadoka

Photography - virgoshappyplace

Honestly, I felt like such a princess at We Rise Mag’sAnime Beach Day Episode” Event this past weekend! I went as Beach! Madoka Kaname to this event and had such a fun time shooting with D. Brooks Photo82 like always! We took a ton of photos, but I wanted to share my personal favourite ones on here for now! I hope you all enjoy them!!! n.n~

Photographer | Beach! Madoka Kaname

Please don’t remove my caption!~

Here’s me at Anime Expo 2015 as Devil Homura! This was probably the most fun I have had in a cosplay so far, I felt so great in it! I had a lot of people stop me for pics, but unfortunately couldn’t find any outside the meetup. If anyone has pics, please contact me!

This cosplay was made by otakuhimesama. I made the wings myself. The photo was taken by Bakephotogatari Photography!


SALES POST! I am selling all these cosplays and would really love to get rid of them! If you’re interested or have any questions please message me! I am UK based so please be aware that if you live elsewhere the shipping costs may be expensive!

Ibuki Mioda cosplay, includes the fuku, socks, ALL accessories and can toss in the shoes for an extra £2 if we are the same size! Would fit a UK size 16-20


Ibuki Mioda wig - £17  - SOLD

Mink Cosplay:

£100 for coat, shirt, trousers, belt, shackles and cuffs, gloves, bracelet. Can also throw in the Kiseru if you’d like!

Would fit a UK size 16-20 (belt is super big as its meant to be on your hips!)

Mink wig: £50 with headband, badge and feathers attached.

Can POSSIBLY take offers for the boots but they are demonia ones that have been worn once so I won’t be taking the price down for them much tbh.

Kurloz Makara cosplay, includes skeleton suit and purple overpants (would fit a UK size 14-18, horns not included as they sadly broke!)


Kurloz wig - £35 (it was hella expensive when I brought it this is like a quarter of is original price) 

Fem!Trip cosplay, includes waistcoat, skirt, blouse, tie, suspenders. Would fit a UK size 16-20 (its a hip skirt so its massive just an FYI since I have huge hips)

£60 (the fabric cost me a gross amount of money)

Fem!Trip wig - £12 

Homura Akemi cosplay, for the entire costume plus wig, hairband and time piece it is £47. Would fit a UK size 16-20.

I can throw in the shoes for free if we are the same size! 

Jake English Shirt and overshirt (if wanted) XXL size.