puella magi madoka oc

A Madoka Magica OC. Workname is Rin. I still haven’t come up with a good surname but well, who cares. I’m pretty proud of that wrap-dress design :3

Her wish was that her father (who frequently beat both Rin and her mother) would “not bother us in any way ever again”. This was granted as her father killed himself in a car accident. Rin was content with this solution, she never mourned for him.

Because of the nature of her wish she gained ice as her element, with a snowflake-like soul gem (which is a bit off here) and a scythe.

Since a wish for someone’s happiness causes unhappiness to the wishing person (even if both were one and the same), we can say this was the opposite case. Rin’s wish actually resulted in her being happier in her life than ever before.

Her wish was soon guessed by local magical girls because her life situation improved significantly after her father’s death (and also her first magical appearance corresponded with the accident). Because of that and her being rather cold and unfriendly towards fellow mahou shoujo, they often called her “the Heartless Reaper”.

Rin really kept her distance from the others because she had a hidden feeling of inferiority as a magical girl since she wished for someones infelicity while the others always wished for some kind of positive thing. However, being often seen as cold and heartless, Rin began to believe it as well, and her attitude changed as she uncociously adjusted herself to this cold image despite her original, extroverted nature.

Her point of despair is when she realizes she’s technically a murderer and by murdering her father she permanently ejected herself from a normal human society and that there is no return since she already crossed the line.

So even though she had a negative wish, it brought despair to her not by its consequences (as happenes in the case of positive wishes) but by its own negative nature. There is no escape in the end…