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DEV IS HAVING A GREAT TIME ABROAD SO WHY NOT TRAVEL MADOHOMUS!!! based off these really cute cards!! this weekend getaway is perfect for homura to make her move but will she have the guts to do so with an oblivious madoka?!

dev you are super sweet and super kind and i’ve had the utmost honor and pleasure of meeting you!! i hope you’re having a wonderful time sweetie! \o/

Madoka Magica Godtiers!

Homura Akemi  - Knight of Time

This one is fairly self-explanatory if you watch the anime. She obsessively exploits her time powers for her own benefit, which is saving Madoka from writing a contract. One can also observe this in the Rebellion movie where she appears to inverse to a Rogue of Space. She is seen to be using her powers for the gain of her friends this time, literally bending the fabric of space itself so her friends can maintain regular lives. Hence, the passive inversion.

Madoka Kaname - Sylph of Hope

This classpect can be really drawn from the ending of the anime. I, also, had some trouble with the passive/active part of her class. However she generally uses her powers to help others than herself, putting her on the passive end of things. Madoka signs a contract and takes on the burdens of other fallen magical girls. Giving them hope, healing their hope, that they won’t turn into witches and easing their pains, especially since most seemed to die alone.

Mami Tomoe - Mage of Mind

Throughout the anime, Mami preaches that becoming a magical girl strips you away from having any fun and living your life which takes a heavy toll on her. This one is kind of a stretch but she seems to understand witches enough to predict what can kill them and where their minions will move as she is able to shoot them down as they come at her.

Kyoko Sakura - Prince of Life

Kyoko demonstrates this class by making people live by her rules and none other. She is extremely powerful and has a dominating personality. She somewhat in a sense gets rid of people’s luxuries by telling them don’t waste this or that.

Sayaka Miki - Page of Hope

Ehh, Sayaka I was kind of iffy on but I think this suits her alright. She starts out like Jake. She’s pretty happy and such. She also runs straight into the contract before thinking how it actually might affect her. Later in the anime though she is seen to invert into a Thief of Rage. She begins to do things that make people mad, particularly Kyoko, and she knows it. She was extremely confident and just does things like when she calls out the men on the train.