puella magi confessions

“I love all the magical girls, but I think my favorite character is Sayaka. I love her so much that her Holy Quintet transformation in Rebellion almost made me cry. The confident way she runs head first into being a magical girl. It was silly, but in the end, I’m still so proud of her and how noble she is.”

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“ Some people tell me that they never understood why Homura fell in love with Madoka, but it always made sense to me. I was a lot like pre-MG Homura, where I felt alone and useless. I met someone who was like Madoka, who supported me and got me back on my feet. Within only a few months of knowing them I latched onto them like a God because they were the only person who helped me. While I dont excuse some things Homura did, I understand her relationship with Mado, because I had a similar one. “