I read this a few days ago. A friend of mine recommended it when she heard I had read TFIOS, and she said it was better. I tried it out, so I’m writing a mini-review. SPOILERS!!!

1. I think compared to TFIOS, the characters in this are more developed. Maybe because of the difference in themes, that one seemed more rushed, and it felt like we knew less about the characters.

2. I thought it was refreshing that it’s focus on love wasn’t too heavy. Sure it was a large part, but there were also other elements.

3. So philosophical my head hurt. Who thinks like this in real life? I mean sure if you’re an author and have the time to think it through before writing it down, but I don’t think anyone in reality thinks like this.

One thing I like about John Green’s books is that they have deeper meanings and make you question the world. And although they depress me I like that they’re REAL. Reality isn’t all happy endings and though I love them, the world isn’t what we’d like it to be.

Sadly, my mum saw me crying and now I’m banned from buying any more of John’s books. She says that there’s no point if I’m just going to get so upset. I was pissed at her at first, cause I enjoyed the books and I felt I should get to make the choice, but now I think she has the right idea. I get too emotionally attached. So maybe I should stick to my fantasy and sci-fi.
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cameronfryed asked:

domestic w/ kids ship questions: elianna

fostered/adoption, biological, artificial insemination, IVF, other?

  • they have one biological child, a son. and idk who was more scared eli or lyanna. lyanna probs would have been fine if it wasn’t for the fact that it was so easy to see how terrified of the whole situation eli was.

who is better at getting up early when baby cries?

  • eli. the man doesn’t sleep as it is anyway.

who hates changing nappies the most?

  • lyanna. 

do they use dummies (pacifiers)?

  • i guess.

who does the voices when they read to their kid(s)?

  • they both suck at it, but lyanna will put through more of an effort.

who gives the sex talk? puberty talk? crushes talk?

  • lyanna attempts to do it all, but then michael says it’s super awkward hearing it from her so lyanna has to make eli do it.

how do they cope on their first kid’s first day of school?

  • they both walk with michael to the bus and lyanna makes jokes about how it’s been so long since eli’s been to school but if eli could make it through, then michael should have no problem. 

who is the ‘bad cop’ parent most often?

  • eli. michael is a total momma’s boy.

how do they discipline their kids?

  • eli does most of it. lyanna is used mostly as a threat of ‘don’t make me get your mother involved in this.’

who helps with homework most?

  • it depends on the subject.

who’s name does baby say first?

  • lyanna’s

how long does baby sleep in the same room as them?

  • probably for a little while longer than most people would. lyanna’s just a bit paranoid about messing up this child for life.

who is their babysitter of choice?

  • camden, unless he’s ghost camden. in which case lyanna has no problems calling on jay.

who sees baby’s first smile?

  • eli. probably happens in the middle of the night when the baby’s woken him up for the fifteenth time.

do they volunteer to help on field trips?

  • for the most part no. eli’s busy with work and lyanna just doesn’t want to put up with that many children at once.

how do they cope with their kid’s first sleepover away?

  • eli probably did a background check on the family and the families of the other kids and lyanna just doesn’t care that much.

how do they cope with hosting their kid’s first sleepover?

  • lyanna tries to be thrilled about it and get activities set up but it fails.

do they like throwing kid birthday parties?

  • no. not at all.

who teaches the kid(s) to ride a bike? tie shoelaces? swim?

  • eli. also teaches him shifting, driving, fishing, everything. he might be a momma’s boy, but his mother has zero patience for teaching anyone anything.

what do they disagree on as parents?

  • dating, parties, general teenage shenanigans. lyanna probably has said ‘do you know what i was up to at his age? this is nothing’ so many times and eli just has to sigh and tell her that isn’t the point.

cameronfryed asked:

max to gwen: [text] Make sure you’re alone- I don’t want anyone else seeing what I’m about to sent you. ; [text] Either way I’m going to make you scream my name by the end of the night ; [text] I th unk drink? Help me can home?!!!!! :xx)

[text] Make sure you’re alone- I don’t want anyone else seeing what I’m about to sent you.

[text] Getting shy on me? I thought you liked to show yourself off.

[text] Ollie’s here, but I’m sure you won’t mind sharing with him.

[text] Either way I’m going to make you scream my name by the end of the night

[text] You’re bloody lucky confidence looks good on you, Halter.

[text] I th unk drink? Help me can home?!!!!! :xx)

[text] I’m already in bed! Its your own fault for drinking when we have to work the next morning.

[text] Aren’t you with Ollie? I bet if you two work really hard, you can get home on your own. Good luck xx