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Pudge steals @patatathecorgi squeakie duck #corgi #corgipuppy #fluffycorgi

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Our corgi Pudge likes to hide his bones in the house. He’s not the best hider–most of his bones end up in between couch cushions or in the toilet, but he’s always really funny to watch while he’s on the hunt for a hiding place. Here’s an album! at queenscorgi.tumblr.com


@patatathecorgi destroys caterpillar as Pudge watches #corgi #corgipuppy #fluffycorgi

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I palpate Pudge about once a week. I feel his armpits, neck, ears and his legs for lymph nodes. I feel his neck for his thyroid. I look at his skin, I check his ears, I look at every paw pad. I have neuroses. My weekly Pudge once over gives me some calm. He also doesn’t mind as I disguise it with a rub down, and he loves that.

I found a lump on Pudge on Saturday. It’s on his back near his leg. It’s about 1cm and very firm. I think it hurts him when I touch it. It’s not red and has no redness or oozing anything. My differential was lipoma, cyst or other. If It was a lipoma or a cyst, then that’s fine, and I can breathe a sigh of relief. But I knew it wasn’t just a lipoma or a cyst.

Me being me, and doing what I do, I biopsied it. Pudge’s corgdad helped me perform a quick fine need aspiration of the lump. I put the cells on a slide, stained them and looked at them under the microscope. Those are the cells above. 

Unfortunately, it’s not a lipoma or a cyst. It’s the dreaded “other”. In cytology speak, “spindle cell neoplasm,” which can be benign (good) or malignant (bad) but regardless needs to come off in order to determine it’s goodness or badness.  This prompted an urgent appointment at the vet. 

I sincerely had no idea what the vet would think of me doing a biopsy on my dog. To my relief, he was impressed. I gave him the slides to look at and he agreed, it’s a spindle cell neoplasm, and it’s gotta come off. 

That’s all he needed to say. 

Pudge is getting his “lumpectomy” on Thursday (tomorrow). The biopsy will go to the veterinary pathologists and I’ll get news in 5-7 business days. He will have a sedative and local anesthesia, no general anesthesia (thank dog). I will have to comb over his fur to hide his bald spot. And we have to put agility on hiatus. 

Snorg your corgs extra tight. I love my giant fur baby. I know he’ll be fine tomorrow, but I am still sad. 


Pudge’s face and coloring has changed since puppy. Left at 4 years, and right from 2-3 months. 

He has tear drops and a deeper face mask third color. Just noticed his deepening of his third color a week or so ago. 

I used to get all defensive about him being a “black and white” corgi – I was like, NO! HE IS THREE COLORS. (three colors… barely) 

He’s still really mostly a black and white corgi. And the most beautiful dog in the world.


Pudge loves ocean pools #corgi

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how I failed as a dog parent (and still have the greatest dog in the world)

I feel like so many people try to cover up their struggles with their dogs, because EVERYONE on the internet will be like – OMG YOU ARE THE WORST HUMAN EVER. I figure it’s time for some real talk. 

Pudge is not crate trained.

Pudge and loose leash walking on a flat collar is a joke. 

Pudge is leash reactive (we’ve made huge progress). 

Pudge doesn’t really do fetch. 

Pudge has absolutely zero drive, which is unusual for a corgi. 

Pudge really doesn’t have dog friends, he tolerates their existence. 

But Pudge has no separation anxiety, he calmly remains in the kitchen quarantine when we leave and sleeps. He makes really cool noises and vocalizations. He really loves humans and human affection, and even adores tiny sticky humans. Pudge really enjoys naps and nap time. He greets you with trills and ridiculous cries of joy. He takes less than 1 minute to go out and pee, no funny business. He pees and poops on command. He is patient during bath time and fluff trimming. He recalls like a boss. He’s never bitten anyone or anything, not even the vet or vet tech (he just cries like a big baby). He is too big and stumpy to really ever climb on things (plus he’s afraid of heights). He doesn’t destroy things, he doesn’t pee in the house, but he will bark. Oh does he bark. He’s smarter than the average dog, but by no means the smartest. He plops his butt down at every intersection waiting for his release command. He waits until we are up before he starts his morning boofs for pees/food, and he can be patient for walkies on the weekends. 

So he doesn’t do some doggie things. And he’s totally not a perfectly behaved dog, he’s got some issues. But he’s a fantastic companion.

HE IS THE GREATEST DOG. The sweetest most snorgliest pile of fluff. Straight up chill.

I love this dog. No regrets. 


Pudge vs fry #corgi #feedme

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