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mono-voicelet-deactivated201702  asked:

Could you do a short drabble for Viktor and Yuuri? 6 H %

Thank you for requesting! :3

Fluff, Long Distance Relationship, Teasing

Yuuri’s face split into a grin as soon as Victor appeared on the screen. Victor’s nose and cheeks were rosy red and though the background was hazy, Yuuri could tell Victor was outside, standing in the biting cold. Victor’s face almost drowned in the fur on his collar.

“Yuuri!” Victor sounded so pleased it made Yuuri’s stomach flutter. Sometimes it felt so surreal - being able to call him from the other side of the globe and without fail hear him say his name with so much feeling.

“I miss you,” Yuuri said without a second thought. He both hated and loved the longing he could hear in his own voice.

Victor blanched and smiled, more warm than radiant. “Just a few months more. I promise.” He breathed out and his breath was a little cloud.

“You promise all kind of things, Victor,” Yuuri laughed. “You promised Makkachin a new collar for birthday and guess who had to buy it instead?”

“I know you are there to take care of her for me,” Victor was smug. “And, well, didn’t she get a new collar in the end?”

Yuuri snorted, but his cheeks felt a bit hot. He walked away from the desk and threw himself on the bed, doing quick math in his head - six, and eighteen, and twelve…

It was midday in Moscow then. “Going out for lunch?”

“Yeah. I found this little restaurant, the food is soooo good there. Not nearly as good as what you cook,” Victor winked, “but it feels like home. So many calories a dish you can almost taste the kilograms you are putting on.”

“You love my cooking,” Yuuri said dismissively and Victor nodded; he had a slightly dazed look.

“The things you do with udon…” Victor sighed.

“Do you even miss me or just the food I make you?”

“Well,” Victor put a finger to his mouth. “I do kind of miss that pudge you put on recently, if the videos the triplets posted do your figure justice.”

“Oh, is that so? Tell me,” Yuuri smirked, “that new student of yours - haven’t you scared him off with the bald spot on your head yet?”

Victor drew in a sharp breath. “ Touché. Truce, then? I don’t mention the pudge, you don’t mention the balding.”

“Deal,” Yuuri laughed. He sobered a little when his eyes fell on a little note hanging above the desk, just next to the pictures Victor made him print out: from the competitions, a few from the summer they spent together, the one Yuko made when they were skating together while holding hands and looked almost disgustingly sweet, as Yuuri’s mom said.

The text on the note was too small to decipher from the distance, but Yuuri knew it by heart - a date and a promise.

He looked back at the screen and startled. Victor was staring at him, almost devouring him with sight alone.

“I want to see you,” Victor said and he looked so serious, so determined, like he wanted nothing more but to jump on a plane and fly across the land and sea.

“A few months more,” Yuuri was aching somewhere below his ribs.