Hey Tumblrtown! Here a few more development pieces for “Puddle Jumpers” a property that I was fortunate enough to help develop for Riley Animation. Paintings like these are what I really enjoy doing… I still have so much to learn, but I very much so enjoy the challenge.

Like the images in the previous post, all rights belong to Riley Animation. Hope you like ‘em Tumblr!

Puddle Jumpers 

Rain boots are helpful in all types of weather. If you don’t feel like slogging around the snow wearing a pair of ten-pound Sorels, try a pair of extremely warm socks with a lighter pair of rain boots. Though they certainly won’t keep your tootsies warm as proper snow shoes do, they will be easier to run around in. We’re always a fan of super-simple Hunter boots (available in abundance on eBay), and these ankle-grazing Cole Haan boots who take water-proof efficiency to the next level. To scope out more fashionable rain boot options, check out this list from In Style.

(Photo: Uncredited. Text by Jenny Bahn)



“Puddle jumper” is a specific type of floatie that goes on the arms like the old water wings from our childhood but also across the chest and buckles at the back.

They are the only flotation devices other than life vests/jackets which are coast guard approved. Many public pools only allow flotation devices that are coast guard approved so they’re popular. We got ours at Target although amazon has more design choices.

I love LOVE them. I take both kids to the pool by myself and it’s so easy. They feel confident & comfortable so they’re not scared and clingy. I actually get to play with them and also chill on the side and watch. I’m actually enjoying the pool instead of just preventing a drowning.

They’re for 30+ lbs weight but we got Scout’s last summer and Jem has been using his just starting now. Landon probably won’t get into it this summer but next year look out. It’s a toddler parents summer dream! :)

Flash AU: Stargate Atlantis
  • Barry Allen is one of the expedition’s many scientists. Originally a CSI, he was recruited to the mission due to possessing a particular strong expression of the ATA gene. In addition to his scientific duties, he’s also a Puddle Jumper pilot.
  • Caitlin Snow is one of the expedition doctors. She chose to go to Atlantis after the apparent death of her fiance, Ronnie Raymond, who was an engineer at the SGC. She’s still grieving, of course, but exploring a new galaxy helps her find a new and welcome sense of purpose.
  • Cisco Ramon joined the expedition as an engineer, and is one of the foremost experts on the technology within the Stargates. He has the ATA gene, and the City almost seems like it’s fond of him since he can get most any of its technology to work again.
  • Harrison Wells, who quickly gained the nickname “Harry” largely because it annoys him, is primarily a physicist. He and Rodney McKay are self-declared mortal enemies, and had a long-term academic rivalry even before the Stargate program. The reason for Harry’s generally poor mood (over and above his personality) is that he isn’t dealing very well with being in a different galaxy to his daughter, Jesse.
  • Jesse Wells finished her phd while the Atlantis Expedition was out of contact with Earth, and was with the first group of scientists to join the expedition once they regained contact. She’s there because she wants to do science and explore, but her arrival also has the happy side effect of improving Harry’s mood immensely.
  • “Jay Garrick” is a chemist/physicist who’s also less than a fan of Harry. However, despite his friendly exterior, “Jay” has plans for the City that are very different from peaceful exploration…
  • Joe West is part of the Air Force security detail, and leads a recon team. Eddie Thawne is his second in command.
  • Iris West is Elizabeth Weir’s protege, and a gifted diplomat-in-training. She helps oversee the day-to-day running of the city, and has been known to lead recon teams on occasion.

Puddle jumper! Stanley was ready to be out of his infant floaty, so I went ahead and bought him a puddle jumper. He did great! I rarely let go of him completely, but he understands that he needs to move his arms and kick his legs (and I’m sure could do it alone if I let him). He didn’t let go of those two balls the entire time. He was also quite proud of the frog on his puddle jumper - notice he was pointing to it.