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ok, bamf!bucky thing -- bucky definitely can speak a shitton of languages, and he saves the more romantic ones for bed

Steve had to wonder if he always had a thing for polyglots or if it was just because all this talk was coming out of the mouth of James goddamned Barnes that it was getting him so hot and bothered.

“Mmm, what dialect is that?” Steve murmured, feeling like a warm puddle of goo everywhere that Bucky was touching him.

“Lubnani,” Bucky answered against the web of soft skin behind Steve’s ear. Steve shuddered and hummed blissfully when Bucky let his teeth scrape against the delicate little stretch.

Bucky was spread over Steve’s body like the world’s thickest electric blanket. Steve had all but ripped his tac vest off before they collapsed in bed but Bucky was still dressed in his heavy cargo pants, boots unlaced but still on as his feet as they dangled over the edge of their California King.

Steve hummed again, tipping his head so Bucky could put his mouth to better use. “You know any of the other 21 dialects? You oughta teach me some.”

“Haash tehki,” Bucky grunted, his mouth dragging down to the underside of Steve’s jaw. “Allah, shoob tehki.”

“I know you’re being mean to me,” Steve said, not sounding all that bothered about it.

Bucky nipped sharply at Steve’s throat before roughly tweaking a nipple. Steve jerked up with a broken little cry, hands slapping down blindly over Bucky’s ass.

Bucky knew Steve loved it when he bullied him a little. “Enta tuhabbuh,” he said with a vicious little grin.

“Oh! Oh god, Buck—“ Bucky nipped him again, then dragged his tongue over the mark as he gentled his fingers over Steve’s abused nipple. “Oh god, I love it. I don’t even care, I love it.”

Lubnani = Lebanese

Haash tehki = Stop taking

Allah, shoob tehki = God, do you talk

Enta tuhabbuh = You love it

The day he left was the day I realized. Love was too strong of a word to have used so soon. He loved what was on the outside, looks and beauty. Never what was deep inside, tearing me to pieces each and every night. Hadn’t someone ever told him to never judge a book by its cover? Beauty is only an image. The day he left me, lost, in a puddle of tears, was the day I realized. He had never loved me the way I loved him. He could only love himself that much.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #653 // @myawheelrr on Instagram

On Saturday morning, Algy paid a visit to his assistants’ house. He was surprised to see that a large pot in a dark corner of the garden had undergone a sudden transformation… Algy was thrilled to see the little flowers glowing in the February sunshine, and as he gazed at them in wonder, a tiny wren started to sing in the bushes behind him. The ground was hard with frost and there was ice on the puddles, but Algy knew it was the beginning of spring :)

Algy wishes you all a very happy weekend, and - if you live in a cold, northern country - he hopes that spring will reach you very soon xo


Piccadilly Circus by Craig Reilly

honestly jokes about uhauling are so astonishingly obtuse coming from straight men like…sorry you don’t feel comfortable cohabitating with the person you profess to love because you have the emotional depth of a puddle and are hard to live with


Bettas - Fact vs Fiction 

Fiction: Wild bettas only live in puddles during the dry season and many of them die.
Fact: In reality they live in large flooded rice patties where they stake out a territory.

Fiction: Bettas can live in vases and eat the roots of the plant.
Fact: Bettas are carivores and starve to death in vases.

Fiction: Bettas are fine in small novelty bowls or tanks without heaters or filters.
Fact: Bettas are tropical fish who need warm clean water to survive.

Fiction: Bettas live very short lives so you have to keep buying new ones.
Fact: Bettas live for two to three years if they are kept in larger properly heated and filtered tanks.

Fiction: They are just fish.
Fact: They are very intelligent fish who will interact with you and seek out your company if you let them. They need enrichment in their tanks such as plants to keep them from being bored.

Personal fact: I have a 5 gallon tank on either side of my keyboard and they spend as much time watching me as I do watching them.  One of them really likes my little dog Widget and they visit with each other every day.

Fi as a Dominant Function



“Wow, you’re super insightful!”

“You know, sometimes she says stuff, and it just makes me think sometimes, like how did I not realize that before?” (Insert preening and hair flipping.)

You understand people and you can flip through their true motivations in a second and sometimes you blatantly point that out to them and sometimes you’re just too lazy to even care because what the hell does it have to do with you and let them go on a rampage

You end up explaining someone’s emotions to them

You’re the author of text messages between your friend and their s.o

You see something that’s unfair, sometimes you risk your ass for it, sometimes you don’t feel like risking your ass for it and then feel bad cause you didn’t risk your ass for it

When there’s arguments and someone wants you to pick a side you want to melt into a puddle slowly and disappear

You’re the master of validating feelings in arguments

You get yelled at sometimes when someone wants you to pick their side and you start considering the other person’s perspective


A lot of the times when there are arguments you feel like you’re in a battlefield and getting shot at from all directions and gingerly tip-toeing through a minefield and it’s like you’re trying to soothe fucking rabid dogs.

Judging judgy people and feeling bad for judging the judgy people when they might be judgy for a very valid issue like self esteem or something

Seeing through someone’s emotional appeals deep down to their true actual emotional appeal and seeing that they’ve convinced themselves that the false emotional appeal is genuine and then saying their true motivation in a split second (the seeing through motivations thingy) and having them like WOAH WHAT HOW DID U EVEN KNOW THIS U R MAGIC and being like yes, yes I know.

Split second decisions, I like this, I don’t like this, wow I hope you choke and die how could you do that to someone and then guilt like wait no I don’t want them to choke and die that makes me just as bad

Lying to yourself and then knowing you’re lying to yourself and facing up to your own true motivations

Ranting to someone when you just want to rant and then they start giving you advice and you’re like NONONO I’M NOT LOOKING FOR ADVICE I’VE ALREADY DECIDED THIS I JUST WANTED TO VENT


Making things so much more fucking difficult for yourself out of a need for authenticity and being true to yourself when just going along with something would be much easier and you’d be so much less stressed and everyone is like stop being difficult omg and you’re like YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND


Not really caring what people think of you unless it’s inaccurate and then still not caring because you’re a boss ass bitch and it doesn’t apply to you so who cares if they think you’re a bitch you know WHO YOU ARE AND THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS

Straining your hardest to not take a comment personally

Having people be like wow you’re so unemotional what a MYSTERY and you’re like if only you knew what goes on inside


Who does he think he is, causing my heart to shatter into a million butterflies, My stomach to turn into a roller coaster that is somersaulting at dangerously high speeds and myself to melt into a puddle, with his tight button up shirts, his sword playing tactics, his ginger blonde hair and that little manly beard, his white shirt of sex that makes him look gloriously heavenly, his..his long black hair style when he donned Loki, his perfect suits that makes him look like a GOD indeed..just who does he think he is?

Klaroline Valentines - Feels Day

1. Pick your poison - Angst or Fluff? Maybe a little of both? Why? Can you handle non-happy endings or are you completely angst-allergic?

Fluff. What can I say, I’m a melting puddle of feels when it comes to fluff. I love me some good angst too (I’m masochist like that) but I need a happy ending, or at least, a hopeful one. Also, I don’t like angst for angst’s sake - it needs to make sense in the story.

2. From canon land: What KC scene gets you single time? What is it about it that affects you?

A lot of them do, like 3x21 (Klaus says “It’s ok, you’re safe”, they share an intense longing stare and you just can see Caroline believes him, she really does), 4x12 (Klaus to Damon “What is it that you say to her?”) or 4x23 (”I intend to be your last, however long it takes”, the most haunting words ever spoken in the land of supernatural romance).

But one that always gives me some serious feels is 4x21. Sure, it’s Silas!Klaus but when Caroline states with such painful certainty that he moved on and Klaus/SIlas rushes to assure her “The truth is I’ve tried to stop thinking about you. And I can’t” - you just know it’s what real Klaus is thinking as well. And the fact that SIlas!Klaus goes into Caroline’s mind and projects HER OWN thoughts speaks volumes. He says what she wants to hear - because deep down, Caroline wants Klaus to remember her, wants to matter to him. *Wails in a puddle of feels*

3. From fanon land: Are there works (art or videos or fics) that you go back to, time after time, that hit you hard in the feels no matter how many times you see/read/watch them?

Any fanart by @romanoffsbite and @jomosfamilyjewels is a favourite of mine. Also, videos by @queenvampirebarbie and @hissaviourqueen. And last but not least, Paula’s @howeverlongs gifsets, especially her Mates AU series that I’m sure she’s doing with the sole purpose of killing the whole fandom with feels.

As for fanfiction, I could go on and on and on but I’m going through a true feels-fest every time I read these:

1. Love Interruption by @idiot–wind (best love confession by Klaus ever, in this one)

2. Everything, Everything by Anya-Paradox

3. Make Them Spell Last Love by @austennerdita2533

4. Beneath the Skin by @lynyrdwrites

5. Forever Changed by @willowaus

6. All You Need IS Love by @misssophiachase

7. This latest drabble by @ckhybrid

And many, many more!

4. What are some of your favorite headcanons for Klaroline’s possible future?

Caroline finally leaves Mystic Falls. She discovers the world on her own with Klaus “accidentally” running into her from time to time (sexy times ensue, of course).

Caroline lives with Klaus and Originals in NOLA. In time, she begrudgingly befriends Rebekah. Kol is her first mischief companion, along with Enzo.

Caroline and Klaus travel the world, joined by Rebenzo and Kalijah from time to time. She makes the Originals meet for a family reunion at least once each 3 years. Usually, it’s more than that because the whole gang reunites for the annual “Save Kol from the lastest shit-fest he got himself into” event.

Klaus insists to paint Caroline naked in every house he owns. Once Kol saw a glimpse of one such painting - totally accidentally, of course. His eyeballs grew back for days.

Klaus goes so over the top for each birthday and Valentines, it’s a miracle he hasn’t run out of ideas in the centuries they’ve been together. But the truth is, he treats Caroline like it’s Valetines every single day. Even when he’s furious with her.

Elsa took a nervous step inside. There were so many people inside the great room, she just wanted to disappear. Melt into a puddle like a snowflake. Anna had asked her to come, and she was doing whatever she could to keep their relationship good at the moment. She knew things had been strained and distant, she just didn’t know how to fix it. It was still so hard for her share, voice what she was feeling. She hardly knew what she was feeling.

Elsa sighed, moving along the outskirts of the room where she hoped she could remain mostly invisible to the rest of the people in the room. As usual, being in a place with so many people made her chest feel tight and constricted. She hated crowds. More than she hated anything else, she loathed crowds. It felt like there were countless eyes on her, and she could only be grateful for the white gloves covering her hands, keeping any frost from creeping out around her.

“Oh, this was a bad idea.” She mused to herself.