• Group-Chat Yuri's Puddles
  • Minami: [12.49] Finally got the body pillow of Yuri!
  • Phichit: [12.53] Congratulations!
  • Yurio: [13.00] I want one with Otabek...
  • Victor: [13.01] I have also one!
  • Yurio: [13.01] Do you really need something like that, Victor?
  • Victor: [13.02] Why not? I mean, Yuri is the biggest fanboy of mine and has three body pillows with my face on it.
  • Phichit: [13.03] I know!
  • Phichit: [13.03] Hey, Yurio...
  • Yurio: [13.05] Hn?
  • Phichit: [13.06] Otabek has just posted a pic with him and a Yurio body pillow. ^^
  • Yurio: [13.06] I know. It's a present from me for him.
  • Victor: [13.07] Naww~

A beautiful Chilean flamingo at the @gladysporterzoo in Brownsville, Texas. These birds cannot drink salt water. If they do ingest some with their food, they can excrete excess salt through specialized glands in their nostrils. To get enough water these flamingos drink from freshwater springs and puddles. They even have the ability to absorb rainwater through their feathers!

Genderfluid! Dakota

Because I am A Mess that is physically incapable of adhering to deadlines, I wasn’t able to get these done for Minor-Character Monday of @lgbtqpjo‘s 3k celebration week. So now, on Whatever-Wednesday, I present you with a few headcanons, haphazardly slapped together in a rush to not miss the day again.

  • Dakota, who while growing up, doesn’t even know that there are more options than just ‘boy’ or ‘girl’.
  • Dakota, who has heard of trans people, desperately wanting to be able to put themself into that category.
  • But they can’t.
  • ‘Cause they aren’t that.
  • Dakota who is just a puddle of confusion as regards their gender for a good few years.
  • ‘Cause they feel different at different times? Sometimes like a boy? Sometimes like a girl? Sometimes neither? Is that even a thing?
  • Dakota who doesn’t open up to other people about this because It’s All Probably Just In Their Head.
  • Dakota who brings all of this to their first summer at Camp Jupiter.
  • Dakota who gets claimed, and decides to do a little background research on Bacchus.
  • Dakota, whose internal monologue while doing that sounds something like this: Well, that explains my Kool-Aid addiction.
  • Wait, this version says that it’s unclear whether Bacchus is a man or a woman. Lemme just Google that.
  • Oh.
  • O h .
  • Dakota, who finally finds a label that fits them.
  • Dakota deciding that they/them pronouns are hella rad.
  • Dakota, who is finally able to mop up that puddle of gender confusion.

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Concept: Royai foster parents au. Ed lives with them first until they find out that he was separated from Al when they were little, so Mustang pulls some strings and they manage to get Al as well.

Concept: Me, laying in a puddle of my own tears as quiet sobs wrack my body, clutching this ask to my chest because of its beauty and perfection.

Your friendly neighborhood reminder to all wlw that you do not need to be 20 or younger to enjoy those whimsical silly schoolgirl crush moments, those giggly kisses, skipping down the sidewalk together and swinging your hands, splashing in puddles together, acting like goofs and generally just being and feeling adorable

Silly sweetness does not expire with age, no matter when you get into a relationship, you can always have those moments if you want them

  • Me when Fallout 4 was being teased before release: complete social media #blackout. I don't want to know anything. I want to be fully #Immersed in the experience by crawling out of the vault as clueless and confused as the protagonist themselves. Preston Garvey? Piper Wright? I know not these people. I know nuclear annihilation and nothing else.
  • Me now as Mass Effect Andromeda is being teased: I've been lapping up the same 0.5 second GIFS of hot aliens along with very limited character info from a shallow and murky mud puddle as shamelessly as a dog rubbing its ass on the carpet.

When you told me you loved me, you smiled

As you dug the knife deeper inside my chest.

Others would stare in awestruck terror

Failing to notice that your hands were shaking.

Perhaps you were only smiling

So others would think this was all a joke.

Although I didn’t think it was funny

As my blood mixed with your tears

Forming a puddle that was red and blue

But not quite purple.

Perhaps that was a sign

That we were never meant to collide.

Blue isn’t your color

Just as red isn’t mine

Which is why we could never be purple.

- i.b. // perhaps blue fits me better than you

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Imagine: Harry is working on writing music with a new artist. He checks his watch and says, "We need to start wrapping this up. I'm on daddy duty tonight." "Oh I didn't know you had kids." "I don't," he says and gives a sly wink. !!!!!! *melts into a puddle of hot, hot goo*