so, i was having an interesting discussion on twitter recently with the lovely beans there about the possibility of asexual!klaine aus, and well, fic happened.

written for my perfect princess yesim <33

Kurt tapped his fingers against the wheel nervously, drumming out the too-fast beat of his heart. He swallowed. It was dark, and the road was empty, the streetlamps creating puddles of yellow light on the sidewalk.

Suddenly there was a tap tap on the passenger window and he jumped, clutching the steering wheel in relief at Blaine’s excited grin. He hit the unlock button and Blaine jumped in, closing the door behind him quietly and strapping in his seatbelt.

“Hey Kurt!” he exclaimed. “You ready to go?”

Kurt nodded, unsure whether he could trust his voice right now. He was nervous as hell. If he could actually summon up the courage to do it, Blaine’s happy grin could well be gone in a couple of hours.

He started the engine again and rolled away from Blaine’s house down the street. He could feel Blaine’s eyes on him.

“Are you okay, Kurt? You’ve barely said a word since I got in the car.”

“I’m–fine. Just, um,” terrified that you’re never going to want anything to do with me again, “tired, I guess.”

“You should have called, we could have postponed our date to a later–”

“No, no, it’s fine.” He needed to get this over and done with as soon as possible. He considered telling Blaine now, but–well, he was being selfish. He wanted a last couple of happy hours with Blaine before he ruined everything.

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Description: Establishing Traits in First-Person

silachan asked:

Question! When writing in first person pov, what would be the best way to establish appearance and/or an accent (ie: British accent while the setting is in North America)? Mobile atm but I can specify in another ask if needed. Thanks! <3

There are a number of ways you can establish character traits in first-person:

1) Reflection - the old “character sees self in the mirror” method is tired and overused, so it should generally be avoided. However, there are other, fresher spins you can put on this method. For example, a character might examine their features in a photo, and that photo could be in an album, in a frame, on facebook, or in something like a yearbook or newspaper. Or maybe they see their reflection in a puddle of water, see themselves in a home video, or examine their features in a painted portrait.

2) Comparison - a character might establish their own traits by comparing their traits to someone or something else. For example, they might describe their parents and say they have their mother’s eyes and their father’s hair color. They might say they’ve been told they look like Taylor Swift with red hair (although, be careful of pop culture references that can become outdated), or that they wish they could trade their frizzy brown hair for their best friend’s curly black hair.

3) Described by Another - maybe a character’s significant other says they have pretty green eyes, or their best friend remarks that their hair is getting really long, or makes a joke about how short they themselves are compared to the height of the protagonist. Perhaps a new character inquires about their accent, not only giving the character an opportunity to say where they’re from, thus explaining the accent, but also allows them to establish some back story. 

4) Described by Self - there’s nothing wrong with a character simply describing themselves to the reader. You want to be careful not to create an info-dump of self-description, though. These details work best when they’re worked in a little at a time when they’re relevant.

inigo hates looking at himself when after a brutal war and esp when he knows hes covered in blood and his eyes had turned bloody red because if he does, hes reminded of that rainy night where his young self only kneeled under a wet puddle with both his parents bodies sprawled lifelessly in front of him

chiareckless asked:

Are you still doinf the fact thing? Because fact is I think I'm aromantic (even though I melt into a puddle at every wolfstar textpost)

That’s so great that you’re puzzling yourself out ! I’m very happy for you. My fact is: me and some friends were talking about sexuality a few days ago and someone (probably me tbh) brought the aromantic subject to the topic. It took me sometime to realize that as I tried to explain to them what it is, I was at the same time describing one of my best friends (who happened to be there). He looked at me with a startled face and “omg that’s me, holy fuck”. I just looked to them and realized how diverse my group of closest friends is and I was honestly so proud of each one of them. [emotional james I’m sorry]

azuresquirrel asked:

Okay I'm not done so have some DISGUSTING NARUMITSU FLUFF. JUST SUPER DISGUSTING. Phoenix decides that Miles doesn't laugh enough, and trying out his own crappy jokes never does the job, so he decides he's going to TICKLE THE LAUGHTER OUT OF HIM (PHOENIX YOU THOUGHT THROUGH NONE OF THE CONSEQUENCES OF THIS). Well he tries, and Miles is not really ticklish. He's also not amused by this. So he turns the tables. And Phoenix is VERY ticklish. Again, YOU THOUGHT THROUGH NONE OF THE CONSEQUENCES, NICK

shut up with your adorableness. How dare you.

Miles doing it just to turn the tables because sometimes the two of them are actual five years old.

But he’s completely taken aback because Phoenix laughing and cackling helplessly while Miles tickles  him is…cute? Adorable? HIS HEART MELTS UNDERNEATH HIS FRILLS. HE WASN’T EXPECTING THIS.

He was just supposed to get one over his ridiculous husband, not turn into a puddle over this cuteness.

Miles coughing and stopping the tickling, all flustered ‘Well. I certainly hope you’ve learned a lesson’. Phoenix doesn’t notice because he’s trying to recover from a laughing fit.

MILES CAN’T GET IT OUT OF HIS HEAD he keeps trying to ‘accidentally’ tickle Phoenix because he wants to see it again, the big soppy loser, but it’s too embarrassing, they’re grown men, he shouldn’t be trying to tickle his husband. If Franziska heard, he’d never hear the end of it.

Eventually Phoenix is 'the hell are you doing’ and Miles replies 'I’m trying to…massage you..’

'where the hell did you learn how to massage, Miles’

And then one night they come home from having one too many drinks at a work party, and drunk Miles gives no shits, he just goes for it and tickles his husband, they’re both drunkenly laughing like idiots.

Apollo comes in with Klavier because he left his jacket or wallet at their place, and just. Stares at them. At his boss/pseudo father figure and Big Scary Edgeworth. Tickling. Laughing. Drunk.

Klavier’s fucking losing it behind him. Apollo just walks out. Shuts the door. Decides to pretend he saw nothing.

I can’t believe I don’t have a boyfriend but my dating pool is more like a dating puddle lmao amiright


watching Peter as Twelve talking to a bunch of kids at the Doctor Who Experience, saving them from a mummy and answering their questions in-character and I just… I CAN’T. I CAN’T handle how wonderful he is. He’s so genuine and excited and I’m just sitting here gross-sobbing in a puddle of my melted heart.

I mean. I’ve always been sentimental about Doctor Who but this is getting out of hand. =____= 

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It's has always been a tie between Minseok and Kyungsoo in my heart but recently Jongdae and Joonmyun been trying to knock them off their place. There is something about Jongdae and Joonmyun that makes me into a puddle of goo. I'm trying to stay loyal but it's so hard D:

Battle between the J’s! All you’re missing is Jongin lol~

Okay let’s be real though, who can resist the rich daddy/mama

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and the dinosaur

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I mean, Kyungsoo barely can in that gif LOL. and Suho is watching in the background like “oh gimme some o’ dat!” pfft

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