1x12: “Faith”

To share my love for Castiel’s asskicking this season, I’ve made a network (also to celebrate reaching 2.8k followers recently). Here are the rules…


  • You must be following Castiel
  • You can reblog or like, but only reblogs count.
  • You may reblog more than once.
  • This must reach at least 50 notes or Cas will cry.
  • Must be Supernatural blog. Multifandom are allowed, but Supernatural must be your main.
  • Fill out this survey please


  • I will announce 10 winners around March 21st.
  • Two-Three more members every Friday after that
  • If you are accepted, I will send you a message and you will need to submit to me the following:
  • 200X200 icon
  • a brief description
  • your name
  • email for our network chat.
  • You will need to follow all the network members (so you can make firends)

That’s it! GOOD LUCK! :)

What is this Secret Admirer thing you speak of?

Unfortunately most of us spend valentines day alone. I want to change that. This is basically like a secret santa except its for valentines day. By reblogging this post, you will get a blog and you must send them cute messages from February 1st to Valentines Day. You will sign it as Secret Admirer and reveal yourself on Valentines day. The whole goal of this is to make people smile and hopefully to gain some friends. You can make edits if you want or just send them messages, it’s completely up to you what you send them.

What are the rules?

  • You must be following me.
  • You must reblog this post.
  • Please send me a message saying that you want a secret admirer. Send it to this link HERE because my current inbox is close to full and messages get lost. Plus this will help me to organize and make sure that everyone gets one
  • YOU MUST SEND THEM MESSAGES. by reblogging this, you have to send your person messages, because it just ruins their day to not hear from you.

That’s it! XOXO Love you guys! :)

First, I just want to thank everyone, I just reached 2.8K. Since Supernatural is on in 24 hours, why not have a tumblr awards?


  • must be following this happy potato
  • no unfollowing after, that makes me cry
  • only reblogs please, likes will not count but you can bookmark
  • only enter once, reblogging more than once will not increase your chances
  • unlimited until 9 pm EST tomorrow because SUPERNATURAL
  • winners will be announced sometime after


  • Best URL: Castiel Award
  • Best Icon: Chuck Shirley Award
  • Best Sidebar:  Ghost Facers Award
  • Best Theme: Sam Winchester Award
  • Best Posts: Dean Winchester Award
  • Best Edits: Abaddon Award
  • Best Fanfics: Kevin Tran Award
  • Best Overall: Crowley Award
  • Nicest blogger: Team Free Will Award

Winners get:

  • +follow from me
  • a spot in winners tab on my updates tabs
  • a group promo in the beginning
  • my awesome friendship
  • my first born
  • promo whenever

Runner-ups get:

  • +possible follow from me
  • a group promo in the beginning
  • a spot in my runner ups tab on my updates tab
  • my love


  • Mbf this little lady!
  • Reblogs only
  • Likes make Cas stay away longer
  • Must get to at least 40 notes
  • Goes until February 27th
  • check out my edits?
  • There will be one winner and 2 runner ups!

What I am looking for:

  • A super nice blogger
  • Has a very nice theme
  • Great posts
  • Can be a multifandom butt mainly Supernatural
  • Making Edits is a bonus!


  • 4 promos whenever they want until April 1st
  • A link in my blog for the whole month of March
  • A follow back if not already
  • An edit made about whatever you would like! 
  • An icon made by me
  • My undying friend ship and love!


  • 2 promos whenever they want until April 1st
  • A link in my blog for the whole month of March
  • A follow back if not already
  • An Icon made by me

Welcome to the Knights of Hell Network!

(also sorry for the super crappy graphic, I suck at these)


♦ mbf your queen

♦ reblog this post to enter, like only to bookmark

♦ if you could send me a message telling me why you want to enter, that would be a big bonus!

♦ this post must reach 50 notes


♦ should be mainly supernatural blogs

♦ must be friendly

♦ a nice theme and amazing posts would be great

♦ tagging system and original posts would be even greater


♦ new hella rad fandom friends!

♦ help and support with anything you need

♦ an army to take over the world with


♦ first 5 or so members will be choosen when this post reaches 50 notes

♦ then there’ll be added 1 or two every week until we are about 12 people

♦ if your chosen I’ll send you a message telling you what you need to do next

♦ if you have any questions whatsoever, just message me

Let’s get this party started yo!


I love you all so much thank you.

  • Must be following me
  • Must reblog (sorry I know)
  • Vote for what I should do here
  • Follow my fitblr or teen wolf blog (optional but totally rad)
  • Blog Rates look like this:

Icon : okay | cool | fab | amazing | flawless | get out

URL : okay | good | fab | amazing | flawless | get out

Theme : okay | good | fab | amazing | flawless | get out

Posts : okay | good | fab | amazing | flawless | get out

Overall: okay | good | fab | amazing | flawless | get out

Following: no sorry | yes | absolutely | TIL THE END OF TIME BITCHES

Comments :

guys send me your favorite song for blogrates

URL: eh/I don’t get the ref | cute | great | whoa | how did you get this tho
Theme: eh | cute | great | whoa | the work of an html god has blessed u
Posts: eh/not what I post | cute | great | whoa | tell me who you follow
Overall: eh, but ur still a lovebug | cute | great | whoa | tumblord’s blog


if you don’t want to see these blacklist “blogrates for ts”

in honor of reaching over 1k, i’m doing my first ever tumblr awards! :D 

  • mbf me plz
  • reblog this once, no likes
  • must reach at least 60 notes or this is a no go
  • fandom blogs only please!
  • a winner and runner up in each category
  • i will be picking the winners!
  • winners will be announced feb 15th!
  • best theme
  • best url
  • best posts
  • best graphics/edits
  • best sidebar
  • best updates tab
  • best multifandom
  • best supernatural
  • best dean!girl
  • best sam!girl
  • best cas!girl
  • best other!girl
  • best sherlock
  • nicest blogger
  • my overall favorite
Winner Prizes:
  • +follow from me if not already
  • a graphic announcing you’ve won
  • weekly solo promos from me
  • a spot in my updates tab on my blog
  • my friendship & undying love
Runner Ups Prizes
  • most likely a +f! 
  • a group promo with the other runner ups!
  • my friendship & undying love

Good luck lovelies!!!