Promise me something?

Promise me you won’t go into nursing because you didn’t know what else to do.

Because I can promise you that the hours are long and the patients are mostly thankless. The salary isn’t on par with what we have to do. (1% pay rise? Ever heard of inflation?! *eye roll*)

I promise you will become the parent, the counselor, the advocate, the comforting hand, the manager, the teacher, the one that inflicts the pain and also the one that takes it away.

I promise you will be rewarded with smiles and waves from the patients that get discharged. I promise you will be rewarded with the feeling of having made a difference.

I promise you will feel all the emotions in one day. I promise you will be giving end of life care to one patient and laughing and joking with another. Everyone will be going on their individual journeys and you will be going with them.

Promise me you’ll go into nursing because you love it.

Because I promise you then, it’ll all be worth it.

Credit to puddingafterbreakfast for the structure.