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question: would izuku carry around food in a container that food isnt originally from (pudding in a mayo jar) that really telecasts Is He Really Eating That What The Fuck Is This Supposed To Be Intentionally Threatening. he'd find a way to refill a tube of toothpaste with icing or something. "i forgot to brush my teeth this morning," he says, downing half the tube in one go. onlookers can't look away from this trainwreck.

this is a power move, and absolutely something villain!izuku would do

Prank Wars; Part 2

A/N:  Okay, what had intended to be a one shot has turned into, another series. I am so sorry, I haven’t updated my others yet, I work two jobs and do martial arts classes, so I am never near my computer. And when I am, I’m exhausted.

Part 1: Here

Pairings: Female Reader x Bucky x Thor x Loki

Warnings: Swearing, Fluff (a little)

Word Count: 2,100+

Blurb: After your prank war with Bucky ended in a truce, you and Bucky have decided to team up against Thor.

“Okay, but what about this one–” Bucky thrust his phone at your face; it was some lame hipster pulling a prank on YouTube.

“No, it’s too lame” you sighed, pushing his phone away.

“But, its Thor, they don’t have to be up to your standard of pranks, how will he know?”

“Barnes, I am going to teach you the art of pranks”

“NOOOOOOOOPE!” Steve yelled from the doorway, startling both you and Bucky. “You will not start another prank war! That last one caused Thor to go off planet, I thought Bruce might have a heart attack and I’m still trying to clean up all the magnets around the place.

You and Bucky giggled, Steve put his hands on his hips and frowned at the pair of you.

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Hi Ridia~ I wanted to know all sorts of facts about Fushimi. Could you write a list? Pleeeaasssee~?

Fushimi facts it is!

-born November 7 to Actual Pieces of Shit Fushimi Niki and Fushimi Kisa, who were 19 years old at the time
- the ‘’猿” character in his name means ‘monkey.’ This was deliberate on Niki’s part
- was alone in the house when a burglar broke in at some point prior to his first year of middle school
- asshole dad destroyed his beloved anthill when he was a precious six year old
- actual cutest small child ever
- meets Yata Misaki in his first year of middle school, falls in love
- never forgets something when he sees it once
- 'Munakata’s favorite’ (yes, this is canon)
- youngest member of Scepter 4 as far as we know (the only person who may be younger is Yayoi, who’s shown ordering non-alcoholic drinks in DOB 3 and is the only one besides Saru not drinking sake in the special chapter but we don’t know her exact age)
- terrible sleeping habits due to low blood pressure
- terrible eating habits due to pickiest baby
- terrible everything habits
- unhealthy little shit faints in hot springs
- will not get naked in hot springs either
- doesn’t wear underwear
- skinny pale nerd child
- would probably blow over in a stiff wind
- destined to be surrounded by blonde women with strange taste in food
- hates *deep breath* raw fish, green peppers, the bamboo shoots in sweet and sour pork, shellfish, raisins, dried plum, konbu, walleye pollack roe and every kind of vegetable
- likes meat, carbonated drinks and plain vanilla ice cream. Will also eat egg, tuna mayo, pudding, CalorieMate and coffee
- basically if your average five year old won’t eat it Saru probably won’t either
- hates your face
- also hates cocky superiors, fussy senpai, incompetent subordinates, boring office work, pointless overtime, drinking with coworkers, unresponsive PDAs, being required to show off a skill at the end-of-year party, glasses with heavy frames, everything basically
- his skill is card tricks BTW
- no he will not show you how he did it
- more issues than National Geographic
- covered in knives
- no really he’s covered in them
- beloved of children and small animals and alphabet squad members
- actual Disney princess
- 178 cm tall (so Yata’s height…plus eleven)
- Scorpio
- blood type AB
- if he had to pick a hobby it would be coding
- actual hobby: hating everything
- eyesight in right eye is slightly worse than the left due to being hit in the face by a party popper
- appears lazy but actually does ridiculous amounts of work
- has burn scar on one side of his chest (in S1…your guess is as good as mine now)
- self-inflicted the burn scar because Issues
- good with numbers
- bad with emotions
- even worse with his own emotions
- needs a hug

Prank Wars 3

A/N:  Okay, what had intended to be a one shot has turned into a series. I am so sorry, I haven’t updated my others yet, I work two jobs and do martial arts classes, so I am never near my computer. And when I am, I’m exhausted.

Pairings: Female Reader x Bucky x Thor x Loki

Warnings: Swearing, Fluff (a little)

Word Count: 2,400+

Blurb: After your prank war with Bucky ended in a truce, you and Bucky have decided to team up against Thor. Now Loki has warned you, it’s your turn to be pranked.

It had been two weeks since Loki appeared in the tower and warned you and Bucky that you shouldn’t have messed with Thor. And since that day, the two of you had been on edge.

You and Bucky shared his bed, while you slept, he kept watch and vice versa. One ate food while the other kept watch. You had taken to checking all the chairs in the tower, rocking them, kicking them, making sure they were still solid.

Bucky used his flesh hand when opening the fridge or cupboards; he still wasn’t over the magnet prank you pulled.

Every time Thor entered the tower, the two of you would shrink away. You were never sure when Loki would strike, or how brutal he would be, and that in itself scared the shit out of the pair of you.


“You know, for a trained assassin, you are a little scaredy cat Barnes” you teased one morning on your way to the kitchen after combat training.

“Oh yeah? And you’re not, he’s THE Trickster, God of Mischief,” Bucky said glancing around the tower nervously.

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April Fool’s

Please remember that it is not funny to announce a fake pregnancy on social media ever. There are millions of people who live with infertility and to them it’s not a joking matter. 

Be considerate. 

Just saran wrap someone’s toilet seat or put pudding in the mayo jar.