Fic Recs!!!!

Here is another fic rec for my best friend, Housewho, who has recently discovered the Kurt/Puck ship and fell in love like we all do at one point (they are awesome!). So, here they are, Purt Fic Recs!!!!

5 Times Kurt Punched Puck in the Dick Snea

Five times Kurt justly punched Puck in the dick. Because really, have you seen the boy’s guns? - Puckurt, pre-slash to established (this story is freaking adorable and hilarious)

 (If You Run With Me) I’ll Stay With You heydoeydoey

“People are messy and have problems and if you’re gonna be with somebody forever, you gotta commit to sticking around for the stuff that isn’t happy.”

See Ya Soon xLessxThanx3x

On the first of December, Kurt finds a small gift in his locker from someone claiming to be a secret admirer. The same thing happens the next day. And the next and the next. Puckurt…AU without Klaine (This one is really good)

Choir Room Confessions Stileslovesderek

Noah puckerman made the biggest mistake of his life when he broke up with the love of his life Kurt Hummel for the hot new student Sam Evans. He now wants Kurt back but will he gets what he wants most or has he lost him forever. Set before season 3. (Cute Ficlet)

Fighter Allieturtle222

Five times the glee club was sure Kurt and Puck would break up and one time they were sure they wouldn’t. (Kurt is a bit OOC but it makes the story work :D)

Killing Karofsky sexybeardedlover

Puck find Kurt crying in the boy’s locker room. They talk and stuff happens. (Comforting Puck always makes me happy)

One Good Reason BlondeBizarre

Kurt tells the glee club he’s going to Dalton and Puck isn’t very happy about it. (A-freaking-dorable!)

Four Times Burt Hummel was Quietly Awesome oddegg

Four times Burt Hummel was quietly awesome, and one time he stood back and let Mohawk kid be the awesome one. (Love Burt Hummel so much. Not much Pummel but enough to satisfy the soul ^_^)

It Started When hawthornsybil

He stops himself from leaning closer because he has changed, because no matter how much the way Kurt tilts his head to the side makes him want to kiss him, he has stopped being the guy that didn’t care about turning someone into a cheater.

I Want to Hold Your Hand Always With Amy

AU; Kurt and Puck have been best friends since they were seven. Quinn didn’t mean to come between that; Santana knew she couldn’t compete with it. Rachel wouldn’t be an understudy, and Blaine just knew when to give up. (This is the cutest AU on the face of the planet and I’m in love with it; really freaking good)

Alright, here are some Purt (Puckurt/Pummel/whatever the hell you want to call it) fanfics that have caught my fancy and deserved to be shared. Other’s will one day end up on here cause this is one freaking awesome ship. Hope you enjoy your reading Jennifer!!! ^_^

it’s laughable when some klainers actually think that people ship kurt with other characters that aren’t blaine only because they aren’t blaine

i ship kurtbastian because the chemistry between chris and grant is amazing. i ship kurtbastian because they’re a perfect representation of how you could go from mutual dislike to friendship and love

i ship kadam because they could be a mature adult relationship and i liked how nice adam was to kurt

i ship puckurt because i love the possibility of them becoming friends and puck realizing that even though he never considered dating guys he somehow fell for kurt

i ship kurtofsky because in the hands of amazing writers the two of them could truly be a groundbreaking relationship so many young gay men could relate to. they would go from bully and his victim to slowly becoming friends if the writers actually let kurt to help david and let them become friends

so don’t tell me i ship kurt with other men because i hate blaine. i don’t like blaine. i don’t like his relationship with kurt but me liking other kurt ships has nothing to do with blaine

it has everything to do with kurt. kurt and the chemistry and possibility between him and other characters

I really need someone to draw Kurt next to a sign that says ‘You must be this tall to ride this ride’ surrounded by his harem (Adam, Sebastian, Dave, Sam, Puck, ect) and Blaine off to the side alone because he isn’t tall enough.

I’d also accept Kurt pointing to the sign and saying ‘No’ to Blaine’s proposal because again he isn’t tall enough and Kurt has better taste than that.