When people tell you that the 2nd Amendment was written with Muskets in Mind here are a few firearms you can show them that aren’t muskets and are fairly rapid fire. 

The Ferguson was not common but it was used during the Revolutionary War by soldiers on both side. 

The Girandoni, Multiple shot air rifle that hit just as hard as a black powder musket and could fire shots as quick as you could cock the hammer and put a new ball in place. Was powered by an air tank that doubled as the stock. High tech for the time and very much capable of killing someone. 

The infamous Puckle Gun. Swappable cylinders preloaded and able to fire by cranking and cocking. The Gatling gun of it’s time. 

The founding fathers were mostly comprised of engineers and scientists that loved to tinker with designs. Many of them even had a hand in making their own firearms. They knew that firearm design would evolve, it was inevitable. None of them were stupid and all of them were gun owners. Cartridges even existed back then and were routinely used by the standing armies of Europe and elsewhere. 

If you are anti-gun and you use the musket argument you have to ask yourself if you really believe that Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the others meant just muskets when other weapons existed that were far superior at the time of writing the 2nd Amendment. The Musket was the poor man’s weapon. A lot cheaper to produce than a rifle and used to outfit the military because of the stand and fire tactics of the time. 


Ian from Forgotten Weapons on the Puckle Gun.

Firsts in Firearms

The first automatic rifle

The Griffiths & Woodgate rifle - designed in 1892 by British Army officer Herbert Ferdinand Woodgate and engineer William Griffiths, this rifle utilized a reciprocating barrel system to provide automatic fire. It was introduced to British Army trials in 1894 but proved too fragile and inaccurate for service use. Woodgate tried to improve on the design after its rejection, but his efforts amounted to little.

The first pump-action shotgun

The Krutzsch shotgun - patented by William Krutzsch in 1866, this may well have been the first shotgun to utilize a tubular magazine operated by a pump-action mechanism. It was not commercially successful, but paved the way for better-known designs.

The first submachine gun

The Standschütze Hellriegel - designed around 1915, this gun was designed in Austria-Hungary and was essentially a miniaturized water-cooled machine gun chambered for 9mm Steyr cartridges. It accepted belt feed and box magazines, and unlike the Italian Villar Perosa SMG, the Hellriegel was designed to fill the role of a handheld infantry weapon. It was trialed but never fielded.

The first bullpup

The Thorneycroft carbine - designed by James Baird Thorneycroft of Ayrshire, Scotland, this rifle was the first to utilize a clip feed behind the trigger. The reason Thorneycroft designed his rifle like this was so that it could provide the same accuracy as a Lee-Enfield, but with a shorter overall length. Despite numerous trials and improvements, Thorneycroft’s rifle was rejected by the British Army and Thorneycroft gave up firearms design.

The first “machine gun”

Okay, so it’s not really a machine gun as such, but this revolving cannon originating from Venice predated the Puckle gun by perhaps a century. It was intended to be used as a wall gun; multi-shot weapons of this type were rarely deployed by ground soldiers, and as such, their full potential was never realized.

The first rocket-propelled submachine gun

The SMART - or “Panzer 58″, designed by Erma Werke of Germany in 1958. This unusual submachine gun was Erma’s attempt to kill two birds with one stone - to fulfill the Bundeswehr’s need for an SMG and a grenade launcher in one handy package. It was actually a brilliant submachine gun and an effective grenade launcher, but unsurprisingly, the Bundeswehr was uninterested in gimmicks. Erma’s main rival, Mauser, made their own version called the M60.

anonymous asked:

I Don't know if you have a tag for this, but do you have fully shifted Stiles and Derek? Sterek?

So I wasn’t sure if you were looking for sexy times or just full shift werewolves. We recently made a list of full shift sexy times here. And here’s a list of just full shift werewolves. - Anastasia

Originally posted by eagle4ever

5 Times Derek and Stiles Use Handcuffs and 1 Time the Law Is Involved by Watermelon Wolves (Phnx)

(1/1 I 630 I Teen)

“I don’t understand,” Stiles frowned, “I thought werewolves were supposed to be super into bondage and stuff. You’re so…vanilla.”

On Our Own Legs by Aabysinyaa

(1/1 I 893 I General)

Pack Cuddles. Puckles.

32 Hours by cheshirecat101

(1/? I 2,725 I Teen)

Stiles has to make the 32 hour trip from California to Chicago, Illinois, in order to get to his new home for the next four years. But it seems that the (super)natural world is doing everything in its power to stop him.

(The Time Derek Had To) Pick a Fucking Anchor by cheshirecat101

(1/1 I 2,937 I Not Rated)

Derek’s Wolf form has only one thought: Stiles. 

Knot if You Don’t Knock by jsea, marguerite_26 for katerina_black

(1/1 I 13,737 I Explicit)

Stiles never expects to present as an omega – that’s something that happens to people like Greenberg, not him. He is so wrong.

His life only gets stranger when Derek Hale mistakenly bursts through the door of his exam room during a doctor’s appointment. What happens next is a complicated series of events, including freshly baked cookies, book-carrying and surprise heats.

(Tooth)Aching For You by GiggleSnortBangDead

(2/2 I 14,288 I Explicit)

Derek may kinda totally have a thing for his hot dentist. Too bad he’s so shit with people.

a fortunate unkindness by Fishwrites

(5/15 I 26,838 I Mature)

Where human souls’ manifest themselves as animal companions, taking the form which best represents each person. The Magisterium (think secret gov agency) has been conducting experiments on ‘werewolves’ for years - because they seemingly have no souls/daemons at all.

Stiles finds a lone raven outside the hospital; without a human yet somehow still alive. Thinking it belongs to a witch like his mother, Stiles takes the daemon home and nurses it back to health. (Spoiler: it’s not a witch). It kickstarts a chain of events that put Beacon Hills back on the Magisterium’s radar.

(A coma patient goes missing; and wolves start coming back to Beacon Hills.)

heathens by Anonymous

(1/1 I 29,010 I Explicit)

He began to drift off, eyes drooping down farther and staying closed for longer each time. He was almost asleep when he started to hear a noise, a voice saying something to faint for him to decipher. But, slowly, the voice got louder, more defined, words coming through clearer to his ears.

“Wake up. It is time. Wake up.”

He turned, his body trying to move up and forward toward the voice while his eyes stayed closed..

“Wake up. You are safe, it is time. Wake up.”

He turned again. The wolf beside him began to whine, butting its head into his hip. His eyes were moving quickly under his lids. He was straining to get up, to see something and move. He can’t.

He’s on the verge of giving up despite the urgent yelling of the voice and the wet nose pressing into his hip when he hears a different voice, stronger and more powerful than the one before.

“Szczęsny. Wake up.”

And he did.

Suspicious Minds by HaleHole (SweetFanfics)

(1/1 I 40,105 I Explicit)

“Don’t feed Balto your pizza,” Stiles mildly warns his daughter.


Stiles pauses, mouth open and cheese sliding off the pizza as he parrots, “Derek? Who’s Derek?”

His daughter rolls her eyes, like Stiles has just asked her the dumbest question ever. “The wolf, Daddy!”

“You changed his name?” Stiles asks in surprise. Usually she’s pretty set about naming things. Her doll’s name was decided two seconds after receiving it, the car has been Alonzo for three years now, and the toaster ‘Pop’ for the last six months.

Meg nods, prodding the sliding cheese back on top of her slice. “Yeah. He told me his name is Derek. And that he doesn’t really like Balto.”

“Is that right?” he asks, eyeing the wolf who seems far too interested in watching a pair of animated moose arguing. It’s official. This wolf is weird. This whole situation is weird.

Separated from Laura after being cornered by some hunters, an injured Derek finds himself being rescued by Stiles and his young daughter. In more than one way.

That Adventurous Spirit He Inspires In Me by AcierGlace

(4/? I 47,842 I Explicit)

Derek figured it was less of a sexual recovery and more of a sexual quest in which Stiles was determined to cross off each and every sexual kink and role play scenario he could possibly think of.

Or Derek and Stiles get together and solve Derek’s issues with deep, meaningful, explicit sex. A slice of life sexcapades series where Derek learns to like himself and Stiles, but most of all himself.

Do Not Go Gentle by MojoFlower

(16/? I 61,892 I Explicit I Rape)

Derek Hale, Beacon Hills Alpha, is thrown into a dark cell which already contains another captive. Someone quite young. Someone who’s clearly been badly treated. Someone who cannot speak and who has a cruel collar around his neck.

Derek is both a Dom and an Alpha. What do you think he’ll do?

Pre 2nd Amendment Assault Rifles

One of the largest arguments for gun control is that “it only applies to muskets” or “there were no machine guns back then” or “it applies to guns that take minutes to fire 2 shots, not multiple shots a time”

The 2nd Amendment was adopted December 15, 1791 [source]

Belton Flintlock

This was submitted to congress for funding 1777, 14 years before the 2nd amendment.

It was capable of  “sixteen or twenty [balls], in sixteen, ten, or five seconds of time”.

Yes, 4 rounds per second. Faster than a modern AR-15.

Girandoni air rifle

22-shot .46 caliber repeating air rifle. 

Puckle Gun

This is a repeating rifle that was patented 73 years before the 2nd amendment. It fired 18-45 times faster than a musket could.

The best part is that it was designed to be more deadly vs Muslims. “Puckle demonstrated two configurations of the basic design: one, intended for use against Christian enemies, fired conventional round bullets, while the second, designed to be used against the Muslim Turks, fired square bullets. The square bullets were considered to be more damaging.”

Please tell me again how congress didn’t know about high capacity rapid fire machine guns when they adopted the 2nd amendment.

Please tell me how your own argument doesn’t prevent free speech from your iPhone over the internet?

Pictured: not quite how it started.

6 Baffling First Drafts of Classic Novels

#5. Harry Potter Began With First-Hand Horror
Rowling wanted to dive right into the horror: her first drafts of the book started with an unsuspecting civilian called Mr. Puckle seeing an explosion out at sea and sailing out in the middle of a storm to check it out. He’s not a wizard or anything. He’s just a guy who sees something ominous and decides to investigate. He then stumbles across two charred bodies in the ruins of a house with a screaming baby somewhere in there. And that’s how we’re introduced to Harry Potter and his parents.

Read More

Today my favourite little beast returned to her royal throne for naps. After a weekend stuck in the hospital, it’s good to have her home again. I missed her.

She’s on my chest right now, purring away. I just noticed how much it made me smile to have her there.

Today in History: 15 May 1718 - James Puckle patented the first machine gun

Early rapid-firing weapons (Wikipedia)

“James Puckle (1667–1724) was an English inventor, lawyer and writer from London chiefly remembered for his invention of the Defence Gun, better known as the Puckle gun, a multi-shot gun mounted on a stand capable of (depending on which version) firing up to nine rounds per minute. The Puckle gun is sometimes considered the first machine gun.”

“In 1718, Puckle demonstrated his new invention, the Defence Gun—a tripod-mounted, single-barreled flintlock weapon fitted with a multishot revolving cylinder, designed for shipboard use to prevent boarding. The barrel was 3 feet (0.91 m) long with a bore of 1.25 inches (32 mm) and a pre-loaded “cylinder” which held 11 charges and could fire 63 shots in seven minutes.”

James Puckle (Wikipedia)

things i am grateful for in 2014, an incomplete list

i’m about to get emotional, so if ur here 4 the lols and/or the increasingly distraught tags about hot dad boone jenner avert your eyes. go get some water. in the proud tradition of family get-togethers, when you come back we’ll all pretend that everything is proceeding nicely and absolutely no one has disappeared into the bathroom to drink wine directly from the bottle and text their friends things like “BOY I SURE AM HAVING A GREAT TIME,” followed by 16 pile-of-shit emojis.

but 2014 has been… a big year. i did a lot of stuff, most of which was great and some of which was less great. i met some people that have come to mean absolutely everything to me, in a city that has come to be not-quite-home but something very close.

i am grateful for a lot of things. and i want to say thank you for them – so, thank you. whether you’ve never talked to me or whether you’ve spent a straight 48 hours in The Nest in my apartment, thank you.

  • that i survived the winter
  • that my car, the frau, survived the winter
  • that anna came to visit, and listened to me talk for 14 hours about Breakfast with Scot and laid in my bed playing with my hair
  • that my friends bought me a JMFJ fathead that is literally almost taller than my walls
  • that likeapond does all the waitwaitwhatsicing legwork
  • that waitwaitwhatsicing exists at all
  • that CBJ made the playoffs
  • that urgirlmontana and puffkrispy spend days in the The Nest doing nothing and eating a lot
  • that puckling cooks to make sure i don’t get scurvy
  • that befrecktaling will giraffe hug me and finally started watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
  • that audjpodge is the jeeves to my wooster, and didn’t make fun of me when it turned out i was The Actual Worst at knitting despite her very patient teaching
  • that my cactus Gordie Ow is surviving being my cactus
  • that fishingboatproceeds reblogged a random story i told and it brought all u beautiful weirdos into my life and onto this blog
  • taylorswift’s 1989
  • that dragqueendictionary surprised me by coming to chicago when i hadn’t seen her in months and months and she is always far away
  • that ryjo finally signed a contract
  • that i wasn’t ready to leave chicago; that for the first time i felt not ready to leave anything at all
  • that @chicago-bluebonnet worries
  • that i saw my first pens game in consol
  • that i like who i am, even if i know what i’m not
  • that gordie howe wrote an autobiography and in it reveals that he used to sign his love letters to his wife “love and stuff, gordon”
  • that the snow storm didn’t hit, and the mountains were beautiful, and the company made for the best six days i’ve ever had
  • that thatjessjohnson designed the most perfect phone case in the ENTIRE WORLD for me, and has been incredibly patient with me 
  • that my terrible ovie sweater exists and is almost always on my body
  • that mehcoconut sent me shark cartoons and 1D candy
  • that hatfulofcrazy was kind enough to help edit my book, even though i could pay her zero dollars
  • that i made the right choice
  • that sometimes i’m angry, that it’s good sometimes to be angry
  • that none of my mistakes weren’t fixable
  • that i don’t know what comes next, that i have no idea and everything is playing darts in the dark while blindfolded on a carousel
  • but, despite not knowing, the tradition stands:
  • fear didn’t stop me
  • fear didn’t stop me
  • fear didn’t stop me
  • beyonce

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anonymous asked:

Any examples of guns that existed around the time or before the time of the founding fathers that had high rate of fire or capacity? I keep seeing people yap about how they meant muskets and couldnt foresee the AR-15 and would have reworded or excluded the 2nd amendment outright as a result.

There were some firearms pre-1789 that were attempts (successful or not) to achieve a higher rate of fire than the common flintlock.  Although they were rare, expensive, and uncommon, they were out there. Here are a handful of designs I have covered.

Kalthoff Repeater


The Lorenzoni Repeater


The James Puckle Gun


Girandoni rifle,