puckleberry is love


finntana/puckleberry au

Rachel thinks that Finn, her boyfriend’s childhood friend, is perfect for Santana, her best friend and co-worker, so she comes up with a plan to get them together, even if Noah isn’t too convinced at the beginning and thinks that this is other of his girlfriend’s crazy ideas and she’s just seeing things; he was so wrong.

Happy Birthday, Love || Puckleberry

After breakfast, Rachel got a shower and gave Caroline her bath, getting both of them ready. She dressed in jeans and a casual t shirt, with some flats. She had previously left her and Caroline’s outfits at Kurt’s along with everything she would need for dinner. She kissed Noah goodbye, making sure not to congratulate him, as if she didn’t remember the day, got the baby on her stroller and went out. 

When she arrived at the loft, Kurt, Blaine (who was visiting), Santana and Dani, along with Elliot were already there and ready to help. They set Caroline on her bouncy chair on the kitchen table and began making all the food. previously on the week, Rachel had called all of Noah’s friends from work and school and they were all confirmed for tonight. Her gift to Noah was wrapped and safely kept on Kurt’s drawer, and Eliot had his car downstairs ready to take everything back to her house. Rach was going to make Noah’s favorite food, Baked Ziti with Goulash and Apple pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert. 

Once all the food was done, she changed into the dress she had picked for the night. It was a red dress, with a heart shape neckline, strapless, that fitted her every curve flawlessly, accentuating her breasts and ass, it was mid tight length. She was going to pair it with black high heels,  and she let her hair fall down her back in soft curls on the ends. Her make up was natural, but with accent on her eyes. She dressed Caroline in the cutest little pink dress, with white neck and a matching head band, with some little white socks and pink shoes. They both look adorable. Around 4 pm Carole and Burt came over to help, she texted Finn at 5 so he could take Noah out and once he texted her that they were out, they all went back to the house and got everything settled and decorated. At 6 everyone was at the Puckerman’s house, and they were waiting on Noah to come back at any moment.