puckleberry 2

Bold What You Prefer - Glee Edition

Season 1 or Season 3
Will Schuester or Sue Sylvester
Vocal Adrenaline or The Warblers
Finn Hudson or Ryder Lynn
Quam or Samcedes
Season 3 finale or Season 6 finale
Noah Puckerman or Jake Puckerman
Santana Lopez or Kitty Wilde
Finchel or Fuinn
Season 4 Newbies or Season 6 Newbies
Jesse St. James or Sebastian Smythe
“Britney/Brittany” or “Britney 2.0″
Puckleberry or Quick
New York or Lima
Klaine or Brittana
The Rocky Horror Picture Show or West Side Story
Kurt Hummel or Blaine Anderson
Faberry or Seblaine
Marley Rose or Rachel Berry
“Prom Queen” or “Prom-asaurus”
Mercedes Jones or Tina Cohen Chang
Warbler-Blaine or New-Directions-Blaine
Spencer Porter or Jane Hayward
Season 4 or Season 6
Shelby Corcoran or April Rhodes
Season 1 Rachel or Season 4 Rachel
Tike or Tartie
The Unholy Trinity or Kurtcheltana or Blamchel
Mason McCarthy or Madison McCarthy
Joe Hart or Rory Flanagan
Samchel or St. Berry
“New York” or “Nationals”
Mike Chang or Sam Evans
Burt Hummel or Millie Rose