Leg It! || Puckerton

Jake had just finished up a gig and he was quite pleased with how it had gone, really. The crowd had been pretty awesome and everything had gone pretty well, in all honesty. After the whole debacle where he’d seen Marley and fucked up horribly with his set, he had been a little nervous – but he was a sort of professional still and no one had been there to distract him for the night, so… He smiled as he pulled his backpack up a little bit further, continuing to walk home. It was rather late at night now, not as many people out on the streets anymore as there had been and well… Everything was pretty peaceful.

He turned a corner and then another, having lived here for long enough now that he knew of a slight shortcut that lead through a couple of alleys. He felt kind of tired and just wanted to go home, so he slipped through them quickly and quietly, already thinking about his bed and how awesome it would feel to go and crash in it. Jake had taken this shortcut before and he had never met anyone before – but today was the exception, as he spotted someone by a wall or something.

Quirking an eyebrow, he approached – hoping it wasn’t some insane dude who was looking for a fight or whatever. It didn’t look like it at first glance at least, as he came closer. The dude was… painting graffiti? Jake smiled slightly – he’d always thought that stuff had been super cool – but his smile faded as he caught a glimpse of the guy. “Hunter?” He said, surprised.