Hello new followers and older one and everyone else! ♥ It’s time I present myself to everyone who doesn’t know me that well. c:

So, a few things :

- I don’t really look like this irl. Or so I guess. But it was fun to draw.

- When I say “I do art” I mean “I try to do stuff that could be considered as art and sometimes it’s not too shitty”. Also, 99% of what I do is considered artistic. I draw, I write, I act, I don’t play music anymore but I used to, I film, I do animation, I sew… 

- I am transgender. Please use male pronouns. I don’t care much about label, I don’t know my sexuality for sure and don’t care at all. I like girls and boys and everyone out and in between. If you have any question about gender -about my experience or just generally - or need advice, I’d be happy to answer them and to help as much as I can! Don’t hesitate to ask!

- So my mains fandoms are Teen Wolf and Merlin. My otps are Derek/Stiles and Merlin/Arthur. In teen wolf I like Scott/Isaac too, in Merlin Percival/Gwaine. I rarely ship het. (I kind of like past Scott/Allison…) Other fandoms in which I am more or less active… X-men first class, Supernatural, Doctor Who, all the Sherlock Holmes, Skyfall, Generation Kill, Good omens, Buffy, LOTR and The Hobbit, Avengers… There’s probably more but I can’t think of it right now. I ship mostly m/m couples. I don’t draw fanarts for all because real people are hard to draw. ;; Although I’d love to try to do more when I have the time… 

- Last things : You can find me on twitter where I complain a lot and talk about podfics - on livejournal where I talk mostly about writing and fanfictions and podfics (again) - on dreamwidth where I rant about anything in order not to spam this tumblr - on deviantart where I never post anything - and on Archive of our own where I post my fanfictions. c: This tumblr is supposedly for art but I never know what I’m going to end up posting that is not art… 

So yay, that’s me! Nice to meet you all! If you have any question about anything you think I can answer - gender, france, animation, my school, how I do my hair colors, where to drink bubble tea in Paris, how watercolors work… - Well, hm, just, don’t hesitate to ask!

Also, if you want you can add me on skype! Although if you want to talk with you have to start because I never, ever start conversations (sorry about that… It just… makes me anxious??). My username is Pucky.Puck. 

And I think that’s all! Have a good day/night/whatever everyone! ♥

(oh and I forgot : I have another tumblr for reblog/inspiration/silly fandom stuff : sleepinstar. < That’s me too.) (Please don’t laugh at my blogs’ names. I was young and now I have no idea for new ones)


There’s Vavanemo, my chilhood friends I and C, Sieur Cloufou, Julien, Lux, Sekireigan, my friend from high school FL and my cousin N. Oh and there’s my cat Meian. ♥ 

I’m lucky to have all these wonderful people around me and I don’t know what I’d do without them. ;w; I’m also surrounded by many, many nice people that I’m not very close with but that I like to think as my friends and I’m thankful to have them in my life too. ♥

(to the anon who asked to draw myself with my significant others I’ll do that after I’ve asked the concerned people if they’re fine with it)

(next time I’ll make only a rebloggable version v_v)