The signs and which glee couple is their parents:
  • Aries: Puck and Quinn
  • Taurus: Tina and Artie
  • Gemini: Kurt and Blaine
  • Cancer: Mike and Tina
  • Leo: Rachel and Jesse
  • Virgo: Kurt and Blaine
  • Libra: Finn and Rachel
  • Scorpio: Brittany and Santana
  • Sagittarius: Sam and Mercedes
  • Capricorn: Rachel and Jesse
  • Aquarius: Puck and Quinn
  • Pisces: Brittany and Santana

“You’re the one who’s dating the little brat,” One of the football guys glared at Puck. Puck knew it was going to end in a fight if he didn’t shut his mouth quick and he knew it was a bad idea.

But nobody talked about his girl like that. Especially not some punk from the football team who thought he was better than you.

“Shut your mouth before I shut it for you,” Puck glared, moving closer to him. Everyone could sense the fight that was about to break out although no one did anything to stop it, simply egged the two boys on further.

“What are you going to do? You so much as punch me and you’re back in jail again, where you belong,” Puck shook his head, he wasn’t going to let this guy get to him. He had promised you he’d stay out this time, he’d promised. So instead of turning around and breaking the kid’s nose like he wanted to he simply stormed out the doors and towards the classroom you were currently sitting in.

“I need you,” He mumbled as he sat beside you. The teacher looked at you and your boyfriend skeptically but let it go as you two walked out, finding a secluded place to help him calm down.


Imagine singing a duet with Puck.

You couldn’t keep the grin off of your face as you caught your breath and heard everyone clapping. You just finished an amazing duet with Puck, who you happen to have bit of a crush on.

“Hey, Y/N, we should definitely do this again.” You looked up at Puck when he said this.

Your grin got even wider. “Agreed. That was awesome.”


Happy New Year Guys… Make 2015 count every second… I wil… Especially when the most amazing, outstanding and magnificent TV show is ending very soon… 

Glee has thought me about everything to just be who you are when doing something you love… Srew what haters gonna’ say, people expect us to be ‘Perfect’, But we just not… We are who we are and that is already ‘Perfect’… Every peson make mistakes, people says we’re a screw up… Nobody is Perfect… We make mistakes… ‘But we can choose wether or not to run or learn from it’ 

Glee maybe ending… But my love for glee is never ending… Because I am one of those losers that called us ‘Gleek’…

Happy New Years Guys



“What did you just say?!” Puck yelled, storming towards the guy who’d just said a rude comment about you.

“Puck!” You hissed, grabbing his arm. You knew that he was ready to snap, ready to fight the guy until he was bleeding, you had to stop him, “It’s okay. Just leave it.”

“But he said-”

“Who cares what he said? I appreciate that you want to defend me but some fights just aren’t worth it.”

He sighed before turning to the smirking guy, “You ever say anything else about (y/n) and not even she can stop me.”


Your brother’s gaze fell on you and your boyfriend, Finn as he showed you a bit about the drum set before Glee practice. It wasn’t out of the ordinary but the way that Puck looked at you protectively made it appear like this was a completely new thing. You and Finn had realized how you romantic or couple-y activities annoyed your brother and caused him to be over protective and you had decided that it would be even more fun if you bugged him even more.

As you two moved to sit down you grinned and kissed your boyfriend, “That was fun baby, maybe we should do it at your house next time,” You winked teasingly and Finn chuckled as your brother instantly whipped around in his seat.

“You will not be doing anything at his house!: He argued instantly. You just laughed and rolled your eyes, you did love teasing him.