puck x sabrina

nojohi  asked:

The Sisters Grimm :)

Otp- Puckabrina! 
Favourite canon pairing- Puckabrina
Worst pairing ever- Gosh. Idk. There aren’t a ton of ships…. Isn’t Daphne and Pinnochio a thing? Because if so nope nope nope.
Guilty pleasure pairing- Ummm idk. I don’t really have one. 
A pairing you want to see more- Well how about JAKE AND BRIAR BECAUSE SHE’S DEAD ASDFGHJKL
That pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no”- Idk a lot about the fandom but I’m pretty pleased by the canon ships.  
Favorite non-romantic pair- Sabrina and Daphne and also Daphne and Puck 

Thanks for asking, Nojohi-nee. :)