puck to my rachel

This is for my beautiful Alejandra! Prompt: AU. Rachel bids on Puck at a charity bachelor auction.

going once, going twice

Rachel Berry does not need to pay for dates.

That was the first thing that went through her mind when her best friend Blaine Anderson brought up attending the charity bachelor auction that was being put on by the company that he works for.

Sure, she might not be beating men off with a stick but she’s confident enough in her talent and looks to know that she’s certainly not one of those women that has to beg for a date, let alone pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to force someone to take her out for the night.

Then Blaine had turned his puppy dog eyes on her and she found herself wishing (not for the first time) that he was straight because god he could make her do anything with that look. So she had just sighed and nodded her head in defeat and she couldn’t help but smile when Blaine clapped his hands in excitement.

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