puck them!

concept- you hold my hand and listen to modern baseball with me. we order pizza. you kiss me and just for a little while, everything feels okay.


Warm ups 3.23.17

we need to be looking out for girls more than we need to be defending pop punk


*upper echelon plays in the distance*

i’m excited to announce that i’ll be featured in the @awakeningtoanightmare berserk fanzine!!!! 

here are some previews/wips of my illustrations for the zine

  • Shakespearean Questionaire: What on earth is a Christmas pudding?
  • I don't know, can I eat it: Hamlet, Hal, Benedick,
  • I don't know, can I get drunk on it: Falstaff, Christopher Sly, Macbeth's Porter, Sir Toby Belch, Sir Andrew Aguecheek
  • I don't know, can I hit someone with it: Hotspur, Kate Minola, Ophelia, Coriolanus
  • I dont' know, can I kill someone with it: Tamora, Brutus, Lady Macbeth
  • I don't know, can I marry it: Petruchio, Orsino, Egeus
  • I don't know, is it any use for duelling: Aumerle, Laertes, Aufidius
  • I don't know, can I hide poison in it: Claudio, Iago, Aaron
  • I don't know, and frankly, I have worse problems: King Lear, Any Antonios and Sebastians
  • I don't know, can I look it up somewhere: Horatio, Benvolio, Viola, Malvolio
  • I know, and I'm not telling: Beatrice, Feste, King Lear's Fool, Maria

THEATRE OF IMMORTALITYthe hero archetypes (character archetype series 1/5)

So burn the memories
We don’t fit now
Just like the old hoodie
I left at your house
—  Second Best - Clarity [@secondbestmi]

vonseal  asked:

39, 30, 87

30: think of it: have you ever been truly scared?

i’ll tell you what when the fire alarm went off this morning and woke me up it was kind of scary but walking into the hallway and seeing nothing but smoke was terrifying even tho it only ended up being someone who left bagels in the microwave for long enough to make them hockey pucks i don’t think my heart has ever beat that hard that was honestly terrifying

39: what color do you wear the most?

blue lol. i’ve been making a conscious effort for actual years to buy colors other than blue but i still end up wearing the same blue shirts over and over

87: what are some movies you think everyone should watch at least once in their lives?

singin’ in the rain, tarzan, rode to el dorado, apollo 13, the help…i could go on tbh i love movies

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