puck shop

  • Shakespearean Questionaire: What on earth is a Christmas pudding?
  • I don't know, can I eat it: Hamlet, Hal, Benedick,
  • I don't know, can I get drunk on it: Falstaff, Christopher Sly, Macbeth's Porter, Sir Toby Belch, Sir Andrew Aguecheek
  • I don't know, can I hit someone with it: Hotspur, Kate Minola, Ophelia, Coriolanus
  • I dont' know, can I kill someone with it: Tamora, Brutus, Lady Macbeth
  • I don't know, can I marry it: Petruchio, Orsino, Egeus
  • I don't know, is it any use for duelling: Aumerle, Laertes, Aufidius
  • I don't know, can I hide poison in it: Claudio, Iago, Aaron
  • I don't know, and frankly, I have worse problems: King Lear, Any Antonios and Sebastians
  • I don't know, can I look it up somewhere: Horatio, Benvolio, Viola, Malvolio
  • I know, and I'm not telling: Beatrice, Feste, King Lear's Fool, Maria
Sex Shopping || Plaine

Blaine was nervous – he’d never stepped foot in a sex shop before. He’d heard stories though, God, so many stories. But he’d never even been in one, nor had he googled pictures of them. And here he was, sat outside a shop with Puck in the car next to him. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t mostly hard in his pants just from their topics for the day. Blaine being tied to the bed with a plug all day, and then Puck saying they could buy whatever they wanted. There was talks about unsubtle touches in the store and then he wasn’t sure what to expect, but there had been mentions of being fucked in the backseat of the car, and… yeah. This was a good day. A good, arousing day. He glanced over at his Master and leaned over to kiss his cheek, hand subtly resting on his cock. “Did you have anything in mind that you wanted?” He asked with a smile, looking at him with a suggestive look.