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LIFE’S NOT OUT TO GET YOU FAVORITE LYRICS1. Citizens Of Earth 2. Threat Level Midnight 3. Can’t Kick Up The Roots 4. Kali Ma 5. Gold Steps 6. Lime St. 7. Serpents 8. The Beach Is For Lovers (Not Lonely Losers) 9. December 10. Smooth Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors

Scorpio Races Headcanons

In honor of the first of November, here are my head canons:

  • George Holly pays for Corr to go the mainland and get the surgery he needs to fix his leg. He heals just as well as Seabiscuit did. Sean still rides him now and then, and of course Corr will run, because he loves to run, so he only rides him when both his leg and the ground feel good. He never races him again, but Corr makes some good babies, and they are the beginning of Sean and Puck’s riches.
  • Gabe writes often, and comes back to the island for Sean and Puck’s wedding. In turn, they go to the mainland for his. Their children grow up as close cousins, and spend summer vacations together, sometimes on the mainland, sometimes on Thisby. Finn finds a girl who can keep up with his strange interests, and stays on the island. Gabe has a lot of kids, Puck has a lot of kids, but Finn only has three. Two boys and one girl. He just smiles proudly, like he’s God and totally made it happen that way.
  • All the Kendrick kids ride in the races. Some of them are better at it than others, but they all love the capaill, and stand with one foot on dry land, and one in the sea.
  • When Malvern retires, he sells the Yard to Sean and Puck, and it becomes the Kendrick Yard, and grows to be even more well known and esteemed than the Malvern Yard ever was. Of course, it’s mostly Puck that runs it. Sean is more interested in capaill.
  • But not everything on Thisby can end happily ever after. This is not a fairy tale. A couple of Gabe’s kids ride in the races, much to his silent displeasure, until his oldest son dies. Then they all stop, and Gabe can never bring himself to set foot on the island again. Puck and Finn and their families are still welcome to visit him, but they never talk about the races or the capaill.
  • Finn’s two boys never race. They’re too clumsy. His daughter manages to tame a capaill, however, and races him for several years, until she retires him, sells him to the Kendricks as breeding stock, and goes to college on the mainland. When she comes back, she opens her own vet clinic; the only one on the island that will tend capaill.
  • Several of the Kendrick kids are injured in the races, but they never die. It’s like the sea has a special place in it’s cold heart just for them.

And that’s it, folks.


I stood awake there dreaming
some other form to be
and the word you could say
that would always keep me near
is stay, stay
I belong with the salt and the sea and the stones
save them all for me

Gregory Alan Isakov // Salt and the Sea

photos taken by @ashleydiscovers