puck and quinn at the prom

I hate how they always villainized Quinn and didn’t get a proper opportunity to redeem her. They made her the HBIC, a Prom Queen wannabe obsessed with popularity, a crazy lady obsessed with stealing a baby she herself gave up, and so forth. They redeemed other villains like Santana, Puck and even Karofsky and Sebastian, so why couldn’t they have made Quinn redeem herself completely?

True Colors

It was a good day for the most part. McKinley High was buzzing with the prospect of the upcoming Junior Prom, and Quinn was the victim of a very cute, very cheesy prom-posal from Finn. Though it was only their Junior year, Quinn still felt as though carried the same weight. If she won Junior Prom Queen, she was a sure win for when Senior Prom came around and for her, that’s all that mattered. As Finn finished his corny song that ended with flower petals spelling out P-R-O-M? and Quinn was replying with her very rehearsed “yes,” she could see Puck in the back of the crowd that surrounded them. It was understood that this was all just an act at this point, but she still couldn’t handle the small glimmer of sadness that came through his eyes. 

By the time Finn dropped her off at home after school, Puck was already in his room and while Quinn wanted to go to him, she thought it best to leave him alone. The last thing she wanted to do was fight. And the last thing she wanted to come face-to-face with was a sadness that she was the cause of. Besides, it’s not like she expected him to talk about he was feeling. He was just as bad as she was when it came to sharing his feelings. 

Puck missed dinner and by the time Quinn was showered and ready for bed, she couldn’t stop her body from moving in the direction of his room. Both Sarah and their parents were already asleep, so she knew she was in the clear. She didn’t even bother knocking, she simply pushed the door open, locking it behind her, and crawled into his bed. His back was facing her so she just wrapped her arms around his torso, waiting for him to acknowledge her.