puck and quinn at the prom

I hate how they always villainized Quinn and didn’t get a proper opportunity to redeem her. They made her the HBIC, a Prom Queen wannabe obsessed with popularity, a crazy lady obsessed with stealing a baby she herself gave up, and so forth. They redeemed other villains like Santana, Puck and even Karofsky and Sebastian, so why couldn’t they have made Quinn redeem herself completely?

What’s Best For You

It had been a long week. Quinn had been at work from seven to seven, almost every day. It was a hectic week at the magazine, trying to release the February edition, which was full of Valentine’s Day and early prom guides, and just so many celebrities. So when she got to 6pm on Thursday, she was exhausted. She didn’t want to cook dinner, and didn’t really want a repeat of yesterday, where she’d had gummies and rice crackers for dinner at 8pm. 

A short text conversation, had her off her own dinner duty. Puck had offered to cook or buy dinner. She was thrilled. Well, she was mostly exhausted, stressed and hungry, so not in the best of moods. She climbed out of the taxi at six thirty, climbing up to his apartment and letting herself in. She was in a mid thigh floral dress and black heels, long jacket wrapped around her and hair straightened. But it was starting to go frizzy and her makeup was smudging around her eyes, revealing dark bags. She dropped her handbag, sighing. “Puck?”