puck and quinn and beth

Under the cut you will find 100 photos that could pass as Beth Corcoran as a newborn. There are a few that could be considered NSFW. None of these pictures are ours and any credit for them goes to their photographers. Please like or reblog if you found this photo hunt useful. Thank you.

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Puck & Meg

Life had certainly been different since Beth had been born. Quinn had wanted to put her up for adoption, but Puck had convinced her to let him raise her. Now he was raising Beth while going to high school and working two jobs. His mom was helping him when she could, but she was also working. Meg had reluctantly agreed to babysit from time to time. “We’re going to Aunt Meg’s today, Beth,” he told his daughter as he buckled her into her car seat. He hadn’t been able to hang out with Meg for a really long time. For once, he wasn’t working and his best friend was free. As he drove to Meg’s he put on the radio, humming along from time to time.

“’Sup?” Puck asked, when Meg answered the door. “Say hi to Meg,” he told Beth. Beth giggled before placing her hands in her mouth. “We’ll work on that. Pretty sure her first word’s going to be Meg. She really loves you, ya know.”


Happy Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day!

Last year, I put together this list of fic recs in honor of the day. They are all amazing, so you should definitely check them out, but in the mean time, here’s some more. I tried to tag most of the ships and/or fandoms, so if you ship any of those or are in the fandom, check out the recs below the cut. Of course, there are plenty more amazing fanfictions/writers out there, and to them, I give a huge THANK YOU! Finally, if you have any interest in any of my stories, links can be found here.

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Glee 5x19: Mother's Day Musings

Early in this episode, Kurt describes the role he plays in his friend’s lives as that of a mother, just in place to praise others, but have no good things for herself. Later, when Sam wants to adopt the little dog, Mercedes says, “I’ve got my hands full taking care of you,” a sentence familiar to moms everywhere.

Those lines got me musing on mothers in Glee–and then further out to who takes on parental roles in the show, and mostly to the way Glee just models families formed from bonds of affection rather than blood.

It clearly is a theme of this episode, with echoes in all of the story lines. These are just some things I noted:

  • There is the story between Kurt and Maggie. He doesn’t ask her to be his friend, after all; instead he says, “Why don’t we become each other’s family?”
  • Kurt’s mom is present in her absence; I found myself picturing Kurt alone in the loft, watching Long Island Medium and wondering if he would dare try to talk to her, though he knows she can’t answer…
  • Peter Pan brings Wendy to Neverland to be the Lost Boys’ Mother, because they all need someone to tell them stories…and that’s what Peter thinks mothers do
  • Santana calls Kurt “Homocchio.” Pinocchio is a complicated tale of wrong starts and bad companions, but at heart, it is also the tale of an intentional family. Pinocchio wants to be a real boy because he wants his creator Gepetto to be his real dad.
  • Mercedes does probably feel like a den mother, coming home to the boys playing games, the chores not done…
  • But Sam correctly reminds us that he has been the breadwinner, he has been the one getting children off to school. He’s just taking some time for himself before he creates a family with Mercedes “someday”.
  • Finally, the story with the dogs is a story about animal “adoption.” People create families with their companion animals.

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I have a few spoilers:
Mercedes whoops Rachel’s ass
Mercedes whoops Sam’s ass
Mercedes whoops Mr. Schues ass
Mercedes whoops Sue’s ass
K*aine don’t get married
Kurt goes to New York and becomes fabulous
Quinn and Puck visit Beth
Beth meets Jake
Rynique becomes a couple
Rachel goes back to Broadway
Sam grows a brain
Tina gets treated properly
Wildebrams reunite
Anything else just ask I have the scripts

It’s Christmas!

Christmas, is a very exciting time. Especially for Beth. For Puck and Quinn, it was exciting because it was in their new place. Their own place. They had chicken skewers and salad (Quinn was attempting to get something good in them before a day of treats), before having a special treat of Christmas cookies - home made of course.  Beth stayed up a little later with them, to watch a Christmas movie of her choice - the Grinch. She left milk and a cookie for Santa, and got Quinn to leave water and a carrot at the kitchen window for the reindeer. She fussed a bit, but eventually fell asleep with a book.

After a while they sorted out the presents and Puck ate most of the cookie and drank the milk, before heading to bed themselves. They were still in bed, as it was four am. They were passed out, Quinn snuggled up in Puck’s warm arms, just in a long sleeved t-shirt and shorts. It was cold outside, but Puck was warm enough for her. She didn’t hear little foot steps and was still fast asleep when Beth crawled onto the bed. “Mommy. Mommy.” She shook her and Quinn slowly opened her eyes. “What is it, are you okay baby?’ Quinn sat up a little. “It’s Christmas!” Beth squeaked and Quinn frowned, glancing at the clock. “Baby, it’s four in the morning! Can’t we wait a little bit?’ She cooed, trying to settle her while trying to keep Puck asleep aswell. Quinn had been hoping for at least six..or seven, not four!

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

Quinn was always a little stressed about meeting her dad for lunch.  She loved her dad and she always would, but past choices he had made, made their relationship slightly awkward..and especially when Puck was involved. Quinn wanted Beth to have a relationship with her Grandpa, considering he was the only Grandpa she’d have. Quinn wrapped put the final piece of tape onto the present, reaching for the card to stick in. Russell liked to see Beth every month or so, and this month just happened to coincide with Christmas. She’d just bought him a new shirt and Beth had picked out a frame to decorate for him. Quinn stuck the card onto the present, before standing up. “Beth, I can still see your shoes at the front door. Can you please put them on?” Quinn called out, moving into the kitchen to sort out her handbag.

Quinn smoothed down her skirt, sighing softly. She was in a long sleeved t-shirt, tucked into a knee length skirt with thick tights on and ankle boots. She was wearing a big red sweater and scarf, and was pulling on a big warm jacket, so she could get out to Puck’s truck, without freezing her ass off. They were just going to a resturant, as Quinn wasn’t all that interested in going to his place - especially if one of his latest ‘romance interests’ was hanging around. “Baby girl, stop playing with your toys. We are already running late for Grandpa.” She called nervously, picking at a thread on her handbag.


Start of Something New

While they’d all gotten out of bed somewhat successfully, there was a lot more then waking up to do when it came to getting ready. Quinn had woken up, slowly shaken Beth and left her half asleep on their bed, before disappearing into the shower. She’d showered and dressed, before dressing Beth, as Puck showered. Now Quinn was running around frantically, finishing off all their lunches and sorting out what she needed for work, things like her laptop and workout clothes. She currently was in a simple floral summer dress and cardigan, wedge heels on her feet, her damp hair on her shoulders. Everyone was dressed successfully, but she kept thinking of more things she had to do!

Puck, however, had gotten distracted, aswell as Beth, with a toy. “Mommy knows you love your monkey, baby. But, if daddy doesn’t help you brush your teeth, then we are going to be late for school! We can play with your monkey later.” Quinn cooed, starting to get a bit nervous, as she frantically clipped close Beth’s multi coloured plastic lunchbox, and finishing her and Puck’s lunches.  It was their proper first day back at work and Beth’s first day at kinder, and she was nervous.

Chocolate Delight

It was Easter. And boy, was Beth excited. Judy had wanted to do a nice easter brunch, inviting Quinn, Puck and Beth over, aswell as Ruth and Sarah.  Quinn had done a little hunt at home, but was now watching Sarah and Beth do a big easter egg hunt, thanks to Judy. Quinn was sitting on her mom’s back porch, in a sweet little floral dress and cardigan, nursing a glass of home made lemonade. She had been in the kitchen helping, but Judy had rushed them all out, to watch the girls hunt. Puck was helping Beth find Easter eggs, but Quinn had stayed in her seat. 

She had still been feeling pretty average. She’d taken a few days off work, to try and recover and to spend time with Beth, but still wasn’t in the best health. They weren’t really sure what it was, but Judy kept glancing over at her to make sure she was okay. “I’m fine, mom.” She’d protest every now and again, but Ruth just gave Judy a look. Something was up. Quinn just didn’t know what was up yet. She just thought she was sick and that’s what everyone else thought too. Beth toddled up, clutching her Easter basket and a messy chocolate face. “Oh my goodness! So much chocolate! Did you share some with Daddy?” Quinn asked with a quiet giggle.